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Gordon Brown’s destruction of England

Prime Minister Brown has wound back England’s clock by more than a thousand years in his decision to appoint chieftains to the ancient kingdoms of England. This unelected Scot is riding roughshod over English sensitivities, and persists in referring to the United Kingdom as ‘a country of nations and regions’. Setting aside the inconvenience of Ulster, the countries are, of course, Scotland and Wales, and England is fractured into mere regions. In formal recognition of the demise of this once-great nation, the Government’s website proudly announces that Her Majesty ‘has been pleased’ to approve the following Ministerial appointments:

Minister for the North East of England: The Rt Hon Nick Brown MP
Minister for the North West: The Rt Hon Beverley Hughes MP
Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber: Caroline Flint MP
Minister for London: The Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP
Minister for the South West: Ben Bradshaw MP
Minister for the East Midlands: Gillian Merron MP
Minister for the West Midlands: Liam Byrne MP
Minister for the East of England: Barbara Follett MP

Although the announcement page of the website does not state it, Tessa Jowell’s area apparently includes the ‘South-East’ region. Elsewhere on the website she is credited as Minister for ‘London and the South East’.

It is interesting to note the last time these ancient kingdoms had distinct kings:

Wessex - King Aethelbald reigned until 858
Mercia – King Aelfwynn reigned until 918
Kent - King Aethelbert reigned until 860
Essex – King Sigeric II reigned until 830
Sussex – King Eadwine reigned until 825
East Anglia - King Aethelstan reigned until 828
Northumberland - Eric Bloodaxe reigned until 952

These kingdoms approximate to the ‘modern’ regions of the South-West, Midlands, South-East, Eastern, North-East, and the North-West. There were at various times a number of sub-kingdoms, and certain rulers claimed hegemony over larger areas, but this heptarchy is generally accepted by historians as the basis for the Kingdom of England.

In every sense, therefore, Ben Bradshaw MP is the first leader of Wessex since King Aethelbald. And it appears that the Setantii, the Brigantes, the Cornovii, and the other constituent tribes of England once again have their own chieftains. Mr Brown’s strategy is, coincidentally of course, in complete harmony with the EU’s strategy to divide and rule. And again, it must be noted that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland not only retain their representatives in Cabinet (despite devolution), but continue to have bestowed upon them billions of pounds of English taxpayers’ money to fund their bloated public sectors.

So why is England dismissed with a raft of junior-ranking regional ministers when it would have been a whole lot easier to create a single Secretary of State for England? And, moreover, why is this not to be Conservative Party policy?


Anonymous Moomintroll said...

This is merely a continuation of the policy various british governments have been following since the 1970s. Destroy the United Kingdom as a political entity and break it into smaller pieces so that it will be easier for Europe to swallow.

2 July 2007 at 09:11  
Blogger Toque said...

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2 July 2007 at 10:48  
Blogger Toque said...

England has not been given its own minister because that would effectively create a Council of the Isles, and this is not what Gordon Brown wants - as a Scot it would be more than his job's worth.

Even given the defeat of John Prescott Brown is still keen on the regionalisation of England. Unlike Prescott he has no EU agenda - this is not about the "principles of subsidiarity" - this is pure divide and rule. This is not devolution, this is administrative regionalism with power retained at the centre. Stalinist Brown writ large.

Will Hutton envisaged the English regions as "a witches' brew of internecine rivalries". Gordon Brown will use the Barnett Formula to set English region against English region. The regional ministers are there to coordinate their region's response to the competition - they are the witches.

2 July 2007 at 10:49  
Blogger Peter Kirk said...

In every sense, therefore, Ben Bradshaw MP is the first leader of Wessex since King Aethelbald.

What about the various Earls of Wessex? The current incumbent's title may be only nominal, but the Earls Godwin and Harold Godwinson exercised real power, even before the latter briefly became king.

Similarly many of the other regions you refer to have had, and in some cases still have, their feudal lords, called dukes or earls. Perhaps the new thing Gordon Brown is doing is transferring their feudal responsibilities from the Lords to the Commons.

2 July 2007 at 12:45  
Anonymous kevin said...

Peter Kirk 'transferring their feudal responsibilities from the Lords to the Commons' The problem here is that the Commons is the UK parliament and not the English parliament. Brown is determined to dismember England politically and if he can succeed (which he won't) culturally. Otherwise what is all this 'Nations and Regions' rubbish all about? He can't even bring himself to say 'English Regions' so much does the E word stick in his throat.

2 July 2007 at 13:50  
Blogger Tony said...

Just a quick note to wish His Grace a magnificent Happy Birthday. May there be many more. (Do not get too close to the candles...)

2 July 2007 at 14:42  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Tony,

His Grace is most touched and humbled that you remembered.

Alas, as the years advance, the birthday cards diminish in proportion.

His Grace is having no candles...

2 July 2007 at 15:20  
Anonymous athanasius said...

If you are ever in Brussels, there is a "shop" on the big roundabout near the Commission where everything is free. It is the EU's publicity store. There you can pick up Maps of the EU which show the UK as divided into N. Ireland, Scotland, Wales and, amazingly, a series of regions which matches exactly the distribution of Ministries you describe in your post.

2 July 2007 at 18:31  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

Im sure when the old doo doo hits the fan like it did in the Balkans one of these regions will be perfect for setting aside as a new Islamic state within the former England.
I wonder if our own troops will be used to protect the muslims why they burn down churches and build mosques and drive out the christian population this time.

Maybe not, by then our military leaders will probably be holed up in the Haige charged with war crimes, yet conveniently never getting a trial to defend their actions.

2 July 2007 at 19:00  
Blogger Snuffleupagus said...

Dizzy - Your own troops, or our own troops have Muslims in them. And neither our Muslim, nor non-Muslim army boys are driving out anyone's Christian population.

2 July 2007 at 19:39  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

Our troops have English people in them, where is their Country?
Im projecting into the future snuffles when a majority muslim region will become an Islamic State

However I appreciate your innocence, it helps one sleep at nights. Myself im stocking up on the horlicks.

2 July 2007 at 20:07  
Anonymous Voyager said...

And neither our Muslim, nor non-Muslim army boys are driving out anyone's Christian population.

They didn't do much to preserve it in Kosovo or Iraq

2 July 2007 at 20:21  
Blogger Snuffleupagus said...

Dizzy - I thought I was living in England. Silly me! Our troops have English, and Welsh, and Scottish and no doubt many other people in them.

And Voyager, our poor troops have simply been trying to survive in both those places. They haven't been able to do much full stop. There isn't any conspiracy against Christian people! And certainly none that requires horlicks to sleep at night Dizzy!

As for an Islamic state, there is no need to worry. They will no doubt kill each other so many times over that there will never be enough Muslims to justify a 'region' or Islamic state.

2 July 2007 at 21:27  
Anonymous Voyager said...

And Voyager, our poor troops have simply been trying to survive in both those places.

A UN Mandate in Kosovo requires them to uphold and protect Christian churches and Serbian minorities.....and in Iraq the Geneva Conventions require it.

In Kosovo Britain is currently pushing to strip Serbs of their rights and create a Muslim state rearding those who have destroyed churches and monasteries.

2 July 2007 at 22:29  
Blogger Snuffleupagus said...

Voyager - I don't understand. Are you saying that Britain is not supportive of the UN Mandate?

3 July 2007 at 07:23  
Blogger Jomo said...

Perhaps this is just an attempt by Gordon to employ the otherwise unemployable....a continuation of the "new deal" by other means.

Most of them are useless and this will keep them busy. After all as a good Calvinist Gordon knows the devil makes work for idle hands. Pity about the millions who remain on "outdoor relief."

3 July 2007 at 08:57  
Anonymous Voyager said...

Voyager - I don't understand. Are you saying that Britain is not supportive of the UN Mandate?

I am saying it is complete hogwash..the 1975 Helsinki Final Act said borders in Europe would not be altered by force - NATO altered the borders by force.

The UN Mandate brought in ex-post to justify what Clinton and Blair had done made the usual genuflections to preserving the cultural icons and heritage of Christians in Kosovo but did exactly zero to save churches and monasteries destroyed by the KLA

The UN Mandate is a fig leaf and Iran will get its base in Europe

3 July 2007 at 10:12  
Blogger Newmania said...

Your Grace ( Happy Birthday) I have just finished a Book called Disappearing Britain by Lindsay Jenkins in which she traces the long terms effort of the EU via various satellite bodies to undermine the integrity of national borders . In each country it is presented as a separate bureaucratic arrangement but they are linked throughout Europe. Part of the campaign is the encouragement of “Minority “ rights in a divide and rule campaign that is coordinated and far reaching . The absurd position of the Welsh language for example. It will soon have be in a position where working in the public sector is impossible without it. This was driven by the EU and they are currently encouraging a renaissance of Cornish nationalism via a body called the FUEN . I am just back from Cornwall and to my astonishment there are indeed Cornish Flags everywhere and much discussion of regional independence .

The complete argument and evidence is prefaced by Norman Tebbit and not at all cranky . What have we then with the Labour Party ? This is all drive by the fear that Scottish nationalism will force separation and make them unelectable in England forever ,. With their current 3% UK lead they are still miles behind in England and after boundary changes which always favour the growing suburbs they will be left with decreasing urban strongholds. They wish to dissipate the call for an adjustment of the democratic deficit to England by chopping the country into constituent parts .They will then be able to take taxes from non supporting regions and bribe others as they are currently doing with Scotland .

It needs hardly be said that this is all against the wishes of the English but our money will be deployed to dissuade us of vestigial patriotism. This development should be given more prominence and in the context of the EU.

3 July 2007 at 13:09  
Blogger Snuffleupagus said...

What do you mean by Iran will get its base in Europe?

4 July 2007 at 22:12  
Anonymous Voyager said...


Kosovo, a Symbol of Islam Overpowering the West

Iran and Saudi Arabia which supports many of the existing Islamic militant charities view Kosovo as pitting Islam against Christianity. Reuven Paz of Haifa University in Israel and a leading expert on radical Islamic movements said that “all of the Sunni Muslim groups as well as Iran” see Kosovo as a symbol. “As Europe tries to unite, there could be a lot more unity between the Muslims on the margins of Europe,” Paz said. “There is potential that this unity could be used in a hostile way.” Western officials saw the goal of the now disbanded KLA as severing Kosovo from the rest of Yugoslavia and merging it with Albania. They also saw that an Islamic Kosovo could become a bridge for an Iranian sphere of influence.

5 July 2007 at 07:10  
Anonymous Voyager said...


"They would like to establish a second Muslim state in Europe. Albania will soon be one. And things are very open in Kosovo. It is nothing for Saudi Arabia to support Kosovo," he said.

Szolgyemy was quick to caution, however, that "maybe the main religion will be Islam but not the state religion. There are a lot of [Kosovar] Albanian Catholics, and I am 100% sure they would protest."

. Since more than 40,000 NATO-led troops entered Kosovo in June 1999, more than 80 Orthodox churches and monasteries have been desecrated. Today, most Orthodox religious sites are protected by soldiers.

5 July 2007 at 07:17  
Blogger Johnny Norfolk said...

This is all part of the EU grand plan for all of us and non of our leaders object as it is providing the worls greatest gravy train for them.

5 July 2007 at 07:24  

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