Monday, August 06, 2007

“Urgent Response Please i need help”

Cranmer receives emails from all sorts of cranks. One of the most recent was from a ‘Catholic Jedi’, demanding that Cranmer present himself is a certain public house at a certain time to explain his understanding of the ‘Universal Force of God’.

Needless to say, Cranmer did not attend, and most such emails end up in his ‘recycle bin’, never, of course, to be recycled.

However, today he received one with the heading of this post, and he cannot tell if this is a crank or a genuine plea. It is from a Mohammedan who wishes to convert, which would be a great ‘insult to Islam’, he appears to be stuck in Kuwait, and has been attempting to contact ‘Vatican City’ in search of the ‘shadow of truth’.

Cranmer quite liked that.

This is exactly as received:

Dear Sir

I m from India and I m Muslim sir I want to change my religion I want to know the true path and I need help to find a true path please I m bagging you please help me I want to take this step as soon as possible I m really fade up of this life and this poorness please help me and I also help u to attract people on this right way sir I m in Kuwait right now I already try to make contact with Vatican city but I couldn’t success please reply me soon and take me in shadow of truth please I really don’t have time in your website on this option name is (Communicate to a friend)
I hope that I found my true friend and its u and I hope that my true friend will help me

Truly yours only


The Lord knows there are many hundreds of converts from Islam facing daily persecution, torture, and death, in some of the most oppressive Islamic regimes in the world. Should any communicants discern in their spirits that this plea is genuine, and feel moved by the Holy Spirit to assist Shad, her email address is


Anonymous Neo said...

Your grace,

Sorry to be pedantic, but I believe Shahazad is a girl's name; I am friends with an Iranian lady by that name.

6 August 2007 at 19:02  
Blogger Cranmer said...

His Grace apologises, and has corrected.

6 August 2007 at 19:11  
Blogger Peter said...

It's a bit irresponsible to publish her email address. First because some of your readers might try and wind up a potentially vulnerable person.

Second, because one of the agents of Islamic persecution you mention might use it to find out who she is and cause trouble for her.

6 August 2007 at 20:22  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Peter,

None of His Grace's communicants would treat a genuine plea so trivially, and (if she be intelligent) she would (and could) have established a Yahoo account without giving anything away.

His Grace observes (so far) correction and rebuke to His Grace, but not one expression of empathy and assistance...

6 August 2007 at 20:43  
Blogger Didactophobe said...

I have written to Shahazad.

6 August 2007 at 21:15  
Blogger Steven_L said...

You've got to remember that she might be mentally ill. This attempting to 'contact Vatican City in search of shadow of truth' suggests someone that might be seeing the world in absolutes - this kind of thing can soon progess into paranoia - which is dealt with a possession, or worse, in unenlightened civilisations.

'Cranks' is a bit of an unsympathetic term really.

6 August 2007 at 23:54  
Blogger Peter Kirk said...

Why is she trying to contact the Vatican? There are Catholic churches in Kuwait, and various other churches including an Anglican one. Surely she can find a welcome at one of them, if her story is genuine.

7 August 2007 at 00:50  
Blogger haddock said...

If she is from a mohammedan background she will believe that the truth can only come from 'clerics' who interpret what has been written. She is trying to get to the 'top cleric' as she sees it. She is yet to understand that she can read the New Testament and find what she is seeking; without the need of any interpretation or 'cleric'.
By seeking the Vatican and another set of interpretations , it may be a case of two steps forward and one back.

7 August 2007 at 09:38  
Blogger Surreptitious Evil said...

Have you checked the email headers for Lagos (or Kuwaiti) IP addresses? This might be a genuine plea ('though I honestly doubt it) but it is also along the lines of many "hook emails" used by the 419 / Advanced Fee Fraud scammers.

7 August 2007 at 10:31  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...
That site could well help this individual and many others if they are genuine, its available in Arabic and English. Plus has some great videos of personal testimonies.

7 August 2007 at 15:39  
Blogger Matt said...

Sorry to appear a cynic folks but this is nothing more than a new variety of phishing email. Anyone offering this supposed convert help will very quickly find that the purported religious conversion needs to be funded and that the respondee is to be the source of that funding.

7 August 2007 at 20:16  
Blogger Didactophobe said...

I fear that the cynics may be right. Shahazad claims to be a man BTW and has invited me to call a number in Kuwait. In his reply to me, he has twice referred to being poor, once to his desire to fight Muslim terrorism and once to not seeking a UK passport.

I have taken him at his word as a seeker of truth and have restricted my communications to doctrinal matters. I pray that he will find peace.

8 August 2007 at 00:28  
Blogger Harry Hook said...

This looks like part of a 'Nigerian' type scam. The phrase 'shadow of truth' has an African feel, as in SoT and Reconciliation.

The next step will probably be an attempt to empty your Grace's coffers, so that this person and extended family of 1000, can fly first class to see the Pope.

8 August 2007 at 00:45  

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