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John Prescott in 'anti-gay' walk-out

Cranmer has to sit (or stand) through a plethora of state and civic functions – prize-givings, laying wreaths, smiling gracefully, listening to politicians spout interminable claptrap of negligible veracity and dubious morality. And Christian leaders do this because it is polite; it is acceptable social behaviour; it goes with the job.

Politicians, however, frequently consider themselves above such social norms. Former deputy prime minister John Prescott walked out on an address to the Council of Europe by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Alexy II. His theme had been the need for Europe to rediscover its Christian values and to abandon moral relativism. But he dared to refer to homosexuality. He said: ‘No-one should force me or my brothers and sisters in faith to keep quiet when we call something a sin’, adding: ‘Homosexuality is an illness’ and a ‘distortion of the human personality’.

Whether one believes this to be true or not, the Patriarch was simply exercising his human right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion (Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights). The fact is that sexual-orientation rights are resulting in instances of interference to an extent which is significant in practice with the freedom to manifest religious belief.

The decision by Mr Prescott to walk out of his first appearance in the parliamentary assembly was a statement of teenage immaturity. It also transpires that he has put his name to a statement which urges the Patriarch to ‘avoid the use of language inciting intolerance and to respect, rather than seek to deny, the fundamental rights of sexual minorities’.

Inciting intolerance? Enforcing respect? Mr Prescott is lucky the Patriarch did not take adultery as his theme. If politicians are serious about the importance of the family as the crucial building block of a stable society, they would do well to sit politely through a few orthodox sermons, instead of pompously walking out to assuage their deficient consciences.

One wonders if Mr Prescott would have displayed the same rudeness to a Muslim cleric…


Blogger AethelBald, King of Wessex said...

I would agree that more should be made of the sin of adultery. It is as if the church has given up on this issue, so widespread and acceptable has it become.

Masturbation is another neglected sin of which more should be made. Some so-called authorities are even suggesting that masturbation is normal. I call on Your Grace to repudiate this established consensus and to exhort his communicants to refrain from besmirching his site with their sin-stained posts unless they include a claim that they do not masturbate and that masturbation is a sin.

Seriously, though, Your Grace gives the impression of having strayed from the path of Christ, as I have previously adumbrated.

John Prescott gave witness to his beliefs in a way that was appropriate to a public political figure. I also have walked out when a semi-literate idiot took to his pulpit and started to spout garbage (OK, he was a Catholic). Good for Prezza, I say, and I rather think Jesus would agree.

If Your Grace were to find words of Christ to refute my position I would be deeply grateful. It's a reasonable challenge.

8 October 2007 at 12:21  
Anonymous the recusant said...

With a post like that it’s apparent you've been practicing what you’re preaching a little too regularly.

8 October 2007 at 16:00  
Anonymous nedsherry said...

Whether one believes this to be true or not, the Patriarch was simply exercising his human right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion...

Freedom of speech is a yes-but right in Europe. Blasphemy against Holocaustianity is imprisonable on the mainland, blasphemy against racial dogma there and in the UK.

8 October 2007 at 17:32  
Anonymous Neo said...

They're safeguards against people devoid of sufficient common sense to avoid such topics as "Holocaustianity".

8 October 2007 at 19:01  
Anonymous Tapani said...

I you will accept a comment from a non-Brit, surely it is easy to understand mr Prescott. Those poor gay guys! I cannot be the only one who has heard the unbelievable slander that non-educated persons seem to believe true. They say that those gay gentlemen soil themselves with... how do I say this... a mixture of sp-m and f-es. On their most private parts... Awful, isn't it!

You don't believe this of course, well educated as you are. But mr Prescott knows that in fact many many people do. So naturally he does not want to hear more about this now, not even from a patriarch.

8 October 2007 at 21:29  
Anonymous Neo said...


I think you need to repost in decipherable English...

8 October 2007 at 21:56  
Anonymous billy said...

Is John Prescott looking more like Elton John, or vice versa?
Sad for either.
I like it when John Prescott takes a strong moral position. Rumour has it that his diary secretary was fond of it as well. We must listen more to John he is an outstanding moralist and a man of some intellect. He went to Oxford, you know. Drove himself, I believe.

8 October 2007 at 22:37  
Anonymous Detective Inspector Dibble said...

Of the questions we face in today's world, two are foremost in my mind: who is The Stig, and who is Cranmer?

8 October 2007 at 23:05  
Anonymous Ultraviolets said...

This threads getting boring.

Abu Ghraib was homosexual liberation in action. lol. Because them Iraqi Muslim men are so homophobic and being homophobic is a very naughty thing indeed that can get you sacked from your job, black listed, and harrassed in the street by people you don't even know. For this reason, Abu Ghraib was justified because the Americans are sexually liberated and the Iraqi Muslim men are not. Or at least that's why they were singled out for torture in the way they were.

You know torture techniques tend to resemble the highest ideals of the toturer.

1. The SS frowned upon sadists and would execute them whenever they discovered them in their ranks. For the Nazis valued efficiency and hygeine.

2. The Arabs whip and kick people to death. For the Arabs can be very cruel as they idolise strength and domination/submission.

3. The Americans sexually toture their victims, for the Americans are sexually liberated and regard the traditional with contempt. They did invent rock and roll after all.

9 October 2007 at 01:24  
Blogger Man in a Shed said...

The Patriarch is likely to get 7 years in prison in the UK if her repeats that speech here in a few months time.

If there are any prison places available of course.

9 October 2007 at 20:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being brought up in a strict Roman Catholic family did nothing to suppress my sexual orientation. I am a lesbian and although I hate to be defined as that I am proud of it.
What religious leaders need to understand is that we no longer live in a world where you can be jailed or exiled for being gay. Being gay should not be a sin. Being gay does not hurt anyone.
I've lost my faith, I lost it when I realized that I would never be accepted by the church, but I do still believe that whatever and whoever is up there would never judge me for what I am, they will judge me for what I do.

11 November 2007 at 13:06  

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