Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Figel: the EU is a ‘community of values’

Cranmer isn’t feeling remotely festive. As the crib is brought forth from the attic, the tree takes up its usual position and a brand new (and quite magnificent) illuminated star is unpacked, and preparation is made to decorate the altar and pews with bundles of holly, Cranmer feels distinctly like a grumpy old man. While he ordinarily bears more than a passing resemblance to Saint Nicholas, he eagerly and expectantly awaits the spirit of Advent to descend upon his weary cynicism and indwell the very core of his being.

In the meantime, he is content to bring you yet another confirmation (if any were needed) of the true agenda of the project to create a European Empire based on culture, religion, and ‘shared values’.

Slovakian Jan Figel is the EU's ‘Commissioner for Culture’, and has just launched ‘Love-the-EU’ initiative 148b termed ‘European Year of Intercultural Dialogue’ (costing €10 million), because he apparently has ‘a mission’.

Well, good for him.

Cranmer has one too (of which his Readers and Communicants will doubtless be aware), but the likes of Figel perpetually frustrate it. Consider this piece of unadulterated waffle:

The EU is the only 'geopolitical innovation' based on the respect for cultural diversity in the world, and, as such, is an attractive model to share."

Err…the United States of America? Okay, maybe that’s pushing the definition of ‘culture’ just a little; the Soviet Union? Okay, it didn’t last; Canada? Fracturing; Yugoslavia? Disintegrated; the United Kingdom? Becoming increasingly disunited. And Figel is Slovakian, but even he must have noticed the excision of its erstwhile 'Czech' prefix.

Can he not detect a pattern here, or is there insufficient data? Is it not as clear as the morning sun that artificial ethno-political constructs simply do not endure; that they tend to fracture into their distinct ethnic groupings? The EU is hardly an ‘innovation’: it is a model of oppression which has been attempted many times, and without exception each pseudo-empire has fallen. A preferable model for respect of cultural diversity would be the 'geopolitical innovation' of the British Commonwealth, which endures to this day.

But despite this historical reality, another €10 million of taxpayers’ money is to be lavished on an unsuspecting youth in a plethora of educational and sporting initiatives ‘to create closer links between European peoples themselves and between their respective cultures’ because the ‘market or business is not enough to keep people together’.

So there we have it: ‘Europe should be a community of people, of values’. And while these values are never defined (and God forbid they should be remotely Christian), Figel exhorts East and West to love one another, because Polish plumbers will not ‘flood their countries to take their jobs and dump wages’. And he very helpfully explains almost in words of one syllable the absolutely mind-blowing revelation that ‘Chopin is not a threat'.

Have you got that?

Chopin is not a threat.

What an utterly crass, insultingly simplistic, patronising statement. And, of course, any expressions of distaste for Chopin, or concerns about immigration or distrust of any people group, constitute ‘extremist, xenophobic politics’.

And the antidote is ‘religious dialogue’: ‘The commission's initiative to place the rather abstract notion of culture at the heart of European politics follows some tumultuous years of clashes between different ethnic and religious groups both in Europe and between Europe and the rest of the world’. Well, the Protestant/Catholic conflagrations may have diminished somewhat, but there is no question for Figel that the Christians will ‘play the good guys’ while ‘pointing the finger at Muslims’. Not at all. In this European Empire of secular postmodern relativism, religion is religion and God is God, but both are placed firmly in their ecumenical, multi-faith box while the Union awaits the advent of its man-god saviour.


Anonymous view from the solent said...

'decorate the altar and pews with bundles of holly'

Your Grace,
perhaps if you replaced 'decorate' by 'deck' your festive spirit would be subconciously encouraged.

5 December 2007 at 10:56  
Anonymous nedsherry said...

Is it not as clear as the morning sun

I hope it's clearer than my morning sun.

that artificial ethno-political constructs simply do not endure; that they tend to fracture into their distinct ethnic groupings?

Yes, but there's a lot of fun to be had in the meantime for members of the authoritarian crypto-Marxist community: laws to pass, racism and xenophobia to denounce, surveillance to conduct, heretics to sentence and imprison. And who knows? With technology improving all the time, perhaps the EU can be a lasting police state. It's something worth fighting for, surely.

5 December 2007 at 11:12  
Blogger Homophobic Horse said...

I told you ecumenism was the work of the devil. A secular idolotry of man. When people buy into the "all are equal" meme all diversity (as in, enquiry into the nature of god) is crushed and the people are turned into a homogenous slop awaiting a new revelation from the antichrist.

5 December 2007 at 14:36  
Blogger Homophobic Horse said...

They do love their 'values' don't they? Values can be installed in peoples brains like computer software. Nationality, however, is inalienable and uncontrollable, which is why they hate it and seek to "deconstruct" it.

5 December 2007 at 14:38  
Blogger Little Black Sambo said...

Put the holly etc away again at once. You are several weeks too early.

5 December 2007 at 15:18  
Blogger paul ilc said...

I loathe Christmas Chopin.

5 December 2007 at 20:41  

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