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Kosovo independence – a triumph for EU foreign policy

It is easy to forget that the Serbs have been an enduring ally of the British and the US in the Balkans for decades, helping to counter murderous fascist forces. And yet Britain and the EU have chosen to champion the causes of Albanian and Bosnian Muslims and Croatian Catholic nationalists - the long-time adversaries of Western democracy – and the policy has now reached its climax with an independent Kosovo.

The elections in Kosovo have necessitated an ethnic cleansing to which the world has been both blind and deaf. The British government and the EU may be jubilant, but this is no triumph, for there has been a systematic elimination of 230,000 mainly Serbs but also Jews and gypsies from Kosovo since the UN took over in 1999. 311 out of 427 Serb settlements in Kosovo have been completely ethnically cleansed since the war by NATO and the EU to ‘prevent ethnic cleansing’. Those responsible for that ethnic cleansing now form the ‘government’ of Kosovo.

The US, EU, UN and NATO must now observe the ascension of a war criminal to lead the fledgling government. The supreme irony must be is that NATO and the UN have contributed to the very ethnic cleansing which they attacked Serbia to prevent. The result of the Yugoslav war is the ethnic cleansing not by Serbs but of Serbs - hundreds of thousands of them.

It is perhaps logical that the illegal UN-unapproved war against Serbia should be reaching its conclusion illegally. Without the approval of the UN the internationally recognised territory of Kosovo is being handed over to a murderous terrorist clique (the KLA) whose power is built upon ethnic cleansing. The new prime minister insists, however, that ‘Kosovo would be a democratic country that respected the rights of all ethnic communities’.

So that’s alright then: we have his word for it.

Serbia's prime minister has denounced the US for helping create a ‘false state’, and Serbia's ally, Russia, has called for an urgent UN Security Council meeting. Serbia claims that Kosovo's declaration of independence violates Serbia's sovereignty and threatened a a new escalation of tension and ethnic violence in the region - a new conflict in the Balkans.

The three supranational institutions in which the British and American governments play a prominent role - the EU, NATO and the UN - undoubtedly have blood on their hands. Yet the instinct of the British and US governments is to support the integrity of Yugoslavia and resist Germany’s plans to re-establish their Second World War pattern of Balkan allies. But, according to Freenations, ‘a fatal infestation of fascist-inclined corporatists penetrated the US State Department, and Germany forced the pace in the EU, recognising (along with the Vatican) the embryo State of Croatia in 1991.

‘Thus does Europe go full circle and thus do the US and UK find themselves on the side of their enemies, destroying their traditional allies.

‘So basic is the historical religious and ethnic foundation of Kosovo as a Serb province that its secession would be like Britain losing Kent (with Canterbury) to France. There is a far better case for the secession of Bavaria from Germany - but of course Germany only promotes regional and ethnic secession in other European countries, not at home!’

And to what piece of music have Kosovo's leaders decided to announce their independence?

Beethoven's ‘Ode to Joy’, of course...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that Putin backs the Serbs with this, even with weapons. Traitorous EU, NATO and UN nothing but bullies and Islamist appeasers.

Spare room and a Dragunov I could borrow anyone.

17 February 2008 at 18:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"would be like Britain losing Kent" England is already set to lose Berwick.

17 February 2008 at 19:00  
Blogger Aeneas said...

Cranmer, I have just discovered your excellent site – my congratulations and compliments and an excellent blog.

The recognition of the independence of Kosovo by the British Government is not just a betrayal of the Serbs but a betray of the interests of the British people. The UK Government may pay lip services to the principles of Western democracy but in my view it does not believe in those principles.

The desire of the Western elite to Islamise Europe has been given a boost by the declaration of independence by Kosovo. It has occurred with the blessing of Western leaders because it assists the plans of the western elite to destroy the identity of western nations. They do not support the principle of national independence because if they did they would not be trying to take independence away from the subject peoples of the European Union.

Furthermore, for Western leaders to recognise the independence of Kosovo at a time when Islamists are assaulting the Western world will probably be seen as a sign of profound weakness by the Islamists. Our experience in the 1930s demonstrated that appeasement does not work because it invites further demands for concessions. I do not think for a moment that Western support for Kosovo will in any way result in the Islamists halting their campaign against the Western world.

I suspect that it will only be a matter of time before Shari’a law is implemented in Kosovo with the consequent institutionalised discrimination of non-Muslims. This will not upset our leaders too much because they seem to be making concessions to Shari’a principles within their own jurisdictions anyway and Shari‘a in Kosovo will only reinforce demands for such concessions.

If the UN was serious about its own Declaration of Human Rights, Shari’a law would be illegal and countries practising it subject to UN sanctions. The independence of Kosovo in my opinion will lead to the expansion of the Shariasphere and in the process further undermine the principles of liberal democracy and political and religious freedom.

The British Government is acting against the best interests of the British people on this issue, but that should not come as a surprise – acting in such a way is simply what New Labour does.

17 February 2008 at 19:02  
Anonymous glantawe said...

I am glad that your Grace has alluded to the long links between this country and Serbia.As a boy,old men in the small Welsh town of my childhood would talk of their admiration of the Serbs with whom they fought alongside in Salonika,where the town's Pals' battalion had been sent.

We make no new friends by treating our old friends so,and in breach of International law,to our great shame.Has any of our statesmen spoken up for the Serbs?I recall that the late Alan Clark did so,shortly before his death,but then he was a historian.

17 February 2008 at 20:25  
Anonymous hear o israel said...

your grace.
i agree , and more so on the fact this is not a division based on a country but on a religion , it appears more like aparthied than eu victory.
i also strongly disagree that we should be sending 600 troops out , let the Eu look somewhere else , we are stretched and mr brown has shown no responsibility in keeping a reserve , should we need them for floods etc.

as for the EU it seems to be more mirage than ode to joy .

17 February 2008 at 20:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really glad that I found this blog and assure myself that major west media opinion is not all there is and there are people who still believe in freedom and justice.

regards from Serbia.

18 February 2008 at 00:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Out of Chaos comes order.

Which always results a good earner for someone who made it all happen, including the chaos.

Need I say more?

ATLAS shrugged and realized there is going to be another war one day in Kosovo and someones going to make a killing. Just as soon as they sort out Iraq or get fed up with the place.

18 February 2008 at 01:33  
Anonymous DocBud said...

The ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Kosovo dates back to WWII when a Kosovan SS unit was involved.

The term ethnic cleansing was originally used by Marvine Howe in the New York Times in 1982 who quoted a Kosovan Albanian official in reference to the administration's policy of creating an ethnically clean Kosovo.

Isn't that nice, the ethnic cleansers have been rewarded for their efforts. Well done the EU, well done the UK. That should encourage other brutal bigots to do the same.

18 February 2008 at 07:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Cranmer, what can I say, stick to your local domestic issues. If you want to write about world issues, lear a little bit of history first. Not from "approved" sources, in case of former Yugoslavia, from Serbs', but from independent and scientific.

Lidija from Croatia, one of the "Catholic nationalist" :rolleyes:

18 February 2008 at 09:37  
Blogger Steve Hayes said...

And who else used Beethoven's Ode to Joy as their national anthem?

Ian Smith's Rhodesia, that's who, after their UDI in 1965.

Perhaps the the Basques and Quebecois start playuing it, they too can be independent.

And if George Bush recognises Kosovo's independence, what does that make him?

A surrender monkey in the "War on Terror". Because recognition of Kosovo independence shows that terrorism pays.

18 February 2008 at 09:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more thing, you all Serb lovers, in WWII the Serbia was first country "Judenfrei", i.e. Jewfree.

The independency of Kosovo was due to Serbian fascist policy towards Albanians and all others in ex Yugoslavia. The end of Kosovo, as a part of Serbia started in 80-is when Slobodan Milosevic was running around in meetings telling Serbs that noone will beat them. Well, we can all see how his fascist policy has ended; in total fall out of dreams of "Great Serbia" which will cover the most of former Yugoslavia. It's time for Serbs to weak up and face the reality; their country is economically and financialy beaten to pulp and if they want any kind of future, they need to start to act like normal democracy and to start living in present, not in past.


18 February 2008 at 09:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your hysteria regarding Kosovo independency is due to fact that most of the Albanians are Muslims, you should know one thing; they are not fundamentalist. They are secular and the best way to help fight with Islamist is helping Kosovo becoming independent country, one day member of EU.

Albanians are descendent of Illyrians, the native tribes in this part of Europe, just like Celts in others. They were here before Serbs come. Also, some of them are Christians.

18 February 2008 at 09:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the commentator who said;

"If your hysteria regarding Kosovo independency is due to fact that most of the Albanians are Muslims, you should know one thing; they are not fundamentalist"
- was this not what was said of thsoe wonderful US allies Muhajedin in Afghanistan - AKA Taleban???

of course the Croats know a thing or two about ethnic cleansing - 250,000 ethnic Serbs were ethnically cleansed in 3 days in August 1995 especially more so knowing that 750,000+ Serbs, Jews and Roma were slaughtered at the hands of teh Croatian Fascist independent state of 1941-45 - but lets not delve into history!

Kozjak, Krajina...

18 February 2008 at 14:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kozjak from Krajina (it was occupied part of Croatia, now free) is telling lies. You, know, like Goebbles use to say, if you repeat lie enough times, it will become true. But, it's not going to happen. Here are some facts on "poor Serbs" and their fight with Croats in Croatia

Once again, to all of you who are so keen on "poor" Serbs, I recommend some history lessons in facts not in lies.

18 February 2008 at 15:12  
Blogger Homophobic Horse said...

Look at that above. Do you readers want Britain to end up like that: Balkanised?

18 February 2008 at 16:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, how old are you Lidija? About 10 years of age? Grow up and read up on some books. As Kozjak said, it is a fact that your fascist breed cleansed Serbs from your quasi-country 'Hrvatska'.
I frequently go through Croatia and find the people very pleasant there. In fact, minimal reference to the war is mentioned at any point possible. Your separatism brought you war, and you got it, whether you think well of it or not. Nowadays, Croatia is probably better off for the separation. It is a fact, however, that your politicians should not have waged a religious war over something like economic prosperity.
Why start a war with Serbia? Because you are catholics and Serbs are orthodox?
Poor excuse.
Read about the persecution you have done to Serbs in WWII. Racists like you should have been wiped off the face of the planet - once and for all. But Tito had too much compassion, didn't he...
Long live a prosperous Croatia.
Long live a prosperous Serbia.
But don't wage religious war, and don't embarrass yourself, Lidija, in front of people who know more than you, for even your name is Serbian.
Mars u picku materinu kurvetino.

18 February 2008 at 21:43  
Blogger Homophobic Horse said...

"Racists like you should have been wiped off the face of the planet - once and for all. "


18 February 2008 at 22:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Came across your blog, and have bookmarked it.
Each report on Kosovo states that 90% of Kosovo is ethnic Albanian. And that is the trouble. If they were 90% ethnic Kosovan, there would be a much better case for independence.
I can see a future Britain - "90% of Yorkshire is ethnic Pakistani" - will that be sufficient grounds for independence? I think not, or maybe yes, given the muliculutural bent of our elite.

The reality is that Kosovo was taken away from Serbia by the actions of the US to appease the Saudis and Muslims. This action against Serbia by the US and the UK was illegal in international law and the UN charter. What the US and the EU are now doing in turns, is first asking, then threatening, and finally trying to bribe Serbia to accept the illegality of that war, and thus make the crime legal. These actions in themselves are an indication that the US and the EU recognise the weakness of their case - if they had felt otherwise, they would have no need to threaten, and then try to bribe Serbia.

As long as Serbia and Russia, and thus the UN, do not recognise Kosovan independence, Kosovo will simply be an illegal rebellious entity. Serbia will be justified in international law to take back Kosovo whenever the circumstances are opportune. Sooner or later they will come.

Kosovo threatens to be real quagmire. Once the UN withdraws its diplomatic cover, the only way ethnic Albanians can continue to hold Kosovo is by relying on US forces - which naturally, and quite legitimately, Serbia will claim as being an invading and occupying force- Russia will support them. The US will be stuck in Kosovo, with no hope for a honourable withdrawal with mission accomplished.

Both Russia and China are quite happy to see the US caught in this pit - caught in dubious legality, and for no real political, strategic or economic gain, and no honourable way out. I have a feeling that it is for this reason that they are not opposing Kosovo's independence as vehemently as they might.

This is a real tragedy for the US and Europe in the near future, when we are likely to need America's full attention and presence, and cooperating with Russia to deal with a nuclear Iran.

Paraphrasing Rick in the film Casablanca, “Of all the quagmires, in all the world, America walks into a Balkan one”. So here we go, “Play it again Uncle Sam”.


18 February 2008 at 23:06  
Blogger Monte said...

croatian, as usual, girl aren´t u happy with your country and independence, what you got to say now about kosos, what is it non of you biss?

19 February 2008 at 05:26  
Blogger Manfarang said...

This move sets a bad precedent which is noticed by such countries as Sri Lanka,Indonesia and many others that have separatist movements.

19 February 2008 at 07:30  
Anonymous DocBud said...

"This move sets a bad precedent which is noticed by such countries as Sri Lanka,Indonesia and many others that have separatist movements."

But on the plus side, it might encourage the Scottish and Welsh.

19 February 2008 at 07:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mars u picku materinu kurvetino"

This is in Serbian and it tells me that I'm a whore who should go f*** myself?!

Do you wonder why the author has written it in Serbian, instead in English? To make himself better in your eyes, that's why. This is Serbia in short. Lies and pretence of culture and history. Thank God it's over for Croats, Slovenians, Bosnians and now Albanians. We don't have to live in a same country like those guys.

So, to all non Serbian participants (if there are any, to be honest), before you start defending one party, try to find what they really stand for.

Wish you all very best and "Cum grano salis" when it comes to international affairs.

19 February 2008 at 08:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

19 February 2008 at 11:40  
Blogger Cranmer said...

His Grace has zero tolerance of abusive posts, and will limit the use of anonymous contributions if they persist.

19 February 2008 at 12:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

German_boy: Why you bother so much with Kosovo, if it is 90% with ethnich albanian they deserve to be independent and in case of Yorkshire there is a difference man, Pakistani people in Yorkshire came during last century and albanians in Kosovo god know how long they are there...I study history and politics and I believe they are in right way.
cheers from Berlin!

26 June 2008 at 05:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God save UK, USA and EU.. they do know what was needed to do they do support human rights ...serbs deserved to be punished and that was a small punishment... serbs should be wiped from the holy earth...they do not deserve to live while they dont let others live.... once agail Long LIVE KOSOVO< UK USA and EU..,

14 April 2009 at 19:45  

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