Saturday, May 03, 2008

'Mayor Johnson' - what music to the ears!

Cranmer's readers and communicants will have to indulge him a little today, for he has not felt so good in centuries. And such euphoria has the tendency to cloud the mind more than a little, and render one intoxicated with such unalloyed joy that one is temporarily incapable of writing much that is either spiritually or politically edifying.

Ah, victory... just a taste of things to come.


Blogger Homophobic Horse said...

Except for improved moral standards and decency, Boris Johnson is no different from Ken.

3 May 2008 at 12:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Homophobic Horse said...
'Except for improved moral standards and decency, Boris Johnson is no different from Ken.'

Oh. And this is unimportant, I suppose? Improved moral standards and decency are precisely what this country needs. At the very least, Boris's assertion that crime is (what a revelation) crime, is a complete departure from the New Labour anti-anything-that-might-upset-the-poor-misunderstood-darlings clap-trap we've been subjected to for 11 years.


3 May 2008 at 14:07  
Anonymous Dr. Irene Lancaster said...

My thoughts on the matter:

3 May 2008 at 19:11  
Blogger Snuffleupagus said...

Homophobic Horse
What improved moral standards and decency! The man was fired for lying about his affair and aborted his own child! He has children! How is that improved moral standards? Have we all gone mad??

Your Grace
I do feel bad raining on your parade here. But we must speak the truth! I am happy for you. Truly, I am. And it makes me happy to think that you are happy. I laugh in reading your posts because you are clearly thrilled. But one cannot pretend that Boris is a moral man. It isn't right!

3 May 2008 at 19:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boris in great and has the potential to be far greater. Cameron would be well advised to keep looking over his shoulder for the next few years. He could be in danger of being seriously upstaged.

Boris cant save us from the New World Order, because no one can. But at least he might make the whole nasty business a little more tolerable.

Boris was a shoe in from the first day he announced his intention to stand. My only regret is that I did not put the house on his victory, as it was always going to be an 100% certainty IMO.

Like your grace, I am in a state of intoxicated joy and happiness. Watching the glum faces and listening to the sour grapes at the BBC is more amusing then a whole series of Fawlty Towers, the first time around.

What makes it even better is this is only the beginning the real fun has indeed only just begun.

To listen to socialists anyone would think Ken was actually driving the buses and arresting the criminals personally. Whats wrong with these people? Just because Ken loves Castro's Cuba, it does not mean either Castro or Livingstone where actually doing any real day to day work. The Mayor is just a figure head charged with making strategic decisions. So if Ken could do this 24/7 drunk, with the intellect of the average 6th former. Boris can do it better 24/7 drunk, and fully asleep at the same time. As he clearly intends to be doing neither, at least half of the time. How could Boris, with his truly formidable intellect possibly mess London up more then Ken has done for 8 extremely long years?

Totally impossible, I say.


4 May 2008 at 02:50  
Anonymous dexey said...

i was born in East London (in a street now known as murder mile), I visited London on Wednesday last to see the Helmand exhibition at the National Army Museum and the city is a rathole. It is nowhere near as attractive as Paris and it was a pleasure to leave and return to my small Midlands city.

There are 7 million, or so, people in London not counting illegal residents. About 52 million people live outside the capital. The Mayor of London doesn't matter to most of the population, at all.

I am, however, happy that His Grace is happy. He has suffered enough.

4 May 2008 at 08:42  
Blogger Snuffleupagus said...

The Mayor of London does not matter to us? I don't know a single Londoner who did not vote. It is all we are talking about.

I also take offence at your description on London. It is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest city in the world. It is a shame that you are unable to appreciate all it has to offer.

5 May 2008 at 10:52  
Anonymous Adrian Peirson said...

500,000 Ballots 'spoiled, some of them by returning officers who wrote Ballot Numbers on the them, therfore invalidating the vote ( there should be no marks on the Ballot paper other than the X)

In addition, by writing the Ballow number on the Ballot paper lets those running the election know Who voted for who.

IE The establishment know who voted for whom, yet this was supposed to be a secrety ballot.

People who turned up with Pens were told they must use pencil, they were watched while they made their Mark.

The Ballots were placed in cardboard boxzes with sticky lids.

left overnight,
Next morning a number of Boxes had clearly been tampered with.

5 May 2008 at 23:45  

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