Wednesday, June 18, 2008

David Davis for Freedom

The campaign website for David Davis is up and running. Mr Davis explains:

On 11 June, Gordon Brown forced through a vote on the extension of 42 days pre-charge detention - a draconian infringement of the citizen’s fundamental freedom not to be held in police detention for prolonged periods without being informed of the charges against him. This marked a watershed in the erosion of British liberty, but it is only the most recent in a long list of repressive measures introduced by this government over the last decade.

We will soon have the most intrusive ID card system in the world. There is a CCTV camera for every 14 citizens - despite growing evidence of their ineffectiveness as deployed. We have the largest DNA database in the world, larger than any dictatorship, with thousands of innocent children and millions of innocent citizens on it.

The Government has attacked the jury system, that historic bulwark against unfair law and the arbitrary abuse of state power. Shortcuts with our legal system have left British justice less firm and less fair. The Government hoards masses of personal data on insecure databases, opening up our private lives to the prying eyes of official snoopers, but also exposing personal data to careless civil servants and criminal hackers.

The state has security powers that clamp down on peaceful protest, and so-called hate laws that stifle legitimate debate - while those inciting violence get off scot-free. A 15-year-old boy was recently charged on the spot for holding a banner describing scientology as a "dangerous cult", but extremists such as Abu Hamza are left free for years to incite violence and vitriol against this country.

There are now 266 state powers allowing officials to force their way into the home. Six hundred public bodies have the authority to bug phones and emails and intercept the post. Forget the security services: councils and quangos conduct 1,000 surveillance operations every month, using powers that ought to be the preserve of law enforcement agencies. Officials in Poole spied for weeks on a family taking their children to school, to check that they lived inside the catchment area. Even our rubbish can now be examined by neighbourhood spooks.

None of this has made us any safer. Violent crime has doubled in 10 years, and the Government continually briefs blood-curdling assessments of the terrorist threat. It is a myth to believe that we can defend our security by sacrificing our fundamental freedoms - one I intend to puncture over the next few weeks.

I am fighting this by-election as the Conservative candidate, but on vital national issues that transcend party politics. I hope to attract support from across the political spectrum, and the country at large. I look forward to taking on those who say the British public do not care about liberty - this campaign will be about leading a national debate, not pandering to polls. At stake is my own career as a Member of Parliament, but more fundamentally a long overdue debate on the preservation of liberty in our great country.

Cranmer wishes Mr Davis well with his campaign. His only regret is that nothing, absolutely nothing of the EU's egregious contempt for democracy has ever inspired any member of parliament to take such a stand, and it is the EU 'issue' which truly transcends party politics, and which constitutes the real threat to liberty in our great country. Politicians with conviction are rare. Politicians who have eyes to see and ears to hear are rarer.


Blogger Paul said...

"it is the EU 'issue' which truly transcends party politics"

Does this explain your bleat that:

"the Government only won with the bizarre support of the erstwhile principled DUP"

On the matter of detention, did you want the DUP to play party politics against Brown?

18 June 2008 at 08:50  
Anonymous BIGDAN said...

"It is a myth to believe that we can defend our security by sacrificing our fundamental freedoms"

Amen to that, Mr Davis, amen to that.

18 June 2008 at 09:14  
OpenID curly15 said...

Curly wishes "Basher" well too, but fears he may have chosen the wrong image for his new website!

18 June 2008 at 09:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might his grace consider IDS - who essentially undermined his own (future) leadership by rebelling against Major - for the Eurosceptic standard bearer?

18 June 2008 at 11:23  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Anon,

Since IDS became leader, it would appear that he did not undermine his leadership prospects. Unless you are suggesting he was undermined by vindictive and unforgiving whips as opposed to his leadership or character shortcomings (in which case, the laws of karma have been fulfilled in subsequent judgements meted out to the 1992/3 whips).

Mr Davis has not only resigned from his front bench team, he has resigned from Parliament. No 'eurosceptic' has ever made such a dramatic intervention or courageous act of (potential) self sacrifice.

18 June 2008 at 11:36  
Anonymous Voyager said...

On the matter of detention, did you want the DUP to play party politics against Brown?

I understand well the DUP refusal to have policing powers restored to Stormont and Sinn Fein.....I just don't feel very happy that "loyalists" chose to introduce Rule 18B (EPA 1939)for a government armed with Civil Contingencies Act and RIPA.

Then again the Catholic Zentrum Party supported the Enabling Act in the Reichstag seduced by a promise on Catholic schools Dr Goebbels somehow never needed to honour.

When the DUP gets shafted by Brown we can all have a wry smile no doubt.

18 June 2008 at 12:33  
Blogger Dave said...

I've just signed this petition
and now realise that I along with the other 15,000 signatories have conveniently supplied the State with a database of all the people they can round up and detain without charge should they ever be forced into a referendum.
Once the vote is counted with the required result,we can then be released without charge.
The State now has the power. All it lacks is somewhere to keep us all. They'll probably free all the illegals in the detention camps and keep us in there.
We put Mugabe in power. He's showing Zanulab how to keep in power against an increasingly hostile electorate

18 June 2008 at 12:40  
Anonymous the last toryboy said...

Dave: you put your real address down?

I fortunately have been on the internet since the days it was the preserve of students and academics, back then nobody, ever, put down their real world info or used their real name. you were considered nuts if you did.

I'm sure they really wanted they could crack the Tor anonymiser but theres no need to make it easy for them.

I imagine Cranmer appreciates internet anonymity as much as I do...

18 June 2008 at 13:11  
Blogger Paul said...

I'm afraid I don't understand your reply, voyager. But thanks.

I cannot understand Cranmer's charge against the DUP, and now I cannot understand why he included "truly" in the following:

"it is the EU 'issue' which truly transcends party politics"

The contrast is with the detention issue. So is it not truly transcendent of party politics? What does that mean?

Given that he has brought into question the integrity of 9 christians, I only ask that the pseudonymous Cranmer -- who has Tory leanings and may be formally connected with the party for all we know -- clarify himself.

18 June 2008 at 13:17  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Paul,

Being Christian does not put one beyond reproach, and there are many who might assert that the very nature of politics necessitates the compromise of personal integrity. Mr Voyager's response is perfectly intelligible to anyone who may be bothered to research the subject matter.

Since Mr Brown won that particular vote by 9, and there are 9 DUP members who voted with the Government, they are responsible for prolonging the life of a corrupt leadership and the most anti-Christian government of modern times. If you believe that this was good, and that the consciences of the DUP members are clear, then it is His Grace who humbly asks you to explain yourself.

18 June 2008 at 15:34  
Blogger Paul said...

To be clear: Cranmer wrote "the erstwhile principled DUP". It seems that by implication he is calling Reverend McCrea a liar (see below, from the BBC website).

I am neither a DUP supporter nor for 42 day detention. And, indeed, I am a fan of Cranmer. But I wish he had the backbone to clarify his remarks, justify them, or retract them.

BBC quote:

The DUP's William McCrea ... insisted it voted on principle.

"We were taking a decision on the security of the people of the United Kingdom," the South Antrim MP said.

"We certainly did not take it easily, we looked at all the evidence, we had a security briefing - and I was in the intelligence briefing - I certainly heard what was being said by those that know exactly the threat against the UK.

"We took our decision and I believe the people of the United Kingdom will be safer for it."

18 June 2008 at 15:43  
Blogger Paul said...

I posted that before seeing your reply, Cranmer. Thanks. Of course, I never said that they were put beyond reproach by being Christian.

Indeed, voyager's reply went over my head.

So you would have the DUP vote against the government because it is "unChristian", rather than vote on the issue at hand? And then you call the DUP unprincipled?

18 June 2008 at 15:53  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Paul,

In a representative democracy, it would seem that politics has to be about discerning the lesser evil, and, since it cannot be eradicated, limiting it.

If the DUP were persuaded that 42 days was absolutely necessary to safeguard 'the security of the people of the United Kingdom', this is not the view of either the Conservative Party or the Liberal DEmocrat Party. And Mr Brown could not even persuade 39 of his own MPs. Security briefings would have been given to all privy councillors, and there is clearly a difference of opinion among them (and many of them are undoubtedly good and sound Christians). Further, the Conservative Party is not even persuaded of the case for 28 days, let alone 42, and is therefore pledged to repeal the legislation.

So, the Reverend William McCrea is prepared to prop up a government over the immoral and politically dubious 42-day detention without charge, and this is the same government which is sustains the present barbaric regulations for abortion, limits freedom of speech to spread the gospel, legislates for homosexual ‘marriage’, embryo research, forces the closure of Roman Catholic adoption agencies, and has designs to force faith schools to take students who do not adhere to that faith.

It seems that it was more important for the DUP to support 42-day detention without trial, and thereby prop up Mr Brown, instead of helping to remove a corrupt, immoral and profoundly anti-Christian government.

But you seem to be of the opinion that His Grace is unprincipled. When you have been subject to the flames of physical and emotional torture, derided, misrepresented, and subject to national humiliation and disgrace, please lecture His Grace further on his lack of principles.

18 June 2008 at 16:59  
Blogger Paul said...

Dear Cranmer,

So the disagreement is about political philosophy & tactics. The position you take is principled, as is the DUP position, each in a different way. Just as one can rationally believe a falsehood, I take it that one can do the wrong thing and be principled.

You might think that the DUP are wrong, and culpable in some sense, but why unprincipled?

Having lived through part of the Troubles in Enniskillen -- indeed having been in said Reverend's house the sunday before the IRA shot 60 armour piercing bullets into it -- I myself do not take kindly to being lectured to about principles when it comes to terrorism, especially when the lecture involves a fiction.

But I repeat that I am a fan of your blog, which is why I found this so galling, and I thank you for your reply. Things are much clearer now, and I trust that people can now decide for themselves whether your charge sticks.

18 June 2008 at 18:07  
Anonymous hear o israel said...

persuasion of the DUP is alledged to have taken other forms mr paul !!

but back to the post , David Davies has raised an important midway argument . if like me you think that CCTV , ID cards ,state snooping will not decrease crime , the you must support his view .

let us look at what will happen if this isnt stopped . Already you are establishing the idea , that a crime is somthing you only are guilty of if caught !!
this substitutes from our older understanding that crime is somthing you should not do for fear of god.

this is enfranchising the idea that crime is absolutely physcological , rather than more rooted in the spiritual.

do you not see the problem of how the values have been eroded to the point where teenages kill , and smirk. civillian murder was always defined , as pre meditated or the lesser offence of murder due to extreme danger or passion.

what david davies i think is trying to illuminate is this idea cannot work , being caught is not a deterrent to a ungodly , drunk and drug fuelled mind set . they do not care !!

true you may get some repentence from an inmate , and point to some of the problems .

but what this goverment is doing is both filling peoples heads with destructive pap pop culture , and then spending money monitoring and catching the believers and indulgers of it.

it is my belief that labour have willfully destroyed the roots from which a low crime society is created , and they are also making money out of mis managing there inept solutions.

look at todays lates press release , community offenders are to wear Hi Vis jackets , one supposes that next , there Id card will limit there freedom or use of services .

do you not see a prison is being created not just for the offender , but for the free person as well. this labours grand solution , and it is flawed and must be challeneged

18 June 2008 at 18:09  
Anonymous Mr Old Bead Jiggler said...

"Cranmer does not mean to be dense, but if 42-day detention without charge is worth resigning over, why was not 28?"

Did your Grace ever get this rather good question answered?

18 June 2008 at 19:09  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Old Bead Jiggler,

His Grace rarely gets any of his questions answered.

18 June 2008 at 20:11  
Blogger Paul said...

Alleged by whom, Mr. Hear O Israel? Conservatives by any chance?! ;-)

Perhaps they teased something out of Brown, but I doubt that they were bribed on an issue of terrorism and liberty. (All 9 of them, including two Reverends! And then there is the UUP MP as well...)

Politics is a dirty business, and Christians would do well to carefully consider the evidence before throwing mud at the few MPs who are siblings in Christ.

Perhaps McCrea is not deliberately lying, but is deluded. But I have been shown no reason to doubt him. If you have such a reason, I am all ears.

18 June 2008 at 20:15  
Anonymous hear o israel said...

mr paul
you offer critque , well exactly there is no evidence that 42 day detention will have any impact on the possibility of a terrorist attack, even govt marked it as more of a need to have an "insurance policy" so as not to have to come to the house again.

so mr mcrea has bought into this "insurance" idea as have the rest of the DUP en masse .perhaps the £124 million investment to northern ireland is coincidental

do you believe mr paul that 42 days detention will stop terrorism ?? as a conservative of course i would have loved to see the DUP see the need for the bill to be defeated , as all the poor labour souls whipped into despair to be free also.

is your argument that rev mcrea was not christian or that he wasnt independent??

18 June 2008 at 20:29  
Blogger Paul said...

Ah, Hear O Israel, so you are a conservative! Impartial then...

As I say, I am neither a DUP supporter nor for 42 day detention. (But contra Dave I don't think that Brown wants to use it to lock up tens of thousands of opponents at the next referendum!!!)

And the DUP leaders, having made a decision but kept it to themselves, may have squeezed Brown for money. But a bribe is a different matter, suggesting as it does that they were swayed in their decision by the money.

My point was simply: innocent until proven guilty. I have reasons for their innocence, but none for their guilt.

A nasty Philosophy of Physics exam beckons soon, so I shall leave things there. Have the last word if you wish, and thanks for the comments.

18 June 2008 at 20:54  
Anonymous The recusant said...

Mr Voyager rightly points out that the Centre Party vote was important in passing the enabling act, and indeed Ludwig Kaas the party leader advised his fellow party members to support it knowing full well the nature and character of the SDAP. However in reality he was stuck between a rock and a hard place because he also knew that a vote against the act ensuring its defeat would not ensure the act would go away, he said “Were a two-thirds majority not obtained, the government's plans would be carried through by other means.” This ‘other means’ speak volumes, a little like being asked “Do you want to be hung or shot?”

So I contend that the similarities between the assent of the Centre Party and the DUPs ‘principled stand’ and are somewhat different because had the DUP voted against the 42 days detention, how many of them would have ended up in a concentration camp. In short the former were threatened and duped, the latter were willing converts.

Raising once again as it does the misleading but oft repeated calumny that the rise of Nazism was the result of a complicit German Catholic population on the basis that the leading lights in the Nazi party came from the Catholic heartlands of the German-speaking area (Hitler, Goering and Himmler from the deep South, Goebbels from the Rhineland), the truth is somewhat different. The fact is that Catholics were the fiercest anti-nazis in pre-war Germany as shown by the election figures for 1932. It is ironic that Hitler, a renegade Catholic, found his main support in Protestant areas, while the staunchly Protestant Hindenburg found his in the Catholic areas.

A more detailed analysis of the Catholic Church in Germany can be found at “Hitler's Rise to Power by Dennis Barton”. The maps used are sourced by Source: Erik Maria Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn ""Liberty or Equality".

Your Grace may be pleased to read a quote by Herr von Kuehnelt-Leddihn from ‘The Principles of The Portland Declaration’ and if you approve you may find the whole document here.

"It is the low drive for sameness and the hatred of otherness that characterizes all forms of leftism, which inevitably are totalitarian because, defying the divine diversity of the universe, these ideologies want to convert us by force to sameness -- sameness being the brother of equality. The leftist vision enjoins uniformity: the nation with one leader, one party, one race, one language, one class, one type of school, one law, one custom, one level of income, and so forth. Since nature provides diversity, this deadening sameness can be achieved only by brute force, by leveling, enforced assimilation, exile, genocide. All forms of totalitarianism, all leftist ideologies, reaching their culmination in the French, Russian, and German Revolutions, have gone that way -- with the aid of guillotine, gallows, gas chambers, and Gulag."

18 June 2008 at 21:08  
Anonymous hear o israel said...

i never said i wasnt impartial

reasonless guilt , now theres an interesting thought

18 June 2008 at 21:13  
Anonymous some bloke said...

" EU's egregious contempt for democracy "

Good Luck David Davis.

Haven't we heard ( as quoted by The Recusant above )
“Were a two-thirds majority not obtained, the government's plans would be carried through by other means.

something very similar these past few days in reference to the Irish referendum result ?

19 June 2008 at 02:10  
Blogger Unsworth said...

Your Grace,

'David Davis for Freedom'


Aren't we all?

19 June 2008 at 10:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fear not places for dissenters are up and ready across Europe and third countries our elite left nothing to chance.
I always use my correct details when signing a petition to this government.
I refuse to show fear when confronted by what after all are Fascists.
The USA also has built camps the contract handed to those nice breakfast cereal people at Kellogs.
Kellogs and Brown to be exact.

21 June 2008 at 22:29  

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