Monday, June 09, 2008

Sex sells the Lisbon Treaty to Ireland

If opinion polls are to be believed, all appeals to intellect and reason have failed; all debates about the politics have come to naught; all statistics of the economics have been set aside; all bribery with CAP hand-outs and 'development funds' has perished. It is just possible that on Thursday four million ‘EU citizens’ resident in the Republic of Ireland will reject the Treaty of Lisbon - aka the Constitution for Europe - and so speak loudly and eloquently on behalf of EU’s other 496 million citizens.

And the Irish government and bureaucrats of Brussels deserve to fail, for this sort of advertising on such an important issue is wholly inappropriate. It is one thing to lure people to buy a particular brand of coffee with the come-to-bed eyes of a scantily-clad woman, but quite another to use breast and bulges to persuade the Irish to sign away their liberties and the birthright of children. A post-Lisbon EU will have supremacy over the Irish constitution with regard to its ‘laws, acts and measures’, and using the language of sex to promote a ‘Yes’ to a virtually unintelligible treaty is deception on a colossal scale. The consequences are not a little guilt after a one-night stand, but a permanent and radical shift in the way they are governed. The Irish already have little idea what they are voting for, and these posters do not enlighten one jot.

But sex sells. Good grief, the only reason the Bible has consistently been the world’s No.1 bestseller is because of all the rape, incest, masturbation, bestiality, adultery, fornication, and buggery. If the Irish government wanted to sell bibles, they would highlight the Song of Solomon.

There are many advertisements which use sex to merchandise their products, but these have decidedly different effects on the genders and age groups. According to one survey, almost half of men (48 per cent) said they like sexual advertisements, few women did (8 per cent). Most men (63 per cent) said sexual advertisements have a high stopping power for them; fewer women thought so (28 per cent).

The visual test exposed a similar polarisation. Men tend to focus on an advertisement’s sexual imagery (breasts, legs, skin, etc.), which draws their attention away from the primary elements (logo, product shot, headline). Men’s brand recall is actually worse for the sexual advertisements than for the non-sexual ones. An average of 19.8 per cent of men recall the correct brand/product for the nonsexual advertisements; for the sexual advertisements it is just 9.8 per cent.

For men, sex detracts from the product, and for women, sex causes them to avoid looking at all. Their brand recall is worse with the sexual advertisements, with an average of 22.3 per cent recalling the correct brand/product for the nonsexual advertisements; only 10.8 per cent correctly recall the sexual advertisements.

So, sex in advertising anaesthetises and numbs. It causes men to forget, and women to not bother looking.

Let us hope the EU uses sex more often.


Anonymous the best things come to those who wait said...

As an English speaking Welshman, my vote will always be NO. But if I was Irish, I think I would vote YES out of sheer fucking spite.

9 June 2008 at 08:00  
Blogger Bob said...

Just to point out one or two things. The posters you have on your site are not, in my experience, displayed throughout the country as I've travelled yet to see them anywhere - and I've had to travel quite a bit recently.

Also as the poster show in the bottom corner they're produced by Young Fine Gael - the youth branch of main opposition party, and therefore they have nothing to do with the Irish government.

9 June 2008 at 08:37  
Anonymous The Western Holocaust said...

We, the EUropean Elite are Creating a New Race of voters called 'Europeans'
we can count on the Immigrant vote to keep us in.
Demographic decline of the British and Europeans, 6 Million abortions, a bill to sterilise British Schoolgirls
other races will be exempt, Join the dots People, It's nothing Personal but our Establishment Elite do not mind who they rule over.

9 June 2008 at 11:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering what the EUSSR is going to do to you, at least these posters appear intended to get you in the mood...



9 June 2008 at 17:55  
Blogger Death Bredon said...

The Fourth Reich (or Unholy 'Roman' Empire, if you prefer) is tipping its very crass and vulgar hand.

To paraphrase the American curmudgeon H. L. Menken, should the folk vote for this, they shall get what they deserve and they shall get it hard.

9 June 2008 at 18:47  
Anonymous hear o israel said...

says alot about shock tactics being deployed on the irish folk to sign away their celtic christian heart , for subsidiarity !!

here in the uk we are comming to terms with the truth of the deal , the irish still seem to be being sold melons and beach packet.

father jack (craggy island) would have the right words for the no campaign!!

just hope they get to see it what the EU is about , i hope mary robinson has a think about it as well

9 June 2008 at 20:21  
Anonymous Rob F said...

"Let us hope the EU uses sex more often".

Amen to that. I thought that the ads were tacky and pathetic the first time that I saw them.

If they backfire (and I'm guessing that they will), it'll just leave the EU's campaign in a worse position than it was already.

I'll just have to sit back, eat the popcorn, and hope for the best.

9 June 2008 at 23:19  
Anonymous hear o israel said...

your grace
it appears ms blears wants the church sidelined , claiming we ought to not live in a theocracy, can anyone tell me when we did last live in theocracy if at all !!

9 June 2008 at 23:37  
Blogger Windsor Tripehound said...

Good grief, the only reason the Bible has consistently been the world’s No.1 bestseller is because of all the rape, incest, masturbation, bestiality, adultery, fornication, and buggery. If the Irish government wanted to sell bibles, they would highlight the Song of Solomon

You missed out the bit in Ezekiel about women seeking men hung like donkeys.

10 June 2008 at 16:04  
Anonymous Martin Luther said...

Straight Irish men and women. Please do our european continent a favor and vote NO to the lisbon treaty.

I ask your help for us all from germany. Most people in the 27 country's are NOT AGAINST the european union but AGAINST an EU of the big busineses. Against an antidemocratic not even to say a faschist EU which do not care about their people. Wich do not care about our children and which do not care about peace.

They only care about foreign ressources which they want to "secure" for europe by means of war if neccessary.

They want send our children into death, just to secure their profits.

Again, good people of ireland. Remind your history as a strong and free nation as well as remind your responsibility for other european nations who dont have the opportunity to decide.
God bless you..

10 June 2008 at 22:42  
Anonymous worried dutchman said...

Dear people of Ireland,

Tomorrow is an important day, for you are our last resort. The Lisbon Treaty is alomost exactly the same thing as the constitutional treaty which was rejected by the French & the Dutch. It is therefor still a dramatically bad treaty and needs to shot down. The Dutch & French governments have been to cowardly to give their people a second vote, because they know they will receive another 'no', so it is now up to you.

Do us all a great big favor and PLEASE say 'NO!' We need it.

11 June 2008 at 19:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crack Nigga's!

Finest Ghetto Form! Anglo/Euro version.

It's all become a sad, sociological digression.

Where my honky bitch's at?

11 January 2009 at 04:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The EU dictatorship: Poverty under a brutal police state.:

They're going to ask Ireland to vote on Lisbon
and the EU dictatorship again: Say No again.


The Lisbon Treaty I. Brainwashed Political Brotherhood Unanimously Keen on Giving up Democracy:

...corrupt EU now just needs the Lisbon Treaty to bring about its destruction of the last remnant of decency. Therefore, Mr. Barroso now offers 15 mio euro to the Irish city of Limerick… if…Our only hope to avoid the the disastrous Lisbon Treaty lies with one single man, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the only decent and honest politician left in the EU...

Vote NO- Save democracy and freedom of speech!

2 October 2009 at 12:46  

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