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The death of democracy and the rise of mediocracy

Peter Hitchens has an excellent article in The Mail on Sunday today. His thesis is clear: ‘Our political parties are corpses and democracy as we used to know it is quite dead’. And the evidence adduced is persuasive. Essentially, political parties have ceased holding to any coherent philosophy, and have become enslaved to the ‘centre-left’ zeitgeist which has spreading like bindweed for the past 40 years. Members are ‘driven away or sidelined’, and ‘traditional voters (are) taken for granted’. He identifies the Michael Howard revolution against Iain Duncan Smith as ‘a blatant takeover of a Right-wing party by the “Centre-Left” establishment’.

And one observes, every four years or so, what Dr Richard North prefers to call an ‘an electorally mandated reshuffle’, during which one party is replaced by another, but nothing really changes – especially in respect of the big political themes: Health, Welfare, Law and Order, Education, Defence, the EU. The faces change, but the ‘narrative’ – that postmodern fixation - is constant. There is no longer a right or left in British politics, but a murky and muddled perpetuation of a ‘centre-left’ manifesto of ever-expanding liberalism. And God forbid that any party should attempt to challenge this settlement, for the media world which drives it will brand that party ‘extreme’ or ‘right wing’, and Jeremy Paxman will sneer and sneer again to ensure that its very name will be such a jarring dissonance that, if it wishes to retain any credibility at all, it will have to conform and bow down to the spirit of the age.

And so the Conservative Party has subscribed to the cult of Mother Earth and pledged to tackle ‘man-made global warming’. It has abandoned its plans to reform the NHS – which long since ceased being either national or a service. It has abandoned selection in education – which historically has been the single greatest mechanism for social mobility ever conceived. And it long since abandoned its core philosophy of the defence of the nation state, in favour of ‘ever closer union’ and subjugation to an unaccountable and immovable government in a foreign land.

Cranmer will not bother to mention the undermining of the Christian foundations, since this is a natural consequence of a candidate selection process which is designed specifically to discriminate against the white heterosexual Christian in favour of the black or brown homosexual / Muslim / Sikh / Hindu. And if the latter is a woman, so much the better. Testosterone is too right wing, and oestrogen helps to feminise the nation’s politics. And God forbid anyone should dare to question the rights of these oestrogen modules, for their bodies are their own, and they shall do with them as they will.

The god of the centre-left became man in Tony Blair, but the hypocrites and vipers crucified him. And still the nation mourns his passing, rather like they mourn the loss of Diana, Princess of Wales. Yet idols are not only to be found on the football field or on X-Factor. The centre-left powers which found their incarnation in Tony Blair have now identified David Cameron as the Chosen One. And the cameras are drawn to him like crowds to a messiah, and, sure enough, Mammon is not far behind. And when they grow tired of him and the once-passionate relationship diminishes to a pathetic luke-warm glow, they shall spew him out of their mouths and seek another charismatic, photogenic political pin-up with the ability to talk well and say nothing at all.

Mr Hitchens is a wise and perceptive man, for he notes that politics is ‘played out almost entirely on the airwaves and in the newspapers’, and so ‘MPs (do) what they (are) told by the media’.

Cranmer is quite sure he does not need to remind his readers or communicants of the identity of the Prince of the Power of the Air. For it is he who has subtly and successfully supplanted democracy with mediocracy: the power of the people is as nothing to the power of the media.

And it is not only MPs who are obliged to take their orders from the liberal media, but party leaders as well. Because ‘the rule nowadays is that you cannot become the government unless you bow to the views of the “Centre-Left” media elite, especially the broadcast media elite... which fanned out in the Seventies into the civil service, education, entertainment, the law, the arts, rock music and - above all - the media’.

Thus the victor in every general election is always the ‘Centre-Left’, ‘which claims to be moderate but is in fact a swirling cauldron of wild Sixties Leftism - anti-British, anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-education and pro-crime. But if you dare to oppose this stuff, they’ll call you an extremist.’

And pro-British, pro-family, pro-Christian, pro-education and anti-crime extremists have to be eradicated. One might choose the Paxman strategy of attrition - sneering at them and hurling insults – like Alan Duncan's ‘Tory Taleban’. Or one might sack them from the parliamentary party or prevent them from ever holding positions of responsibility. Or, better still, one simply ensures they are never selected as a parliamentary candidate in the first place.

The bloodless revolution to ensure the propagation and perpetuation of the centre-left is successful and secure. God help anyone who tries to confront it.


Anonymous len said...

This nation is setting itself up for judgement.!

Read Habakkuk.

21 September 2008 at 10:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The purpose of Common Purpose and sadly it seems to have succeeded.

For the moment.

21 September 2008 at 12:00  
Anonymous the recusant said...

Your Grace will be interested in this article on the Episcopal Church in the US by an Anglican/Catholic Vicar which I beleve gives a very similar story.

21 September 2008 at 12:37  
Blogger McKenzie said...

Its all about money and exploitation; the haves and the have nots. With all that is taking place at the moment you would think people would wake up to the truth, but the docile stupidity of the masses is profoundly stultifying for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The masters tell us it's best left to market forces, except when it comes to bailing out the very market forces themselves. Everyone reads this truth in the papers and yet we merely shrug our shoulders. Peter Hitchens has been guilty of being a major pain in the arse when it comes to trying to oppose the status quo. He has ranted and raved about the BNP in the past, but he, like all the rest, make no attempt to address the question of why all these ordinary decent people are subscribing to nationalist politics. Whatever the argument maybe about labels such as 'extreme right wing', or, 'far right extreme', or 'fascist', it does not help when you piss on people's fears and anxieties in order to address your own fears and anxieties. We all remember the war, we all have relatives who have stories about brave family members whom sacrificed their lives for the preservation of everything we held dear to our hearts. These are the people of the BNP! If their policies are so bad, if they clearly have hidden agendas, which they may, or, may not, why not fucking ask yourself what is it that drives decent ordinary people to vote en mass for such a political party? Maybe you already know the answer, but let me repeat, PISSING ON THESE PEOPLE'S FEARS AND ANXIETIES IS NOT GOING TO MAKE THEM CHANGE THEIR MINDS JUST TO PLEASE YOUR MORONIC FUCKING FEARS AND ANXIETIES, ok. The days of looking down your nose, and making dismissive remarks in order to subdue the lower classes, ARE OVER! BEING SNOTTY NO LONGER WORKS! THESE PEOPLE ARE PISSED OFFFFFFFF.
We used to be a nation of brave and innovative people, a nation which has produced some of the best minds in all of human history, but here, now, today we are a complete wash out.
In many respects it is fair comment to say that we deserve everything that we get.
I had my morning ruined by a fellow Welshman this morning, Aled on Radio 2. A lovely bright Sunday morning, me feeling rather happy, taking in the gorgeous scenery of Betws-y-Coed, and this moron announces the onslaught of Ramadan, and then proceeds to prattle on about Paganism. It took me a good three hours to reach equilibrium. So if you do happen to read this Aled, "TWAT"!
This is NOT a party political broadcast for the BNP, but simply a statement which would normally be squashed by the heavy foot of the media censorship which His Grace and Peter Hitchens have so eloquently described in their articles.
I really don't know what the answer is myself, but I am very certain that the three main political parties in this country do not have the answer.
This is not some attempt by stealth to gain a platform either. I have respect for this blog, and it's importance for having genuine debate. I have also let it be known that I find the BNP boring.

21 September 2008 at 15:47  
Blogger McKenzie said...

Surely to God there must be some people out there amongst the intelligentsia of our nation who have some sort of idea about what can be done. Pure selfishness and greed is not going to cut it anymore guys! Whatever ideas you may harbor about your genetic superiority, and your inalienable rights to exploit those below, it seems that you are behaving like a snake devouring it's own body from the tail upwards.
Where are all the clever people gone? I think much of this dilemma has to do with the structure of how education is imparted at universities. Basically, students are force fed facts, from a set reading list, and they stray from the narrow spectrum at the expense of provoking the wrath of the Her Doktor. So all we end up with is highly opinionated BA's; BSc's; MA's; PHD's, but all of whom are shit-scared not to provoke humiliation from their shit-scared peers.
Consider Charles Darwin, a subject of fierce debate in here recently, God knows why. But he was without any formal qualifications, yet this man made some brave and astute observations about the nature of nature. I love nature, and I love this man's theories, but theories are all they are, with evident flaws that as yet need to be explained, so I will abstain from any religious following of his texts as if they are a definitive explanation. But what I am saying is that we need more Charles Darwins today, desperately so!

21 September 2008 at 16:34  
Anonymous len said...

Social Secular Humanism is a religion for smart people-or at least for those who consider themselves superior.In their New World Order the Elite see themselves as Masters who will Lord over their ignorant and accomodating servants in an all encompassing feudal fascist state.

21 September 2008 at 17:33  
Blogger McKenzie said...

Can you qualify that statement Len? No disrespect intended but such a strong statement about a group of people does need some argument to support it. Fantastic conspiracies abound, and unless put forward in a constructive manner, they do in my opinion have a destructive effect on the overall field of debate.

21 September 2008 at 17:50  
Anonymous len said...

Just simply look at the facts.
Society is being deconstructed,The family unit is under attack,the very fabric of our society is being undermined.We have been going through a tearing down process, to what purpose? We were once a christian nation, that is in the process of being outlawed.Discipline outlawed in our schools,breaking down of law and order, What does it take for people to see what is going on?If you can see no agenda in that I have overestimated your ability.

21 September 2008 at 18:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Grace,

When I read the title of this blog, I immediately thought of C.S. Lewis and his prophetic essay entitled 'Screwtape Proposes a Toast'. Along with his book The Abolition of Man, this was a prophetic piece of work about the ideas which were gathering steam in Lewis' day and have now carried everything before them.

Truly, we're in an awful situation. The culture is being strangulated, in a way which doesn't seem to be happening (yet) in any other country.

21 September 2008 at 20:28  
Anonymous Smith Dorrien said...

Interesting post.

Who was it said that over the last 30 years the right have won the economic debate, while the left have won the social one.

Its quite conceivable that a left wing blog could make exactly the same arguments, but in reverse - ie its actually a 'centre-right' consensus ...

21 September 2008 at 20:45  
Anonymous A non Mouse said...

Thank you for this post, Your Grace - I always feel less of an idiot when I can agree, heart and mind, with people I respect!

And yes, Recusant - the marxist-deconstructionist agenda's growing apace in the US. I know of at least one university department where people daren't wear crosses.

And there's another: where they develop hatred of the British- literature, language, and people. Some call that place the "Anything but English Department."

I really hope American blog readers pay attention to how the deconstruction's worked in Britain, and what's happened to the British. It's not by 'culture wars' really; more a combination of stealth, immigration, and cultural terrorism. And, of course, sneering at anybody who notices: "Oh, Conspiracy Theory!" "Racist!" "Xenophobe!" -that shames the speaker right into silence while the conspirator, the racist and the xenophobe carry on unimpeded!

It'll have to be blog readers who see it, because the Media are in some pocket somewhere, and they never mention it.

If the objectives aren't the destruction of the Christian West, democracy, and freedom of thought and speech: I don't know what else...

21 September 2008 at 21:41  
Blogger McKenzie said...


My abilities are few and far between, so my answer is not a vain attempt to recover any perception of lost face.

Its not that I don't feel the agenda, I have listened to people desperately try to highlight the situation, but they fail to be specific enough about the who, and the where these things are taking place. I was once a frequent poster on the BNP web site, but after a while it all gets very boring and comes across in a negative way. I don't question your statements, I feel persecuted on all fronts. The problem I see is the media, as discussed in the main article, and ordinary people's lack of understanding. When ordinary people visit these blogs and websites, they will be confronted with people who have been disillusioned for years, and who become accustomed to the language and terminology that is used within, and this, at first sight, must seem like the ramblings of paranoid and delusional nutters. This is why I think it would be helpful to qualify what you say, which could be a very important and valid piece of information that could shed some light on things for anyone who has wandered in out of mild curiosity. Like a non mouse has said, it looks like it will have to be Internet based media such as blogs, which will be the way to enlighten the masses and awaken them from the slumber of their comatose trance.
You will have noticed that I can get overly emotional, and do, out of sheer frustration. I am a Christian, but hate to bang on about it, it is a very personal thing, but it pains me to witness my own country and it's folk, trampled under foot, running to and fro fighting with each other when they should be uniting under the banner of what has held this country together like a divine glue for hundreds of years. I couldn't give a monkey's arse really whether you are an atheist or whatever, and I don't really feel the need to argue the toss over creationism and evolutionism. However, unless we all wake up and take stock of what is going on with regards to the deconstruction of our Christian heritage, we will wake up one day only to find that we have reached the point of no return.

21 September 2008 at 22:37  
Anonymous Job's Tempter said...

Atleast you have the honesty, unlike so many religious apologists to admit liberalism and Christianity are incompatibile.
You are also correct to recognise that wherever your vicious, life-denying, gay and female-hating, slavery-supporting cult is in decline, tolerance, diversity and intellectual freedom are flourishing - to the point that even conservative leaders like Cameron embrace them.
Your explanation? Blame the media!. I suppose you have no choice really. The alternative - that liberalism, respect and equality are mankind's natural, defaulty instincts - would mean your entire worldivew is based on a falsehood designed to prop up repression, sexual guilt, social elites, division, suffering and torture. And that would never do, would it?

22 September 2008 at 00:12  
Anonymous Job's Tempter said...

I suppose that "defaulty" might be seen as a Freudian slip - if you guys believed in Freud.

22 September 2008 at 00:14  
Anonymous A Non Mouse said...

Re job's tempter: Thanks - I needed a good laugh.

To everyone else: Sad in one way though, isn't it? Clearly s/he knows not of Job, William Wilberforce, Britain, or any of us.
S/he has a computer, though.

I'll stop now, and show my respect to all - by praying.

22 September 2008 at 01:18  
Blogger Tomrat said...

You Grace,

This is why I advocate neither major party (the Fib Dems do not even bear thinking about) and direct you to the Libertarian Parties website:

The party is almost completely born of bloggers and is genuine in its beliefs.

I would also turn your attention your grace, to John Trenchards links on the following label:

Read from the first article; it is a group to keep an eye on almost certainly.

What we are seeing is part of the Hegelian dialectical synthesis in action; Tony Blair was just one product of this and was a proselytous leader of "the third way" movement. This calls for a "middle ground" between personal and societal freedom; anyone who knows anything about history knows this is merely a pretext to authoritarian dictatorships.

Google the phrase "communitarian"; that describes what is going on succinctly.

22 September 2008 at 08:23  
Blogger Dave said...

Excellent article your Grace,
For several years I've been saying to anyone in earshot that the political system in this country has become a bidding war for the UK franchise.
Each political party submits its tender in the form of "we can run the country for this much"- and then lists the various bribes to the electorate, tax cuts etc.
As we invariably vote parties out rather than vote parties in we are stuck with the two party system.
I haven't forgotten the mess the tories made last time and I'm reminded hourly of the mess Labour has made.
So unless the government allows a "none of the above" category we're faced with an ever decreasing vote as the electorate finds the choice to be no choice.
I'm waiting for the announcement that the LPUK party is being proscribed. That will really make my day

22 September 2008 at 10:48  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

schizophrenics society

First they came for me and because I was not me I didnt speak out.


22 September 2008 at 15:09  
Blogger Joshua said...

Welcome to America...

23 September 2008 at 15:24  
Anonymous Another nonny said...

Dizzy & Josh:

Except that, in America - they go for you, and you don't answer: because they think YOU'RE something or body else.

They'll move hell and earth to prove it, too!!

Fortunately, not all of them are schizoid - and that's such a wonder that you learn to value goodness in people.

23 September 2008 at 19:58  
Anonymous job's tempter said...

Yeah, I've heard of Wilberforce. While I don't doubt the sincerity of his faith, the fact is he was an Enlightenment figure acting in open defiance of Leviticus 25:44-46, Ephesians 6:5 and 1 Timothy 6:1-4.

23 September 2008 at 20:08  
Anonymous Ex Hull said...

Beau Sir -

Romanorum Quinque:
1 Justificati ergo ex fide, pacem habeamus ad Deum per Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum:

2 per quem et habemus accessum per fidem in gratiam istam, in qua stamus, et gloriamur in spe gloriæ filiorum Dei.

As Eagle said in an earlier life-
"And God of heven sende the grace
Some good to lernen in this place!"
(HOF II 1087/8)

P.S. Should it please Your Grace: mark an Tony's in the right place!:)

24 September 2008 at 05:45  
Anonymous Ex Hull said...

P.P.S - {And thanks, Len}

Habakkuk 2
14: For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

24 September 2008 at 06:04  
Anonymous len said...

Jobs tempter,
mans "struggle for freedom" (ie
liberalilism), to free himself from God and restriction.
In doing so he makes himself a slave!.His master is SIN.
Satan has a legal right over you given to him by Adam!.
Your quest for freedom has placed you in a slave master relationship with satan.
There is only freedom under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

24 September 2008 at 08:12  
Anonymous len said...

That is why God hates sin because it gives satan in roads into your life,
Satan comes to Kill, Steal, and destroy,
Jesus Christ came to give LIFE.

24 September 2008 at 08:18  
Anonymous job's tempter said...


Not in the Old Testament. There Satan's role was more as a provoker, challenging men to debate, to question, to think. However, the Christian Church has never exactly encouraged those thought processes down the centuries, and I can see how such a role became conflated with evil.

24 September 2008 at 18:26  
Anonymous len said...

jobs tempter,
Satans primary role is to challenge the christian faith.
Jesus Christ said satan comes to kill. steal, and destroy.
Debate with satan if you will. but I can tell you, you will lose!!
Lucifer was created with great beauty and great intelligence,far more than any human!In fact he will run rings around you.
How do you get two people who had everything going for them to loose it all.?
(Adam and Eve)Satan managed it.!Solomon the wisest man that ever lived, he also fell.Another of satans titles is the deceiver who deceives the whole world. Satan is the the
Lord of all who are in rebellion against God (Yahweh God, there is no other!)The reason satans primary role is to challenge the christian faith is because all others belong to him and pose no threat!!

24 September 2008 at 18:55  
Anonymous steadmancinques said...

And the triumphant domination of this all pervasive cadre of liberal intolerants was neatly summed up in the sacking of the Education Director of the Royal Society, Prof. Weiss for daring to suggest that children who put forward views contrary to the received wisdom of this self-proclaimed elite are entitled to have their views treated with respect and debated accordingly.
Two prime examples of the thought-police, Kroto and Roberts quoted appropriately enough in 'The Guardian', said,'I warned the president of the Royal Society that his [Reiss] was a dangerous appointment a year ago. I did not realise just how dangerous it would turn out to be,' said Kroto, a Royal Society fellow, and winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Roberts, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work on gene-splicing, was equally angry. 'I think it is outrageous that this man is suggesting that creationism should be discussed in a science classroom. It is an incredible idea and I am drafting a letter to other Nobel laureates - which would be sent to the Royal Society - to ask that Reiss be made to stand down.'
And so he did.
The aims of the Royal Society are stated 'The Society encourages public debate on key issues involving science, engineering and medicine'
And I say; bullshit and bollocks

25 September 2008 at 21:07  
Anonymous len said...

"the royal society encourages debate"
As long as you agree with them or else!,
they will come after you like a pack of ravening wolves,

26 September 2008 at 07:23  
Anonymous TheTruthIs... said...

Didn't Cicero and Seneca say something similar thousands of flipping years ago?

His article was about as original as a baked bean powered flatulence blitzkreig.

Light a match and you get ignition and a methane flash in the pan!

Just like his article? Of course!

26 September 2008 at 16:13  

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