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Hindu extremists murder Christians in India

The brutal and barbaric actions of Hindu extremists have gone on for decades in India, and Orissa has a dark history of inter-religious unrest, often triggered by Hindu suspicion of Christian missionaries. Cranmer is profoundly moved to share this plea from the Bishop of Phulbani in the Church of North India, who cries: ‘I request you with tears kindly organise the prayer for us.’

And so His Grace exhorts his readers and communicants to pray today for the persecuted Church in India, where nuns are being gang-raped, and many believers are being murdered, tortured or burned alive. Children are being hacked to pieces before their parents’ eyes, and churches, community and pastoral centres, convents and orphanages have been burned down and destroyed. Elsewhere, Sisters of Mother Teresa have been attacked by stone-throwing Hindu militants with some being seriously injured. And mobs are terrorising believers throughout the area, marching and shouting “Kill the Christians”.

Cranmer has followed the appalling developments in Orissa via The Times, The Church Times, and other agencies, and he has to wonder why Britain’s Hindu community has not condemned these acts of barbarism. Such atrocities might make one feel sympathy for the Muslims of Kashmir, who have been subject to manifestations of Hindu terrorism for decades.

It is apparent that there is a concerted campaign of terrorism to prevent low-caste Hindus from converting to Christianity. Historically, many have found in Christianity a refuge from caste-related discrimination. Christian missionaries provided education to Dalits and tribals, which has met with disapproval from higher castes for obvious reasons. The ‘untouchables’ have risen to become bureaucrats and members of parliament because of the education provided by Christian institutions.

But one must remember that this conflict is perceived by Hindus as a war not of religion, but of culture. The Christian Hindus are being empowered to challenge an oppressive political order, and liberation theology is yielding its fruit. The tragedy, however, is that while many Hindus find salvation and liberation from oppression through the actions of the Christians, the Christians receive nothing but death and destruction at the hands of the extremist Hindus. Thankfully, there are reports of numerous Hindu ‘Schindlers’ who are assisting those Christians who are being forced to flee for their lives. Cranmer prays that they shall themselves be protected, and rewarded a hundredfold for their benevolent acts of selfless love - in this life or the next.


Anonymous Ottayan said...

Converting to Christianity has not helped Indian shed their caste. Dalits who converted to Christianity remain Dalit Christians.

9 September 2008 at 10:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reply to Ottayan - no, I think you'll find they are just Christians, the same as the rest of us. If people feel the need to label them otherwise, then more pity to them for their prejudice.

9 September 2008 at 12:54  
Anonymous len said...

this is not a cultural battle but a spiritual one!
What you must ask yourself is what spirit motivates people to murder,rape,torture, oppress? We must support christians in whatever way possible.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood ,but against the rulers, against the authorities,against the cosmic powers over this present darkness,against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.(ephesians 6:12)

9 September 2008 at 18:23  
Anonymous Brita said...

Thank you len - you give us wonderful citations!!

9 September 2008 at 22:54  
Anonymous len said...

My privelege brita,
although I cannot claim to be the author!

10 September 2008 at 07:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least one of my ancestors was a missionary in India and there appears to have been a tradition amongst the Dalits of adopting the surname of their priest. So now there are quite a few Christian Indians sporting the distinctive [anonymous] namestyle. Well, that's my theory anyway.

10 September 2008 at 11:52  
Anonymous Alex said...

Thank you for exposing these people who claim to be peace lovers.
Another alarming recent development is that many Indian Hindus populate the internet blogs/chat rooms, posing as "Western Christians", posting hate messages to incite hatred between us and the Muslims and to divert attention away from atrocities committed in India against Christians.
We must stop this for the sake of religious harmony between the Children of Abraham.

22 September 2008 at 16:38  
Anonymous John Dillaney (UK) said...

Finally the REAL FACE OF HINDU EXTREMIST India is exposed !!!
Accept it or not, they have been killing freedom fighting Kashmiris for last 6 decades. History reveals that Kashmir was never a part of India. In fact India taking advantage of it weak neighbour Pakistan occupied it!

But why is the World silent? Why dont we say something when Christians are being slaughtered by them?

In fact US is helping build their military as well as now supplying them with Civilian Nuclear Technology.Just to counter China and Russia, we are turning a blind eye to their extremist actions.

29 September 2008 at 02:20  
Anonymous Prashobh Karunakaran said...

I read you mail and I am appalled of your justifying the brutality of the people of Orissa. I am a Hindu and an outcast. Basically my ancestors migrated from Greece to Kerala about 4000 years ago and refused to submit to the wishes of the existing castes of the area and were thus considered outcast. Somehow we managed to be leaders of our region and fought off being subdued by the higher castes. But being Greek with a similar religion we easily adopted Hinduism. The bottom line is I can understand the feelings of the outcastes of Orissa. After these attacks, the Christian Dalits of Orissa will be more sure that they live in an oppressive society and will never go back to Hinduism. The problems of Orissa came about because of simple economics. The rich land-lords had Dalits to work for them when their labour force began to question them; it became a serious enough problem for them to stir up violence. What is wrong otherwise for Dalits converting to Christians? They are not given a place in traditional Hindu society; let them liberate themselves in whatever means they can find. If the Dalits are not taught about the bottomless well of the most ancient knowledge available in Hinduism, it is the fault of the Hindus. Hindu preachers probably decided previously that it was beyond them to propagate this knowledge to the Dalits. At least from now on they should do so. Or will the land-lords also kill potential Hindu preachers for liberating the minds of the Dalits.

The castes within Hinduism were supposed to be equal. There was supposed to be only four castes which are equivalent to the four parts of the body (society). The Brahmins represent the head, the Kshathriyas represent the shoulders, the stomach represents the Vaishas and the legs represent the Sudras. Can a person live properly without legs, stomach, shoulders or head? Each caste is as important as the rest for the body to perform. Castes should respect each other just as a person respects the work done by the different parts of the body. The system has stood the test of time, because the various types of people are needed in a country. A friend of mine did an in-depth study of Chinese history and found that the culture always followed a sequence, a wild militant king will take over, then over time the people will be rich, then religion (mainly Buddhism) will come in and a major portion of the people will be pacifist sitting down to meditate, then comes time from another outside king to conquer China and start a new dynasty. Thus Chinese culture swung from militancy, wealth, religious pacifism and then it is time for another conquest from outside. With a caste system, there will be different people performing different work in the country at all times and this can bring security to the country.

Over time the understanding of the caste system in India weakened and we were consequently conquered. Yes, many people blame the foreigners, but we ourselves are to be blamed for our misunderstanding of the caste system over time. You mentioned about killings of the Europeans but you failed to talk about the abject slavery and killings of the lower castes or outcastes in India. As Indians we are as guilty of atrocities as the Europeans, but to our own low castes. No human like to be subdued; it is not natural for a human to submit to subjugation. A Sudra can listen to instructions more easily if they feel they are doing their duties to God, not if they feel they are being forced to work. The Brahmins were powerful in the ancient times because their mantras could give the people whatever they wanted, good crops, homes etc. When the Brahmins started forgetting some mantras, the Kshathriyas took over and ruled for a very long time. Nowadays it is the business people who are the most respected and in future when computers takes over, the instruction following Sudras will be the leaders of society.

You mentioned 350 million Red Indians, I did a Google search but cannot find this data and I don't believe that is true. Native Americans cannot grow to that number with the simple hunting-gathering and little farming that they did – it is impossible. The current population of USA is 300 million. There are below three million Native Americans today. America fought the Civil War to abolish slavery of the African Americans. In fact American deaths resulting from the Civil war stand at 700,000 compared to 200,000 for World War II. Basically America lost 2.3 % of it's population to the Civil War compared to 0.23% in WWII, which seems like a just emancipation for all the wrongs committed during the heights of slavery.

Not that I support what the Europeans did but we cannot deny the fact that India is a manifestation of the British. India did not exist till the British made it. If not for the British, India would be just like the Middle East, a whole region of people with the same culture living in confronting countries. Though the British took away a lot, they did bring about some virtues, which we must be thankful for. They abolished suttee (don't know where that culture came from, it is not in our scriptures) and gave us our system of law. No more are the super rich sultans or other kings taking 90% of the wealth and leaving the rest to eek out a living with 10%. They gave us education in an unbiased manner to all castes. And of course we have to be thankful for the railroads they built.

Prashobh Karunakaran
In reply to letter between Anil Chawla and Francois

21 October 2008 at 05:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't u guys consider what Christians did all the while to Hindus? The wealth of India attracted the Muslims and Christians to India. The reason for Hindus to hate Christians are as follows:

1) Christians looted Hindu temples, razed them off to build Churches and killed millions of Hindus during the British rule.

2) Caste system was nothing but social divisions consisting of Priests, soldiers, tradesmen and labourers. That is there in every society. There wasn't any discrimination among them until the British set foot on Hindu soil and destroyed the harmony among Hindus as the unity made them difficult to establish their British rule. The policy was known as DIVIDE AND RULE policy.

4) Initially, Pakistan and Kashmir were a part of India. But under the name of "easy administration", the Christians created a rift among Hindus and Muslims. This eventually lead to the demand of two separate states.

5) The Christians haven't returned the wealth and even the Kohinoor diamond they once looted even till today.

6) In modern times, instead of spreading the love for Jesus, the missionaries are spreading hatred towards Hinduism and Islam in India. Once a person converts to Christianity in India, he isolates himself and never socializes with others and goes on spreading that hatred to other Hindus as well.

7) As is destroying and distorting the Hindu scriptures in the past is not enough, the Christians are still projecting Hinduism in a very gross way though movies these days.

8) The states which vote for Christian leaders are witnessing mass destruction of temples and looting of temple funds and lands for donating to Churches.

Hindus have decided not to tolerate all this anymore. I am a muslim and I feel Christians are provoking Hindu activists, even when the Hindu country grants holidays for Christmas and good friday, even though Christian countries do not grant even a single holiday for Hindu or Islamic festivals.

Christians in India also enjoy many minority benefits, which even Hindus don't enjoy. Hindus don't mind Christians surviving on their land. But they won't tolerate if Christianity repeats the history in India.

26 October 2008 at 23:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christians were the first to start the riots by the murder a well known Hindu saint called Swami Laxmananand Saraswati. This is what prompted Hindu extremists to riot in Orissa. Wonder why no Christian website mentions that, but make great noise about the Hindus retaliating.

26 October 2008 at 23:48  
Blogger Pakistan Pal said...

Actually.. the issue starts from here:
Behind the clashes are long-simmering tensions between equally impoverished groups: the Kandha tribe, who are 80% of the population, and the Pana. Both are original inhabitants of the land. The Hindu tradition of 'untouchability', where dalits, so-called 'lower caste' people, are subject to social and economic discrimination is outlawed in the Indian constitution. The prejudices remain and 'conversion' out of 'untouchability' has been a push factor for millions of such people to escape from their circumstances through joining other religions. Islam, Budhism and Christianity have all been destinations for such people. The Panas have converted to Christianity in large numbers and prospered financially [2].Over the past several decades, most of the Panas have became Dalit Christians.

and then:

2007 communal violence in Kandhamal...

Senior VHP leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati , who has been spearheading the anti-conversion movement in Kandhamal district in Orissa....

and then:
Christians paid Maoists to brutally kill 80 year Swami Laxmanananda...

and from that point onwards:

Hindu extremists murder Christians in India.... and it continues!

12 November 2008 at 08:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christian Taliban’s and Inter Religious Dialogue in India

Of late the Church in India is stressing on inter religious dialogue. While this step by the Church in India looks innocence but it is full of dangerous pitfalls and is a ploy to divert the attention of other religious communities from the actual issues of conversion.

The Catholic Church is organizing a meeting on inter religious dialogue at Mumbai to discuss how to proceed in this matter. The moot question is who are the people behind this move? Little probe would reveal that fanatic Christian Taliban type leaders like Dr. John Dayal , Dr. Joseph D’Souza, Mr. Sajan George, Rev. Fr. Dominic Emmanuel, Rev.K.P.Yohannan and others have been spreading lot of false information about Hindus that they are “violent people” and that there is no “ salvation outside the Christianity”.

If there is no Moksha or “salvation” for the followers of other religions and only Christianity is the way of salvation through the organized church then the question arises why the inter religious dialogue ? “Inter religious dialogue must be with open mind and without hidden agenda” pleads Mr. P B. Lomeo, a ‘Christian journalist’ of long standing and member National Governing Board of PCLM. This view is also supported by R.L. Francis, President of Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM).

Human rights activists and writer Joseph Gathia when contacted to respond on the inter religious dialogue stated that in an era of globalization and identity conflict peaceful coexistence of all religion is the only way out. Mr. Gathia further mentioned that “Indian culture is assimilating and people of all faiths are living here hence any effort of inter religious dialogue must be free from ulterior motives”

For inter religious dialogue one needs to practice living with the Hindu , Muslim and Sikh brethren and stop poaching the “souls” from these religion. But the fact remains that Christian Taliban type leaders in India are engaged in converting Hindus, Sikhs (in Punjab and Chattisgarh) and Muslims (in Kashmir) and Buddhist (in Leh –Laddakh).

For real inter religious dialogue “hidden agenda activities “would have to be stopped. Next, to create atmosphere of respect for all religion the Christian educational institutions ought to give admission to Muslims children, children of non -Christian tribals and Hindu Dalits. Are they ready for it? Can Christian Taliban’s really enter into a inter-religious dialogue?

24 May 2009 at 22:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The relgions with the most blood on their hands is Islam and Christianity.

Both of these religions were spread by the sword.

24 May 2009 at 23:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Totally agree with your comments about Hindu extremists (mainly those based in UK & US) logging on as Western Christians or Muslims to cause strife amongst the two main followers of Adam & Abraham.
A point in case is on this page posted by 'Pakistan Pal'....no way would someone living in a country that borders Gujarat blame Christians for Hindu terrorism as he/she would be aware of the rape, burning alive and murder of 4,000 innocents in front of their families by Hindu fascists only a few years back and all organised with the local government and police.
Nazi Germany has a new name Gujarat - the Hindu's always tell us that the Nazi's stole the swastika and mis-used it but now we know that they both share the same hateful aim of genocide.
Some Christians (British) and Muslims (Afghans) have in the past not been angels in India but those people are long gone why hold their co-religionists responsible for things that happened for political reasons in the past.
Christians are successful at Hindu conversions because of the slavery of 600 million of India's people. After all Hindu's are free to use the same tactics as Christians to re-convert but instead they choose violence and genocide for they know the message of 'equality' is greater than the slavery they offer for these Dalits.

9 March 2010 at 14:34  
Blogger cloudberry said...

The truth behind the myth of Parashurama who killed the Kshatriyas was the Buddhist holocaust when the Hindus massacred the Buddhist population of India and forced those who survived to become Hindus. Christians should take care by learning from the Buddhist experience in India. You must take great care not to upset Hindus or you will be crushed.

18 March 2010 at 21:21  

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