Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As Iran prepares to execute Christian converts, thank God for David Miliband

Cranmer has been pondering this story for some days, though it is undoubtedly worthy of a much higher priority. He has previously mentioned the awful situation in Iran, especially for Christians, and is at a loss to know why Western governments are not applying rather more diplomatic pressure to bring about change. Ayatollah Khomeini declared non-Muslims to be impure, insisting that for Muslims to wash the clothes of non-Muslims, or to eat food with non-Muslims, or even to use utensils touched by non-Muslims, would spoil their purity.

It is well known that Iran believes itself to be a role model for the world – the ideal Islamic state - but it seems to be more reminiscent of Hell than any earthly kingdom of God, and is led by the increasingly mad Ahmadinejad who is intent on returning Iran to a level of barbarism forbidden even by its own constitution.

Rashin Soodmand is an Iranian woman living in Britain, whose father was the last man hanged in Iran for converting to Christianity. Now she expects her brother, Ramtin, to be the first to be hanged under the proposed ‘Islamic Penal Code’ which will demand the death penalty for any male Iranian who leaves his Islamic faith, while women would get life imprisonment.

The freedom to change one’s religion is one of the most fundamental of ‘human rights’, but in a nation which refutes any such post-Enlightenment notion, it is a pointless debate and a fruitless dialogue. The right to freedom of religion may be enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, or in the European Convention of Human Rights, or even enshrined as Article 23 of Iran's own constitution. But this is no matter. Mad Ahmadinejad is a latter-day prophet, the Shi’a successor to Mohammed, and it is his divinely-appointed role to eradicate Israel and return the world to Islam. If that means executing a few apostates, so much the better.

While the Iran Liberty Association does what it can on its meagre funding, the EU is silent on all matters Iranian - possibly for fear of stoking American concerns. In fact Germany, Iran's largest foreign trading partner, has recently actually increased its business deals with Iran. The United Nations is mute, though this is not overly surprising, since Iran is probably next in line to chair its human rights council. But a voice cries in the wilderness. David Miliband, our Foreign Secretary, is almost alone among Western politicians to express his vehement opposition to Iran’s decision to punish apostasy by death.

It is bizarre indeed when a devout atheist puts the professing Christians to shame in demanding freedom of religion.

Ramtin is not, however, an apostate at all. He has never been a Muslim because his father raised both of his children as Christians. But the assumption is that all Iranians must be Muslims, and if they are not, it is a situation which needs to be rectified. There are, in fact, 10,000 Christian converts living in Iran, and also several hundred thousand Baha'is who are deemed apostates.

Imagine the choice – for we so easily forget it – that the police knock on your door, and take you away for questioning. They offer you a choice: you could denounce your Christian faith, or you will be killed.

Cranmer is no stranger to the trauma of the soul and the agony of the flesh. But we so easily forget that today - in Iran, in Iraq, in Israel, in China – we have brothers and sisters in Christ who are presented with a life and death choice, and they cannot bring themselves to renounce their Lord and God. Their belief in Christ is indeed their life, their deepest conviction, and they are prepared to die for it.

Iran’s clerics have instituted a mandate for judges who preside over criminal cases: ‘If the existing penal code does not include legislation on whether a certain kind of behaviour is an offence, then the judges should refer to traditional Islamic jurisprudence.’

This is, of course, Iran’s notion of Shari’a law. It is Shi’a jurisprudence, developed across generations of Shi’a scholars and clerics within the narrowness of Shi'a scholarship out of the confines of Shi'a history. And still there are those who demand or advocate Shari’a courts - Sunni and Shi'a - based on uncodified legislation and dispensing arbitrary judgements in Britain.

And what says the Conservative Muslim Forum on this matter? They are on record as saying that Iran should be free to possess nuclear weapons, despite their manifest utility in facilitating President Ahmadinejad’s quest to ‘wipe Israel off the map’. They also juxtapose Iran and Israel, demanding moral equivalence, ignoring the fact that one is a democratic nation which recognises the rights of minorities and permits freedom of religion; while the other is a barbarous totalitarian theocracy which executes women, children and apostates.

Cranmer awaits the intervention of CCHQ and an equally strong denunciation from William Hague. Until it comes, Cranmer will be praying for David Miliband, for his call is righteous, and is heart is full of compassion.


Blogger Jomo said...

I suspect you may wait in vain. Recent days have illustrated the shallowness of Cameron and his cronies. They have nothing much to say on the world crisis and drearie old Gordon is rising in triumph from the ashes of his own spending policies while Cameron looks on in amazement.The Tories have missed an open goal on the economy while their foreign policy remains a mystery.

Conservative attempts to copy the left's diversity agenda will end in tears.What on earth has Warsi done to merit a place in the House of Lords or indeed some of the A-listers a seat in the Commons.

Cameron refuses to recognise the threat presented by militant Islam. Iran is the ugly face of the reality behind the religion of peace.

Another terrorist attack on the UK mainland will finish Cameron off.The Tories have caught themselves up in arguments about 28or 42 days without doing anything to define and challenge the threat we face.

As the poet said "you can pay the Danegeld but you won't get rid of the Dane."

14 October 2008 at 08:36  
Blogger Holy Smoke said...

Radical Islam has cowered the west into not speaking against it. Every time someone speaks against Islam they are threatened with death or a bomb is exploded killing innocent victims. It's maddening to allow non Christians to immigrate to England and the US when there are millions of persecuted Christians who would want to be rescued from their tormentors. Maybe we should have a exchange program. One PIA cleric for one Christian family.

14 October 2008 at 09:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Maybe we should have a exchange program. One PIA cleric for one Christian family."
Good idea.

14 October 2008 at 10:49  
OpenID sioe said...

The present financial crisis is geared to introduce sharia finance.
The EU is destined to expand into North Africa and the Middle East to establish the superstate Eurabia where we will be ruled by fear under sharia.
The EU is determinedly anti-Christian and pro-Islam.
Look at the example of Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans who toasted the death of the Pope and bought a round of drinks in a restaurant for the pupose. Then he banned a Stop Islamisation Of Europe demo in the city. Incidentally since that demo on 11th Sept. 2007 Brussels has gone seriously downhill with a massive efflux of white secular and Christian citizens. The council is muslim dominated and so is the city. One of the major pastimes is setting light to the rubbish piled up in the streets.
We now have sharia courts established in Britain and Islamic festivals promoted over traditional Christmas celebrations. It won't be long before we see mass slaughter and butchering of animals on our streets as already happens in Brussels and is the norm in Islamic cities.
People have got to throw Islamism back down the throats of its perpetrators and supporters. Islamophobia is the height of common sense, but it needs to be channelled to stop Islam in its tracks. The Islamophobes who run the EU and Britain cower and appease Islamists instead of facing them down.
The time for public dissent and disobedience has arrived. We need to get on to our streets and demonstrate outside government buildings and mosques with or without permission.
The alternative is to see scenes on our streets similar to the image accompanying this article. It might not be Christians and homosexuals hanging from cranes however (unless they be the Archbishop of Canterbury, or members of our own judiciary or politicians), it will be the victims of the inevitable backlash.

14 October 2008 at 11:06  
Anonymous Martin Jee said...

I think you'll find that you have completely misrepresented the Conservative Muslim Forum. They are certainly not the extremist group you portray them to be, in fact they are a tolerant and sensible group of British muslims who are the trail-blazing the muslim/Conservative dialogue. You would do well to support their noble cause.

As it is this kind of prejudiced claptrap really brings the tone of this blog down - please reconsider your stance towards the CMF or risk losing many of your readers.

14 October 2008 at 12:56  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Jee,

His Grace notes you have joined us from the Parliament UK server, but begs you to read the CMF linked post which lists some of their polices. Concern about this organisation was also expressed by ConservativeHome some time ago, with some very important questions being asked.

If policies have changed, His Grace has not heard, but neither has the CMF stated as much. Further, as Mr Montgomerie asked, it is somewhat unclear if the leadership of this group is appointed or democratically accountable. If the latter, please could the enlightened Muslims (of which there are doubtless many - they are Conservatives, after all) please challenge the leadership's absurd equating of Israel with Iran.

Prejudice can not be so when the judgement is founded. Of course His Grace wishes the CMF well. He just despairs that they feel it needs to exist at all.

14 October 2008 at 13:16  
Blogger McKenzie said...

Holy Smoke basically sums it up, then Mr Jee comes along and basically confirms it with threats of blog readership losses.
Well I wont shut up for nobody. Islam is a sick and twisted barbaric and evil satanic versed, Jewel of Medina collection of bollocks!!!!!
I look forward to the day of judgment for Iran, I pray the Christians get out before the bang.
(I have exercised extreme self control here out of respect for where I am.)

14 October 2008 at 17:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Islam is a sick and twisted barbaric and evil satanic versed, Jewel of Medina collection of bollocks!!!!!"

Yarrrrrr, to that!

14 October 2008 at 18:46  
Blogger McKenzie said...

Understand this:

Iran, or Persia, has been in the center of an unseen warfare from ancient times. Daniel, being highly favored of God was privileged to have God pull back the curtain of history and time and briefly expose Daniel to the wars that continue in Heaven, and that affect events on the Earth. Daniel prayed for Divine insight into the meaning of some prophecies God gave him about the future of his people Israel.

Daniel 10:15-21 And when he had spoken such words unto me, I set my face toward the ground, and I became dumb. And, behold, one like the similitude of the sons of men touched my lips: then I opened my mouth, and spake, and said unto him that stood before me, O my lord, by the vision my sorrows are turned upon me, and I have retained no strength. For how can the servant of this my lord talk with this my lord? for as for me, straightway there remained no strength in me, neither is there breath left in me. Then there came again and touched me one like the appearance of a man, and he strengthened me, And said, O man greatly beloved, fear not: peace be unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong. And when he had spoken unto me, I was strengthened, and said, Let my lord speak; for thou hast strengthened me. Then said he, Knowest thou wherefore I come unto thee? and now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I am gone forth, lo, the prince of Grecia shall come. But I will shew thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth: and there is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince.
Daniel’s vision reveals the fact that there are mighty fallen angels called demons that influence earthly leaders. And under God's permission, they even control them. The true "Prince of Persia" was able to hinder God’s archangel Gabriel. It was only with the help of the archangel Michael that Gabriel was able to subdue his hindrances. Second, the archangel Michael is said to be the special guardian angel of Daniel and the Israeli people. As it is written, Daniel 12:1 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time:

I realize for some of you this may sound a little spooky. But this is the Word of God and it is true. My point is this: Even though God has allowed Israel to be disciplined, their final fate always remains in His hands. God has promised that the nation of Israel will never be destroyed once they return from the worldwide dispersion that began with the Roman holocaust in AD70. And all the powers of darkness cannot change God's promise. Israel was officially reborn May 15, 1948. So even though the modern Persians think they will destroy Israel, God has another surprise in mind for them.

14 October 2008 at 19:00  
Blogger Niko said...

As a Bosnian Serb I have to admit I'm enjoying all this. The Euro troglodytes forced Islam down our throats and now can taste what its like........

14 October 2008 at 20:44  
Blogger Christian said...

It is disgusting to know that a couple of people I know who live in Saudi Arabia (our ally) say that when they visited Iran they were mainly struck by how lenient and moderate it was! Iran is a walk in the park compared with the lower hells run by our allies!

14 October 2008 at 21:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islam comes to kill, steal, and destroy, who can doubt its origins?

14 October 2008 at 21:14  
Blogger McKenzie said...

And where is the harlot? Riding the Beast?

14 October 2008 at 21:21  
Blogger Cranmer said...


His Grace's blog is a place of intelligent and erudite comment. He is becoming tired of mindless and intellectually-deficient comments about matters of religion and politics, such that he is minded to begin arbitrary deletion. He infinitely prefers a thread with four intelligent contributions to one with 20 inane rants.

He is considering a day off tomorrow in protest.

14 October 2008 at 22:12  
Blogger Cranmer said...


Cutting of one's nose to spite one's face is inconsequential when one is ash.

He thanks those communicants whose contributions respect his standards, and who offer genuine insight.

14 October 2008 at 22:15  
Blogger Jenny said...

Whether Ramtin has ever been a Muslim depends on your standpoint, though. Most Muslims believe that everyone is born Muslim, and so if they don't follow the faith then they've rejected it. I suppose this is akin to the Christian teaching that everyone is capable of salvation and only you can reject God.

Unfortanately, his father was only the latest, and will probably not be the last, Christian to have been hanged.

14 October 2008 at 22:32  
Blogger Niko said...

Welcome to Euro land (4th Reich or maybe fifth, I dunno) and bow before the illuminated intelligence of your socialist, plutocratic enlightened masters. Fear not for they know better than you what is good for you. Endure a little and you'll enjoy eternal bliss.


14 October 2008 at 22:45  
Blogger The Gentleman Loser said...

An excellent post your Grace. Typically fair minded if I may say so - giving credit where it is due regardless of sectarian/partisan allegiance.

14 October 2008 at 23:16  
Anonymous billy said...

Your Grace, I once met an Iranian Baptist.
He told me that there are many such in Iran and they date their foundation to when, they believe, John the Baptist visited Iran and preached the coming of the Christ.
Do you know anything about this group?

15 October 2008 at 00:14  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Billy,


15 October 2008 at 07:14  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

The Conservatives are overun with Marxists.

The Church of England is overun with Marxists.

I would stick to praying for their souls your Grace and maybe an accurately pointed bolt of lightening or two.

15 October 2008 at 13:52  
Blogger McKenzie said...

Message understood loud and clear...complain but not to loudly. PC has become the new orthodoxy everywhere it seems. I will leave you with your four intelligent contributors.

Nice picture by the way.

15 October 2008 at 17:05  
Anonymous len said...

You show human beings being treated worse than animals, expect a bit of passion, because if we don`t react to this sort of inhumane treatment we are no better than the politically correct morons who do nothing!
I may not be as intelligent as your learned communicants but perhaps a bit of emotion is what is called for, not intellectualising!. Cut me off if you will, I would rather go protesting ,than stay silent!

15 October 2008 at 19:14  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Len,

His Grace is all for passion. He is concerned about ad hominem, spurious insults and unintelligent, ignorant waffle. Not to mention those who insist on posting hyperlinks to the BNP with no further comment or attempt at contextualisation. Up with this he will no longer put.

You are manifestly not of this ilk, and so you remain welcome. Those who exile themselves do so out of a guilty conscience.

15 October 2008 at 21:00  

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