Friday, November 28, 2008

The shame of Speaker Martin

It is reported that Michael Martin MP, Speaker of the House of Commons and guardian of its traditions and liberties, personally sanctioned the police raid on Damian Green’s parliamentary office.

Whatever the Prime Minister, Home Secretary of Home Office ministers may be saying, it is inconceivable that anti-terror police would have arrested a member of the Shadow Cabinet without the fore-knowledge of Ministers of the Crown. If they did, they have presumed an authority over Parliament, and rolled back the constitutional clock to the era of Cromwell.

Has Speaker Martin ever sanctioned the searching of the offices of members of Sinn Féin?

God forbid. That would be discriminatory and a set-back for the Northern Ireland peace process.

Has Speaker Martin ever sanctioned the searching of the offices of any Muslim MP?

God forbid. That would be discriminatory (or ‘racist’) and a set-back for community relations.

But Damian Green is neither Irish nor Muslim. And neither is he gay or disabled. He is an able-bodied, male, white, heterosexual Conservative. And they are fair game.

By colluding with this authoritarian, repressive government, Speaker Martin is complicit in the abuse of anti-terror legislation. He has thereby forfeited his right to hold the office of First Commoner in the Land. Doubts have been expressed about his political partiality in the past, and the news that he authorised a police raid on a member of HM Loyal Opposition is further evidence that he is incapable of being non-partisan and of defending the liberties and privileges of members of the House of Commons.

To hold Her Majesty’s Government to account is the very raison d’être of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. It is the role of the Speaker to not only facilitate this, but to defend it against external interference and presumed authority.

When King Charles I entered the House in order to search for and arrest five members for high treason, he was met by Speaker Lenthall. The Speaker did not grant the King permission to search the office of the five or betray them to the the investigating authority. When asked where these members were, Speaker Lenthall replied: "May it please your Majesty, I have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak in this place but as the House is pleased to direct me, whose servant I am here."

Speaker Martin’s eyes are misted and his tongue is forked. And he certainly does not serve the interests of the House.

If he will not resign, there must be a confidence motion. Members on all sides ought to be very afraid of a man who presumes the authority to sanction arbitrary searches of private parliamentary facilities without their knowledge, and without regard for secret, sensitive, private and confidential papers which may routinely be found there.

It is time for Speaker Martin to go.


Blogger Stop Common Purpose said...

Speaker Martin should have gone years ago.

28 November 2008 at 14:02  
Blogger Sackerson said...

I entirely agree, Your Grace. Parliamentary democracy and British liberty are now put to the test; either he goes, or they have gone.

28 November 2008 at 15:35  
Anonymous melangell said...

What else could be expected of an ignorant and foolish placeman who has been a disgrace to his office since the day he was installed?

28 November 2008 at 15:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any M.P. with the cojones to tell the Speaker in Parliament that when the time of trial came he was not up to the job?

28 November 2008 at 15:53  
Anonymous bergen said...

I think that the answer must be for all opposition MPs(Cons,Libdems,Nats) to boycott the State Opening unless he steps down.He has just consigned eight centuries' worth of hard won parliamentary privileges to the dustbin.

Is he wicked or merely partisanly stupid?

28 November 2008 at 16:08  
Anonymous yoy said...

''First Commoner''
A most apt name for the Gorbals Gobshite

28 November 2008 at 16:12  
Anonymous Jim C said...

I do wish your grace would desist with the Sinn Fein comparison.
As far as I know, they do not have offices at Westminster.

28 November 2008 at 16:37  
Anonymous oiznop said...

Jim C - Sinn Fein do have offices at Westminster, financed by the taxpayer - I seem to remember this was debated a few years ago, they just don't take their seats in parliament. Though I'm not sure now if its 'offices' or office expenses. But I think Cranmer's point is fair - its not likely at all the The Speaker would ever have authorised a police search of their offices (if they had them) because the Republican cause would have been dealt a huge publicity coup.

28 November 2008 at 16:57  
Anonymous Voyager said...

It is still interesting that a senior police officer was ready to do the bidding.

The dangers to the Metropolitan Police are immense with an impending election. It is as I have pointed out on ConservativeHome worth recalling the fate of Dr David Kelly for speaking out of turn.....and to review the case of Victor Grayson, also an MP....who disappeared on 28th September 1920 after threatening to expose Maundy Gregory for being Lloyd George's bagman on the Honours market stall.

If nothing else Intimidation has been made blatant and if an MP is not safe from arbitrary arrest...then which of us is ?

28 November 2008 at 17:10  
Blogger Arkangel said...

Gorbals Mick...the First Commoner?
I think not.
The man is an absolute disgrace and a walking insult to the proud office he holds.

28 November 2008 at 17:30  
Anonymous John Reid said...

Is he not also the first Catholic speaker.... And he brings in the start of the inquisition. One wonders if he sings the same IRA songs that a certain ex Home Sec is alleged to do.
The popes men have not stopped trying to destroy our realm.
God please help us against these enimies that have been against the protestant state.

28 November 2008 at 18:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't he fiddling expenses as well with his wife?

28 November 2008 at 18:38  
Blogger idle said...

Other blogs have suggested that Martin was rushed into this by his Serjeant-at-Arms and has now hit the roof (too late, old man, for that).

The Speaker fired his previous Serjeant-at-Arms last year, an impressive and highly intelligent retired General, who I have known for nearly thirty years. I should add that Speaker Martin had also recruited the General, departing from convention, which had been to appoint from within the Westminster jobsworths.

The General, no knee-jerk Tory, would have set the bar of evidence very high before being steamrollered by the Home Office or the Met. In short, this would not have happened.

The Speaker reverted to tradition and appointed as the General's successor, a woman called Jill Pay, a career civil servant. Enuff said.

28 November 2008 at 18:39  
Blogger McKenzie said...

The Conservative Party is a terrible organisation who USE the political process to prey on people's fears and anxieties: they should not be given a platform to promote their terrible policies.

It is only fair that all fascists and bigots should be treated the same way (apparently) so they have no sympathy from me.

Long live Emperor Gordon and the Marxist Socialist Movement.


Blow the whistle on traitors to your local Labour MP and have the perpetrators sent for re-education or extermination.

28 November 2008 at 18:53  
Blogger McKenzie said...

I have to confess that there is pleasure in seeing a degree of "eat your own medicine" going on.

I have a very strong feeling that I will have to confess to this sin quite a lot more as time passes.

Anyone out there familiar with this saying?

"sub-human, jetsam and floatsam"

Ah, hello Nick Bourne! How does the saying go?
"Every dog has it's day".

I am really really NOT sorry to hear about Damien Green.

28 November 2008 at 19:01  
Blogger Preacher said...

Something certainly stinks in the state of Westminster and its not the smell of soiled nappies fom the nanny state.
Time for a vote of no confidence in this inept, despotic regime before it gets any worse (and believe me it can!) For God's sake go!

28 November 2008 at 19:08  
Blogger Sackerson said...

If a vote of no confidence in the Speaker were merely to be supported by a significant majority on the Opposition benches, would his position as independent arbiter not become untenable?

28 November 2008 at 19:41  
Anonymous Dave J. said...

If a motion of no confidence in the Speaker failed only because of continuing Labour support for him, as many MP's as possible need to boycott all future proceedings of the House until he resigns. He is no longer the Speaker of the whole House: he is the Government's stooge.

28 November 2008 at 19:50  
Blogger Damo Mackerel said...

John Reid. The Pope is not out to destroy the protestant realm. Ye protestants have done a good job of that yer selfs. Don't blame us Catholics for what Nulabour has done. Titus Oates ring a bell?

28 November 2008 at 19:58  
Blogger Damo Mackerel said...

In a way i'm almost happy thatn this has happened. Now ye British folk can see what Nulabour are really like and begin to clear out the rot.

28 November 2008 at 20:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am like so many others, appalled by this action.

I do not believe for one moment Brown and Smith were ignorant in this.

I further believe, this was their third 'big toe test' to measure the state of social cohesion that they have been systematically disenfranchising and diluting to weaken and control for the last 11 years.

By using a conservative MP because they have been such a weak opposition and losing the people faith they did not expect any significant objection.

But they badly underestimated how the people would react and it has spectacularly backfired.

Oh, the first and second are as follows

The local councils use of the law against ordinary people going about their rightful business, i.e. bin lids, sausage roll crumbs, junk mail in public litter bins, recycling, elderly hecklers at their conferences etc

The second was against a political party that sits on the fringes, but is gaining growing support, the BNP.

Important to remember, what makes society strong is when we stand together.

28 November 2008 at 20:05  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

Is this the end of tweedledee and tweedledum politics then, has dumb decided to go it alone.
Only to become dumb and dumber :-D

28 November 2008 at 21:05  
Anonymous John Reid said...

DM - this government has more of the popes men than a St Columba club - pity that Ruth of the secret society sect is leaving. . They have brought us here. The great converto Blair who secretly did his fathers bidding has destroyed much.
I presume that the photo matches the soul. Are you a company man by any chance ?

28 November 2008 at 21:09  
Anonymous chiefofmen said...

can we go for martin's pension.if not now later.if he ignores half the house perhaps half the house should ignore him.the brownshirts may think themselves clever but the bond market WILL catch up with them.

28 November 2008 at 21:24  
Anonymous John Knox said...

Dear Eminence,
Have you heard about the shopping centre in Hemel Hempstead no longer allowing Christmas songs to be played because this would endanger the safety of shoppers? Forever England? Britain down the drain! This is enough to enrage a Scottsman who used to disapprove of Christmas!

John Knox

28 November 2008 at 21:45  
Anonymous some bloke said...

The Police nee reminding that " just following orders " is not an excuse, remember Nuremburg.

29 November 2008 at 01:06  
Anonymous USpace said...

Gordon Brown is clearly a fascist wannabe, and it would be even worse for Boris Johnson to have been privy to this. Hopefully most people will hear about this.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
arrest innocent MPs

for just doing their jobs
exposing failed policies

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
be a violent leftist

attack conservatives' homes
you brown-shirt NAZI FASCISTS

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
Marx was NOT an idiot

keep believing and HOPING
that communism WILL WORK

All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Help Halt Terrorism Today!


29 November 2008 at 05:09  
Blogger The Gentleman Loser said...

@John Reid
No he's not the first Catholic speaker. I've got a feeling there might have been one before the Reformation.

29 November 2008 at 09:41  
Blogger ultramontane grumpy old catholic said...

The man is a menace, has always been a menace.

Mr Speaker, in the name of God, Go!

29 November 2008 at 10:37  
Blogger Damo Mackerel said...

John Reid - what has happened to your country has everything to do with politics. Are you seriously suggesting that there is some sort of papist plot going on?

29 November 2008 at 13:12  
Anonymous John Reid said...

DM - Yes as the papacy has never changed and cannot change according to its rules. The crossroads of all heresy meet in this nation.
Are you suggesting we are wrong to assume such a plot ?
The old addage remains true "We must subject and subdue an imperial nation"

No answer to the 'company man' question - I shall therefore assume you are a man of the said cloth.

29 November 2008 at 14:04  
Blogger Damo Mackerel said...

I am an Irish Roman Catholic but I don't work in politics. There's no way in the world I could believe that the Vatican is tyring to subvert the British Nation. Are we dealing with some protestant paranoia here?

29 November 2008 at 16:19  
Anonymous John Reid said...

DM -I was told that very thing by a Jesuit- PP is the shorthand and said to make us feel silly just as you call us bigots. You did not say you are not a company man so what you say is just to be expected. Call your enemy a fool and hope he will back down.
You catholics really need to get rid of the ostrich you have as a pet. The Vatican seek is to rule all men via the pope or has all been changed and we have not been told. Do you obey the pope or our sovereign God?

By the way it was Victor Meldrew who said he could not believe it.

29 November 2008 at 19:13  
Anonymous No nonny said...

Never mind the Speaker - get rid of the source of infection...
Gordo should never have been there in the first place; at worst he should have gone after Lisbo. So how come he's still there and generating all this corruption?

We know they're withholding antibiotics. Are they putting some sort of tranquilizer in the water, as well??????

30 November 2008 at 00:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Reid

Finally a man that has a clue as to what has long since been going on.

Well done that man.

Atlas shrugged

30 November 2008 at 01:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware of Hegalian type gut reactions.

We do need our politicians subject to law and investigation capable of upholding the interests of the public. Therefore if serious crime is afoot, MPs should be investigated in virtually any manner imaginable by the police.

HOWEVER and it is a simply massive however.

If it is found that there is no evidence of wrong doing of a serious nature. HEADS SHOULD ROLL in the highest of places. It is called taking responsibility.

Surly if our government was planning in a pan national conspiracy with the establishments of other nations, a Neo-Fascist New World Order. We would want the old bill to find out and tell us, would we not?

My problem and yours is that we cant anymore, if indeed we every really could, trust any of them. The police or our political establishment to work in the interests of the common people.

In Cromwell's time parliament hardly represented any more then a few hundred landed gentry. Most of us were still shuveling shit for a few carrots a day. While they raped our daughters and sons for fun and stole whatever they wished, as they considered they effectively owned us all from birth.

Which unfortunately they still do, and none of their other vile godless habits have changed much ever since either. However much we may have been fooled into thinking they had.

Lets be honest. Who do we distrust the most these days. Our elected government, that is completely following our establishments agenda to the letter. Or our police so called service, that is completely following our establishments agenda to the letter. My guess is that it is a very close run thing at close to about 100% distrust. I could still be wrong, but not I believe for much longer.

Such is always the situation before some kind of overt fascist takeover is about to take place, or worse some really really serious bullshit is about to explode in our faces.

Atlas shrugged

30 November 2008 at 02:31  
Blogger 2345 said...

Sir Ian Blair was made a victim of media criticism and 'innuendo' prior to his "sacking".

Perhaps the Speaker's 'ousting' was pre-planned. Nulabor loathes normal, democratic procedures in it's aim for State control.

Damien's the latest victim of -
"Socialism - a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, it's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery" - Churchill.

30 November 2008 at 10:55  
Blogger Damo Mackerel said...

John Reid A.K.A Titus Oates your country, just like my own, is going down the tubes because of corruption, greed and spineless politicians. It has nothing to do with religion. Methinks you're looking for a scapegoat,a Roman Catholic one at that.

30 November 2008 at 11:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Grace is right. Simple as that.

30 November 2008 at 12:30  
Blogger len.allan said...

It is a wise man that knows which God he serves!.

30 November 2008 at 21:07  
Anonymous John Reid said...

DM - sworry for delay I do not post on the Sabbath.
Titus Oates - oh dear what a man.
Let me give you a few names in order to your education
Guy Fawkes
Fathers Parsons and Campion
Father Charles Joseph Cranfield
do these names ring any bells. They did in times past ring alarm bells if you know your history of Jesuitism.

1 December 2008 at 13:31  
Blogger Damo Mackerel said...

John Reid - The Vatican has problems with reaching it's own flock, how do you think it's possible to subvert protestantism? Throughout history both protestants and catholics have tried to control the British state. I just think it's very far fetch for you to be suggesting that Roman Catholics are behind the latest fiasco that is the Labour party government. By the way, you said you don't post on the Sabbath... but isn't Saturday the real sabbath day for protestants and not the Roman Catholic sunday? ;)

1 December 2008 at 14:03  

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