Saturday, December 20, 2008

The disembowelling of The Daily Telegraph

Cranmer will not often say this, but he commends to his readers and communicants the observations of Roy Greenslade of The Guardian.

Observing the eradication of such institutions as Craig Brown and AN Wilson from The Daily Telegraph, not to mention Patrick Barclay, Sam Leith, Andrew McKie, and also noting the phasing out of the regular columns of Iain Dale and Daniel Hannan MEP, Mr Greenslade has this to say of the Telegraph Media Group's Roman Catholic owners Sirs David and Frederick Barclay:

TMG's owners, the Barclay boyos, have never given a stuff about journalism. They are notoriously touchy about any criticism. They have been happy to use laws that inhibit press freedom. They want their papers to be mouthpieces for their own reactionary opinions and clamp down - through intermediaries - on anything that runs counter to their views.

And 'disembowelling' might be an apt term to employ, observing its long association in England with high treason. The Barclay brothers are clearly intolerant of voices raised in protest. This might explain some of TMG's decisions on the reporting of religion - who loses and who wins; who's in and who's out - and why some of those Telegraph writers who are highly critical of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in England have not been silenced, despite 'considerable pressure' and 'concerted efforts' to do so...


Blogger Jonny Mac said...

The appalling behaviour of the brothers B on Sark has ripped that delightful island in half.

20 December 2008 at 18:00  
Anonymous Morus said...

Must just say it's jolly decent of Your Grace to robustly defend a man who has gone out of his way to attack you and reveal the identity of your temporal conduit.

You are quite right on the issue of Press Freedom, but I hope the man for whom you speak out has the good grace to recognise that in this instance he has an ally.

In case I don't have the chance to comment again this week, I wish you a very happy and very holy Christmas, and a New Year filled with blessings and opportunities.

Kindest regards


PS - My second posting today (click my name) would be all the richer for Your Grace's knowledgeable intervention

20 December 2008 at 21:24  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Morus,

His Grace thanks you for your kind words and warm wishes.

He thinks you need no comment from him since your post (presently) has 258 comments. In any case, he has already come out for George VII.

King George VII and Queen Camilla.

Let us hope Her Majesty reigns long.

20 December 2008 at 22:07  
Anonymous churchmouse said...

Well now I know why my favorite newspaper isn't any more. And why my favorite magazine's losing its touch.

So they drop their readership - and expect the neu kind of people they cater for to read?

20 December 2008 at 22:28  
Blogger Alan Douglas said...

I can only agree that the Telegraph is not what it was. Is there anyone who can guide me to a satisfactory replacement paper ?

Alan Douglas

WV = blete. I'm afraid so !

21 December 2008 at 02:09  
Anonymous Adrian P said...

The Media shapes our collective perceived reality.

By looking at these changes you can see where 'they' are leading us.
Society, and indeed the whole world are being led though the nose to somewhere I do not think we want to go.

Merry Christmas your Grace.

21 December 2008 at 13:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Barclay brothers are clearly intolerant of voices raised in protest."

Whole heartedly agree. There used to be a large number of posters that entered the on-line debates. These used to be lively debates with posters comments regularly exceeding the 100 mark, now....many of the regular posters have moved to other sites, I recognise some on here.

Since early this year there has been a gradual 'disembowelling'. Many of the articles evidence government partiality. Where comments are invited, postings can take up anything up to 12 twelve hours to be published, if at all, thus stifling any ability to join in a meaningful debate. Now the posters comments appear to be more a publishing of ‘stilted’ and partial feedback. Giving rise to the impression that posters comments are being to aid the governments’ propaganda machine.

Whilst I appreciate on-line does not sell papers, why have a facility if you have an issue with people voicing their opinion? Of late numerous posters have stated they will no longer purchase the hardcopy, I include myself in that number.

I wonder they if they consider that lost loyalty and revenue worth the price, as and when the Telegraphs’ reputation slips and falls into line with the BBC?

21 December 2008 at 19:19  
Anonymous Damian Thompson said...

I assume Adrian is referring to me - sorry, but I can't buy into this "Your Grace" shit - but I can't for the life of me work out what point he is making.

22 December 2008 at 18:38  

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