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Ben Bradshaw MP: ‘The BBC has to stand up to the Israeli authorities’

Ben Bradshaw is Minister of State in the Department of Health. And he is under the impression that the BBC has been biased towards Israel throughout the Gaza conflict. He has been joined by other members of the Government in putting pressure upon the corporation to broadcast a charity appeal for Gaza.

At present, the BBC (along with ITV and SKY) is refusing to show an appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee who wanted to run TV and radio appeals to help raise funds for people in need of food, shelter and medicines ‘as a result of Israel's military action in the Palestinian area’. The charity is an umbrella organisation for several major aid charities, including Oxfam, Red Cross, CAFOD, TEAR Fund, Islamic Relief and Save the Children.

The BBC is citing its commitment to impartiality as the reason for refusing to broadcast the appeal.

Mr Bradshaw, a former BBC journalist, said this it was ‘an inexplicable decision’ and that the appeal to impartiality is ‘completely feeble’.

Cranmer is inclined to agree with Mr Bradshaw to this extent – the BBC has been pathologically biased at so many levels on so many occasions (pro-EU, pro-global warming, anti-Conservative, pro-Blair, anti-Israel, pro-Obama, anti-McCain) that an appeal to impartiality over a charity broadcast is distinctly hollow. The BBC Director General Mark Thompson is concerned that the appeal ‘might jeopardise the public's confidence in the BBC's impartiality’. And the BBC's chief operating officer, Caroline Thomson, is concerned that such appeals should be made ‘without affecting and impinging on the audience's perception of our impartiality’.

Too late, Mr Thompson and Ms Thomson. That confidence was jeopardised decades ago, at least when a decision was made to recruit BBC staff solely through the pages of The Guardian. And any residual confidence that may have survived has been destroyed through the recent sagas of fixed phone-ins or the crude antics of ‘talented’ stars. And the concern with the ‘perception of impartiality’ is a ruse, for there has been no such concern over so very many issues of global importance, and the ‘facts’ have chronically been subsumed to the vague imaginings and rhetorical rants of its journalists’ Leftish, ultra-liberal obsessions.

If the BBC were ever to report some 'pro-Israel' facts, they would have to reveal that Israel is not the 'artificial state' it is so frequently referred to as being, but a wholly legitimate state founded by the international community in 1947. The view that this land belongs to the Arabs is also erroneous, since sizeable Jewish communities have lived in both the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza for millennia. As for Israel's 'aggression' and 'military action', the BBC might consider that many of the Palestinian sick and wounded are presently being treated in Israeli hospitals. And many Palestinians have been fleeing to Israel in order to escape Hamas oppression for years. And Cranmer cannot recall hearing from the BBC the condemnation of Hamas which was clearly articulated by some prominent Arab nations. By being anti-Zionist, the BBC is being anti-Israel; by being anti-Israel, it is being anti-Semitic. By refusing to refer to 'Islamic fundamentalist terrorism', or to the professed faith of Gaza's terrorists, it is shrouding the immense suffering of Israelis (of all faiths and none) in a cloak of relativist obfuscation.

But it is, in any case, no business of the Government to apply pressure upon the BBC to reconsider its position on this broadcast. There may be, as the Development Secretary opines, ‘great human suffering still taking place in Gaza’, but so there is in Darfur and the Congo. Indeed, the suffering there is far greater, and Mr Alexander ought also to be concerned with their common humanity, not simply that of the Gazans.

Before Mr Bradshaw dismisses the BBC’s judgement as ‘flawed’, ‘weak’, ‘nervous’ or ‘biased, he might just consider that these are the very attributes which have helped to keep him in a job for 11 years.

If, as he says, the BBC ought ‘to stand up to the Israeli authorities occasionally’, then a fortiori should the BBC stand up to Labour’s authorities – just occasionally.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re Jewish history in Palestine pre Zionism:

'You know of course the root differences between the Palestine Jew and the colonist Jew: to Feisal the important point is that the former speak Arabic, and the latter German Yiddish. He is in touch with the Arab Jews (their H.Q. at Safed and Tiberias is in his sphere) and they are ready to help him, on conditions. They show a strong antipathy to the colonist Jews, and have even suggested repressive measures against them. Feisal has ignored this point hitherto, and will continue to do so. His attempts to get into touch with the colonial Jews have not been very fortunate. They say they have made their arrangements with the Great Powers, and wish no contact with the Arab Party. They will not help the Turks or the Arabs.'

TE Lawrence, letter to Sir Mark Sykes

source -

24 January 2009 at 10:35  
Anonymous How are they going to do that said...

with so many Jewish interests in the upper echelons of our establishment.

24 January 2009 at 11:45  
Anonymous Rob Farrington said...

He thinks that the BBC have had a PRO-Israeli bias?!?

My psychoactive drug-taking normally only extends to nicotine, the odd beer now and then, and the codeine pills that I take for the osteoarthritis in my right knee.

I'd quite like to try a few of the exotic mushrooms that he's obviously been indulging in, though. Talk about being totally divorced from reality.

Did he get his views on the Israel/Hamas conflict, and the BBC coverage of it, from King Boggo of the leprechauns, or from Queen Ludmilla of the fairies?

24 January 2009 at 12:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

B B C biased towards Israel!!!!
What planet does Ben Bradshaw come from?
This man is delusional.

24 January 2009 at 13:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


THANK GOD Jewish communities around the world are at last coming to their senses! Killing unarmed civilians, men, women and children with missiles, bombs, white phosphorus, or a bullet through the head is a criminal act - A WAR CRIME. No amount of propaganda from the Israeli embassy will alter that fact. These atrocities are not done in the name of ordinary Jews and we condemn these acts, outright. Judaism expressly forbids such terrible killings. Please use your voice to get President Obama to STOP THE SALE OF ARMS TO THE MIDDLE EAST NOW - tanks, planes, cluster bombs, white phosphorus, guns and spare parts.

Let this senseless brutality cease! Do NOT support the killing of any civilians – particularly children.


Jan 22nd, 2009

“We Shall Not Be a Party to Their Counsel!”

As human beings, we are shocked and appalled at the mass destruction unleashed by the State of Israel against the people of Gaza in its current military operation, following years of Israeli occupation, siege, and deprivation.

As Americans, we protest the carte blanche given Israel by the US government to pursue a war of “national honor,” “restoring deterrence,” “destroying Hamas,” and “searing Israel’s military might into the consciousness of the Gazans.”

As progressives, we reject the same justifications for the carnage that we heard ad nauseam from the supporters of the Second Iraq War: the so-called “war on terror,” the “clash of civilizations,” the “need to re-establish deterrence” – all of which served to justify a misguided and unnecessary war, with disastrous consequences for America and Iraq.

But as Jews of different religious persuasions, from Orthodox to secular atheist, we are especially horrified that a state that purports to speak in our name wages a military campaign that has killed over 1,000 people, a large percentage of them civilians, children, and non-combatants, with little or no consideration for human rights or the laws of war.

While the moral and legal issue concerning Israel’s right to respond militarily in these circumstance can be debated, there is near-universal agreement that its conduct of the military operation has been unjust and even criminal – with only the usual apologists for the Jewish state disagreeing.

As Jews, we stand united with another Israel, the patriarch Jacob, who cursed his sons Simeon and Levi for massacring the people of Shechem in revenge for the rape of their sister Dinah. Like Jacob, “we shall not be a party to the counsel of zealots. We shall not be counted in their assembly. (See Genesis 34. 49: 5-7).

As Jews, we stand united with the Jewish sages who rejected the zealotry of the Jewish “terrorists” at Masada, those who masked ethnic tribalism in the cloak of “self-defense” and “national honor.”

As Jews, we listen not only when the sage Hillel says, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” but also when he says, “If I am only for myself, what am I?” Hillel’s closing words also ring true in this hour of decision when a full cessation of conflict is demanded of both sides: “If not now, when?”

Finally, as American Jewish progressives, and as human beings, we condemn Hamas and Israel for violating the human rights of civilians on both sides, although we do not necessarily declare these violations to be morally or legally equivalent. We affirm the rights of both Israeli and the Palestinian peoples to self-determination and self-defense, as we affirm the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Rabbi Leonard Beerman
Rabbi Brant Rosen
Rabbi Rebecca Lillian
Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak
Tony Judt, NYU
Howard Zinn
Brian Leiter, Wilson Professor of Law, Univ. of Chicago
Irena Klepfisz, Barnard College
Adam Rubin, PhD, HUC-JIR (Los Angeles)
Mark Le Vine, UC Irvine
Daniel Garber, Princeton, Philosophy dept. chair
Ned Block, Silver Professor, NYU
Gideon Rosen, Princeton
Matthew Noah Smith, Yale
Aryeh Cohen, PhD, American Jewish University
Ilya Kliger, New York University
Paul Loeb
Alice Rothschild
Murray Polner, former editor, Present Tense
Larry Yudelson
Jerome Slater, SUNY Buffalo
Joanne Yaron, World Meretz
Chana Bloch, UC Berkeley
Marilyn Hacker, CCNY
Rita Karuna Cahn, UC San Francisco
Nance Goldstein, University of Southern Maine
Gordon Fellman, Brandeis Univ.
Harry Mairson, Brandeis University
David L. Green, University of Illinois
Stephanie Sieburth, Duke
Priscilla Wald, Duke
E. James Lieberman, M.D., George Washington University School of Medicine
Norbert Hornstein, University of Maryland
David Auerbach, Univ. of N. Carolina, Raleigh
Joseph Levine, Univ. of Mass., Amherst
Shari Stone-Mediatori, Ohio Wesleyan Univ.
Ido Roll, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Philip Wadler, University of Edinburgh
Assaf Oron, Univ. of Wash.
Clare Solomon, Washington Univ.
Judith Norman, Trinity Univ.
Steven Bell, Berry College
Charles Manekin, Univ. of Maryland
Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam
Dan Fleshler, Realistic Dove
Dan Sieradski, Orthodox Anarchist
Bram Hubbell, Friends Seminary

Ilana Abramovitch, Ph.D.
Kate Abramson
David Adler
Dina Afek
Delmas and Sally Allen
Tracy Allen
Marshall Ansell
Paul Ansell
Harry Appelman
Darwin Aronoff
Jesse Bacon
Sonia M. Baku
Walter Ballin
Adam Barolsky
Kathy Barolsky
Tsela Barr
David Basior
Elliott Battzedek
Elizabeth Biele
Peter Belmont
Nicolas M. Benacerraf
Lori Berlin
Judith Berlowitz, Ph.D
Murray & Marcia Bernstein
Nancy Bernstein
David Eugene Blank
Alan L. Blitz
Hedy Bookin-Weiner
Elisa Bowyer
Sallye Steiner Bowyer
Dennis Brasky
China Brotsky
Ellen Brotsky
Robert Browne
Patricia Carmeli
Rina Chomsky
Liza DiPrima Cibula
G Sherman Cole
Mariani Didyk
Pioter Drubetskoy
Ann Colleen Dunham
Bacia Edelman
Carole Edelsky, PhD
Steven R. Edelstein
Dr. Amy Eisenberg, Center for World Indigenous Studies
Lynne Eisenberg
Liz Elkind
David M. Ellis Ph.D
Anita E. Feldman
Andrew Felluss
Eva Ferrero
Raya Fidel
George Figdor
Daniel Fisher
Terry Fletcher
Dr. Chris Fox
Stephen Saperstein Frug
Racheli Gai
Ellen Garvey
Doris Gelbman
Myles Gideon
Jim Glionna
Roberta Gold
Mary Goldman
Daniel Goldstein
Julius Gordon
Bruce Gould
essica Greenbaum
Kathy Grisham
Sherrl Grosse Yanowitz Rogall
Kay Halpern
Tony and Hillary Hamburger
Lawrence R. Hamilton
Peter Handler
Hasibul Haque
Wendy Hartley
Glen Hauer
Katherine Herman
Dr. Annette Herskovits
Hanna J. Hoffman, PhD
Jack Holtzman
Rebecca Hughes
Nomi Hurwitz
Barbara S. Kane, PhD, LCSW
Ilene Kantrov
Wendy Kaufmyn
Aimée Kligman
Susie Kneedler
Judith Kolokoff
Steve Kowit
Rebecca S. Krantz, PhD
Judith Laitman
Sheldon H. Laskin
Betsy Lawrence
Mirna Lawrence
Shamai Leibowitz
David Leipziger
Jack Leiss
Oded Adomi Leshem
Yossi Levanoni
Jeremy Levick
John F. Levin
Rebekah Levin
Joan Levitt
Mary-Lee Lutz
Marsha C. Manekin
Richard Manekin
Gideon Manning
Yitzhak Y Melamed
Alan Meyers
Gert Meyers
Katya Miller
Sherin Miller
Susan Miller
Daniel Millstone
Sarah Anne Minkin
Cary Moskovitz
Rick Nagin
Dorothy Naor
Germana Nijim
Sara Norman
Joel Dansky
Henry Norr
Leonard Bruce Novick
Diane O’Bannon
Elijah Oberman
Miller Oberman
Abigail Okrent
Benjamin Orbach
Dr. Stephen Oren
Tova Perlmutter
Karen Platt
Lynn Pollack
Dr. Betty Potash
Harriet Putterman
Joyce Ravitz
Susan Ravitz
Deb Reich
Avram Rips
Mara Rivera
Lee Robinson
Jennifer Rose
Dorah Rosen
Ellen Rosner
Sue Rouda
Novelle Saarinen
Lawrence Saltzman
Meg Sandow
Linda Siegel Sang
Marlena Santoyo
Karl Schaffer, PhD
Cindy Shamban
Wendy Scher
Madeline Schleimer
Eugene Schulman
Kayla Schwarz
Janet Settle
Lee Sharkey
Dr Peter Sheridan
Brian S Sherman
Meryl Siegal
Jessica Siegel
Rich Siegel
Earl Silbar
Marc Silverstein
Shayna Silverstein
Miriam Simos
Jeffrey Sklansky
Laura Sklarsky
Jerome Slater
Kathrin Smith
Daniel Sniderman
Louisa Rachel Solomon
Talli Somekh
Nicole Witte Solomon
Dr. Wendy Elisheva Somerson
Doug Sparling
Neta Stahl
Aaron Stark
Burton Steck
Jane Stein
Mark Stenzler
Mae Stephen
Lynne Strieb
Danny Stone
Robert Stone
Shirley Stone
Debbie Stone-Bruell
Uri Strauss
Leslie Sudock
Yaakov Sullivan
Michele Sumka
Cecilie Surasky
Lois Swartz
Amir & Roni Terkel
Theodore Warmbrand
Tom Weltsch
Janis G. White
Robin Winogrond
Rachel Farrell Wofsy
Bruce Wolman, MD
Michael J. Zigmond

24 January 2009 at 13:24  
Blogger Microcosm said...

Colonial Jews Hufjuden supremacy is the reason Israel gets compared to Nazis. Its sad that many ordinary Jewish folk face growing derision for a tiny minority of extremists.

Condemn Islamic extremists and colonial supremacists in equal order and from there a balance could be found.

Only that cannot be done unless the Christian Zionists relinquish their own extremist ideology of bloodletting, in support of their desires for the Temple Mount.

Until that happens Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all inextricably linked blood cult ideologies. Wreaking havoc on many innocent civilian victims of their own faiths.

Otherwise the next great Exodus the world will see, will be a mass Exodus of people out of the Abrahamic faith altogether and rightly so.

24 January 2009 at 14:13  
Anonymous Paul B said...

Archbishop, from Mr Paul B. Thank you for your, they reflect my opinions completly.

24 January 2009 at 14:18  
Anonymous an ex-apprentice said...

"I know why it is - because Livni, the Israeli Foreign Minister, has said there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza."

I love it when little Ben pouts, stamps his foot, shakes his bouffant locks and addresses the Israeli Foreign Minister as "Livni".

It reminds me of Frank Spencer trying very hard to say a naughty word. Where Ben comes from this apparently constitutes a severe smack in the gob.

If I was Ben, I’d leave Tzipi Livni well alone; she’d chew him up and spit him out without even pausing for breath.

24 January 2009 at 14:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the American Jews,
I find it bewildering that the above would see Israel defenceless and at the mercy of anyone who would wish to attack it!.
Thank God that America will defend you!

24 January 2009 at 14:27  
Anonymous an ex-apprentice said...

I also rather like the the view of "The NHS Blog Doctor", who speaks from direct experience of Ben's abilities:

"The victory in Exeter was welcome but there is little else to recommend about Ben Bradshaw. He has now risen to his level of incompetence and survives only because he is an oleaginously compliant prime ministerial acolyte."

24 January 2009 at 15:26  
Blogger Damo Mackerel said...

This article here about the BBC splicing President Obama's speech is interesting.

24 January 2009 at 15:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call me cynical but:
The bbc is postering as it has been under repeated attack in its support of our incompetent government, and especially on supporting Israel over Gaza this year.
Which is also why NuLabor is now taking a grandstand issue in this to support aid to Gaza to show it is not controlling the bbc behind the scenes.

24 January 2009 at 17:17  
Blogger it's either banned or compulsory said...

Ben survives because his constituency in the southwest is an island of red surrounded by oceans of blue and yellow.
The phoney argument between the Beeb and Govt. is indeed intended to shore up the formers tattered reputation for 'impartiality'. I shan't be giving Gaza a penny of my own money but just what is the "Disasters Emergency Committee " other than one more fake charity funded by the state to promote the states agenda ? Smoke and Mirrors.

I'm generally pro-Israel, unlike the institutionally racist BBC, but press reports of 'war-crimes' worry me. Israels dominance on the battlefield make such horrors unecessary and, if those reports turn out to be true, I can only assume that they were gratuitous, cruel acts carried out by individuals who need to be punished by Israel.

25 January 2009 at 00:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which is also why NuLabor is now taking a grandstand issue in this to support aid to Gaza to show it is not controlling the bbc behind the scenes.

Not quite right there.

It is not The Labour government that controls the BBC. It is the people that control the Labour government that also controls the BBC. Subtle but very important difference, I hope you will agree.

The establishment have become callas and lazy. They really did expect us to follow the BBC into another apocalypse in total ignorance. The BBC has led us to several in the past, so they concluded they could do so again.

A man of peace, speaks words of harmony, truth and brotherly love. A promoter of war destruction and poverty of mind and spirit, walks the walk and talks the talk of the The BBC.

A man of peace knows this. The ordinary people have never benefited from any war. Even wars their side apparently won. However wars do benefit some people very much indeed. Therefore if the BBC spent some effort for once really trying to work out who exactly benefits from any given conflict. They may have gone some way in finding the real truth and so help facilitate actual long term peace in the middle east.

Taking sides against the people of Israel, who are as much innocent victims as all the other ordinary people of the world are, is simply The BBC being its usual Evil, manipulative and forever more divisive divisive self.

Surly we have all got used to this by know. The BBC is run for Evil by Evil. As is also Sky corp and all the news-papers from The Daily Mail to The Guardian.

atlas shrugged

25 January 2009 at 01:05  
Anonymous Voyager said...

Al-Jazeera is more balanced than BBC in its English output. BBC is probably not broadcasting an appeal because it cannot fix the phone lines to generate enough profit

25 January 2009 at 08:42  
Anonymous we need a better picture said...

Hmmm. So we're all supposed to be worked up about this shadow show er, sorry: controversy...

What're Wesminster and the eussr up to behind the scenes? Apart from denying us a vote, and the right to kick out the eu and their caliphate pals... Or are we supposed to have forgotten all that old hat?

25 January 2009 at 09:05  
Anonymous Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

Hordes of screaming Muslims protest at the BBC

25 January 2009 at 11:29  
Blogger Hugh Oxford said...

As Health Minister, Mr Bradshaw would be wise to address his hypocrisy as a practising homosexual before he starts pronouncing on matters outside his remit.

25 January 2009 at 12:39  
Blogger adrian said...

Some interesting research.

The New World Order for Dummies.

What Jaq boots Smithy is really up to with her ID card scheme.

Of course we were warned about the Globalists.

and not just once either.

Do you really believe Oswald could arrange this

or this

or this

or this

What is this non specific 'Change' he keeps talking about, has anybody bothered to ask him.
Who Knows, but it's obviously not this :-

25 January 2009 at 16:13  
Anonymous Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

Rioting Muslims have invaded the BBC building in Glasgow, but there's no news about it on the BBC:

25 January 2009 at 23:16  
Anonymous MrDavies said...

I thought it must be April 1 already when I first heard some bbc wallah pleading bbc impartiality.

What hypocritical nonsense. Anyone who is not a nulabour militant has long been sickened by the bbc's kow-towing to Blair, Brown and their apparatchiks.

Why is an appeal for Gaza needed in the UK anyway? There are richer Islamist states who could fulfill the humanitarian needs of the poor ordinary Gazan.

26 January 2009 at 17:23  
Blogger Tommy 3 Lions said...

BBC pro Israel? What planet has this geezer been living on? Has he never heard of Orla Guerin or Jeremy 'Al' Bowen? The station like most media outlets is anti Israel from the start for a number of reasons one being it fears islam and what the religion of peace may do to those who criticise it.

26 January 2009 at 18:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

28 January 2009 at 02:12  

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