Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The sad extent of Labour’s self-delusion

There appears to be no limit to self-belief and manic persistence expressed by some Labour ministers. The appearance of self-confidence is often the enemy of self-knowledge, and the words of most politicians are thereby rendered unreliable and untrustworthy. Their quest for significance supplants that of ordinary people for food and drink, and their capacity for egotistical assertions and manipulative scheming is invariably shrouded in an idealistic, even noble, assertion of complete selflessness.

They are, quite simply, deluded.

According to Housing Minister Margaret Beckett MP, there are signs of an ‘upturn’ in the property market. It is somewhat of an exaggeration on behalf of The Sunday Times to apportion to her talk of a ‘house boom’, but her assertion of an ‘upturn’ is strangely delusional.

Business minister Baroness Vadera recently denied that she was ‘out of touch’ after claiming she could see ‘a few green shoots’ of economic recovery.

If these politicians have ever seen a green shoot emerging out of the slough of this recession, Cranmer is certain that the stony ground set by Labour would soon kill it off.

The reality is that thousands are losing their jobs every week, famous high-street names are calling in the receivers, tens of thousands of families face being evicted and made homeless, crime is increasing during this hardship, and house sales have plummeted to an unprecedented level.

While Margaret Beckett and Baroness Vadera insensitively talk of recovery and upturn, Ernst & Young have warned that 2009 ‘will see the biggest peacetime downturn in the economy since 1931’. They predicts a 16 per cent fall in house prices this year and a further 6 per cent drop in 2010. Spokesman Professor Peter Spencer said: “The housing market remains in dire straits, starved of mortgage finance.”

And as these self-deluded and hyper-optimistic politicians go on repeating their mantra and spinning their prayer wheels – which they are obliged to do for fear of realising that much of what they do with their lives is a pointless waste of time – HM Treasury continues to pour billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money into a flawed ‘rescue package’ of bank recapitalisation, and is set to ‘insure’ them against all losses.

The phrase ‘out of touch’ is not the half of it. Labour have lost all touch with reality: they have become oblivious to the real-life struggles of real-life people; they are arrogant and consumed by nothing but a strategy for their own survival and the perpetuation of their ideology.

It was once said of Gordon Brown that he is ‘psychologically flawed’.

One is left to wonder if his affliction is viral.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

His Grace might care to reflect upon the following truism:

The philosophy of socialism has at its heart the belief that those in power understand better how to allocate resources than does the market (note: one is not suggesting that the market is necessarily to be preferred). However, this position can only be credible if the [socialist] executive possess better information than that which the 'market' might rely upon. As such perfect insight is rarely available, it leaves them with little alternative other than to make it up. Hence, socialism must always use lies to maintain authority - convincing themselves that this is for the common good. An intriguing paradigm, is it not?

21 January 2009 at 09:12  
Blogger McKenzie said...

I make a sad confession. There is something DEEPLY satisfying about watching a system, which failed you miserably from childhood, IMPLODE IN ON ITSELF IN AN ORGY OF ARROGANCE AND SELF DELUSION.

The best part is that all those bast... who you have always hated, and who you always new were deluded, fail to see what they are doing to themselves.

It is now too late for you all, and may God stand by and watch in despair as you are all led away to eternal destruction.

Even though it has been spelt out to you in the most simple terms, you cannot drag your filthy hearts away from the greed and avarice.

It is simple, you see. For years you have been spending money that does not exist, re-mortgaing your houses, which have been artificially inflated to keep up the charade. It is no use loaning businesses money now if the rest of the herd have no money to buy what you supply. Injecting tax payers money into the banks so the orgy can begin again is a sign of nothing but your level of stupidity, and highlights the desperate nature of your ugly souls.

Mark my words, mark them, you ARE going to suffer, I have it on good authority.



21 January 2009 at 09:51  
Blogger Damo Mackerel said...

What socialists refuse to see is that government is the problem and not the solution.

21 January 2009 at 09:55  
Blogger Alfie said...

Well before 1998, I had been an absolute rock solid Labour voter (as had all my family). 30 years of undying support. That all changed however with the bills on devolution. Then came Iraq, then Mandelson (twice), then Blunkett (twice) then Vaz, then Byers, then Ecclestone, then Gorballs Mick, then cash for honours, and all those other sleezy episodes from this awful administration of corruption.

Brown is the pits - he is deeply flawed, he has the very same Nero/Napoleon complex that Blair had. For him, leadership is all about testosterone, erections and John Wayne walks - oh, and the lust for absolute power. That's why he has surrounded himself with muppets, puppets and floppets.

Brown is no financial genius - he's an arrogant, self-centred delusionist - and as dangerous as they come.

21 January 2009 at 10:04  
Anonymous Nelson said...

Gentlemen I feel we are all agreed on the PROBLEM, but how do we get rid of it? You can hear the rats in the loft, but THEY feel they have a perfect right to be their, to contaminate your food, chew through your wires and make you ill.
This country is so passive, We put up with these directionless self deluding idiots, they are so lost that they are even inviting back the self serving has beens of the past to have a second bite of the apple.
I am not a political animal, & I don't know if the other lot can do better, but if the ship is sinking I'd rather not start looking for leaks in the lifeboat.
If enough people protest loud enough, publicly enough & long enough, the noise might just flush the rats out for good. Give it a try, now there are no jobs you've plenty of time.
Maybe they'll dig in, but to do nothing is weak. Protest at least draws attention to the problem, remember the picture of the Chinese student in Tiannaman Square standing in front of a tank?.

21 January 2009 at 11:02  
Blogger McKenzie said...

The Man's Too Strong
Dire Straits

Im just an aging drummer boy
And in the wars I used to play
And I've called the tune
To many a torture session
Now they say I am a war criminal
And I'm fading away
Father please hear my confession

I have legalized robbery
Called it a belief
I have run with the money
And hid like a thief
I have re-written history
With my armies and my crooks
Invented memories
I did burn all the books
And I can still hear his laughter
And I can still hear his song
The mans too big
The mans too strong

Well I have tried to be meek
And I have tried to be mild
But I spat like a woman
And sulked like a child
I have lived behind walls
That have made me alone
Striven for peace
Which I have never known
And I can still hear his laughter
And I can still hear his song
The mans too big
The mans too strong

Well the sun rose on the courtyard
And they all did hear him say
you always were a Judas
But I got you anyway
You may have got your silver
But I swear upon my life
Your sister gave me diamonds
And I gave them to your wife
Oh father please help me
For I have done wrong
The mans too big
The mans too strong

21 January 2009 at 11:28  
Blogger Oldrightie said...

I have a forecast of Labour's legacy in pictures that follows your excellent logic to a tee!

21 January 2009 at 11:42  
Anonymous not a machine said...

you would think now would be a good time , to come clean and accurately reveiw waht we have (or not) on the books , but oh no we find out today that £20 bn cannot be followed to where it went .

we also find that more is to be needed , which IN PMQs today we were told will not be destined for certain tasks and will just be given on the banks say so.

money lost , money going to unknown areas of banks , no idea what the banks will do with the money we give them , no figures , no detail .

delusion perhaps , incompetance and arrogance i think

21 January 2009 at 13:26  
Anonymous an ex-apprentice said...

The excellent Brillo, on The Daily Politics today, put to Margaret Beckett: "Spain has lost it's AAA rating, and it now costs 4 times as much to insure British sovereign debt as German; the market reckons you are going to follow Spain. Will you again have to go to the IMF?"
Mrs Becket: "The last time we went to the IMF, we arranged a facility we did not, in fact, need. Things are not always as bad as they seem".

Ostrich? Head? Sand?

The danger this time is that even the IMF will not have a facility big enough to bail us out.

As Ian Martin said yesterday:
"The country stands on the precipice. We are at risk of utter humiliation, of London becoming a Reykjavik on Thames and Britain going under. Thanks to the arrogance, hubristic strutting and serial incompetence of the Government and a group of bankers, the possibility of national bankruptcy is not unrealistic.
The markets have worked this out ahead of the politicians, as usual, and are wondering what to do next. If they decide our nation is a basket case, they will make it so."

Indeed. The Market will decide. Gordon Brown is no longer in control of events; assuming he ever was.
All he can now do is throw mind-boggling sums of our money, and the money of our children and grandchildren, at the market in the hope they take pity.
How, in God's name, have we come to this?

21 January 2009 at 14:14  
Anonymous Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

Apologies for O/T, but is Your Grace aware of the prosecution of Geert Wilders for heresy?

"A Dutch court has ordered prosecutors to put a right-wing politician on trial for making anti-Islamic statements.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders made a controversial film last year equating Islam with violence and has likened the Koran to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

"In a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to... draw a clear line," the court in Amsterdam said.

Mr Wilders said the judgement was an "attack on the freedom of expression".

"Participation in the public debate has become a dangerous activity. If you give your opinion, you risk being prosecuted," he said.

Not only he, but all Dutch citizens opposed to the "Islamisation" of their country would be on trial, Mr Wilders warned.

"Who will stand up for our culture if I am silenced?" he added."

21 January 2009 at 14:41  
Blogger ZZMike said...

MacKenzie: [from another MacKenzie (on my mother's side)]

I fear you understand the problem that Formerly Great Britain is sinking into. It is too late. Every day the fog grows thicker, the voices of reason grow fainter.

I'm starting work on a "Requiem for Great Britain".

Anonymous hints at the events unfolding: "Hence, socialism must always use lies to maintain authority - convincing themselves that this is for the common good."

Communism or socialism can never take root in a country that is free, in both liberty and economics (which means capitalism). We've seen the Standard Model in Russia, 1917; in China, 1957+; in South Amercan countries. The model requires that a country having any degree of those freedoms has to be broken, so they can come riding in and graciously offer to pick up the pieces - which they put back together into their socialist ideal.

For the original blueprints, go back to Gramsci.

They've managed to break your country, by making sure that your religion is trivialized, and any public displays are prohibited; by running a once-thriving economy into the ground; by upending the rule of law and order (I've read more than one account of city police intimidated and cowed by small mobs. If you manage to defend yourself successfully against an attack of yobs and hooligans, you're likely to be charged with any number of "offenses").

The list is long, tedious, and disheartening. It is the Overture to that Requiem.

21 January 2009 at 19:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judging from the symptoms, Brown has NPD. A mental illness and has distinct charateristics.

He should never have been given a position of power, that he remains in power beggars belief

23 January 2009 at 09:12  

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