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Head teacher ‘forced out’ for making Muslims attend assembly

And so she should have been.

There has been an awful lot of anti-Muslim reactionary nonsense written about the head teacher of the Meersbrook Bank School in Sheffield, who has allegedly been ‘forced to resign’ after telling staff she wanted to hold school assemblies or ‘daily acts of collective worship’ which encompass all faiths. The clueless journalist for The Daily Telegraph who ignorantly writes ‘Muslim parents should obey the law of the land’ manifestly has no idea at all of what the law actually says on this matter. His or her ignorance has only served as swill for the bigotry of other journalists who speak about Muslim ‘ghettos’ and splutter their usual ignorant ad hominem pontifications on the matter, simultaneously bloating their own egos whilst feeding the trolls.

Cranmer has no doubt that Julia Robinson was a well-meaning head teacher, quite possibly very able, and even ‘marvellous’. She was also undoubtedly not ‘racist’. But her grasp of the statutory guidelines was flawed to the extent that she was presuming to override what Parliament decided upon in 1944, reiterated in 1988, and affirmed again in 1996. As The Telegraph observes, these education acts do indeed stipulate that pupils ‘shall on each school day take part in an act of collective worship’ which should be ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’.

But neither The Telegraph nor Mrs Robinson appear to be aware that a head teacher may apply to the Local Education Authority for a determination to have this requirement lifted if it is deemed to be inappropriate for their school (Section 387, Education Act 1996). And neither do they appear to be aware that parents have always had (since 1944) the option of removing their children from these acts of worship, and that over the past 60 years Jews, Roman Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses have proportionally considerably outnumbered the Muslims (and Sikhs and Hindus) in withdrawing their children from what is perceived to be an inappropriate act of induction.

And no-one has spoken about Jewish, Catholic or JW ‘ghettos’ being created as a consequence.

Let us turn this around for a while, and consider Labour’s drive to expand faith schools in the state sector. There is a statutory requirement upon these schools to take in a quota of students of other faiths or none. Those who deplore the actions of the Muslim parents in withdrawing their children from Mrs Robinson’s multi-faith assemblies would doubtless be the first to insist that their children were not subjected to the ‘acts of worship’ led by Imam Ali or anyone by the name of Mohammed.

Those who decry the accusation of 'racism' levelled at Mrs Robinson are likely to be the first to hurl 'bigot' at those who express a faith which dares to question any tenet of theirs.

Muslims are simply agitating for what Roman Catholics have enjoyed since 1902 – a state funded education system which is free to dissent from the Protestant establishment and manifest a religious ethos which is distinct from Anglicanism.

Since 1944, schools have been on the frontline of a rapidly-changing society. While the school act of collective worship had traditionally been uniform and predominantly confessional up until the 1960s (reciting the Apostle’s Creed, saying the Lord’s Prayer, singing hymns and listening to a mini-sermon), immigration and the advent of other religions, coupled with the process of secularisation, has forced change. As Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks observes, the UK has seen ‘a wider disintegration brought about by the loss of what Peter Berger called “the sacred canopy”, that overarching framework of shared meanings that once shaped individuals and society. In its place has come pluralism: the idea that society is a neutral arena of private choices where every vision of the good carries its own credentials of authenticity’.

And this pluralism demands change. All this fuss over one school is mind-boggling when one learns from The Guardian that the ‘weekly Muslim assemblies were led by a teacher and (were) open to children of other faiths’.

Muslims having one assembly in five which is open to children of other faiths is hardly ghettoisation. And it must be observed that Mrs Robinson sought to end a decade-long tradition, which Muslim parents and students had doubtless come to value.

Cranmer is not commenting on the merits or demerits of having a separate weekly assembly for Muslims, for he is not concerned to encourage faith per se. But he does wish to confront the manifest ignorance in the assertion that Mrs Robinson ‘was simply observing the law of the land’.

She was not.

She is free to ‘celebrate the diversity of our pupils and the community’ to her heart’s content. But she is not free to make the school’s daily act of collective worship ‘multi-faith’. And if she were to do so, then every Christian parent would have the right to withdraw their children from it, or request that the school provide something suitably orthodox.

Segregating children within a school may not be viewed as good practice. But if not within, why without? Why should the children of any community be divided by faith? Those who favour faith schools (as His Grace does) must accept the logical corollary that faith groups within ‘secular’ schools may wish to do things differently: indeed, why should a ‘multi-faith’ or ‘secular’ ethos be permitted to become the prevailing orthodoxy?

Church schools were founded for the education of the poor, whoever those poor were. They made no distinction between class, colour or creed. Those schools which today are majority Muslim, or which operate with a significant proportion of Muslim pupils, are still carrying out the Church’s mission of providing service to those who need it. It is the essence of loving one’s neighbour.


Anonymous Gnostic said...

Yet another nail in the coffin of enforced multiculturalism.

I attended school in the 60's and, being part of the 90% plus C of E majority, joined the assembly held in the hall. Those of other religions held their own, smaller assemblies in classrooms before joining everyone else in the main hall for school notices. It never caused any friction between the various groups. We respected their difference. Something sadly lacking in today's society.

Why change something that has worked well for everyone for decades? It makes no sense whatsoever. I'm with you on this one, Your Grace.

10 February 2009 at 18:45  
Anonymous not a machine said...

perhaps your grace senses somthing else wrong with this rupture of the pressure in one area of the UK .

it is interesting to note how much the athiest/marxist/gramscian/national socialist must see this as a darwinian method of proving the ultimate value of religion .

what better than to grandstand at religous fallout and enjoy the confusion and silently determine that religion is not universal , nor with much of a future.

In my travels throughout the country , i watch a traditional and well understood social structure , desintrigrating , the gradual change from needing redemption to needing a bigger overdraft is leading us down a less moral perhaps amoral course.

there is a worry that in the downturn there will be a rise in crime , nothing new there you can chart it at each bust that has ever occured , how ever i think that the types of crime we will see ,will indicate just how broken our country now is.

if the law does not have consequence other than being caught , then there is no remorse .

it is not just a matter of socio programming and wether one is relatively better than another , it is for me wether the soul unbounded and lacking fear of god (the deeper christian understanding of fear , not the make you jump in the cinema type)
is indeed hell made manifest .

it signals that our children are now equipped in life , with will to power , rather than will to serve.

mark well that under this labour goverment , the store of hell has been better stocked than for some 200yrs , mark well how weak the church is.

the fools will only be named in history , who handed christ over in the place of barrabas

10 February 2009 at 20:49  
Blogger Homophobic Horse said...

Good nuanced post Cranners. Just goes to show that "multifaith" constitutes a new kind of religion.

Such is the spiritual terror that multiculturalism causes, Cranmer writes this:

"anti-Muslim reactionary nonsense"

Wrong. Progressivism is enforced multiculturalism, reactionism is said to be maintaining the outmoded views of the past, i.e. that there is only one true religion. Supporting multiculturalism, consistently, effectively amounts to being anti-muslim as much as it is anti-Christian and others. Your opposition is so weak and fragmented that you use the language of the left ("reaction") to defend your position.

"And this pluralism demands change."

"Pluralism" and "change" are not ontological realities, they are blank intellectual abstractions. They replace religion and civic virtue with blankness. That's the whole point.

10 February 2009 at 21:30  
Anonymous Luke said...

If you apply for a determination you can't, under the law, just not have a religious assembly. You have to provide one that is appropriate for the school community. It has to be daily as well. So if not "broadly Christian" then it has to be "broadly" something else. The problem comes when a religion requires things like ritual washing or segregation of the sexes or covering the head before worship, or even exclusion of non members. The law says it has to be worship. Joining in not learning about.

Of course in reality most schools just ignore the whole requirement to have a daily act of worship.

On reflection as a committed Christian I think that I would rather there was no act of worship than that a castrated form of "broad' = "be nice to each other and recycle lots" Christianity was taught to the children by secular minded teachers, as that seems to me to undermine faith not to enhance it.

10 February 2009 at 21:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Dutch MP Wilders refused entry to UK
Dutch Right-wing politician and controversial anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders has been refused entry to the United Kingdom despite being invited to visit by a member of the House of Lords, the British parliament's upper chamber.

Mr Wilders (pictured), who was due to go to London this Thursday, received a letter today, 10 February, from the British ambassador to the Netherlands telling him that he was not welcome, reportedly because his visit would constitute a threat to public order.


10 February 2009 at 22:20  
Anonymous indigochild said...

I have struggled with life for many years without realising that I am not the same as you. I am an Indigo adult. I do not think like you and I do not share the same value systems as you. I cannot conform with the ridiculous ways you have created for yourselves. You are the real destroyers of this world, and although many of my kind are here to change this, we have to suffer greatly in the process. I no longer care for your existence, and although I value my own existence, I do not have any real chance of happiness while having to share the same space as you.

My school life was a miserable experience because of having to endure forced conformity to your pathetic mind patterns. As a young adult, unaware of my reality, I had to endure much psychological pain trying to adapt to psycho-social patterns which are alien to me. I now am fully aware of who I am, and I can now explore the future in a full and happier way.

I have learnt the methods of my kind and how to re synchronise with my true nature. At last I can see without the need for your silly Gods and their hatred. I am free at last to exist in the universe I was born in, the universe in which I have a right to be myself. It is not me who is the freak. At last I see you for what you are, insects that swarm and devour all that is good, and replace it with your foul excrement. You leave a scar over the earth where ever you go.

I wish you the very worse, all of you. I revel in each catastrophe which befalls you. I have not the least compassion or sympathy for your tragedies, and breathe the sweet aroma of your death. It has been said that the meek shall inherit the Earth. I do not hold the same Godly beliefs as you, but here is the universal truth which will come about. We will overcome you in the end, as your systems of greed and destruction implode around you. You will annihilate each other in orgies of destruction. Unfortunately many of us will also perish caught up in your thirst for death and destruction. I cry for my friends, but I have become apart from many of them. I have become detached from the universal intention, like a darkling, I am alone in my world, apart from my kindred in thought and deed.

I shall follow my lonely path, and wait with diligence in order to be a witness to your passing away. I look forward with great longing to the destruction of your systems and ways, which bring pain and suffering to us. Each and every death you face will be another step towards our freedom. Already you suffer greatly, like blind pigs forced to eat their own excrement, you trot onwards towards your demise. I pour acid on your pain, and tip salt into the wounds that scar your soul.

May you suffer greatly as I keep watch daily, on my guard for the slightest hint of your demise. I have endured your horrible existence since childhood and wish you all the very worse of endings. May your pathetic Gods devour your flesh in Hell!

10 February 2009 at 23:09  
Blogger Homophobic Horse said...

For further reading on the above post try here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigo_children

10 February 2009 at 23:20  
Anonymous The Elites said...

Are setting us up for civil war in Europe, they of course will rule over the resultant survivors.

Wouldn't it be a wheeze if instead of turning on each other, Islam and Christendom instead turned on the Few thousand Elites and agreed to co exist happily ever after in our respective lands happily engaging in Tourism and trade..

10 February 2009 at 23:24  
Blogger Alcuin said...

Are you sure of your facts, Your Grace? The BBC is not the best place to get the whole truth, particularly when matters of "diversity" involving Muslims are involved. I fear you have been duped by the Ministry of Truth.

10 February 2009 at 23:36  
Anonymous Adrian P said...

....article 61 is a security clause, a clause to allow the people to enter into lawful rebellion against tyranny, miss governance and most importantly slavery, rebellion and not revolution for article 61 allows for ‘NO’ violence to be offered against anyone at any time, this is why it was called the security clause.

Article 61; Lawful Rebellion is a ‘LAWFUL ACTION’ under the common law and can be invoked by anyone who resides in this country. This article does not give precedence to where you were born it gives’s precedence to where you live and if you live in this country then you can use it. This article is for all the people without exception and allows for lawfully;

1. To hinder the people of miss governance in anyway - strictly without the use of violence.

Imagine if our country was a ‘car’. Who would be the engine? And what happens to the car if the engine stops working?

Everything in this country is operated by the people of this country, everything is in ‘OUR’ control; every mode of transport, every mode of communication, every watt of electricity and every mode of essential service, EVERYTHING is in the control of the people and everything can ‘STOP’ at the will of the people.

Who really has control of this country; the government or the people?

We the working people of this country are treated like a unwanted necessity by those who miss govern us, they don't want us, but they need us and at a whim we could apply a strangle hold upon this country, the likes that has never been seen before and it can be done completely lawfully......

Lawfull Rebellion

10 February 2009 at 23:49  
Anonymous Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...


"Don't attack us please, UK ads to say on Pak TV

The British government will air ads on Pakistani television urging terrorists to not attack Britain.

Prominent British Muslims will star in the British Foreign Office-funded £400,000 (approximately Rs 2.9 crore)-campaign that is set to break on Pakistani television next Monday, ‘The Guardian’ reported on Tuesday.

The three-month public relations offensive, called ‘I Am the West’, will also include high-profile events in regions such as Peshawar and Mirpur, ‘The Guardian’ said. Seven in ten British Pakistanis are Mirpuris."

More at http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Dont-attack-us-please-UK-ads-to-say-on-Pak-TV/421654/

11 February 2009 at 01:10  
Anonymous not a machine said...

indigo child welcome to controversey.

you seem to want very little discussion ?? and have an aura of lack of knowledge , coupled with a modicum of hatred .

you are welcome to your view of course

apart from having a purple aura , and possibly been a victim of early MMR trials , i would like you you tell us all how your end will come and how you will triumph over the wrong headed old religions ??

just askin because i think you should offer your world domination plan for reveue as you are clearly the new chosen people and i would like to know wether it will be a space ship accompanying a comet , or some other catastrophe whcih only you will survive .

all cults have them please do let us know , or are the crystals and dream cathchers telling you not to converse with the misguided ancients.

please do open up , i am ready and waiting . no show will show deluded cult mental state

11 February 2009 at 01:39  
OpenID BL@KBIRD said...

indigo child, you have the soul markings of a slave of Allah. Beg his Grace to open your dark soul to humanity and follow Satan no more. And you are right, Woe unto Islams slaves.

11 February 2009 at 04:24  
Blogger it's either banned or compulsory said...

She is free to ‘celebrate the diversity of our pupils and the community’ to her heart’s content.

The Righteous turning on each other to show their superior Righteousness, just like student politics in the 1980s; good.

11 February 2009 at 04:48  
Blogger Hall Monitor said...

The craziest school house stories appear daily on http://detentionslip.org

11 February 2009 at 04:52  
Anonymous Voyager said...

Headmistress forced out but Geert Wilders kept out. Lord Ahmed has succeeded and the Dutch Government is fuming.

Britain is beating the Netherlands in the race to Dhimmitude and restricting freedom of movement to a parliamentarian in an EU State

11 February 2009 at 06:22  
Anonymous indigochild said...

I have spent my entire life explaining myself, no more. I simply state that I enjoy your pain. I take great satisfaction listening to you worship your God who tortured his son because it was necessary for justice so he could save you all. Its funny and I t amuses me.

Your insults are like water off a ducks back, you are funny people. I live now to taunt you. Your idea of God is sick, and you are hopelessly lost. You think you are going to heaven because of some nutter that got himself stuck to a piece of wood 200 years ago.

11 February 2009 at 11:06  
Anonymous Cranmer's Curate said...

Thank you very much for highlighting this issue. As a Sheffield minister, I am very concerned about the trend towards multi-faith services and the pressure on front-line clergy to meet consumer demand for these. Multi-faith services are thoroughly uncanonical (see Article 18 of the Church of England's Thirty-nine Articles). But in liberal dioceses front-line clergy wanting to uphold the truth of Christ's Gospel by refusing requests for readings from the Koran in parish churches or Buddhist meditations and so on can find themselves isolated and without back-up from the hierarchy.

Of course, the minister in question should not let that put him off his stride. The scandal is the difficulty in getting rid of bishops and archdeacons who won't uphold the received teaching of the Church.

11 February 2009 at 11:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an interesting apologetics from Muslims, that we are all worshipping the same god, Allah is the god of the - (insert a long list of Jewis and Christian "prophets" here) -
but to me this is a blatant lie, especially after studying the Quran.
If we are indeded worshipping the same god, there should be no such divisions as the one described in this instant.

I am an atheist, so viewing this bun-fight from the outside, it looks downright bizarre seeing the monotheistic faiths are competing in such unseemly manner, athough for now, Islam has the upper hand.
Monotheism should indicate that there is only one supreme creator. Not so, by the looks of things. So which one is the real one? Would the real universal god please stand up?

Very disturbing. Especially when the wellbeing of all humans depend on it.

11 February 2009 at 11:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 11:46 There is only one God Jahweh,
There is a counterfeit god, satan
You will spend eternity with either, take your pick!
Clue, they are exact opposites.

11 February 2009 at 11:58  
Anonymous white mouse said...


Your pleasure is mal-informed.
God, The Father Almighty, did not torture His Son.
Your false god Satan did that.

11 February 2009 at 14:24  
Anonymous church mouse said...

Gnostic and Your Grace: yes, count me in.

The whole thing is disgusting. If those people want their religion in schools, let them start their own schools and stay out of ours.

If they're too poor, and here looking for handouts, then let them know - beyond doubt - who's providing the benefits.

11 February 2009 at 14:44  
Blogger Homophobic Horse said...

" am an atheist, so viewing this bun-fight from the outside, it looks downright bizarre seeing the monotheistic faiths are competing in such unseemly manner, athough for now, Islam has the upper hand. "

Christians worship the Trinity. It is neither "monotheistic", or "Abrahamic", nor is it Zeus, or Brahma.

11 February 2009 at 18:08  
Blogger Little Black Sambo said...

"Three Persons in ONE God". Christianity is monotheistic.

11 February 2009 at 19:09  
Anonymous Preacher said...

Indigochild, I pity you I'll say no more.
Cranmers Curate, totally agree, both Old & New testaments show that God is not multi faith & that light & dark can not co-exist, the ten commandments clearly say "you shall have no other Gods before me" The Lord Himself states "no one comes to the father but through me" & Peter says "there is no other name given under heaven by which we must be saved" pretty clear.
I still also have trouble understanding how the current head of the Anglican communion can possibly be a Druid, It really is unreal that someone who aligns himself with a pagan belief that incorporates ritualistic magic could hold this position, & be defended by members of the clergy.
Who is lined up as his succesor, Anton La Vey perhaps?

12 February 2009 at 02:13  
Blogger len said...

If you carry that sort of poison around inside you it will eventually affect you!
There are two powerful, inescapable, laws in this universe.
1, The law of sin and death.
2, The spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.
Its not rocket science to see which one you are a slave to!.

12 February 2009 at 10:54  

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