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Explicit sex videos for children

Children should be taught about sex ‘in a moral way’, according to Coronation Street's 17-year-old Sacha Parkinson, as a Christian charity launches three short videos which graphically communicate the impact of sex on others. The above video highlights some of the personal, financial and emotional costs of sex where there is no long-term commitment to the other partner.

In this video, plasticine couples graphically depict how individuals are always affected by the bonds that form in every sexual encounter. The video invites people to stop messing around with relationships and instead start sticking together.

"If people are just being taught about sex, then they'll think 'that's something we should do'; if they're taught in a moral way, then it gives more respect to it," says Miss Parkinson, whose character Sian Powers is friends with the soap opera's Christian teen Sophie Webster. Speaking about the 'purity lockets' that the two characters wear, Miss Parkinson comments, "It is a good idea and it allows people to wait. It gives people an option."

This video reveals the thoughts of a man sitting with his family reflecting on an affair he is having at work. Hinting at the damage caused by passive smoking, the sketch highlights the injustice to others caused by the actions of those who insist that sex is simply a question for the two consenting partners involved.

Sacha Parkinson, who previously played a pregnant young teenager in a film called 'A Boy Called Dad' notes, "People are too young to understand what the consequences are until you see these films and stuff like the 'purity pledge' to realise where it can go and what bad things can happen." In contrast, for those who 'decide not to have sex at a young age, it shows you the good things about it'.

"Most young people are only taught the biology of sexual intercourse," said Dr John Hayward, Director of the Jubilee Centre, responsible for producing the videos. "It is not until they start experimenting that they discover, too late, that every sexual relationship, whether brief or long-lasting, creates ties that the couple will carry with them into all their future relationships."

Dr Hayward told Cranmer, "We need to equip young people to make more informed decisions about when and with whom to engage in sexual activity - not just how to do so. If we fail to be explicit about the social, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of sex, then we are guilty of neglect."

"The videos and accompanying discussion questions, together with a supporting book by trained counsellor Guy Brandon, 'Just Sex: Is it ever just sex?', will help young people to explore the impact that sexual relationships have on all our other relationships - on parents, children, past and future partners, friends, colleagues and, ultimately, the whole of society."

The Jubilee Centre is a Christian social reform charity based in Cambridge. For four years the Jubilee Centre has spearheaded original research into sexual ethics and relationships. Its conclusions are presented in three public information bulletins on YouTube, an accompanying lesson plan for teachers and youth workers, a book entitled "Just Sex: Is it ever just sex?" (authored by Guy Brandon and published by IVP), and a related set of studies for churches and Christian unions. Further information about the Jubilee Centre's work can be found online, at


Anonymous mckenzie said...

Sex has been hyped in the media. If I was a teenager now, I would be in trouble, undoubtedly. Sex is a major physiologically driven urge. Teenagers are on fire basically, as their bodies change. Emotionally, they are not really best placed to resist the barrage of images and stereo types in the media.

I don't have any solid answers that would suit everyone, but I can only conclude from my own experiences that young people need lots of advice and support. Somehow, sex has to be made more factual and less of a taboo. Maybe if God had sat Adam and Eve in front of a screen and shown them WHY this particular tree was bad news, just maybe, maybe, they would have held out, if only for a while longer.

28 March 2009 at 11:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OT - Nazir-Ali is stepping down at a mere 59. Is a GAFCON C of E going to happen?

28 March 2009 at 11:51  
Blogger Manfarang said...

Yep, heard all this sort of nonsense years ago.
At my local Pathfinders group there was Mrs M (husband left her years before) always preaching about the evils of sex until her daughter was made pregnant by a married policeman.

28 March 2009 at 12:38  
Blogger Gnostic said...

Can't comment on the other two but the plasticine violence, where figures get their arms, legs and eyes torn off/out, will give the kiddies nightmares. The message it's trying to get across is a bit vague too. What five year old will understand any of them?

28 March 2009 at 15:53  
Anonymous Jewel said...

Why should a five year old have to understand any of this. That children have become so sexualized now, is awful on so many levels. Sex education for the very very young isn't about education, so much as it is about making them malleable to the predations of child molestors.

28 March 2009 at 16:09  
Blogger Gnostic said...

My point exactly. Children seem to have lost the right to be children. Their innocence is being stolen from them by so called do-gooders. We don't seem to have a choice in this matter. Parental rights are being eroded and usurped by a bunch of clinically insane idiots. It needs stopping right now!

28 March 2009 at 18:13  
Anonymous Adrian P said...

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28 March 2009 at 18:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watched the first one - nonsense! Ask any married man whose wife ran off with some other bloke and took the kids how much that cost him. Any man who signs a marriage contract is open to total financial ruin, at the whim of his wife, backed by the State. Until the divorce laws are altered to reinstate the concept of fault, I would advise no man to ever get married.

29 March 2009 at 21:50  
Anonymous AskYourPreacher said...

By emphasizing sex beyond it's place we are now inundating our children with subject matter WAY above their maturity level. This sort of stuff should be left to the parents - yet parents are too busy for their children! It scares me what a lost and confused next generation we are bringing up.

28 April 2009 at 21:46  

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