Monday, June 01, 2009

Cranmer reaches 60,000 unique visitors

Three years ago, Cranmer used to observe the monthly statistics of sites like ConservativeHome and Iain Dale's Diary with awe. Guido Fawkes was always in a class of his own, and His Grace never established himself in the blogosphere even to begin to compete with them. He used to wonder at their ‘Extreme Tracking’ figures as they reported passing 30,000 visitors, and then 40,000 and 50,000, while he was more than content to reach a readership of a couple of hundred.

His Grace is delighted on this first day of June to announce a celebratory pulpit as his august blog of intelligent and erudite comment upon matters religio-political passes a new milestone. According to ‘Extreme Tracking’, there were some 60,750 ‘unique visitors’ during May. Google Analytics records 64,816 visits from 32,824 ‘absolute unique’ visitors from 167 countries who made 76,825 page views. The ‘unique visitors’ are 122 per cent up on May 2008.

In celebration of this monumental month, and in perpetual commemoration of the spiritual liberation afforded by his own pulpit experience with the Provost of Eton, Dr Henry Cole, His Grace is pleased to offer this ‘Cranmer’s Pulpit’ to his communicants for the raising of whatever religio-political or politico-religious concerns they do so wish (intelligently and eruditely, of course).

His Grace shall post again later. He is still working hard on the sermon he imagines that the Reverend John Brown might today preach to his son, the Prime Minister, whose ‘Presbyterian conscience’ appears to have been offended. One wonders what kind of conscience it is that can endure 12 years of spinning deception, Damian McBride and Derek Draper, the underselling of the nation's gold reserves, the theft of billions of pounds of pension resrves, the bringing of the nation to the brink of bankruptcy and the unrelenting erosion of our Christian liberties, but is suddenly 'offended' by the relatively trivial abuse of parliamentary allowances.

The Prime Minister's decision to 'do God' over this issue not only shames Presbyterianism, it offends against God and would appal the Reverend John Brown who fully understood what it meant to be Christian.


Blogger Demetrius said...

The Prime Minister really ought to read up his Scottish History before talking about Presbyterian Conscience. He might start with The Cameronians, and the followers of Richard Cameron. Then he should finish with the sermon preached at the disbandment of The Cameronians, The Scottish Rifles, in 1968, available on Youtube

1 June 2009 at 10:02  
Blogger McKenzie said...

Well done you old Git. I think your success is due to the open and honest nature of this blog; plus of course the impeccable quality of the posts. Here is one of the last places on earth where free and sensible speech still survives.

Three cheers to Cranmer!

1 June 2009 at 10:02  
Anonymous Queen John II said...

What do you do when somebody who you really hate tells you not to do something?

The reason I ask is because I was just watching Sky News and at the bottom of the screen it scrolled across these words:

"Gordon brown urges people not to vote BNP"

Great! Is this Gordo's goodbye sick joke present?

1 June 2009 at 10:14  
Blogger The Heresiarch said...

I was brought up to believe that boasting is very bad form.

1 June 2009 at 10:23  
Anonymous Bullingdon Boy said...

What ever minor faults Gordon Brown may have, he has courageously redeemed himself by denouncing the evil, fascist, Nazi, knuckle-dragging, jackbooted, Sieg-Heiling, thuggish, holocaust-promoting, lampshade-making, Satanic, hamster-eating, baby blood drinkers who are abusing our democratic process by trying to get elected.

Showing that he can still rise to the occasion, Gordon has taken a hard stand against these lumpen-prole scum in his latest party political broadcast, where he eloquently describes how he intends to take matters in hand and get a grip on the situation.

1 June 2009 at 10:48  
Blogger Archbishop Cranmer said...

"I was brought up to believe that boasting is very bad form."

His Grace was brought up to have an honest assessment of himself.

1 June 2009 at 10:56  
Anonymous Tom Paine said...

Many congratulations on passing this milestone. Though our views differ tremendously on matters both religious and secular, I enjoy this blog immensely. You are providing a profound public service and I thank you for it. Long may you continue to adorn the British blogosphere.

1 June 2009 at 11:02  
Blogger D. Singh said...

Your Grace,

Congratulations! For the first time I bought the Church of England newspaper. Your blog was discussed and one of your communicants was quoted on the Equality Bill.

If anyone has not read the latest edition of the C of E newspaper I would urge you to do so. The editorial’s analysis is outstanding and the views quoted of (I think) somebody called Canon Giles Fraser, offensive to all religious communities.

I think that the reason why your blog is attractive is because it offers a thrilling mixture of religion and politics.

1 June 2009 at 11:20  
Blogger Gnostic said...

Well done, Your Grace. Your erudition precedes you.

As for the free for all - I'm rather worried about the faux religio-political unorthodoxy formally known as Anthropogenic Global Warming (until they were caught out fiddling the figures and started calling it Climate Change in order to fudge the issue). Climate change is real, do you see (only an idiot would dispute it). Therefore, by their logic, AGW is real too.

I was wondering why the Tories have bought into this lunacy. Were they all too busy counting their expenses when Miliband shoved through his bonkers 80% CO2 emissions reduction by 2050 Energy Bill ammendment? Did no one stop to consider the figures, the impact OR the questionable science when the ammendment was voted upon? Do they not have any scientists on their team or are they all bankers, lawyers and PR executives? Did the Tories wave it through because AGW is a political hot potato and it was easier to go with the flow of "consensus" than with empirical evidence and common sense? Or did they wave it through because 2050 is a long way off and out of sight is out of mind? Surely Cameron doesn't believe the alarmism BS spewed out by the BBC and Charlie does he?

According to AGW "consensus" my garage should already be a boathouse because I live only a couple of hundred yards from the beach. Guess what...

Perhaps Cameron should have a word with Christopher Monckton. I believe he might have something to say on the matter. Or maybe Margaret Thatcher, a chemist, can explain to him why CO2 isn't the problem the politically motivated warmists want the great unwashed to believe.

And for anyone who believes that retreating Arctic sea ice is unnatural take a look at this:

The blue spot is the North Pole. Given that this data covers thirty years, up until and including this winter, it makes a complete nonsense of the alarmists the Arctic is melting claims. Has none of them ever heard of SEASONS?

1 June 2009 at 11:20  
Blogger sjbaker said...

Congratulations Your Grace, on this eminent success.

1 June 2009 at 11:29  
Blogger McKenzie said...

I am completely certain that when His Grace attributes the success of His blog, by making an honest assessment of Himself, he also speaks as a matter of fact about the nature of giving thanks and praise to the Lord for grace and blessings, and also He seeks to show His humble gratitude by putting His talents to good use in a ways which will increase and show good profit. Blessed be the Lord and God's Grace upon us all. Amen

1 June 2009 at 11:42  
Blogger Dick the Prick said...

Your Grace.

Many congratulations indeed. This was the only blog that I recommended to my mother & she to her circle of Christain friends (various hues).

The narrow scope that political conversation & debate held by the MSM & the cliterati has descended to only adds to the pleasure that this blog provides.

Many thanks.


1 June 2009 at 11:58  
Anonymous Hank Petram said...

Congratulations, Your Grace. I am not at all surprised that Your Grace has so many readers. The one statistic that I did find surprising is that they live in 167different countries. That must be something like three-quarters of all the countries in the world. A significant achievement indeed, and a clear indication that Your Grace is wholly free fom the fault of insularity.

I am confident that Your Grace shall go on from strength to strength.

1 June 2009 at 11:59  
Anonymous SpongeBOb said...

I have been visiting the Christian Voice website and have found an interesting 4 page pdf document entitled Where are all The Men. Its A review of Wild at Heart by John Eldredge and Why men hate going to church‘ by David Murrow, and a call to battle.

1 June 2009 at 12:09  
Anonymous Sandy Jamieson said...

Following on Demetrius' comments @ 10.02, I watched the Disbandment Service. The Rev MacDonald is inspiring- the Church of Scotland at his very best

He condemns the shallowness of politicians and makes the point that are but temporary in God's scheme of things.

I remember discussing ths fine regiment with one very senior and respected Conservative Military Historian and was much amused to hear him comment, ".... of course they never had a Roman Catholic go past the rank of Lance Corporal"

Mind you they had the H.L.I. (the Hairy Legged Irish)

1 June 2009 at 13:44  
Blogger Johnny Rottenborough said...

Many congratulations.

Your Grace's blog is clear proof that the age of miracles is not dead: a pile of ashes is not only able to operate a computer but composes articles of outstanding wisdom couched in language of which Your Grace's near contemporary, William Shakespeare, would have been proud.

1 June 2009 at 13:58  
Anonymous Anguished Soul said...

You run an excellent blog Your Grace, only made better by some excellent commentary.

It has become for me an almost daily read.

1 June 2009 at 14:19  
Blogger D. Singh said...

Your Grace,

‘The Prime Minister's decision to 'do God'…’

Is it just me or are others observing the same phenomenon? I am reading more and more references to God as well as quotations from the Bible and the word ‘righteousness’ being used quite often in magazines and newspapers such as Standpoint, The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail.

I hear that two writers from The Economist have also just finished writing a book that suggests God is becoming part of the national discourse again.

If so, what might it mean for the prospect of a Judaeo-Christian revival in this country?

I am reminded of that portion in the New Testament where St Paul does not seem to mind the Word of God being sown by non-Christians.

If it is being sown, then at some point the harvesters may come to reap.

In addition I’ve noticed that Cameron installs the enununciation of moral principles in his speeches – which have the direct and efficient effect of cutting through the PC ideology – and therefore tend to be refreshing to ears that have been dulled by the Prime Ministers endless stream of banal pronouncements.

1 June 2009 at 14:56  
Anonymous Hans Wildebeest said...

Your Grace,

It is pertinent to understand what 'unique visitors' actually means in this context.

If I view your blog during the day on my work computer, and when at home in the evening I view it again, I am two different visitors. If I read it on the tube on my BlackBerry, I am THREE different visitors.

Do I do this? Sometimes yes, and it seems quite likely that some others do too. I would only need to do it once a month to achieve this effect.

While I have no desire to diminish Your Grace's achievement - indeed it encourages me to know significant numbers of people are reading something sensible and edifying - the reality is that the actual number of 'unique' people reached may be a little lower.

1 June 2009 at 15:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Your Grace, on an eminently readable blog. And well done for the numbers, it must show that people are reading you, even if the numbers may not be totally accurate (see the previous post today by Hans) and even if they may not always agree with your views. But then, that's what free speech is supposed to be about....a pity that the present administration doesn't concur, of course. I believe that your blog may be one of the final bastions to be breached by the incoming Islamic state of Great Britain, and look forward with regret when your service provider pulls down your remaining non corporeal earthly identity from the blogosphere on the instructions of the future Home Secretary, for "incitement" against the majority muslim population. Until, then, my sincere best wishes go with you.

Finally, as always, I apologise for being an anonymice...I still can't work out how to get an ID here without signing up for google


1 June 2009 at 17:26  
Anonymous Katy said...

Mr Wildebeest,

and when I read it on my computer, and so does my sister, and then my husband, and then my sister's boyfriend (and sometimes this happens), that's four unique users recorded as one; all that proves is that the adage is true. His Grace did compare his figures with those of others, and this comparison is at least helpful because their stats will suffer similar problems.

When 60,000 people feel able to comment, THEN His Grace should have a party.

1 June 2009 at 18:48  
Blogger Little Black Sambo said...

I wonder whether the action of the General Synod and various bishops urging us not to vote for extremist parties, such as BNP, Labour and the Greens, might not have the perverse effect of increasing support for those parties by voters who object to being told what to do.

1 June 2009 at 18:51  
Anonymous churchmouse said...

Congratulations, Your Grace. I agree with all who appreciate the high quality of your postings, and the commentary that you encourage in your communicants.

Deo Gratias - and to Cranmer too!

I also agree with Katy that, all in all, the numbers may not be that off - if I read the blog on a public computer(library), or at work (where I discuss it with others) - then my one or two views actually multiply the exposure.

Same holds true when someone visits e.g. an erstwhile excellent periodical and, unable to tolerate its decline in standards, announces "I'm off to Archie Cranners." !!!

1 June 2009 at 21:41  
Blogger Rebel Saint said...

Even in this homogenised, UHT world, cream always rises to the top.

My congratulations your Grace.

1 June 2009 at 22:51  
Blogger The Young Oligarch said...

Congratulations , Your Grace .

Demetrius -

Dr. MacDonald was strong in the Lord indeed !

Thank you for the reference .

2 June 2009 at 02:13  
Anonymous unique said...

Congratulations , Your Grace .

Demetrius -

Dr. MacDonald was strong in the Lord indeed !

Thank you for the reference .

2 June 2009 at 02:28  
Anonymous Hank Petram said...

@Anonymous Tony (yesterday at 17:26)

Underneath the word verification box, where it says "Choose an Identity", there's a string of four buttons:

* Google Account
* Open ID
* Name/URL
* Anonymous

Click on the third button, Name/URL, and hey presto! two little boxes will appear for you to fill in with the username of your choice and your URL (if you have one).

2 June 2009 at 12:51  
Anonymous Old Grumpy said...

Hank Petram - bless you for this! It has worked a treat. Much appreciated, my friend

2 June 2009 at 21:55  
Anonymous sydneysider said...

Congratulations.Hope you celebrate
your success with a smashing party.
You could video it for your blog.

4 June 2009 at 15:24  

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