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Frederick Forsyth: schools should promote ‘quiet pride’ patriotism

If Michael Gove wishes to inculcate a sense of ‘Britishness’ in the nation’s children and educate them with pride in the nation’s history, he will need to tackle those thousands of teachers who steadfastly refuse to do anything of the sort.

It is reported that 75 per cent of teachers in Britain's schools believe they should warn pupils about the ‘dangers of patriotism’ - which some regard as a form of 'brainwashing'.

There is a sense in which all education is ‘brainwashing’: it is culturally and temporally bound, and anyone with a passing interesting in matters epistemological will know (to the extent that anyone may know) that knowledge is acquired by various means and that its nature is multi-faceted and dependent on individual ways of knowing and an individual’s ability to distinguish between such justifications as logic, sensory perception, faith, authority and intuition.

These teachers are right to that extent.

But they do not appear to object to pupils being ‘brainwashed’ with regard to secularism, sex, contraception, abortion, drugs, global warming, anti-capitalism, the glories of the EU, the wonders of the UN and a myriad of Marxist agendas. Teachers are already expounding Gaia spirituality and the New Labour Social Contract through ‘Citizenship’, but because it essentially accords with the Left-leaning instincts of the teaching profession, it is not in any sense considered ‘brainwashing’.

These teachers need, in any case, to learn the difference between patriotism and nationalism.

The nationwide study found the majority of teachers felt they should not be promoting patriotism at all in the classroom, with some preferring to instruct their pupils in the benefits of 'universal brotherhood'.

Why should the cult of ‘universal brotherhood’ be any less ‘dangerous’ than patriotism?

If teaching the UK’s Christian heritage and traditions of patriotism is ‘dangerous’, then a fortiori is any sense of a superstitious appeal to a New World Order of global unity overseen by the pantheon of gods which transcend the starry canopy. If history has taught us anything and made anything empirically known, it is that man is incapable of overcoming his inherently selfish nature.

One teacher said: “Praising patriotism excludes non-British pupils.”

Well, there’s a bright spark with the unqualified omnipotence to mould a generation of minds.

Another said: “Patriotism about being British divides groups along racial lines, when we aim to bring pupils to an understanding of what makes us the same.”

No ‘brainwashing’ there, is there?

No understanding of the distinction between ethnicity and nationality; no appreciation of the diversity of creation or the celebration of ‘difference’ which complements the academic, physical and spiritual development of pupils. Just a Marxist emphasis on ‘what makes us the same’.

Another teacher asserted: “I don't think you should be grooming children to be patriotic. That's as bad as telling everyone that they've got to be a certain religion.”

‘Grooming’ is an interesting word to use in this context. It purposely equates patriotism with paedophilia: it is inherently evil. And note the dogmatic assertion that the teaching of the uniqueness of the Christian faith has no place in the modern education system: the statutory obligations upon headteachers and governors with regard to religious education and the provision of a daily act of collective worship have long been considered antiquated, obsolete and otiose.

Perhaps most concerningly, half of the teachers interviewed said patriotism was never discussed in their school. Academics - historians, theologians, sociologists and politicians - would argue that much of the history of the world is incomprehensible without an understanding of the power of patriotic sentiment.

Frederick Forsyth said teachers should promote 'quiet pride' amongst students. He said: “I wish these teachers would see that patriotism in the sense of that quiet pride is nothing to be afraid of. It's not aggressive. It doesn't put down foreigners. It doesn't noisily wave flags and it certainly doesn't swerve towards the BNP.”

One cannot reform education without addressing the issue of teacher training and the ongoing need – if they are to ‘progress’ in their careers – to conform to Marxist assessment criteria. It is here that the most dangerous ‘brainwashing’ occurs, which stifles the spirit, extinguishes inspiration, discourages individual expression, and ensures that teachers embrace the bland uniformity of the state orthodoxy which they in turn pass on to their pupils.

The Conservative Party is pledged to the necessary reforms. But breaking this cycle will make the battles with Arthur Scargill and the chronic traumas of the miners’ strikes seem like a walk in the park.


Blogger Gnostic said...

I don't think patriotism will die quietly. People line the streets to pay their respects to fallen soldiers. Crowds turn on extremist Muslims who hurl abuse at returning soldiers. More people than ever fly St George's flag on April 23rd. The Remembrance Day parades and services are as popular as ever. No politically correct white poppies are to be seen.

Kids aren't as stupid as people think. Schools aren't the only institutions that offer knowledge. They learn from parents and grandparents too. All this accumulated knowledge helps keep a balance which means that socialist teachers don't get all their own way. My own son was part of the early Blairist destruction of real education. I kept a close eye on what he was being taught and offered him counter arguments for the BS propaganda masquerading as "fact". He is now a healthily cynical young adult.

Thankfully there are many more like him.

12 September 2009 at 10:12  
Blogger Wyrdtimes said...

Banning faith schools would take care of the most divisive brainwashing of all or at least keep it in the home.

12 September 2009 at 10:38  
Anonymous no nonny said...

While Your Grace was posting this, I was researching a response to the previous posting. My argument was to be that not only are they appropriating the symbol of our freedom, independence, strength, etc - they're coming at us through control of our language - authorship - once more. So my response works here, as well!

Specifically, a programme at the University of Ghent is recruiting researchers for a project that is developing Theory of Authorship in relation to "cultural performance" in British and American Literature. The enquiry seems to be about how we've produced 'authorial authorities' - and whether they develop due to individual factors or "social networking."... + all the usual 'theory' gubbins.

I might have thought twice, but for 2 factors: i) wild lions couldn't drive me to belgium, or to any euSSR based project about our culture; ii) they think the story starts in the mid-sixteenth century - and that's way after my time!!!

Saved again! Deo Gratias --
(for sending us Frederick Forsyth, too).
If Your Grace will permit the link to these euro 'authors,' it's:

12 September 2009 at 11:07  
Anonymous len said...

What we are being steered towards is a New world Order or at least a 'unifying of Europe'.
Patriotism is seen as a bad thing.
Speaking in the House of Commons on the debate about the Euro, Mr Blair announced that Britain should prepare for joining the Euro. He also said, Sovereignty pooled could be sovereignty renewed and declared This is a world moving together. (23/2/99)
As nations are encouraged to surrender their sovereignty into a new world order, religious leaders are to play their part, stressing elements in common between various faiths and shunning divisive issues. The eastern religious idea of discovering the god within and various mystical, New Age and occult practices common to various religions are promoted to provide a bridge between faiths and encourage the idea that all roads lead to God.

All this may seem well and good to fallen man but it is totally useless and in opposition to Gods plan for the salvation of man.

12 September 2009 at 11:22  
Blogger southernlizard said...

A large part of the problem as you correctly said is the confusing of patriotism with nationalism. As nationalism is rightly associated with so many of the horrors of the 20th century ( fascism, genocide, WW1, WW2 etc)this confusion had led many people of my generation to be suspicious of patriotism. Sadly those most willing to loudly espouse patriotism too often present an aggressive, narrow minded, jingoistic bordering upon racist type of patriotism that has little to do with an understanding of the religious, ethical and legal values that shape/ have shaped our culture. So there lies the challange. Human Rights are an important concept that children should be taught. Those who want patriotism to be viewed and valued as positively need to find a way to link it with all the strong, good and unifying things that the country stands for rather than the arrogant exclusionary ideas it has become tagged with. This, as other posters have commented is the responsibility of many more than just teachers.

12 September 2009 at 12:07  
Anonymous David Cameron (pbum) said...

Many Muslims see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear - values which we should all hold dear.

Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the Muslim way of life, not the other way around.

- David Cameron
Chairman of the Bullingdon Club and Conservative something-or-other.

12 September 2009 at 12:46  
Anonymous non mouse said...

Which is worse - blind obedience to the iron-booted will of pagan heathens (foreigners) all pledging allegiance to some ugly blue thing with yellow splats on it - in some language they've decided to corrupt to their own purposes (in the full understanding that we're too stupid and unworthy to appreciate what those purposes are, let alone to have any say in whether we want to participate or not)....

Or love and pride in who, and what, and where we know we are? And honest effort to uphold the best we stand for, and to augment it "in general honest thought of common good to all" - according to God's Holy Ordinance?

12 September 2009 at 13:05  
Anonymous chris r said...

The Conservative party has neither the will nor the power to challenge successfully the left-wing philosophy that is so willingly adopted by so many in the teaching profession.

The most it could achieve is to reverse the ridiculous policies that encourage and enforce New-Labour religion. And even if 'patriotism' were on the compulsory school curriculum, it could only be taught through the filter of a teacher's individual ideology - out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!

Yes, the traumas of the miner's strike will indeed seem a walk in the park if ever it tries.

How do you change the post-christian mind-set of an entire nation? It will take much more than policy decisions. I think Jesus' words are apt: If the salt loses its flavour, how can you make it salty again?

Perhaps God, in His Grace, will grant us a revival.

12 September 2009 at 13:31  
Blogger Gnostic said...

David Cameron is unfit for purpose. High time the Tories realise that and rectify the mistake. Until they do this particular Tory voter won't be voting for the Not The Tory Party.

12 September 2009 at 14:30  
Anonymous Bob said...

do you have any proof of these allegations? (such as teachers being marxist, being pro-EU)

That is the distinct opposite of most of my former teachers - the curriculum may now have silly things like citizenship and other leftie nonsense but that is the fault of 12 years of allowing labour to fiddle with it - nothing to do with the individual teachers who you unfairly slur

And surely if a teacher was to teach about patriotism they would end up in 19th century germany, italy, and even england - historically patriotism has always led to the worst events

No doubt you just want them to drone on about Churchill and the battle of Britain and how we won the war..

12 September 2009 at 14:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What type of teacher do we have in these enlightened times?

When I was at school in the late 50s I was taught English history - Tudors and Stuarts, by an Roman Catholic Southern Irish gentleman.
He managed with out difficulty to teach us fairly and dispassionately.

We were also taught to question every statement that came our way and to look, at a subject from all angles not blindly accepting a thing because we were told to.

Democracy versus tyranny/dictatorship was widely and hotly discussed in 'citizenship studies'.

The result was that we looked at all sides of a question including patriotism and loyalty to the country. Lively debates took place and politics were vociferously debated.

If this could take place in an insignificant country Secondary Mod
what upsets the delicate teachers of today?

12 September 2009 at 14:58  
Anonymous redgopher said...

The marxists I know take a dim view of the EU. I think you're falling into a quintessentially American error: assimilating liberalism and marxism. These are two very different beasts. The fact that you don't agree with either of them doesn't alter that.

12 September 2009 at 17:12  
Blogger Jim Bartlet said...

For some strange reason, which I cannot pin down, I have ceased to care about anything. But keep blogging though in case it comes back.

12 September 2009 at 19:20  
Anonymous Opus Fluke said...

Speaking as a teacher in North Yorkshire, I don't recognise the pro-Marxist Gaia-promoting teachers you castigate. Perhaps they are a metropolitan phenomena. Just remember that teachers are bound, by contract, to implement the National Curriculum and statutory frameworks imposed by government - or lose their jobs. So... who really sets the agenda?

12 September 2009 at 21:03  
Blogger D. Singh said...

Your Grace,

Thank you for pointing out that there is a difference between patriotism and nationalism.

The socialists constantly harp on about social cohesion yet they heap scorn upon the great achievements of this country.

How can black and white, rich and poor Britons feel pride in a 'universal brotherhood' that automatically excludes Britain or necesarily diminishes to vanishing point what it means or should mean to be British?

By the way Your Grace - you really should be writing for some of the top intellectual magazines in the Anglo-spheric world. Outstanding analysis.

12 September 2009 at 23:01  
Anonymous Atlas shrugged said...

I have said it before, and it seems I am going to have to say it again, just in case many did not understand the last hundred times.

ALL agendas come from the TOP. These agendas are deliberately created within our top universities decades before they are to be used. By which time this clever and long established form of establishment inspired and institutionalised brainwashing is bought into play. This at a time and place of the establishments choosing.

In this country this form of planning ahead, shall we say, is carried out within the offices of The Royal Institute of International Affairs. Most certainly not within Conservative, Liberal, or indeed Labour Party head-quarters. Establishment tax free bribery and corruption though so called charitable foundations is then brought forward to help grease things along.

This country like almost all other countries has a level of government several layers higher then their respective parliaments.

The RIIA like its American counterpart The CFR, are said to be independent of democratically elected and therefore apparently accountable government, which they most certainly are. Very much like the BBC, they are not however independent from higher forms of government, which are the various representatives of the corporate, papal, and monarchical powers.

Who are also intern highly influenced, shall we say, by the need to maintain their lifestyles though their well and long established links to the banking system, and other highly dubious elements of the criminal underworld, which REALLY call all of the shots.

Thus we are suckered into every self destructive social, economic and military disaster, that we have in fact been unwittingly suckered into. Which is ALL of them, without exception.

13 September 2009 at 02:21  
Anonymous not a machine said...

I never thought that some left thinkers would consider Patriotism as somthing to be questioned on the basis of its value , being as it is crtiscism without any meaningfull replacement I can only conclude that it is yet another device of the socialist to undermine anything opposed to them .

Is china not patriotic ??

As for teaching it a school , it has served us very well , the English speaking people have much to be proud of culturally .

getting all to tiresome this NWO rubbish , I just hope that see the error of it all before we all enter the new dark ages

13 September 2009 at 02:27  
Blogger Marie1797 said...

We will have to fight for our country back and we are so used to not having to defend our way of life that being outwardly loyal and patriotic to ones country is alien to us.

The loony left earth goddess worshipping insipid rulers are terrified of upsetting the masses that they have allowed to settle here and so desperate to appease the EU state they are allowing to take the burden of ruling away from them so they can sit back and enjoy their indolent lifestyles while Great Britain merges into nothing or the Muslims finally take over.

If teachers are not able to teach British history and culture in the British way properly and stability through a daily Christian assembly is not adhered to, the immigrant children growing up here will not really know or be encouraged to learn the British culture and as there are now more immigrants in some areas than indigenous population the British way of life will slowly die the death. And its all Nu Liebore’s fault.

The British way of life is in decline and the people that can do something about it don’t seem to care as long as they can carry on grabbing as someone at the daily mail so succinctly put it.

13 September 2009 at 03:45  
Anonymous Laird said...

Can someone explain to me the difference between living under a communist regime and the present

13 September 2009 at 05:24  
Anonymous anglophile said...

The British Empire was the greatest in history. This can now only be discussed as a fortuitous
situation and nothing to do with ingenuity and masterful strategy.
Having committed the sin of success you are now doomed by the ranks within to an existence of mediocrity and cultural contamination.This is a time where you need nationalism,get off your arses and fight the bastards.

13 September 2009 at 05:43  
Anonymous churchmouse said...

Yes, Anglophile.

And, by the way, should you be anywhere near the US - tell them too.

13 September 2009 at 09:33  
Blogger True Belle said...

Teachers have been brainwashing pupils for years. Remember the sixties?

Children need a strong set of parents to show them that teacher is not always right(left) !

13 September 2009 at 11:55  
Anonymous John Malcolmson said...

Laird: "Can someone explain to me the difference between living under a Communist regime and the present situation."

About 10 years, at a rough guess.

13 September 2009 at 16:37  
Blogger Alfred of Wessex said...

Laird: "Can someone explain to me the difference between living under a Communist regime and the present situation."

Marxism-Leninism gave people the choice between submission to their big lies, or exclusion from anything but the most menial work and very often physical death [by execution (rather like Islam...) or being worked and starved to death in the Gulag] plus extreme pressure on all family members to cut all ties with you. However, it failed to destroy the spirit and soul of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Sakharov and countless others even in the face of torture and death. In other words, it could destroy the body, but not the soul.

Gramscian Cultural Marxism (the present situation) gives us the choice between intellectual and moral surrender to their big lies or being unable to get or hold employment anywhere in the public sector, and increasingly anywhere else. It is even more dangerous and insidious, in that it destroys the soul rather than the body. In my opinion the commentator "Theodore Dalrymple" sums it up most clearly.

"Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."

Any Christian working in the public sector after 11 years of New Labour "equality and diversity" indoctrination knows only too well what that feels like.

13 September 2009 at 19:38  
Anonymous Laird said...

Thanks Al a very interesting and informative post.

14 September 2009 at 01:58  
Anonymous no nonny said...

Aelfred of Wessex - Excellent post - thank you.

Right in keeping with the tradition of your illustrious namesake! I've been re-viewing him and his works just lately ... The Great he was!!!

14 September 2009 at 14:13  
Blogger Dave said...

I'm starting a PGCE. I have to write a dissertation on:

- teh changing nature of education and the role of shools
-the developing school curriculum and assessment
- the every child matters agenda
-learners and learning
-inclusion and issues of social justice
-teacher professionalism and collaborative working.

Any suggestions for titles??

I'm tempted to tackle the 1st or the last two (although collaborative working seems a little dull).

May i quote you, your Grace?

14 September 2009 at 20:54  
Blogger Archbishop Cranmer said...

Mr Dave,

Sounds riveting.

His Grace is perhaps not the best person to assist. He recommends that you contact Ms Snuffy of 'To Miss With Love' - the most inspirational and down-to-earth educationalist he has ever come across:

Do mention His Grace, if you wish. And of course you may quote him as much as your conscience permits.

14 September 2009 at 22:41  
Blogger Dave said...

Your Grace,

You'd be surprised. Today, I was riveted to the spot by the large applause accorded to a girl who declared that the learning of a modern language guarenteed world citizenry.

I will get on with reading the blog and its back(b)log. Thank you!

15 September 2009 at 20:43  
Anonymous Adrian P said...

The Demonisation of National Pride as 'Nationalism' is all part of the agenda to destroy the Nation state.
It is Soviet Ideology/

Ask someone who knows.

Vladimir Bukovsky

17 September 2009 at 09:07  

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