Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Government of Opposition

Only in the postmodern era in which black can be white, good can be evil and right can be wrong could the Government be the Opposion.

We have been treated to a seven-minute glimpse of the 15 (or was it nine?) Bills which will constitute Labour’s final (God willing) legislative programme. And they are a distracting delusion. As David Cameron observed, the man who boasted that he had ended boom and bust has presided over the ‘longest, deepest recession in recent memory’. He said: “Our economy has been overtaken by Italy. We have had the biggest bank bailout in the world, the biggest bank run in Europe and after all this the governor of Bank of England's verdict is there has been little real reform.”

And mocking the Prime Minister’s ‘moral compass’, Mr Cameron accused Gordon Brown of borrowing slogans ‘directly from the far right (sic) BNP with his pledge for “British jobs for British workers”, and allowing No 10 staff to smear MPs’. He said this government now represented a ‘moral failure for the prime minister and monumental failure for the country’.

There was no Immigration Bill. There was no Bill for directly-elected police representatives. There was no mention of the NHS or reforms to Parliament, and yet there was the announcement of a new law to halve (yes, halve) the budget deficit.

Cranmer is not sure how a government can legislate for such an aspiration, and he feels sorry for the Queen who is constitutionally obliged to spout such bilge.

How long, O Lord, how long?


Anonymous Bag Lady said...

Brown should have called an election in 2007, when he became Prime Minister. As it is his government will always appear to be the stub end of the 2005-2010 Parliament.

18 November 2009 at 19:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your grace,
the final chapter in fantasy that was new labour
he may as well legislate against the sun coming up.
Best summed up as:

unaffordable , unachievable , unbelievable
Brown and new labour doing what they do best since 1997.

ray mccarthy

18 November 2009 at 20:00  
Anonymous Bag Lady said...

I watched the BBC coverage of the Queen's speech and Tessa Jowell called Harperson "a piooner" of equality (!?!). These people are so deluded.

The Liberal Sarah Tether was banging on about house of lords reform- dream on lady , we have millions on the dole, so the man/women on the street wants to know about job security. "British Jobs for British workers" would be a nice start !

But we have Harperson introducing MORE equality legislation- using the public sector to 'force' private firms into the equality agenda- a lot of small firms can't cope as it is and are going under every day.

This pen pushing bull ain't going to put any lesbian, Pakistani Muslim with one leg into a job lady, because there won't be any jobs to be had. Unless you work for some phantom public sector job (litter monitor, equality and advancement for monoglian people officer etc ).

18 November 2009 at 20:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are measures to bribe voters and voter blocks, measures to appear moral and measures which tie the hands of a future government or make them look bad if they try to bring in sensible policy.
Where are the repeals or change of bad law or principals, which have decimated real democracy, freedom of UK citizens, the sensible fair just merciful uncorrupt unabusive rule of sensible fair just merciful democractic uncorrupt laws, with consent transparentcy and accountability?
Where are the laws to bring back informed consent of the citizens and towards other citizens? There is a good reason the hippocratic oath (and the principals therein) lasted so long (that has been dangerously decimated too). Doctors, politicians, social workers, teachers, vested interests in the private, corporate, charitable and governmental spheres, with power over the individual need checks and balances to protect themselves from over-bearing intrusion (innocent or otherwise including mistakes), corruption, abuse of power and harming other people, real people who have the right and sense to know how best to live their lives, most of the times, unlike these control-freaks who want more and more power money intrusion into and control over individual's and family's lives, including outside the home.
How dare they mess with the constitution and everything else as if they have the supreme knowledge or wisdom to see all the unintended consequences or to control others' livs. How dare they entrench their powers beyond their terms of office employment.
How dare they choke and impoverish the quality of others lives and ability to live and work while claiming to care.
I saw a phrase (common purpose I think) encouraging those in authority to look for ever increasing circles of influence. Dear me, I thought those in a position of authority were meant to do a good job only in those matters in which they had authority and only over those they had authority, and not in an abusive manner. They are not God.
The thirst for more power and ever increasing authority is called selfish ambition - the Bible says where you have envy and selfish ambition you have every kind of moral disorder. Isn't that what happened under Hitler?
Could those mortals with power, influence and ambition (known or unknown) who are abusing power start behaving like mortals? Do they think that God does not see or care for the harm being done to real people (with or without power or influence) for who our Lord died? Do they not fear the judgement? If and when their consciences soften, hopefully they will run to the Lord Jesus for grace, wisodm and mercy and have the courage to change.
Thank good ness God is still on His throne, and the heart of the voters is in His hands - spin and shinanegins cannot outwit our Lord. I hope and pray that God will deal with us in mercy and not in judgement to undo the awful changes.

18 November 2009 at 20:56  
Anonymous Cynic said...

This was the starting gun of the election campaign. Which thanks to gerrymandering of seats, labour will win.

18 November 2009 at 22:17  
Anonymous I didn't vote labour last time, so don't moan to me about them now said...

This queen's (sorry aka labour speak -vermin) speech was brilliant . The socialists will win by destroying what's left of industry with their equality bill, reduce the City to nothing and 50% income tax and national insurance rises will see the country through!

18 November 2009 at 22:22  
Blogger Lord Lavendon said...

Your Grace, I have given my pound's worth on the government's progamme on my own patch.

The question is to what extent does the Lords delay this wretched legislation?

Perhaps if labour tried peers vs people election, the people might see this as corrupt labour govt. verses Peers who have served this country for centuries. I can but hope!

18 November 2009 at 22:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the abuse of statutary instruments and other schemes?
Do we need prayer and fasting?

18 November 2009 at 22:43  
Blogger Ben Stevenson said...

Archbishop Cranmer "feels sorry for the Queen who is constitutionally obliged to spout such bilge"

It looks like Ann Treneman in the Times agrees with you on this

Queen's Speech: leading lady let down by a dunking script

18 November 2009 at 23:16  
Anonymous IanCad said...

I'm sorry Your Grace, but if physiognomy has any validity then these two are one and the same. Vapid, weak and wholly unfit to serve. Neither of the sorry wretches are fit to run a bath.
I read "The Speech" Cameron is a sixties labourite. Read this drivel----

"not advancing the progressive aims of reducing poverty, fighting inequality, and increasing general well-being".

"front line of the fight against poverty and inequality"

"in the fight against poverty, inequality, social breakdown and injustice"
All this in the first few minutes.
Oh Barf!! Oi Vey!! Puke!!

"Indeed, inequality is now at a record high"

And it goes on and on.
Equality, the yearning of the tyrant throughout the ages. One neck and all that.
Booze, Valium, Vicodin, anything to get to sleep.

19 November 2009 at 02:44  
Anonymous Jack said...

Sometimes, opposition is good.

19 November 2009 at 04:50  
Blogger D. Singh said...

My Lord Lavendon,

I think the lordships have only 32 mores days of sitting.

The general Election campaigns have begun - I am getting more and more gumf from Mr Eric Pickles.

19 November 2009 at 07:49  
Blogger D. Singh said...

Your Grace,

My strategy is working!

For 12 years the Liberal-left have used the tactic of guilt-by-association to smear the right-of-Centre:

‘Mr Cameron accused Gordon Brown of borrowing slogans ‘directly from the far right (sic) BNP with his pledge for “British jobs for British workers”,…’

But on the other-hand Mr Cameron cannot prevent British workers from being excluded from British jobs: the EU’s Posted (Temporary) Wokers Directive.

British politics is now framed by the parameters installed by EU law.

19 November 2009 at 07:58  
Blogger Dead Eye said...

False words from the righteous....their moral compass points to a different pole..

But the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who had performed the miraculous signs on his behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.

The rest of them were killed with the sword that came out of the mouth of the rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh.

19 November 2009 at 09:11  
Anonymous Knighthawk said...

The Equality Bill is another ruinous policy at taxpayers expense. Competitive Tendering will be deliberately skewed to socially engineer the workplace, with contracts awarded on the basis of ethnic employment practices rather than quality and value for money. “Never mind the Quality feel the Equality” would be an appropriate slogan for this piece of legislative lunacy.

19 November 2009 at 17:12  

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