Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Are we returning to a Tory-Liberal hegemony?

A few months ago, Cranmer said this General Election would be a two-horse race.

He was quite wrong.

Not only did he get the second horse wrong; in his zeal to do his bit to ensure a Cameron victory, he swatted Nick Clegg away like a flea.

Unlike His Holiness, His Grace is not infallible in any pronouncement. And he humbly apologises to his readers and communicants if he has given the appearance of compromising his customary acuity and erudition for the inane superficialities of party politics.

The polls have been all over the place. And the four out last night (Ispos Mori [marginal constituencies], Sun/YouGov, Opinium and ITN/ComRes) are all essentially in agreement that the Conservative Party is ahead (at 36% [marginals], 35%, 33%, 37%) with Labour and the Liberal Democrats squabbling over second place (at 36%-20% [Labour’s best by far], 28%-28%, 28%-27%, 29%-26%).

After Nick Clegg’s consummate, eloquent and confident performances in the three Leaders’ Debates, and with the announcement that even The Guardian has abandoned Gordon Brown for the shiny, ‘new’ Liberal Democrats, we may be returning to a Tory-Liberal hegemony: the era of Gladstone versus Disraeli; to the politics of Lloyd George and Chamberlain, Asquith and Churchill.

And it must be noted that Disraeli was a ‘One Nation’ Tory, while Churchill ratted to defect to the Liberal Party and then ‘re-ratted’ eventually to become Tory leader. Of course, today’s LibDems are but a pale reflection of Gladstone’s great Liberal Party. And Churchill would never have dreamed of defecting to the party presently led by Nick Clegg. And were Gladstone alive today, he would doubtless feel more at home in the Conservative Party, for there is a distinct liberal tradition within Conservatism which is often misunderstood; and although conservatism and liberalism are held in tension, they are not entirely mutually exclusive. It has been said that no one who has a heart can resist being a liberal and that no one who has a brain can avoid being a conservative.

So if you have a heart and a brain...

If the three-horse race does give way to two, it is between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats. It looks as though Labour are about to go down with their worst result in more than 90 years: they are braced for their most disastrous election showing since 1918. Gordon Brown is in mortal danger, threatened with performing worse than Michael Foot did in 1983's wipe-out, when he polled 27% of the vote.

Astonishingly, Labour’s Ed Balls is still encouraging Labour supporters to vote LibDem ‘in order to keep the Tories out’.

But the LibDem surge does not come as a result of the televised debates: it is quite wrong to suggest that David Cameron made a tactical error by agreeing to grant Nick Clegg equal billing with the two main parties. As Mike Smithson at PoliticalBetting has argued, the Lib Dem surge started way before the first debate: ICM had them at 27% in a poll whose fieldwork was mostly done before the debate started. Since they are usually ignored throughout the parliamentary term, the third party often get a bounce during an election campaign as they suddenly receive more coverage than usual from broadcasters who are obliged by law to grant them equal airtime.

If we are in a new Tory-LibDem era, unlike that of Gladstone and Disraeli, politics is no longer about policy or philosophy; it is not about conviction or oratory. This election is about performance, charisma and ‘box office’.

And Gordon Brown simply does not have it.

Political discourse is now encountered emotionally and intuitively as well as rationally. Thus politicians who can emote (Tony Blair, David Cameron, Barack Obama) are perceived as being markedly more successful than those who cannot (Gordon Brown, Michael Howard, George W Bush).

And Nick Clegg belongs well and truly in the ‘box office’ camp: he is an actor – every bit as award-winning as Tony Blair and David Cameron, and an entire Oscar better than Gordon Brown. There is no point casting a tedious dullard in a leading role: we are in an age which demands experienced thespians – Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Tony Blair, David Cameron.

And Nick Clegg.

And he will now continue to eclipse just about whoever succeeds Gordon Brown, be it David Miliband, Harriet Harman, Ed Balls, Jack Straw…

Only Alan Johnson has greater popular appeal.

As Nick Clegg manoeuvres for the top job, Labour might regret not taking Cranmer’s advice of more than a year ago to dump Gordon Brown for Alan Johnson.

This has nothing to do with policies, or reason, or even politics. It is simply about perception, popularity and feeling. For in the postmodern age of unreason, that is all that matters. While the rational politicos worry about policies and argue over manifestos, the overwhelming majority of the electorate vote more in accordance with how they feel than how they think. This is not subject to any discourse of reason.

And, in an age of unreason, let us consider for a moment what might happen if the Conservatives do not achieve an overall majority on Thursday and the Liberal Democrats come second:

As is the convention in the case of a hung parliament, the Queen will invite the incumbent prime minister to Buckingham Palace and ask if he can form a government.

Gordon Brown will say yes.

He will ask the Liberal Democrats to form a coalition ‘to keep the Tories out’.

Nick Clegg will say yes.

But he will have a price: having come second in the country (in the number of votes cast if not the number of seats attained), he will demand the head of Gordon Brown and seek himself to be named Prime Minister.

And while Labour enters a period of civil war to decide on Mr Brown's successor, we will be stuck with the first Liberal prime minister since Lloyd George.

Except that Nick Clegg is no Lloyd George, and neither is he a Liberal.

Just another centrist, pro-European, anti-State, anti-British, anti-individualist, socialist federalist.

May God preserve us.


Blogger JohnofEnfield said...

I'm a bit confused with "anti-state" being in the same list as "anti-individualist".

Perhaps that is your point.

4 May 2010 at 08:10  
Blogger Stephen said...

I'd suggest respectfully that calling Mr Clegg names (which is sadly what this article descends into) does us all a disservice.

To describe him in such plainly ridiculous terms suggests the desire to swipe him away is still controlling this writer.

49% of the British people still report that they would, despite everything, still prefer a Lib/ Lab or Lab Govt.

This kind of article conclusion belongs in the gutter press and seems to exemplify to me why conservatives are not currently sealing the deal with the people.

4 May 2010 at 08:46  
Blogger Anabaptist said...

Cranny '...humbly apologises to his readers and communicants if he has given the appearance of compromising his customary acuity and erudition for the inane superficialities of party politics.'

A nice apology, which presumably includes your irrational, tribal attachment to Cameron's Conservatives, and your immoral advice to vote for that which you agree is evil.

4 May 2010 at 08:53  
Blogger Jared Gaites said...

Yet more bollocks, but at least there is something of a confession here.

4 May 2010 at 09:06  
Blogger VotePeterShields.co.uk said...

I welcome Your Grace's apology but concur with Anabaptists post above.

50 years ago, 98% of votes cast went to lib/lab. Now only 70 do - a downward trend that will continue.

Things that are in ascendency: Not voting at all, spoiling your ballot paper, voting for the 3rd party, voting for a minor party/independent.

Blind Tribal allegiances to any party - including Your Grace's to Cameron's conservatives - are damaging to politics and to our nation.

People are realising that being a lemming is plain suicidal.

4 May 2010 at 09:12  
Blogger VotePeterShields.co.uk said...

Oops - I meant "lab/con" not "lib/lab" of course.

4 May 2010 at 09:14  
Blogger AncientBriton said...

>>Thus politicians who can emote (Tony Blair, David Cameron, Barack Obama) are perceived as being markedly more successful than those who cannot (Gordon Brown, Michael Howard, George W Bush).<<

Surely YG is not suggesting that it was only (Something of the night) Michael Howard's lack of charisma which prevented him from being more successful. Answer the question!

4 May 2010 at 09:54  
Anonymous graham Wood said...

The best recent recommendation and advice as to 'how to' vote is the following. See website below:

Dear Voter,

Those of you thinking how best to cast your vote in the General Election may be as appalled and intrigued by the possibilities

Our country is in terrible trouble. More than a decade of socialism has been a disaster, and there is no alternative on the horizon. None of the three main parties want Britain to be an independent, self-governing nation of responsible and inspiring people with a government grounded in Judeo-Christian ethics of honesty, promise-keeping, democratic decision-making and compassion.

They all think we should remain in the EU to be governed by unelected and frequently corrupt bureaucrats. They will not stand behind race-blind employment. They will not have a real scientific debate about 'man-made' global warming. They will not defend free speech and free association. They are not willing to reform an education system that neither educates nor makes children happy. They will not oppose a tidal wave of immigration that now amounts to an invasion. They continue to oppress us with ruinous debts and heavy taxes while enlarging the size of an interfering, undemocratic government. They continue to encourage the Marxist ideology that manipulates and warps our institutions and society.

I would urge you to vote for any candidate other than those standing with Lib-Dem, Conservative or Labour rosettes. We all know that Labour and the Lib-Dems are keen to destroy Britain’s independence and Christian heritage, but are the Conservatives any better?

Those of you who vote may feel that you have to vote Tory as the best chance of defeating the Lib-Dem candidate. May I remind you that voting Tory is supporting David Cameron, the man who gave us a 'cast-iron' promise that we would have a referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty and then complacently broke his pledge. In so doing he spat in all our faces. You also will be voting for the party that falsely led us into the EU and forced the Maastricht Treaty on Parliament.

To vote for any of the three major parties is to vote for the continued destruction of our country. You have an alternative.

A vote that goes to any party but the three main parties is likely to be a vote for freedom and independence. Will it get the party's candidate into Parliament? Perhaps not. It will be a strong signal that you will not eat the crusts of slavery.

I salute all of you who are working to defend Britain against the stealthy and ruthless assaults made against her and against us who are her people.


4 May 2010 at 10:00  
Anonymous graham Wood said...

A riposte to Cameron's 'Contract With Britain'
When Mr Cameron published his last contract in the form of a “cast iron” guarentee of a referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty/constitution, the other party to the contract, that is the potential voters of the UK, found that it had been peremptorily broken, unilaterally, and without prior notice or consultation with them. ( A contract is usually a two way arrangement and normally only severed by mutual consent.)
Since the contract had everything to do with the electorate having a vital say in the matter of the governance of their country its breach continues to be an issue of huge importance.
Even at this stage in the electoral campaign no satisfactory explanation has been offered or apology given for this deceitful action by Mr Cameron, and any reference to the broken contract has been conspicuous by its absence. It is as if it never existed.
Millions of voters have not forgotten this duplicitous denial of their basic democratic rights, and will call it to remembrance at polling booths all over the UK.
Mr Cameron promised in the last contract “The final reason we must have a vote (on Lisbon) is trust” (Speech published in the Sun Newspaper Sept. 2007)
So, as you suggest in your new “Contract between the Conservative Party” and the electorate, they should use the Contract to hold the Party to account if “we don’t deliver our side of the bargain”
Your suggestion has been taken.
As the contract has been broken, and as the trust no longer exists, I will hold you to account and accordingly place my vote with another party on May 6th.

4 May 2010 at 10:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are we returning to a Tory-Liberal hegemony?

No, Your Grace.

A 'Tory-Liberal' hegemony would never persecute Christians in this country.

We, at least temporarily, are about to witness a Conservative-Lib-Dem coalition continue with the laws (civil and criminal) that are used to persecute us.

First the pain; then the gain.

It is likely that Great Britain and Northern Ireland will experience the greatest conversion to Christianity recorded for centuries.

I await Scotland to experience earth tremors. They will be a 'shaking' (a physical sign) - and then it will begin.

4 May 2010 at 10:21  
Anonymous Shona said...

I am totally confused. Everyday you slate liberalism on this blog and have joyously mocked the Lib Dems for their commitment to liberalism. And now you say it is what you believe when you follow your heart? Political expediency at its worst!

Many people of faith have found their political home in progressive liberalism and others have found it in traditional conservatism and we need to be honest about where we fall. Although I disagree with your conservative position and the way you use yours and my faith to pursue a right wing agenda I could not fault you for being honest, but no longer

4 May 2010 at 10:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4 May 2010 at 11:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The liberalism of Gladstone is different to the liberalism of Clegg.

The conservatism of Disraeli is entirely different from the conservatism of Cameron.

There is 'one' issue in history that I think reveals all this: it is the issue of slavery.

For example, the Lib-Dems (liberalism) have a pro-oppressive agendum today.

4 May 2010 at 11:04  
Anonymous Graham Davis said...

Cranmer said....

And, in an age of unreason....

I’d love to know when “golden age” of reason was?

4 May 2010 at 12:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Davis

Asked, 'I’d love to know when “golden age” of reason was?'

Mr Davis why do you presume there was a 'golden age' of reason?

Tell us?

4 May 2010 at 12:18  
Anonymous bluedog said...

Your Grace, a masterly analysis of the situation on the eve of the Election. No-one could have forseen Brown's utter ineptitude on the hustings, and he must be cursing his failure of nerve in not calling an election in Autumn of 2007. Brown would have won easily, there was no competition.

Clegg shows no sign of fully mastering his brief, and whilst superficially impressive he may prove easily manipulated within a Coalition, if it comes to that.

Mr Graham Davis asks 'I’d love to know when “golden age” of reason was?'

And your birthday, Sir, was what year?

4 May 2010 at 12:33  
Blogger Dreadnaught said...

I'm warming to Cameron. He strikes me as a politician and a man who may offer the only credible embodiment of a national leader that is currently on offer.

But I don't think I can give my vote to the Conservative Party. We have witnessed over the last 30 years the slow death of our trust in democracy as we knew it and post war baby-boomers like my self; really have had the best years in our county’s long history.

Thatcher sold our national silverware to big business while demonising the concept of 'Society' as anathema to 'freedom and choice' and sold our manufacturing base in to penury to globalisation and external ownership.

Blair and Brown committed us to incalculably costly and unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They sold our gold reserves at give-away prices. Abandoned our traditional national identity, historical borders and freedom to speak and think freely without undue fear from litigation. They made Patriotism indistinguishable from overt racism.

Lib-Dems will take us further into the sticky web of the ever expanding EU and have us assume the posture of supine dhimmitude to the Middle-Eastern petro-dollars of the ultra conservative Sates such as Saudi Arabia.

Our capacity to survive as a world player in global politics or even our capacity for self regulated destiny is a shadow of what it used to be.

We kid ourselves about the myth of Britannia ruling the waves - while in reality France continues to waive the rules - and get away with it. It is the old enemy France, who is instant on pushing European boundaries to Iran and Iraq and regains its political presence on the world stage. But hey! Who amongst the big three gives a shit?

Few people under forty really give a damn about politics or politicians. They probably are unaware of the existence and cost or worth to us as an almost bankrupt nation, of the British Commonwealth; and even more so of its historical and post colonial relevance. Not to mention its culpability in the unintended but long term re-shaping of our national identity, character and conscience.

Britain's legacy of global influence in the past and our so called 'special' relationship with the US have passed into history and we are in too deep in Eurabia to pull out to any meaningful benefits.

In short the Country is fucked - from left, right or centre, it is fucked. So as far as I am concerned it doesn't really matter who wins this now dodgy looking election, nothing much will change, we will still be playing host to thieves, charlatans and chancers, while the rest of the world dictates our fortunes.

4 May 2010 at 12:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



4 May 2010 at 13:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In general Conservative MPs seeking re-election stand to gain most from the move and Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs least based on past voting records. However amongst those candidates who have actually made the pledge 82 are Liberal Democrat, 66 Conservative and 24 Labour. Westminster 2010 is not party political but concerned solely with conscience issues.

Bishop Nazir Ali said today, ‘No party or candidate is perfect and many Christians are increasingly disillusioned with politics in the wake of the expenses scandal, the economic recession, loss of respect for marriage and family, a raft of policies that have marginalized vulnerable people and recent court decisions that have cost ordinary Christians their jobs. Many have lost faith in the main political parties. I am urging Christians to consider voting for those candidates who are most likely to uphold Christian values and freedoms and who have a realistic chance of winning in Thursday’s election.’

With six million regular church-attendees in Britain, on average almost 10,000 per parliamentary constituency, the move has real potential to have a significant impact on who is elected in what is promising to be a close-run election.

4 May 2010 at 13:28  
Anonymous bluedog said...

That's a bit depressing, Dreadnaught.

With the right leadership the situation can be restored. For a start the economy is really picking up, see the growth in exports announced today. The collapse of sterling will trigger continued resurgence in manufacturing and in time businesses will re-hire, thus increasing tax receipts and reducing the deficit. On the subject of which the figures are quite exciting.

Under Gordon Brown the state's share of GDP is 50%, and the deficit is 10%, to keep the math simple. So to eliminate the budget deficit by cutting government spending requires government outlays to be cut be 20%. Ouch.

As six million inhabitants of the UK are on benefits already, Dave is going to have to be very careful, and there are clear risks to social cohesion in what needs to be done.

However, those six million have either got to become productive or they have to be sent home before the UK finally does go broke, its as simple as that.

The UK retains enormous strengths, its people speak various forms of English, it has world-class businesses and brand names, it is a leader in the provision of a wide range of services in law, banking and finance, its technology is world class etcetera, etcetera. Most importantly it is at the western extremity of the Eurasian land-mass, so all trade with the Americas out of Europe goes past the front door. Why get depressed?

4 May 2010 at 13:34  
Blogger Gnostic said...

I shall be tactically voting for UKIP because none of the so called Big Three (a plague on all their houses) represent anything vaguely conservative I can believe in.

4 May 2010 at 13:54  
Anonymous Graham Davis said...

Mr Singh

Cranmer writes.... in an age of unreason.... that comment presumes there must have been an age of reason

4 May 2010 at 14:40  
Anonymous Graham Davis said...

In the light of Dreadnought’s depressing analysis......

Some months ago I considered starting a Spoil Your Vote Website but then decided against it. I wish now that I had persisted as spoiled votes are counted and if linked to a publicised campaign they could have been the natural place for a protest vote.

4 May 2010 at 14:49  
Anonymous philip walling said...

Mr Dreadnaught,

You're right about the 'baby-boomers' having had the best of it - the most spoiled generation in the history of the world - but they have no right to condemn their children and grandchildren to a dismal future because they selfishly hoard all the fruits of their good luck and refuse their descendants any opportunities for the future.

There is no alternative but to vote Conservative; David Cameron has done as well as any man could have done against an almost unassailable prejudice against the Conservative party and conservative values.
Any more of Labour or, Heaven forfend, the L-Ds, and this country will be fucked, as you so felicitously put it, and you might as well pack your bags and you won't need to bother turning off the lights - they'll go off shortly after next Thursday.

4 May 2010 at 15:53  
Blogger Dreadnaught said...

Yup - Depressing it is.

P Walling said:-
...'baby-boomers' having had the best of it - the most spoiled generation in the history of the world...

Probably due to the sacrifices made for this Country by our parents and relatives who did not come through the war.

I served the interests this Country for 22years in the military and have paid my dues and taxes all my civilian working life.

Just what fruits of my 'good luck' do you think I am selfishly hoarding? or are you simply talking crap as usual.

...no right to condemn their children and grandchildren etc...

Which I certainly don't and have not done; furthermore, I resent your unintelligent and unfounded implication. I don't speak for anyone but myself so please do the same and keep your suggestions to yourself.

I don't owe this Country a penny - unlike almost all of the outgoing Members of Parliament.

4 May 2010 at 17:01  
Blogger Dreadnaught said...


Just having a bad hair day I'm sure, but thanks for your show of optimism. I would not feel so down about the short term future if any of the main-stream parties showed just an inkling of understanding of the mess this Country is in, let alone how to sort it out.

Nu-Labour should be put against the wall and shot as all traitors should for what they have done to my Country.

4 May 2010 at 17:11  
Anonymous not a machine said...

Hung , hedgemoney only word missing is hiddeous .

I suppose the Lib Dems are touting they are new and different , but are they what we really want ??

A little pooch needing some love or a euro socialist backed party intent on marxist corporatist rule .

It is said that politics is a practicle profession and yet there or some things which we expect our polticians to defend no matter what . I can only hope that the conservatives have a majority government and that they set out upon the long journey of putting the UK on a better footing . The EU is looking like a bad deal , I do not wish to be in it or run by it .I want less poltics and cost and a party that understands the power of self rule in a connected world , where we as a nation know who we are and how/why we achieved so much .

The lib dems have at there heart somthing un british and secular , there outline of change will finish off everything I love and value , about being british and a christian country with church and state linked , under a monarch .

No one has yet shown me a country with a president that cost less , being less corrupt or has faired better or kept the good it has tendered over the centuries still functioning with common wheal for all to drink from .

This election i hope is not so much the need for replacing a tired government , but one that puts down a political marker that we know who we are as a people and value the hertitage of our countries long efforts and struggles to make a christian society .

4 May 2010 at 17:19  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Dont't worry your Grace, you are a reincarnate martyr, and not the Delphic Oracle. Were you so, you wouldn't have to bother with all this; but could be soothed, and fanned, by vestal virgins (sorry, mixing my 'temples' here!) bearing gin-slings and sundry ambrosia.
After all, who could possibly second-guess any of this?


The Lib-dems are rather more than a ''...pale reflection of Gladstone's great Liberal Party'' they are a dangerous rag-bag of extremes, containing elements of every nasty 'ism' that has ever existed.

They are not to be seen as being the 'middle' of anything.

Whatever ground they bestride, it is decidedly not the centre!

They are not, as they would have us believe, a kindly compromise between 'right' and 'left' .... elements of the Lib-Dems are positively Trotskyite. Whilst others are, ostensibly, well-meaning tree-huggers, compost-makers and recyclers of aluminium cans.

The whole crazy Lib-Dem shebang is seemingly intent upon massive tinkering with the structure, and foundation of our Parliamentary democracy.

They are a party of the incompatible: a blowsy ill-conceived alliance of neo-Bolsheviks, animal-rights refugees, and misguided Benthamites; all liberally sprinkled with 'do-gooders' and erstwhile social-reformers. They are not so much a 'party' as a morass. A sink-hole of many horrors.

A winning vote for Clegg would be an entry into the realm of ''Alice in Wonderland, with alternate possibilities!

Do NOT drink from that bottle!

4 May 2010 at 17:26  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Dreadnaught at 17.11

I would prefer that they should hang. 'Shooting' smacks too much of the Bolshevic...we must always, I believe, look to the social-niceties of these things; don't you think?

However, in all seriousness, I could not agree more, with your general point of view.

If every traitor, would-be dictator, rapscallion and rogue, from the whole history of our Isles, were gathered-up together, they would not amount to the travesty of this Blair-Brown balls-up of a monumental mess!

4 May 2010 at 17:40  
Blogger Dreadnaught said...

Cheers Oswin!

This is what depresses me about the state of British politics

The Conservatives last night withdrew a leaflet targeted at Muslims that claimed Labour was complicit in "a whole saga of atrocities" in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon….

…The leaflet suggested: "If you want to see an end to unnecessary and very expensive wars, shedding of innocent blood and save Britain from bankruptcy, vote for your Conservative candidate


4 May 2010 at 17:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The polls are not allowing for Postman Pak and his black and shiite cats voting fraud.

Having a liberal heart would make you passionate about libertarian freedoms.

Liberal politics does not add up to the same thing.

To have a conservative mind would make you thoughtful and considerate for the history, heritage and values we once held in common.

The 'One Nation' that shared those things, is no more, so all that is left is a sort of senile flash of memory, a trick of the mind in which you live out your last days in a solitary dribbling delusion.

A sort of sana'tory'um

Signed: Imogen Tolman

4 May 2010 at 18:12  
Anonymous len said...

I believe Britain started to go into decline in 1939. In 1939, Great Britain reneged on the Balfour Declaration by issuing the White Paper, which stated that creating a Jewish state was no longer a British policy. It was also Great Britain's change in policy toward Palestine, especially the White Paper, that prevented millions of European Jews to escape from Nazi-occupied Europe to Palestine.

Numbers 24:5-9: Verse 9 in Amplified Bible "...Blessed (of God) is he who blesses you (who prays for and contributes to your welfare) and cursed (of God) is he who curses you (who in word, thought, or deed would bring harm upon you). In Joel 3:2, God says He will judge the nations for two things: One for their treatment of His people the Jews, and two, because they divided His land.

For over two hundred years we have been in positions of world influence, and increasing national prosperity. While far from perfect and often misused, colonial rule increased wealth and brought stability to those nations - conditions which existed neither before nor since.

Yet we have forsaken the Giver - the one who gives us the power to get wealth (Deut 8:17-20).

As long as there was respect for the God of the Christian Bible, while He was proclaimed as "our God", to the extent we based our laws on His Word - then we were hedged around. God gave us many famous victories over our enemies. Men of wisdom and renown flourished in every aspect of society.

Now, we are increasingly in servitude to foreign domination. Strangers write - and impose - our laws. The British Parliament is the lap-dog of undemocratic and unelected officials beyond our shores. Waving the banner of liberality and equality, laws that degrade and undermine society are imposed behind closed doors.

Above all, we will be judged for despising the Creator and His revealed religion. Our national decline has coincided with - and been caused by - our progressive rejection of The Word of God.

His Grace says "God preserve us"
He would if we would let him!

4 May 2010 at 18:37  
Anonymous Mark Blades said...

I was living abroad in 1997 when I watched the pictures beaming through about the death of Princess Diana.

I couldn't believe my eyes. These people, weeping and wailing like banshees at a Middle Eastern funeral, were my fellow countrymen and women. I suddenly felt Stateless, like I didn't belong anywhere anymore.

That same feeling is enveloping me again [actually, it's repeated every time the country votes for the Labour Party]. But, this time, is it really possible that BRITISH people are going to vote for Nick Clegg? The UK and the Lib Dems? Garlic bread? Garlic and BREAD?

I don't know about Stateless, the whole universe doesn't make much sense anymore.

4 May 2010 at 18:37  
Anonymous no nonny said...

Dear God, what a nightmare.

Our own ggnorant brainwashed children voting for a hollow mask and their own demise - or so the media tell us, in their rush to compound our demoralization.

Rampant corruption and fixing of the vote (everybody knowing it was going to happen, nobody taking steps to prevent it).

And the iron boot of a foreign power, the euSSR, clunking down on us even as its exective appendage bleeds us dry by taxation.

And I used to be proud and glad to be British.

Lord have mercy on us all.

wv: crispo. Nice.

4 May 2010 at 19:13  
Anonymous Mikec said...

If the electorate want 'cuddly TV teddy bears' to rule them and take their money from them at the behest of the Benelux Barons, what can we do about it but pack our bags and leave for the sun.

Marxism + Corporatism = Nazism

The only difference between the two parties was who owns the means of production.

See Rae's website at

Especially 'Hitler was a Socialist'

4 May 2010 at 19:32  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Mark Blades 18.37 - yes I know, I know, I know! (imagine Sybil Fawlty) I share your disgust on both/all counts!

no nonny 19.13 - I have a hidden bunker, and sandwiches! Make for the hills now!

Bred in the bone 18.12 - you may come too; but bring extra sandwiches!

My eighteen year old daughter informs me that the majority of her 'first time' voting, fellow sixth-formers, are going with Clegg! This is even worse than it seems, as prior to this change, most of them were reassuringly somewhere to the 'right' of Attila the Hun...many favouring UKIP or even the BNP! However, my own spawn assures me that she ain't going sully the old family escutcheon...she is too fond of sandwiches perhaps?

We live in interesting times!

4 May 2010 at 19:40  
Blogger Jared Gaites said...

Two days to go ladies and gentlemen (and D.Singh). I have purchased a bottle of port that will be devoured if the Tories get slaughtered, or smashed if they get voted into government.......I can hardly wait!

4 May 2010 at 20:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Grace said
"It has been said that no one who has a heart can resist being a liberal and that no one who has a brain can avoid being a conservative."
The late Bernard Levin, in his Thatcherite years said of Conservative backbenchers that if you lined them up and threw coconuts at them it would be half an hour before one of them noticed the difference.
Most of the brainy people tend to join the socialists. Most of those with above average intelligence have a false view that the world can be reconstructed after their own design. In reality they never fully appreciate the complexity of economic reality, nor what complex beings individuals are.

4 May 2010 at 20:56  
Blogger Dreadnaught said...

No point in wasting a decent Port JG, devour it whatever the outcome, then get slaughtered and smashed yourself. Can't loose can ya - Chin-chin!

4 May 2010 at 20:56  
Blogger David Wheeler said...

Good stuff - even if no-one else is listening.

David Wheeler.

4 May 2010 at 22:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just teriible. Tonight's polls are still indicating a hung parliament.

This is the most important General Election in a generation.

Vote for the lesser of two evils: vote Conservative.

4 May 2010 at 22:48  
Anonymous Voyager said...

I believe Britain started to go into decline in 1939.

Hardly. 1914 perhaps when the British Empire became an instrument of French foreign policy and dragged Britain into the first of two world wars bankrupting Britain so that 30% Government Spending between the wars was Debt interest and France unleashed a European currency crisis in 1931 de-stabilising Britain and Germany.

Britain was strong when France was its enemy and weakest when France was its "ally"

5 May 2010 at 05:57  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Voyager at 05.57

''Britain was strong when France was its enemy and weakest when France was its ally''

And now we are selling the Port Of Dover to the swine!!!!!

5 May 2010 at 18:44  
Anonymous len said...

Britain, allied to France by a more loosely worded treaty which placed a "moral obligation" upon her to defend France, declared war against Germany on 4 August 1914. Her reason for entering the conflict lay in another direction: she was obligated to defend neutral Belgium by the terms of a 75-year old treaty. With Germany's invasion of Belgium on 4 August, and the Belgian King's appeal to Britain for assistance, Britain committed herself to Belgium's defence later that day. Like France, she was by extension also at war with Austria-Hungary.

5 May 2010 at 19:03  
Anonymous len said...

So perhaps all roads lead to Belgium?

5 May 2010 at 19:05  
Anonymous Jeremy smyles said...

Could Nick Clegg become leader of the Tory Party? For more comment see; http://torypartyflushed.blogspot.com . Page 23

26 May 2010 at 17:13  

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