Monday, September 27, 2010

New Road to Serfdom - Daniel Hannan

Just as His Grace was wondering what to put on his Christmas list*, Daniel Hannan MEP announces the publication of his new book The New Road to Serfdom.

Buy it, read it, meditate upon it day and night (especially if you're American).

His Grace does not usually judge a book by its cover, but anything from the keyboard of Dan Hannan is sufficient unto religio-political salvation.

*His Grace will not really be waiting until Christmas to read this and neither does he compile a list of required gifts.


Blogger Anabaptist said...

I'll probably read the book. But no further comments from me for a time. I'm off to Italy to enjoy some warm air and Chianti.

By the way (from a previous thread), if anyone is interested in following up the Christendom/Constantinian question, in addition to the books recommended by Graham Wood, I would add 'Post Christendom' by Stuart Murray. In print and an excellent read.


27 September 2010 at 19:24  
Blogger Preacher said...

Enjoy your break Anabaptist, safe journey.
Other books of interest about the Constantine connection are: "How the church lost the way" & "How the church lost the truth" both by Steve Maltz. I'll await a review on Dan Hannan's book from your good self Dr Cranmer, but I hope it's before Christmas!

27 September 2010 at 19:53  
Anonymous Anguished Soul said...

Currently on my Christmas list is Jacob Prasch's new book, The Dilemma of Laodicea. Available from his website.

I look forward to reading Dan Hannan's book too, Your Grace, if only to read a little truth. Politicians are usually only interested in preaching the opposite!

Happy Feast of Tabernacles, by the way. It is the Lord's birthday, when he was tabernacled amongst us. Amen.

27 September 2010 at 20:27  
Anonymous not a machine said...

Wonder if Mr Barroso has a rival publication " This way for tickets to surfdom"

To anon on earlier post John at papmos. Thankyou for that , I hadnt thought that the tabernacle that moses laid out had later signifcance , and the remark on there only being the certainity of death outside the Garden of eden is also interesting , although it does say there is a tree of life in the garden . It must also mean that christ is the son of the father and so we go from the creation and fall to being sons/daughters via old and new testaments , but then the perception requires imagination derived from the bible , so perhaps we are a sort of manifest reality of a supreme imagining

28 September 2010 at 02:02  
Anonymous PJ said...

Have a good holiday Anabaptist. My views of that period are now challenged and will require some more research, which should give me some new insights. Thank you. As to Dan Hannan's new book, looks like a good read, but didn't James Delingpole write something similar?

28 September 2010 at 03:04  
Blogger Graham Davis said...

Being a Euro skeptic is not enough, simply try being a skeptic and challenge all received “wisdom” (including political and religious dogma).

However this promises to be an interesting read but has the European situation any relevance for the USA? There is a strong vein of right wing/christian politics in the states (that brought the Bush the younger to power), exemplified by Palin and now being satirised by the Tea Party movement (surely they cannot be serious). It mixes the “good ol’ boy” neighbourliness and cronyism of small town America, Christian “values”, self reliance and a complete ignorance of the outside world.

If Hannan thinks that Obama’s health care reforms are about to turn the USA into the USSRA then he is exaggerating. And anyway shouldn’t Christian values welcome the extension of health care to millions of poor Americans who presently are without it? It always strikes me as curious that those who are most opposed to any policies that help the poor are American Christians, so much for charity.

The federal system in the US is mature and unlikely to copy any of the mistakes that are present in the EU which after all is the new kid on the block. There is little likelihood of US policy being made “offshore” as it is in Europe and after all they all speak the same language.

As for the centralisation of power, despite conservative claims otherwise, no government is wholly committed to this once they hold power. But at least in the US the States can raise taxes and compete with each other which give them a measure of devolution (essential in such a large country).

So what’s the problem?

28 September 2010 at 09:39  
Anonymous Miserable Sinner said...

Obamacare is unconstitutional, as it MANDATES that people purchase a service from an insurance company. Loopholes will be available for religious objectors, which I am told will include everybody from the Amish to the Muslims. Nevertheless, the hospitals will still be required to treat the Amish and the Muslims.

There has always been healthcare for the poor in America. I have been poor and uninsured for years, and yet a few years ago, I stayed in a hospital (private room) for two weeks and had major surgery. The bill was $40,000+, which was waived because I was unemployed and uninsured.

If America didn't receive 1.5 million destitute immigrants each year, there wouldn't be nearly so many uninsured, nor would there be as many unemployed, underemployed, and underpaid. Obamacare will be a magnet for millions more people will serious illnesses and no insurance, since it would be racist/xenophobic to turn somebody down just because they only arrived yesterday.

Obamacare was written piecemeal by hundreds of different people, and contains dozens of "perverse incentive" and "moral hazard" type problems. One of the biggest of these allows people to pay the $2000 fine for being uninsured each year until they develop a serious health problem, at which point the insurance company is REQUIRED to sell them a policy even though it is obvious that they will immediately cost the company far more than they will ever pay in premiums. This bill will KILL the health insurance industry.

Healthcare in America has some serious issues, but Obamacare is not the answer.

29 September 2010 at 03:08  
Anonymous theyenguy said...

Daniel Hannan, warns against global governance; but I believe that out of the European Sovereign Debt Crisis, a global sovereign and a global seignior will arise to power.

Philip Aldrick of the Telegraph reports that Mr Strauss-Kahn criticised Europe’s disjointed response to the eurozone sovereign debt banking crisis after Germany and other states resisted his calls for bolder action on Tuesday December 7, 2010 warning that "piecemeal" fixes would not work and a "comprehensive" solution is needed.

Germany and France are pushing for an EU summit the week ending December 17, 2010, to approve a proposed treaty change that would allow debt-stricken euro zone states to make an orderly default, with private sector bondholders sharing losses on a case-by-case basis. However eurozone finance ministers did not agree on any new action this week to stop the crisis, making investors wary.

I note that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has given “the clarion call” for a comprehensive solution to the European Financial Institution, Sovereign Debt Symbiosis Crisis.

I believe the Strauss-Kahn call for a comprehension solution will go unanswered.

A catastrophe is coming out of rising sovereign debt interest rates, as well out of further global competitive currency devaluations at the hands of the currency traders, resulting in a financial market place implosion, the European Financial Institutions, EUFN, will fall quickly falling in value, taking the entire global financial system down, resulting in Götterdämmerung, an investment flame out, bringing forth a new age.

And the accompanying rise to power of a Sovereign-Chancellor, Revelation 13:5-10, such as Angela Merkel or Herman van Rompuy or John Redwood; and also a Seignior-Banker, Revelation, 13:11-17, such as Wolfgang Schäuble, or Olli Rehn, or Jean-Claude Trichet, or Gordon Brown, with fiscal sovereignty to control deficit spending, enforce internal country devaluations, provide a common EU Treasury for both taxation and transfer payments, assure mutual guarantees of the EU debt, and as Timothy Geithner called for, implement unified regulation of banking globally. All seigniorage, both credit and fiscal will come and go through the Seignior, who will make decisions on where money is spent.

I provide much, much more comment on the linked article: A Seignior Will Arise To Provide Seigniorage

15 December 2010 at 17:00  

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