Friday, December 10, 2010

England’s shame

This shocking, unedifying and rather disturbing picture has circled the world: the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are clearly terrorised; the windows of their Rolls Royce is smashed and the car has been splattered with paint. The Heir to the Throne and his Consort appear to be in fear for their lives in what could have been a rather bloody revolution: the Home Secretary Theresa May has some awkward questions to answer. One student was heard to shout “Off with their heads!”, and it was sheer folly for Royal protection officers not to have prepared for such a serious incident on a day of known student protests. Coming so soon after the unpreparedness of the Met when the baying mob besieged the Conservative Party’s Headquarters, policing heads indeed ought to roll.

Students daub the walls of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs with profanities, expletives and the slogan ‘Make The Rich Pay’: they undoubtedly feel hard done by that their further education will no longer be ‘free’, and it suits them to perpetuate the myth that they are all worse off, oblivious to the fact that the poorest students will pay less than they do now, and that presently the poorest in society subsidise the degrees of all students through general taxation. But students are not concerned with such inconvenient facts.

The mob sets fire to the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square; an annual gift since 1947 from the people of Norway in appreciation of British support of Norway during the Second World War. When Norway was invaded by German forces in 1940, King Haakon VII escaped to Britain and a Norwegian exile government was set up in London. To many Norwegians, London came to represent the spirit of freedom, inspiration and hope of liberation. The tree has become a symbol of the close and warm relationship between the people of Britain and Norway. Norwegians are happy and proud that this token of their friendship - probably the most famous Christmas tree in the world - seems to have become so much a part of Christmas for Londoners. But ignorant students know nothing of this, and they care even less.

They beat police horses with sticks and hurl missiles at them, as though these terrified animals were somehow to blame for Coalition agreement and the resulting legislation. These devoted creatures are loyal in their duties and faithful in their service to man: and they are given no choice. ‘A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel’ (Prov 12:10). But these students don’t give a damn about the suffering of animals. They care only about themselves, their self-interest, their egoism.

Urinating against the statue of Winston Churchill perhaps sums up the anarchic mentality. These students have no respect for one of our greatest wartime leaders and the man who, in the search for the Greatest Briton, was proclaimed ‘The Greatest of Them All’. So revered and respected was he that his state funeral saw one of the largest assemblages of statesmen in the history of the world. He was the first person ever to become an Honorary Citizen of the United States, and was honoured in 1953 with the Nobel Prize in Literature. Churchill College, Cambridge was founded in 1958 to memorialise him, but students don’t care much about that.

It is one thing to terrorise the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall;
It is one thing to daub the walls of Government buildings with graffiti;
It is one thing to set fire to the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square;
It is one thing to inflict pain and suffering upon devoted animals;
It is one thing to urinate against the statue of Winston Churchill;

But it is quite another to desecrate the Cenotaph; the nation’s memorial to The Glorious Dead; to those who died in order that these students might be free to speak their mind, to assemble with their colleagues and protest for their cause.

By tearing down the Union Flag and senselessly swinging like apes from this monument to the sacred memory of the sacrifice of millions, the primitive protestors have forfeited their right to be heard in civil society. The NUS must condemn this sacrilege; they must abhor the violent disorder; they must reject the anarchy of the minority and repudiate acts of vandalism and terrorism.

And so must university chancellors, vice chancellors, lecturers and teachers.

Protests are only effective when moral reason is maintained and national sympathies are aroused. They are won only when they satisfy the common, collective interests of the people as a whole. Those who desire fairness and justice must respect the rights of others for peace and the rule of law. The revolutionaries must tolerate the patriots: those who seek change must acknowledge those who desire to maintain the status quo, for such is the social contract demanded by liberal democracy. Harm must be balanced with care; fairness with reciprocity. There must be space for sanctity and respect for authority.

One might expect England’s élite intellects to realise and understand this.

Shamefully, they do not.


Blogger Sam Norton said...

Well said.

10 December 2010 at 09:01  
Anonymous Aled said...

An effective condemnation of yesterday's anarchy in London, YG. When I was a student in London, there was a law against all demonstrations within 1 mile of the Palace of Westminster. There was also a Riot Act. Why has anarchy been allowed to reign in the heart of London over the past few months?

10 December 2010 at 09:16  
Anonymous gladiolys said...

I agree with you about the Cenotaph. An inappropriate target for this particular demonstration, but, sadly, I bet the idiots who decided to vent their anger on it do not even recognise or understand its significance.

However, I live in central London. Student demonstrators passed the top of my street en masse. They were good natured. I've been here through Mayday rioting, G8 summits etc. All the time governance happens here, demonstrations will happen here. It is part of the environment and that is as it should be. A few smashed windows and a bit of graffiti daubing is hardly the downfall of western civilisation.

And having your car splattered is surely a small price to pay for being an unelected heir to the head of state., with enormous wealth, little responsibility and a protected species habitat and lifestyle. I wonder if he even knew what the protests were about.

And I wonder, how many more demonstrators were injured than police and if that says anything at all? Just curious. I don't believe either side is completely in the right or wrong. There will always be tension when politics tries to take things away from people (whether it is in the best interests of the majority to do so, or not) and I'd rather see a stroppy group of malcontents than a quiescent herd of bleating sheep.

10 December 2010 at 09:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gladiolys, well said. Why should the privileged elite be immune from exposure to the justifiable anger of others less privileged than themselves?

I think kettling is part of the problem. If protesters are allowed to protest, then frustration at not being allowed to do so would be less likely to boil over into violence.

10 December 2010 at 09:29  
Blogger Graham Davis said...

Well said Cranmer.

Clearly these “students” know so little of the history of their country and the sacrifices that so many have made to give them the freedoms that they now “enjoy”. The obvious conclusion is that too many people want to go to university who do not have the intelligence to benefit from it.

10 December 2010 at 09:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely, nobody should be surprised. We’ve just had thirteen years of Labour ‘indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination’. The liberal left have for several decades now taught the young to respect only themselves, other cultures and material possessions whilst simultaneously denigrating our nation’s history and achievements. Until our political elite put this country and its people first things will only get worse, much, much worse. You reap what you sow.

10 December 2010 at 09:42  
Blogger remac said...

I wonder what the current penalty for treason is?

I worked for a university for a few years and I have a son and son-in-law who are graduates. My acquired knowledge of student life is that it is relatively easy, lazy, indulgent and hedonistic.

Several years hard work in the real world should precede all forms of higher education, then knowledge will be acquired in the context of wisdom.

10 December 2010 at 09:52  
Anonymous Jim said...

I have absolutely no doubt that the students involved wouldn't have a clue as to the historical significance of the Cenotaph, or even who Winston Churchill is. I know plenty of young people through playing cricket, and their ignorance is a) astounding, and b) frightening. And these are not youngsters from the inner cities. Solid middle England country towns.

It is not their fault as such, it is the fault of the fellow travellers who have created such an education system.

10 December 2010 at 09:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd think this was well written if it didn't smack of someone who had a sense of entitlement.

The fact they were protesting in the first place was due to the disproportinate rise (in line with inflation) to the fees as opposed to chasing the many billions of taxes that have been ignored by a weak willed, fraudulent and egotistical Government. These protests are part of a 13 year pent up anger that was caused by feckless previous administration and was released by what we have now.
By resting on our laurels and only pointing out what the few did then we are becoming lapdogs once again as opposed to standing up for ourselves. We are Britain and we are not a capitalist state as much as people seem to want.

10 December 2010 at 10:01  
Blogger Graham Davis said...

remac said...

My acquired knowledge of student life is that it is relatively easy, lazy, indulgent and hedonistic.

I agree. The amount of lecturer contact time is derisible and many 3 year courses could be compressed into 2 if both students and staff upped their work rate.

10 December 2010 at 10:05  
Anonymous John Hayward said...

This is but a foretaste of the anarchy foreseen by politics professor Dale Kuehne...

10 December 2010 at 10:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the rise in fees was first mooted, I was in full sympathy with the students. By their loutish behaviour they have forfeited that sympathy! In protesting, there is no need to vandalise, destroy and trash property! The news clips of the university 'sit-in' demos show a complete disregard for property. The present generation of students, along with their leaders need to get real.

10 December 2010 at 10:12  
Anonymous obviouslyanonymous said...

Your grace,

It is indeed deplorable that some rioters have defaced the Cenotaph. You are also right to draw a distinction between it and the other damaged locations.

In a debate that should be motivated by a philosophical and intellectual defence of higher education, it is highly damaging when individuals demonstrate a clear lack of philosophy or intelligence. However, we should perhaps be wary of assuming them all to be students. Certainly there are some feckless idiots in the university system - but that was true 50 years ago. Disaffected youths turned out yesterday, and I would wager that at least some of the more violent protestors are those whom the education system has failed, or if you prefer a less Blairite analysis, who have failed in education.

The student protest in Leeds, for example, has been in many ways exemplary. Likewise, I was at an event in another major city where students far younger than myself demonstrated good sense and articulated sensible, intelligent opposition to the rise in fees.

The problem is, that such sensible and rational protest has no discernable effect on the political world. As you have observed on a number of other issues (Europe for example?), the political elite does not care about views alternative to their own - even when there is substantial, even majority, consensus. It is this dissonance, that I would humbly suggest is the principal factor behind much of the violence yesterday, and also the reason that this will not be the last violent protest.

10 December 2010 at 10:14  
Anonymous Andrew Lilico said...

I don't agree that "It is one thing to terrorise the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall". An attack upon the monarchy is not like throwing eggs at some politician's head. The mob smashed one of the car's windows and could have injured the couple inside. That was an attack upon the nation - upon the heir to the throne as representative of the nation - by anarchists.

The police boast of the "restraint" of their armed officers. Too much restraint. They should have drawn their weapons, ordered the crowd back, fired warning shots and (if they had still not withdrawn) shot those that presented the most imminent threat to the royal couple.

The standard for live fire should be lower for the monarch (or heir) than for an elected politician - elected politicians place themselves in the way of opprobrium by nature; monarchs do not. We should fear the monarchy (hold it in awe), not feel entitled to terrorize it whilst it supposed guards stand idly by.

10 December 2010 at 10:19  
Blogger Maturecheese said...

Well said Graham Davis 09:29

and I don't often agree with you as the topic is normally religion:-)

Again you hit the nail on the head YG with your summary of yesterdays events.

10 December 2010 at 10:23  
Anonymous bluedog said...

A close call, Your Grace, for Charles and Camilla. If the protesters had stopped the car and had managed to drag the couple out there could have been a very ugly situation indeed.

One wonders if the police are on top of thngs. As you say they seem to be well behind the game. The authorities need to do their homework on these protesters quickly and efficiently, trying to understand their leadership structure. Some of the protesters seem to be very mature-aged students and of Middle Eastern appearance. Nothing wrong with that, but its not what you might expect. Or is it?

10 December 2010 at 10:24  
Blogger Gnostic said...

Make the rich pay? Is the dauber so completely unaware about who actually foots the bill for his or her education?

But then, having seen what passes for student intellect and erudition on last night's news, they probably have no idea whatsoever.

While I do have sympathy in general I'm inclined to tell the lot of them to clear off because they are clearly too stupid to benefit from any kind of tertiary education.

As for Jug-ears - it's about time he discovered there is a real and terrifying world outside of his own coccooned and limited mind.

10 December 2010 at 10:25  
Anonymous Ian said...

A great post, your Grace. They could all do with a good whipping.

10 December 2010 at 10:25  
Blogger Ariadne said...

Ian, I agree. It is horrible to see the Royals under attack. Even worse, those beautiful horses. It doesn't pay to be harmless in this society.

10 December 2010 at 10:34  
Anonymous len said...

Gods word( the Bible)has been revealed to man, through man, and clearly predicts all the events that have, and that are happening. I can bear witness to this during my relatively short lifetime.

According to the Scriptures, the condition of the world in the last days is characterized by the term "lawlessness." Jesus Christ spoke of the "increase of lawlessness" (Matthew 24:12). And Paul wrote about the man of lawlessness and the secret power of lawlessness.
Our world could not have continued to exist if the Holy Spirit of God had not restricted lawlessness. As we move toward the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit of God will continue to withdraw His restrictions, allowing evil people to achieve the godlessness that their evil hearts desire. The fact that many people desire greater evil is evidenced every single day in the newspaper, and will continue to grow worse, as the Holy Spirit of God continues to withdraw His restrictions.

10 December 2010 at 10:38  
Blogger Ariadne said...

The word that occurred to me just after posting was "cruel". I've never thought of cruelty as an aspect of the British character but this mob is certainly exhibiting evil - the fire extinguisher last time - and cruelty yesterday.

10 December 2010 at 10:42  
Blogger Gawain Towler said...

Whilst I agree with most of this, and I do, I still feel sympathy for the majority of the students. One is always told use the democratic route. They did, they voted for the daft Lib Dems in their droves, and the Lib Dems betrayed that trust, a trust which I would suggest is, or should be near sacred.

So what is left but to demonstrate?

Andrew, you want to see something far worse than that which happened? Start shooting demonstrators who chuck paint at the heir to the throne...

Just as we do not condemn every footballer for the behaviour of John Terry, just as we do not condemn every Scotsman for the behaviour of Gordon Brown, so we should not condemn every student and their grievances for the behaviour of a small section of idiots and ne're do wells.

Yes, they should be charged, yes they should be punished, and yes tricely they should be educated in what it should mean to be English, with the liberties and duties that that entails.

But I still have sympathy for them.

10 December 2010 at 10:50  
Anonymous Lee Rotherham said...

All those arrested, all those identified in these disgraceful acts, should be up before standards boards and facing potential expulsion for bringing their college into disrepute.

Good piece, your Grace.

10 December 2010 at 10:51  
Blogger D. Singh said...

Your Grace

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

WB Yeats 1865-1939, The Second Coming

10 December 2010 at 10:51  
Anonymous Andrew Lilico said...


I have no objection to protest in general. And I don't believe all violent protest - wrong though it is - should be met with deadly force. But I believe that an attack upon the monarch should be treated differently from an attack upon a building or even an attack upon a politician.

And this wasn't just a matter of some paint being thrown. The mob smashed a window of the royal car and dented its doors. That is not merely "unacceptable" - it should not have been permitted and in the last resort deadly force would have been warranted to prevent it (as I say, when it was the monarch or the heir to the throne involved - politicians might take their chances rather more (though I put it to you that deadly force *would* have been used to prevent such an attack upon the Prime Minister's car)).

10 December 2010 at 11:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These students are scum. I have no sympathy for them after their vile behaviour yesterday.

10 December 2010 at 11:27  
Blogger Large Melot Please said...

It is attribute to all those brave men and women who fought and died for our freedom that their criminal desecration of their memory will lead to no more than a small fine.

However the sentence of society, our disgust, abhorrence and repugnance I hope bears down on them to intolerable limits.

10 December 2010 at 11:46  
Blogger Gillibrand said...

Your Grace's style is nothing if not consistent with your Sermon Concerning the Time of Rebellion, directed against the rebels of Norfolk, some notes that you did assemble for a homily against rebellion and your Answers to the Fifteen Articles of the Rebels in Devonshire of 1549 "O Ignorant Men of Devonshire and Cornwall".

Magnificent rebuke for these students, who even if they could discern all wisdom, would remain as ignorant as dogs.

10 December 2010 at 12:08  
Anonymous AussieJoe said...

Far from being a parasite on the face of the nation Charles is a very astute business man, who runs an efficient and successful operation.

Far from the royal family being a blight on the country it is the royal estates that support parliament - and in addition The Queen pays taxes. The Civil List is actually their own money - I know your Queen has reigned a long time but surely you know your own structure of Government?

But perhaps it is indicative of your education system that most of you just seem ignorant - thank god I'm a colonial

10 December 2010 at 12:11  
Blogger D. Singh said...

Your Grace

I think this generation of students knew what they were doing when they burnt down the Christmas tree from Norway; vandalised Churchill’s statute and urinated on the Cenotaph.

They are the generation of a former prime minister who despised this country – Blair.

And as Blair’s generation they repudiate this country’s crowning glory: the struggle for freedom, security and liberty: through their selection of iconic targets, nearly all connected with the titanic struggle against Nazism.

They shout for their rights. And New Labour gave them many rights. What if the Establishment gave them what they crave? After all, Cameron has called for the ‘full force of the law’.

And what is the full force of the law in connection with their rights?

Article 2 Right to Life: European Convention on Human Rights (now installed, through footnotes into the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights):

Sub-paragraph c of Article 2 subsection 2 states:

Deprivation of life shall not be regarded as inflicted in contravention of this article when it results from the use of force which is no more than absolutely necessary:

In action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot…

10 December 2010 at 12:31  
Blogger Caedmon's Cat said...

Although I abhor and detest all violence - and yesterday's exhibition of destructiveness and the intimidation of Charles and Camilla was nothing short of appalling. Nevertheless, I think young people have good reason to be angry and to feel betrayed - as we ALL have been by those who pretend to be our friends and represent our interests. This sadly plays straight into the hands of that unprincipled rabble of ne'er-do-wells who masquerade as the Labour Party.

Before I conclude my rant, I want to draw attention to the fact that REAL anarchists are law-abiding people who hate violence - not mindless thugs who delight in smashing things for the sake of it. The very use of the term 'anarchist' rather than 'nihilist' by the media demonstrates that government and establishment fear us - because they know that they need us - and we don't need them.

10 December 2010 at 12:36  
Blogger LeucipottomySpoon82 said...

Why is it that wherever the left-wing mobs demonstrate the situation always turns nasty and violent? The UAF are a classic case in point.

But I would also say don't tar all students with the same brush. Some of them do actually attend HE in order to work hard and better themselves. However, these days there are far too many students at University that should not actually be there, doing mickey mouse degree courses that shouldn't exist, and causing a drain on everyone else.

Nice comment AussieJoe, and yes, our education system is nothing like it should be/used to be. Much of the blame lies with New Liebour and the idiots that voted them in.

10 December 2010 at 12:43  
Blogger Wyrdtimes said...

Of course it's disgraceful that this chimp was climbing over the cenotaph.

But just for a moment I thought "England's shame" might be about the outrage of UK MPs blatantly discriminating against English students by saddling them with the worlds highest student debts while their Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish equivalents pay nothing or far less.

Which is the bigger crime? The few idiots on the street masquerading as protesters or a political system routinely discriminates against 55 million English people on funding, on health, on education and fundamentally on democratic representation?

It is the continued maltreatment of England and the English that threatens the Union.

Home rule for England.

10 December 2010 at 13:13  
Anonymous John Thomas said...

Commenters here make much of the rights and wrongs of students, the issues of higher education and paying for it, etc., but I think much of this is mis-placed. there are in Britain (perhaps long have been) large groups of very angry, destructive, anarchistic people - perhaps they call themselves Far Left, or Revolutionaries or Neo-Trotskeyites, or whatever - which are ready at a moment's notice to take adavantage of, and take over, any demonstration, whatever it is, whatever it is about, and turn it into a violent riot, destroying anything and everything. We certainly saw them in this incident: students/higher education are, became, somewhat irrelevant. Whatever the excuse, they'll be back, count on it.

10 December 2010 at 13:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gawain Towler, I completely agree with you.

As a student myself, I find all of these hateful comments towards all students very offensive and upsetting. I do not agree with what these individuals(!) have done, but they do not represent the entire student body. They desperately made a stand, not because of their “self-interest, their egoism”, but because they have been betrayed by their government.

Because of a selection of students who have taken things too far (they have targeted all the wrong things and only given themselves a bad name in doing so, however, I do share the anger and frustration that they also feel), people are generalizing this and condemning all students with a bad name. This is not fair.

We are not all violent. We are not all “lazy, indulgent and hedonistic” as Remac said; I think you obviously have a very limited experience, as a Music student in my final year, I literally do not stop working. If you have no experience of completing a degree then I don’t think you have a right to feel that you can justly say such things with authority. Again, you are generalizing.

What these people did was wrong. To hurt animals is cruel, to burn down the Christmas tree is ridiculous, defacing the Cenotaph is disgraceful, they have got themselves all the wrong attention and gone about this in all the wrong way. But as an anonymous commenter has said, they are most likely not even students.

I am not self-interested and egotistic, as has been suggested all students are in this article. I am intelligent and hard working. I am also worried about my younger sister’s future, and about the future facing younger generations to come. I do not come from a well-off background, and if it hadn’t been for the benefits in place when I applied to university I would not be here and heading towards the job that I want to do (which I would not be able to do without a university degree). My sister is also intelligent and hard working, and is aiming for a job that she can only achieve with a degree, should she be forced into a dead-end job that she doesn’t enjoy just because she can no longer afford tuition fees?

Please do not change your opinions on students, do not lose sympathy with us, do not give us a bad name because of these people, we are not all the same!

10 December 2010 at 13:41  
Anonymous Neville said...

I agree with you that the violence displayed against man & beast was abhorrent. But the opportunity for a radical violent element to join the demonstration with the sole intent of causing injury & damage was handed to them on a plate by the about face of the grasping Lib-Dems who voted in favour of the rise in student fees.
Their pre election manifesto stated that they wanted to be rid of fees & they clung to the few seats they won by the votes of many students.
No wonder the students feel angry & betrayed by the deceitful sell out for a chance to share power, it amounts to political prostitution.
In the wake of the expenses swindles by many M.Ps, is it any wonder that they lack credibility & it rubs salt in to the wounds of an already bleeding populace to see honour abased in such a cavalier fashion.
Broken promises abound & the electorate are seen as ignorant serfs whose only use is to ensure that the haves continue to lord it over the rest with a disdain that beggars belief.
I repeat, there is no excuse for the violence we have seen, the students themselves should be more aware that they are being set up by a political/criminal element & should police these activists themselves or risk being tarred with the same brush.
However the party that lights the fuse are as responsible for the explosion as they that plant the charge.

10 December 2010 at 13:46  
Anonymous Bede said...

It takes the Chief Rabbi to articulate what needs to be done (The Times 4th December):

"Do we still have a clear sense of who we are as a nation? Do we have shared values? Do we still believe in the sanctity of the family? Do our lives have spiritual depth and moral beauty? Do we see ourselves as guardians of a tradition that we hand on with pride to our children? The future of the West may turn on our answers to those questions. To defend a country you need an army. But to defend an identity you need schools."

But they must be the right kind of schools, with the right kind of teachers. When and how do we start getting them?

10 December 2010 at 14:00  
Anonymous Elliot Kane said...

I completely agree, Your Grace.

Well said!

10 December 2010 at 14:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It truly was disgusting. However, this is what you get when you allow for the ridiculous political correctness that trumps common sense and has gone on for years now. Our youth has not learned history, or religion and we have allowed them to feel entitled, we have tied hands of teachers, administrators, police etc. because children should be free to express themselves, right? We now have the makings of anarchists. The government, church leaders and business leaders are full of 60's radicals who are now pushing their far left agenda. They are trying to collapse the system, the financial markets, the churches and the government by exposing secrets and turning governements agaisnt governments, people agaisnt people. They are using the anarchists as pawns to complete their goal of having a one world power where the progressive elitites control the rest of us.

This too is exactly why the churches are in ruins. They have done a great job in Europe of creating a religionless society. It is of course those pesky Christians who always get in their way. If they can discredit God, Christians and religion then the government can become the moral authority and have the populace turn to them for their morals, truth and benefits from cradle to grave. The government becomes their savior. And the Silent Generation.... those who were right before the boomers sat by idley and did nothing. The conservative bishops did nothing to discipline and chase out the far left nutty priests when they had the chance. Now it is up to the Tweeners (small group between boomers and Gen X) to clean up the mess of whatever may be salvaged. We are trying hard though, through the split from the Episcopal church and through our tea party movement.

You are seeing the master plan beginning to unfold. Get the people riled up and get them to riot and then the top government, ie, the progressive radicals who want to fundamentally destroy the structure in place and build a new one (one you will not like) will come in to restore order and take away your freedoms. Wake up people, it is starting to happen now. You will see more riots, you will see governments distrust each other and turn on each other, you will see inflation, you will see chaos, be very careful on who you allow to step in and save the day.

10 December 2010 at 14:17  
Anonymous Voyager said...

This is becoming Blimpish in the extreme. Your posts are deteriorating Your Grace, have you subcontracted these posts ?

The Metropolitan Police is a disaster. The TV series Between The Lines was fictional, but the actors were more convincing than these senior officers. Pendry is laughable and the Commissioner is a buffoon.

I really cannot get worked up about a statue of Churchill - he pursued his own self-glorification at the expense of his nation and even mocked up his own name...which was Spencer-Churchill...he was a Spencer not a Churchill. Adding the Churchill and dropping the hyphen was his father's stunt.

The Cenotaph is frankly a fraud. Hypocrites lay wreaths every November and disdainfully sacrifice soldiers every day of the year in pointless escapades without proper budget. It is ceremony and ritual which the Ruritanian English just love.

The simple fact is that Cameron increased foreign aid to £11,000,000,000 by 50% and gives £1 billion to India, probably the same to China, and around £0.8 billion to Pakistan yet Osborne cuts University teaching budgets by 80% or £4.7 billion just as The City spends £7 billion on bonuses.

Just how much does Lloyds Bank owe the taxpayer ? £130,000,000,000 with some £300,000,000,000 repayable by British banks and mortgage lenders by 2012.

The interest cost alone on funds to bail out banks is £3.2 billion ANNUALLY yet they can pay out £7,000,000,000 in bonuses !

So why do Universities suffer an 80% cut in funding - it was not mentioned during the election 7 months ago - yet foreign aid can be increased by more than the savings on University teaching budgets.

The simple truth is that Willetts et al intended to privatise Universities before privatising Health. Students know that they will never qualify for mortgages with student debt meaning 9% "income tax" for principal repayment + interest even if they can get jobs.

Graduate salaries in Britain were inflated by The City and BBC and other areas such as Engineering they are mediocre.

10 December 2010 at 14:30  
Blogger AncientBriton said...

There is NO excuse for desecration but is it fair to tar all "students" with the same brush when it is known that anarchists attach themselves to student demonstrations? Some students may be guilty but from the footage I have seen the trouble was caused by a minority, some of whom had been frustrated by rough handling according to those interviewed.

Why weren't sensitive areas around parliament more effectively sealed off directing demonstrators to the agreed protest area and why was the Royal car exposed to danger? No doubt conspiracy theorists will be answering those questions shortly.

More generally, one excuse for the increase in fees is the big increase in the number of students going to university - now over 400,000. What are they being taught? If they know nothing of our heritage and we have to accept more and more immigrants because we are told that the skills required are not available in Britain, what are they all doing?

10 December 2010 at 14:32  
Blogger Sam Norton said...

The man on the cenotaph has apologised:

10 December 2010 at 14:57  
Blogger D. Singh said...

Your Grace

A chap called Lee Rotherham has cited your article on ConservativeHome.

10 December 2010 at 15:40  
Blogger Caedmon's Cat said...

Is it fair that anarchists are blamed for the wreckage and desecration of a minority of troublemaking thugs? Or am I (as an anarchist) also to be blamed for these outrages - despite the fact that I wasn't there?
I am finding these shrill accusations wearisome and not a little annoying. Why do so many imbibe the trashy propaganda of the media and parrot it so faithfully?

10 December 2010 at 15:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it wrong to tar all students with the same brush, the majority did not even travel to London to protest. Of those that did how many were violent, some became violent when penned in and hit with batons.

But I think as always rent a mob of 'Socialist workers' and 'Unite against fascism' turn up, as they have no jobs to go to anyway and enjoy a fight with the police.

Also see

10 December 2010 at 15:43  
Blogger Archbishop Cranmer said...

Mr D. Singh,

Mr Lee Rotherham is a very nice chap.

10 December 2010 at 15:53  
Blogger Archbishop Cranmer said...

Mr Caedmon's Cat and sundry Anonymice,

His Grace clearly wrote: '(the NUS) must reject the anarchy of the minority and repudiate acts of vandalism and terrorism.'

Did you all read that?

His Grace referred to 'the anarchy of the minority'.

Say after him: 'mi-nor-i-ty'.

Well done.

Ergo, he is evidently not tarring all students with same brush, etc., etc.

10 December 2010 at 15:59  
Anonymous David said...

I was at the protest on the 10th of November in London, and was just passing Millbank Hall when the Anarchist led (it was students getting caught up in the flow of things and maybe being a little too impressionable) 'assault' on it.

Then the media took the actions of a tiny minority of the attendees - and in fact many groups that weren't even a part of the student body - taking up all the headlines.
Everyone who comments with 'I supported them until this violence... etc' is pretty ignorant of the vast majority of the students and if you were really supportive you would see this. However as a result of our media system and ridiculous police tactics (who NEVER seem to get it right) people see these actions as representative of the entire student body.

Come on guys, use your heads.

Also in regards to animals being used and beaten - that is what will happen if you use animals to control people that are pissed off! Especially if you charge at them. I think it is quite shocking that people would attack such animals, however it is the police force that is putting them into harms way to start with! If you are going to employ a unit to control a population, whether man or animal, it must be with the knowledge that it is going to be the target of aggression, even more so if you kettle people and then horse charge them.

10 December 2010 at 16:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy with the fire extinguisher was an "anarchist" then? What is needed to get myself (and many others) back on-side is a straightforward declaration from the NUS that they do not agree with any violence in demonstrations. Instead we have some whinging that it is 'distracting from our aims'. Not good enough folks. Deny all links with violence and vandalism and have done!

10 December 2010 at 16:24  
Blogger AncientBriton said...

Point taken Your Grace but "reading all", the inference is understandable:
One student was heard to shout... Students daub the walls...
But students are not concerned....The mob sets fire...But ignorant students know nothing...
Urinating against the statue of Winston Churchill perhaps sums up the anarchic mentality. These students have no respect.
...The NUS must condemn this sacrilege ...they must reject the anarchy of the minority and repudiate acts of vandalism and terrorism. And so must university chancellors, vice chancellors, lecturers and teachers.

Anarchists are condemned for their actions but not all students by association.

10 December 2010 at 16:41  
Anonymous srizals said...

Well, we do have a saying in Malay, 'if you truly love your children, spank them from time to time, if you truly love your wife, leave her home alone once in a while'. Truly embarassing. Hope things would get better asap for all.

10 December 2010 at 16:43  
Blogger Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...


Unfortunately, the acts in London yesterday do not consitute treason under existing law. Had they taken place in Northern Ireland they would consitute treason under the Treason Act (Ireland) 1537 (28 Hen 8 c. 7). The current maximum penalty for treason is life imprisonment.

10 December 2010 at 16:50  
Blogger steve said...

Most the lecturers at the middle ranking red-brick I escaped from last Christmas had an hour a week open door for students. You could book time to see them if you really needed it. Marking of folio work was hit and miss.

But I don't blame the lecturers, more I blame the government that opened up uni' to 50% of teens putting a system design for a tenth of that under massive strain.


Where are the protests for grammar schools? Where are the protests for proper skilled jobs?

A final small observation, where are the white working class student protesters? Every SU rep' is southern middle class idiot. Every masked protester seems to have brown hands. Or is it my imagination.

EDUCATION FOR EDUCATION'S SAKE? Don't make me laugh..........

10 December 2010 at 17:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree with most of you. These riots are to be expected, considering how the English student (and taxpayers)are being milked for more cash, while Welsh, Scottish and European students get subsidised. All those self-righteous keenly jumping on the "disgraceful" bandwagon might think differently as time goes on; as the government continues to ignore the people; as England is driven further into oblivion; as the politicians continue to waste our money in Europe and then bleed us for more tax based on climate-change nonsense.....and you all just sit there, still advocating "peaceful protest".

When your pantry is bare and your money almost gone, then perhaps you may be tempted into more vociferous and animated protest.
Sadly, I don't think peaceful protests have any effect on government whatsoever. Government simply laughs and ignores it.

The students are young and fearful for their futures; also anger is created by the inequality of fees between each nation. If I were a student today facing such large increases I would be out there shouting with them.

10 December 2010 at 17:15  
Blogger Tally Wakker said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10 December 2010 at 17:24  
Blogger Little Black Sambo said...

I wonder what the current penalty for treason is?
I seem to remember that New Labour abolished the offence - is that right.
One GOOD thing happened: the police had to take off those silly yellow jackets because they are inflammable - the safety clothing was too dangerous.

10 December 2010 at 17:28  
Blogger Phil Taylor said...

The irony is that half the students there yesterday are lucky they have a university place to go to at all!

Whilst the Labour policy of creating more university places might have come from good intentions, we now have it that university is seen as the only way to get ahead in life, even for those who are aiming at the more menial end of the job market. University used to be about the cream (and by "cream" I mean the more intelligent and motivated, not the rich and powerful) rising to the top and their abilities being given the recognition they deserved.
Now, in order to be professionally qualified in my chosen field (youth work) I need to have a degree under my belt before I will be taken seriously in the employment market. It is ridiculous!

I remember a time when people used to look towards getting an apprenticeship as a means of gaining the right experience and understanding in the more "hands on" jobs and, if absolutely necessary, they would also do some training alongside their job and gain a diploma to show that they were able to retain certain information related to their job. But now, people have this crazy notion that university is a "right" that all are entitled to.
Yesterday, I saw idiots with their faces covered speaking to BBC reporters about how they might go and sell drugs on the street to pay for their fees, clearly showing such a lack of intelligence that should leave them unable to attend university!

And as to the "reason" why people were protesting, whilst the LibDems did say they would vote against tuition fees there are 3 things that need to be remembered first:
1 - The LibDems had no idea about how penniless we were left by Labour.
2 - The LibDems had no realistic thought to being in power.
3 - The LibDems are now torn between doing what they said they would do before the election and doing what is the right thing to do in the situation they are now in.
None of these things make the protesting worthwhile. All it does is show that politicians are not very well informed when out of power and the general population is even less well informed!

So, the decision that was made yesterday was all based on the decision that the government had already made on the question of whether they should reduce university places (thus reducing the costs and possibly enabling a reduction in student fees) or keep them at their current numbers.
Yes, the majority of the MPs had the fortune of free university education. But they also had less of a chance to get into university as places were far less.
Personally, I'd prefer to go back to that system, but if people want to be able to go to university regardless of intellectual ability then they need to get their head around the fact that these things cost money!

10 December 2010 at 17:29  
Anonymous Voyager said...

Whilst the Labour policy of creating more university places might have come from good intentions,

Let's nail this canard.

It was JOHN MAJOR that created all these Universities and turned Polytechnics into "Universities"

It was JOHN MAJOR that destroyed Sandwich Courses and part-time educational opportunity making ALL degrees Full Time.

It was Kenneth Clarke that made Nurses take degrees when Health Secretary.

John Major made a deal with Tony Blair in 1997 NOT to discuss tuition fees in the election but let former Civil Servant Lord Dearing hide the fact until AFTER the election.

Labour needed a cover for introducing tuition fees so talked of "opening access". They had to attack the middle class to justify imposing fees on everyone including those on part-time courses just as they did when diverting evening class budgets away from "middle class fripperies" such as learning German or French - instead money was diverted to Post-16 remedial education.

The whole stunt is still to make out the middle class are free-riding on the backs of the taxpaying poor - that is how they get their final salary pensions, child benefit, education for their children, health care......supposedly in Fantasyland Britain the middle class are a Bourgeoisie exploiting the Proletariat.

This is how Politicians seek to justify yet another raid on middle class incomes. A huge increase in Stealth Taxes first by removing Child Benefit, then Tuition Fees Increases

So long as they can rely upon the troglodyte stupidity and bovine stupidity of the vindictive they can carry off this stunt.

10 December 2010 at 17:33  
Blogger Phil Taylor said...

Voyager, thanks for fleshing out the info on what happened with the new universities.
It still doesn't go against what I said, as Labour did still look at increasing university places during their time in power. Plus what you say has them clearly tied in with all that happened on student fees etc, even though it also puts the then Conservative administration in the same negative light.

Ah for the "good old days" when the intellectual elite were the only ones at university!

10 December 2010 at 18:08  
Anonymous not a machine said...

So much for for Labours education polices then , nothing more than riot when you cant get what socialist polices you want in a bust.
I can only hope that they are waking up to what has been going off all these years in how these students now interpret the country they live in .
Why it isnt obvious to them that the socialists have much to answer for , but perhaps they will when older .
But for now we have a mono antithesis running , which perhaps is more socialist than we yet recognise .
A generation whose leader is the freedom corpatised in the having the morals of the internet .
Intellectually shallow heros they may be , of little notion of country and yet trying to find a conservative grip on it is like finding a think tank that isnt trying to make liberal cooing noises to children .
There are other problems to come as well as the success and omni presence of the corpratised internet/cyberworlds , isnt quite understood in what it may really be doing . crass headlines like new internet economy is now worth £100bn does not explain that the economy it has replaced may have been worth more , or contained more jobs .

10 December 2010 at 18:26  
Blogger Richard Calhoun said...

They are children, spoilt, selfish and thugs
They know they have a good deal and instead of thinking of themselves try something worthwhile protesting about.

Wikileaks could do with some visible support!

10 December 2010 at 18:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Chipfat @ twitter says....

I hope the old bill track down and arrest all the chavs vandals and spoilt brat students who smashed london up.

10 December 2010 at 18:59  
Blogger Lord Lavendon said...

Your Grace,

The rot set in when we stopped flogging in schools and the introduction of mad degree titles such as lingere courses.

As for punishment. Perhaps we should give these champagne socialists or middle class oiks something to think about by making them do some community service in the worst sink estates in the country. That will put matters into perspective for them.

10 December 2010 at 19:01  
Blogger oldmaid said...

I agree some of the students behaved very badly.

However, at this moment I'm somewhat undecided who brought the shame on England - the coalition for introducing aparteid against English students in the UK, or the English students reaction to it.

That said, this is 'wheeze' of a policy to justify why skills must be imported, especially in about, say five years there's food for thought

10 December 2010 at 20:03  
Blogger St. Nikao said...

This was not a protest or demonstration, but a violent mob.

I'm angriest about the horses being harmed and about the attack upon Charles and Camilla, who are human beings.

Here in the USA, there is no free entitlement to education except in state universities. There are 'Hope Scholarships' in my home state, and students have a chance to get a degree if they will take advantage of it. Smaller Universities find that they have to have a large remedial program to teach the students how to read, count and study after high school. The majority of our high school students are really poor scholars until after they have served in the military for a while. Then they get down to business of learning unless they have ruined their lives and minds with drugs, STDs and bad choices. There are also work/study programs that give work experience and help them mature as they study.

There are plenty of open doors to learn if people will work and earn their educations.

However, we also have our generations of welfare recipients who do not wish to work and feel entitled to be supported by the taxpayer.

10 December 2010 at 20:16  
Anonymous David said...

In reply to the anonymous post by the person below my previous post; I implied that it was instigated by anarchist groups rather than students, and went on to say that a number of students were attracted to what they were doing because they were young and impressionable.

I think what must not be forgotten here is that there is going to be a funding shortfall for universities next academic year because they have cut the funding but havent supplied the alternative until the academic year of 2012. This results in up to 85% cuts for certain degrees and will be spread around the courses because the Universities have already accepted people onto courses. I am currently in my second year and my final year is going to get hit hard by cuts not to my course but to the university as a whole. It is ludicrous that we students are bound by contract to pay a certain amount for the full period, yet the other side of that contract is that the government will pay for the rest - only to find that is broken.

People talking of 'selfish' or 'spoilt' students, with relation to this you have to see what these cuts entail. The current students like myself aren't going to pay anymore, yet our education will be comprimised. It is the students starting in 2012 at university that will be faced with these increased costs, so before yelling that we want to suck as much as we can, it is for the reasons of the state sticking to its supposed contract with ourselves, AND the fact that the students from 2012 will have to pay a ridiculous sum of money.

As for the comments regarding university for only the 'intellectual elites' I say look at the rest of Europe. This country spends a ridiculously small amount on higher education than the rest of Europe (based on a percentage of GDP). I agree that currently too many students go to the university for the economy to suck up, but that is as a result of underinvestment in encouraging and improving a graduate based economy - which we currently dont have. We should take the lead from other European countries such as Finland and Sweden (I'm not going to say Norway as they got rich off of oil and gas).

This country cannot compete on a basic services economy, just as it couldnt compete on mass production in the 1970's and 80's. University funding is part of the solution, the other part is the directed investment in suitable graduate based business'.

The increase of fee's is only going to result in fewer people from disadvantaged or lower income families applying to university due to the colossus mountain of debt that will inevitably encapsulate in the minds of future generations. This in turn will mean that those going to university will be closer to your idea of them being 'spoilt'.

Higher education is important economically, socially and culturally. It is a tool for greater social integration that has wide ranging benefits for society as a whole. A return to the system of it being the reserve of 'intellectual elites' would only result in the breakdown of people wanting to go to university and social integration.

These protests have been for the benefit of current and future students and prospective students, society and the economy. The savings made from this are minimal, especially when compared to the impact upon the university system in the UK. In a time when most of the developed world is investing in higher education we are cutting it.

Oh and as for NUS not condemning the violence, please read this.


10 December 2010 at 20:28  
Anonymous berserker-nkl said...

The real problem lies with the police obsession with political correctness.
In Europe they use water canon, rubber bullets and so on...
Ban the use of all disguising headgear.

10 December 2010 at 20:58  
Blogger Sophie said...

We have all been betrayed, by international finance, by economists who clearly had no idea what they were talking about, and by our leaders. Oh, and let's not forget Vodaphone, Philip Green and all other mega tax-evaders. If we just got what was owed in tax it would make a whacking dent in the debt. But no - the government's attention is on reducing sickness benefits... It's vile.

Violence is never good, but I deeply sympathise with the students. The tactics of the police have hugely exacerbated things, with normal, non-criminal teenagers, many under 18, held in freezing temperatures for many hours. This is so damaging - each of those protesters will have lost faith in the police. It lasts forever, that disillusion.

It's all very well for us grown ups. I can hear the smug voices of those who got a free degree, good jobs and profited from the property boom. My own modest cottage is worth near enough half a million... It's insane. I seriously expect my own kids to still be living here in their 20s. And these poor kids are being told there are no permanent jobs, there is no education without significant debt, and forget ever owning a roof of your own.

Today's kids face a very different future to those their parents enjoyed. No easily available holiday jobs to help out - even the shelf stacking Mcjobs are filled by adults desperate to make ends meet. No certainties... And all the promises broken,

I'm not excusing the attack on Charles and Camilla, but I can't get too worked up about it either. The government has sown the wind. Now they reap the whirlwind. The kids have a lot to be angry about.

10 December 2010 at 21:16  
Anonymous Tarka the Rotter said...

Urmmm am a bit worried by the sloppy use of the words 'anarchy' and 'anarchist' to mean violent disorder and thug. Anarchy and anarchist relate to a belief that governments are, by their very nature, oppressive and intrinsically evil and therefore a bad thing. Anarchists believe human beings can get along very well without governments. Governments simply oppress people.

10 December 2010 at 21:42  
Blogger English Viking said...

F*** students, and the camel they rode in on.

10 December 2010 at 22:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The money for the cleanup should be taken from the universities, of those involved. Next time perhaps water canons and rubber bullets should be used. These people are scum.
, and deserve it. They certainly do not deserve to be at university, acting like spoilt children they should return to infants school where they belong.

10 December 2010 at 22:19  
Anonymous Voyager said...

In Europe they use water canon, rubber bullets and so on...

No. Rubber bullets are a Northern Ireland phenomenon. They do kill and maim.

Water cannon. Look at Stuttgart 21 and the disaster there.

If the police want to use such tactics they will end up dying as in Northern Ireland. Lots more RUC officers have died than Plods on the Mainland who have a very easy life.

Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind !

10 December 2010 at 22:21  
Blogger English Pensioner said...

When increases in tuition fees were first mooted, I was broadly against them, because, although I only went to Technical Colleges, all I had to pay was the cost of my books, etc.
However, the action of the students (if they are students) and some "university" staff have steadily changed my viewpoint, and I now believe that the number of students and "Universities" should be reduced to about a quarter of the present number, with the fees paid in full for those who are clever enough to secure admission. The attack on Prince Charles has hardened my belief as did the following statement, reported elsewhere "£9000 per year! How are we going to afford twenty one grand over three years!"

10 December 2010 at 22:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ultimate responsibility for this betrayal lies with the Political Class (the Conservatives under Major and continued by New Labour under Blair) and the Higher Education Industry, who thought they could turn British Higher Education into another Gravy Train for the advancement of their own careers and the lining of their own pockets.

They thought they could fool foreign students and governments into paying exorbitant fees for degrees of dubious provenance by allowing Polytechnics and Vocational Training Institutions to become "Universities". They sold the idea to the domestic public as "opening up" higher education to a much larger section of the population.

Tony Blair, snake-oil salesman extraordinaire, then fed us the Big Lie of having 50% of the population going through Higher Education.

But what he and the Higher Education Industry failed to 'fess up to is that the UK has always been a low-skill, low-wage economy, in which probably only 10% of jobs actually REQUIRE a degree.

As it had to, the Higher Education Gravy Train has derailed.

We now have a generation of young "graduates" whose ambitions and hopes have been cynically raised far beyond what they could ever realistically have hoped to achieve. For the most part, they now find themselves saddled with debt, while they find that their "degrees" are not worth the paper they are written on. Worse, they find that the only jobs they can find are part-time, poorly-paid McJobs in the service sector. Most of the "graduate" jobs go either to those with "good" degrees from the "Old" Universities, while the few public sector jobs on offer before the Depression have gone to ambitious, hard-working female Poles with MSc degrees in Sociology.

No wonder our young people are bitter, disillusioned, and VERY angry.

If you demand evidence for my assertions, I see them in their droves every day on the other side of my desk in a JobCentre.

10 December 2010 at 22:58  
Anonymous Petronius said...

These are troubling events, Your Grace.

I am perplexed about the inaction of the Police: How many is it now, three, or four large-scale disturbances by these "students" and on each occasion, the police do absolutely nothing forceful in response, but instead let these SWP/Labour/communist nutters run riot, threatening both property and life. Even the heir to the throne is threatened, and not a baton is lifted in response. One wonders what is the point of having a police forc... er, I mean service, at all?

But then, upon reflection, I would propose that anyone who, in the last ten years or so, has had occasion to call the police to ask them to respond to an incident of anti-social behaviour or thuggery, and who has observed the police's response thereto, will be saying to themselves tonight "this is not surprising at all, no, it only joins the dots up more heavily and reinforces my doubts".

It almost seems as though the police are acting under a supreme directive, the gist of which is to ignore the concerns of the law-abiding (and especially the Christian) while pampering and abetting those who seek to destroy the fabric of society. We have already seen evidence of this; contrast the police's (lack of) response towards Islamist thugs demonstrating against our armed forces, with their response towards those counter-demonstrating the former. That was eye-opening enough, or so I thought. But to see the police do nothing to stop SWP thugs attacking even HRH Charles...I have to admit that this shocked me, even at this late stage, when I should have expected it. It effectively crosses that final "t" and dots that final "i" which I wasn't quite sure if I was right about, but now I'm certain. The police are no longer on our side, someone has twisted their very function and purpose.
Who, and why?

11 December 2010 at 03:56  
Anonymous rashid1891 said...

it is good site

11 December 2010 at 03:57  
Anonymous non mouse said...

Well I feel sorry for the horses.

11 December 2010 at 05:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cenotaph is allegedly Charlie Gilmour a poor student struggling with History at Girton Cambridge I say poor in the sense that his daddy is in Pink Floyd and I say struggling as his apology also mitigated his actions by admitting he didn't know what the monument was!! Glad I got a good comp education at a rough school in a council estate in SE London or I might have been that thick too.

11 December 2010 at 08:05  
OpenID robonly said...

Much has been said aboout the LD's abandoning their manifesto promise, but let us not forget that those promises were made, for the scenario that the LDs had actually gained power. However, to prevent another Labour government dragging the nation into even MORE national debt than we already have, and to support the Tories, they had to compromise to form the coalition. The manifesto was never a promise, merely an expectation, and we should do well to remember this. We all have to compromise in the world, and if mean doing so to get thing done, then I think most of us would.

Many thanks for your post, your Grace. Thought provoking as always.

11 December 2010 at 10:41  
Anonymous David said...

Robonly; in response to the Lib Dem's apparently only going through with their 'Election Promise' if they won the election, lets look at the wording of the pledge. I will transcribe it here, but if you are at all concerned you can use any search engine yourself as to the validity of the transcription.

'I pledge...
TO VOTE AGAINST ANY INCREASE IN FEES in the next parliament and to pressure the government to introduce A FAIRER ALTERNATIVE'

Now, look at the way it firstly identifies voting against increases in fees - which suggest it is not them proposing - IE they will oppose even if they are not in government - secondly the phrase 'and to pressure the government' well.. that doesnt look like a pledge that relies on them winning does it? Unless they are pledging to pressure themselves of course.

In response to Petronius; no police action? Have you read any, or seen any of the news reports of it? The charging of horses into a thick crowd? No police batons raised? Oh except for the guy who had bleeding to the brain as a result of being hit on the head by a police baton of course.

The internet is an amazing resource of information, it would be fantastic if people used it as such rather than moaning about things that are so openly available to them. Ignorance is not an excuse now that we live in a post communications revolution world.

HINT - that little known news website has plenty on it regarding the protests.

11 December 2010 at 13:40  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Good will come from this debacle, as most are disgusted at such unwarranted antics.

11 December 2010 at 14:24  
Anonymous Voyager said...

Interesting concept robonly. Best to simply campaign for Carte Blanche.

We should simply allow politicians to do what they want and not hold them to account. It worked for Germany in January 1933.

It worked for Britain in 1997....noone was promised wars in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan but we all understand that Tony felt it was right.

Politics is dirty but someone has to do it. Ours is not to question why. Ours is to do or die. Our leaders must be given full understanding when they do things that appear corrupt, self-serving, deceitful.

We must remember that the demi-gods cannot be bound by mortal promises and we should be grateful to go wherever they may lead us.

It is men like you that must have sung the prises of The Leader at Stalinrad

11 December 2010 at 19:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Petronius said "the police do absolutely nothing forceful in response"

They are probably afraid that despite their diversity training they might biff a homosexual or even a muslim.

11 December 2010 at 20:40  
Anonymous berserker-nkl said...

I suppose Voyager was referring to my post when he (she) disparaged the use of water canon. Stuttgart 21 was a middle class protest organised by the Greens which I had some sympathy with but to bring young children along to a demo which can often turn nasty is the height of irresponsibility. People were hurt. So what!
That is what happens in demos. They used pepper sprays as well. What a good idea for the police to tackle the freeloaders and anarchists with something a bit more effective than 'diversity' training.

11 December 2010 at 21:11  
Anonymous non mouse said...

but to bring young children along to a demo which can often turn nasty is the height of irresponsibility. People were hurt. So what! That is what happens in demos. No contradiction there, then, berserker.

I'm beginning to believe that God the Father was incredibly generous in giving us power to name the animals. What a pity we haven't yet recognized how much better they are than us.... they don't even need speech.

Except for the creeping things, of course: whose heads we are to crush. But then, we've even got that the wrong way around - as we see if we re-examine what's installed as 'our betters' at Westminster. At least these students are calling that for what it really is.

For what else is it, but a cross-gendered elitist snake? Or a chimera - that denies us the right to name the things in our world? That right, of course, is the essence of education ...

12 December 2010 at 01:04  
Anonymous Voyager said...

"What a good idea for the police to tackle the freeloaders and anarchists with something a bit more effective than 'diversity' training."

Except the Police now claim direct political interference in the policing and that they would not have done this except when ordered to by CDU politicians.

They will probably lose power in March taking Merkel down with them.

Let the police be aggressive. In the end they collapse because mass action will destroy them. Cities can burn...

12 December 2010 at 17:23  
Anonymous David said...

Its good to know that the church is still on form for censorship of comments that provide evidence to the contrary of its own dogma..

12 December 2010 at 22:03  
Anonymous blueandwhiteowl said...

When people use their vote to elect their representatives, the base their decisions on the honesty of the candidate.

For the people of Sheffield, Nick Clegg has reneged on promises to Forgemasters (where he stopped an £80m goverment loan), the students (where he signed his name to a document to prevent an increase in student fees) and now he's created a 9% deduction in council budget.

The vote is therefore useless so is it any wonder that people such as students look for alternative means to express their views?

14 December 2010 at 12:58  
Anonymous Oswin said...

blueandwhiteowl ... it truly amazes me that so many people haven't yet understood the simple fact that the liberal-dems did NOT win the election! Had they done so, and then reneged upon their manifesto promises, then both you and the students might well have a case for 'taking to the streets' ... since they did not, 'all bets were off' ... and I object to being put in a position whereby I find myself having to defend them! But fare is fare, after-all.

15 December 2010 at 18:01  
Blogger Adrian said...


16 December 2010 at 23:20  
Blogger gsw said...

"Protests are only effective when moral reason is maintained and national sympathies are aroused."

This was true 30 years ago, and understood - our protest marches, sit-ins etc were peaceful and ordered.
Now we have a labour government submitting to terrorism, appeasing islamists, relinquishing towns and selling out freedom because enough people are willing to riot.

When the EDL went on a peaceful march, to protest a mosque, 2000 hooligans rioted - throwing bricks and bottles.
Who did the police arrest? The hooligans? NO! They arrested the EDL.

This is the lesson learned by today's youth - this is what the government has demonstrated under the label of tolerance. Is it any wonder they have no respect for Britain, when Britain shows so little respect for itself?

17 December 2010 at 10:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell me seriously, the glorious dead, who died in our ww1 ww2 to keep the world free, how would they respond to your comments?

since ww2, how have we respected them, and the promises we made to them, to make england a place for heros?

our treasonous politicians have opened the floodgates to the world, we have extremists being kept protected by our police, living in million pound properties being fed and clothed by our tax payers, our jobs have been sent to third world countries, funded by said politicians, with pledges to the multinational companies they would make good any loss for up to five years from tax paid by the ex workers, all hidden from view in the un charters.

we have lost feet and inches, pints and gallons, we lost our pound shilling and pence, causing instant inflation, they prosecuted market grocers for selling pounds of spuds one even went to prison.

we have surrendered our parliament and allow a re-untited germany to dictate to us via brussels our laws and rules, we can not expel killers who run over children we must pay over 60,000 pounds a year of tax payers money to lock up one criminal, we have 1000s of them in prison, while soldiers died for the lack of flack jackets, they gave hamsa a new arm and hook at the cost of over 20,000 pounds.

the house of lords has been turned into a shed of lords, full of political donates, the queen of our land has been made a political pawn, who is no longer allowed to make live speeches, who was forced to sign away her country to the european federation of germany.

[i say this with hope in my heart, if she did this of her own free will she has broken her coronation vow of protecting the constitution, and therefore should be removed to the tower]

our media are no longer free, the bbc takes grants from the eu, nigel farage and ukip are kept hidden, no one hears his talks about eu fraud, his battle to fight for the country the dead died to protect.

for over 40 years self serving or blindly inept governance has destroyed our country.

the brave dead have been dumped on by the political, treasonous acts of all three parties whose leaders all worked hand in glove with bankers and globalists slurping the gravy from the bowl of corruption.

now as the year of discontent lurks near when the axe cuts deep into the structure of society, they play the broken pledge game, allow the thing to get out of hand, the prince to get close, they can play the ace up there sleeve, no protests.

cause and effect stage played for shock and awe.

I say the war dead would have pissed on the politicians.

nelson would have hung them, or press ganged them for the navy, but of course we no longer have much of one now, nor the planes either.

maybe he would have put the mps on display over tower bridge, part of them anyway.

I rest my case archbishop, there is a man called oliver outside who awaits an audience my lord.

17 December 2010 at 23:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you seen the lovely clips and images of some protesters preventing others from becoming violent and aggressive? one boy stops a fellow protester from throwing something with the words: 'that's not what this is about. stop ruining it for everyone'. or the two girls who link arms and prevent people from rocking a police van.
this makes me sad. why can't THEY be the memorable pictures from these protests.

21 December 2010 at 16:21  

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