Tuesday, January 11, 2011

European Union Bill – a dog’s breakfast or dinner?

Today, the Government brings to Parliament the European Union Bill, which purports to:
Make provision about treaties relating to the European Union and decisions made under them, including provision implementing the Protocol signed at Brussels on 23 June 2010 amending the Protocol (No. 36) on transitional provisions annexed to the Treaty on European Union, to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and to the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community; and to make provision about the means by which directly applicable or directly effective European Union law has effect in the United Kingdom.

In the Red Corner are those who think it’s a dog’s dinner (ie, smart, flash). It amounts to an inviolable absolute ‘Sovereignty Bill’ to ensure that Parliament remains omnipotent and that any future transfer of competences from Westminster to Brussels can only be made with the explicit consent of the British people expressed through a referendum. This Bill, they aver, puts parliamentary sovereignty on the statute book: Clause 18 declares: ‘It is only by virtue of an Act of Parliament that directly applicable or directly effective EU law (that is, the rights, powers, liabilities, obligations, restrictions, remedies and procedures referred to in Section 2 (1) of the European Communities Act 1972) falls to be recognised and available in law in the United Kingdom’.

In the Blue Corner are those who think this is a dog’s breakfast (ie, a total botch job). It does not do what it says on the tin insofar as the Government retains the final say on whether or not an issue merits a referendum, such that a further Bill would be required for a referendum actually to take place. Further, the Bill says nothing about what happens when the European Courts decide to ‘develop’ existing law to extend Community ‘competence’ without the fuss and bother of more legislation. And what, pray, happens when Labour comes to repeal it? Is sovereignty gone? It is an absurd Bill, giving the illusion of a sovereignty long since surrendered, or ‘pooled’.

The Coalition agreement reached between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats states that there should ‘be no further transfer of sovereignty or powers over the course of the next parliament’. And yet there has been. For the Tory-Europhiles and LibDems, it’s a dog’s dinner. For the Eurosceptics, it’s a dog’s breakfast.

His Grace has no idea why a canine morning meal has come to mean quite the opposite of its evening meal. Some believe them to be synonymous, while others draw a distinction.

According to the BBC, Labour believe this Bill to be a ‘dog’s dinner’.

His Grace thinks they mean ‘breakfast’.

Frankly, he is dog-tired of this interminable EU-UK dog’s life. In all of his dog days in this dog-eat-dog world he has never understood why this dog-eared parliament, stuffed with dog-leg MPs with dog-end perspectives, surrendered its omnipotence to a dog-in-the-manger oligarchy such that the EU tail is now constantly wagging the UK dog and we’re all dogged with directives and dogma perpetuated by dogmatic dogsbodies who couldn’t give a damn about anything but their doggone careers. In case they haven’t noticed, they're all in the doghouse, and if something isn’t done soon to remedy this dog's breakfast the British people will let slip the dogs of war and a dogfight will ensue the likes of which we have not seen for three or four centuries.

And when it comes, as it surely must, it will be the canine’s testicles.


Blogger Caedmon's Cat said...

Sniff... I'm sure somebody has trodden in something..

11 January 2011 at 10:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite agree, Your Grace. As you will recall the Tudors passed rather a lot of Sovereignty Acts in their sagas over the supranational authority of the Bishop of Rome. Not that those Acts of Parliament set anything in stone. Only by 'Doing a Henry' and terminating the jurisdiction of supranational powers, potentates and princes will England once again be a realm unto itself.

11 January 2011 at 10:54  
Anonymous graham Wood said...

Once again, very well expressed Cranmer. We share your Bulldog spirit which is fast developing its own menacing growl, if not a snarl of warning to this ramshackle, treacherous, EU loving administration.

It is all so unnecessary and could easily be avoided even now. All that our MPs and PM need to do is to revive our existing 'Sovereignty Bill' which is more than adequate to see off this pack of EU mongrel curs by simply invoking our Bill of Rights:

"And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, State or Potentate..... has any jurisdiction WITHIN THIS REALM.

We would say, either do it, or have the honesty to repeal it, but don't continue to play the nauseating hypocrite any longer.

11 January 2011 at 11:18  
Anonymous Stephen Hoffman said...

Excellent Blog post on the matter your grace.

I am firmly of the belief that the Bill whilst having good intentions delivers little.

It needs to be strengthened so that it actually does change our relationship with the EU, through giving power back to the people. The way the EU Bill stands at the moment, it gives all the power to decide to the minister. As 37 years of membership of the EU shows, ministers often rule in the interests of the EU rather than in Britain's interests.

On behalf of the Freedom Association, I have done a detailed brief of the European Union Bill looking at its pitfalls and how it could be improved. The link to it is here. Please feel free to read it:

11 January 2011 at 11:46  
Blogger Anabaptist said...

The fact is that we are now the EU's poodle.

Some writers (e.g. Hannan and Carswell) have cited Switzerland as a model of good relations with the EU; maybe hoping from that direction is like looking for a St Bernard carrying a keg of brandy.

Mr Graham Wood's observations on the Coronation Oath indicate that the royal corgi is now no more than a corgi toy.

We can only hope that some of the remaining rottweilers in Parliament expose this bill for the sham that it is: a chihuahua masquerading as a pit bull terrier.


11 January 2011 at 12:34  
Blogger DP111 said...

Quote: It is an absurd Bill, giving the illusion of a sovereignty long since surrendered, or ‘pooled’.

Exactly. The EU has all the powers it needs for further expansion. This Bill is just eyewash.

11 January 2011 at 13:58  
Anonymous JayBee said...

Your Grace,

The dogfight has already started. High fliers in the financial stratosphere have the lumbering euro squadron firmly in the cross-hairs of their market weaponry. Greece, Ireland and Portugal are so badly shot up that they are scarcely airworthy and now poor little Belgium is emitting a trail of smoke.

Irresistible market forces could save us from political folly. We may live to see the whole Euro-zone shot down in flames with no bailout for the crew.

11 January 2011 at 14:01  
Blogger Johnny Rottenborough said...

Your Grace is understandably hot under the dog collar about the EU. Bernard Jenkin MP says that Clause 18 “is so feeble it would effectively hand over control of parliamentary sovereignty to unelected judges.

“To make matters worse, the Government has explained parliamentary sovereignty as a ‘common law principle’. This is just rubbish. Parliament claimed sovereignty when it cut off the head of Charles I. The Government is playing into the hands of the judges. The common law is judge-made law. The judges are its authors and its guardians. They may change it whenever they see fit.”

11 January 2011 at 14:06  
Blogger Bill Sticker said...

Your Grace, this piece of proposed 'sovereignty' legislation matters not. It is a mere sop, lip service if you will. Especially when EU regulations will soon be 'cut and pasted' onto UK statute books without so much as a bye, leave or thank you.

Funny how that last little snippet never seemed to make the mainstream. Gosh, is that my cynicism? I wondered where it had gone to.

11 January 2011 at 14:52  
Anonymous Voyager said...

English Jurisprudence lacks that Teutonic Firmament of The Kelsen Norm, the fundament upon which all else rests. The English create a confection of platitudes and practices and pronounce them sacred and inviolable until violated.

Edward Heath ruptured the basis of English Jurisprudence. He instigated a Revolution and invited Parliament to sanctify it as Co-Conspirators with his European Communities Act 1972.

The 1688 Revolution created a fiction in that James II was King but had fled rather than being required to fight a civil war like his father.

Parliament used the fiction of continuity to create rupture. Heath used the fiction of continuity to disguise rupture.

Every Act pertaining to the Eu since 1972 has rested upon the peculiar concept of Sovereignty that Parliament believes itself to have even though it has given it away.

Only by another Rupture can the reality of Sovereignty be retrieved from the Fiction. They can vote platitudinous Bills on Referenda until the EU Commission closes down their chamber and arrests every member. Charles I did not cease until beheaded, Parliament simply could not be sovereign until he ceased to exist - he was stubborn in defence of his powers and Parliament could declare itself sovereign but without Force Majeure it was meaningless.

11 January 2011 at 15:00  
Blogger Dick the Prick said...

Your Grace

There was a nice little exchange in the HoL regarding the EU having oversight over financial services when their own internal audit hasn't been signed off for 13 years.

Yeah, this Bill sounds like a problem.

11 January 2011 at 15:11  
Anonymous IanCad said...


The dogs of war require canine testicular integrity. I'm believe most of us have been fixed.

11 January 2011 at 16:00  
Anonymous Voyager said...

"regarding the EU having oversight over financial services when their own internal audit hasn't been signed off for 13 years. "

Nice, but House of Commons expenses have not been signed off by Auditor-Genera.

Auditors refused to sign off treasury Accounts over Lloyds & RBS funding liabilities being improperly handled

Four other government departments – HM Revenue and Customs, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Ministry of Defence and the Home Office – are also expected to disclose that their accounts have been qualified by the NAO.

Chacun a son gout

11 January 2011 at 16:32  
Blogger Bred in the bone said...

Parlaiment is a museum full of foreigners who think they have power over the English.

Brussels is a kennel full of stray mongrels who need putting down.

Like the spirit of your post Cranny!

11 January 2011 at 16:53  
Anonymous not a machine said...

I might throw my hat in as Deputy Dog !
I think your grace may be amused by the Latin exchange that took place between Mr Cash and Mr Mcshane (the latter ending up with rather a glum face).

For some this may well seem a rather tiresome turn of the mill wheel and as in biblical translations words matter greatly .It is unfortunate that many voters will perhaps comprehend the principal rather than the scrutiny of words , and I can only offer my great thanks , to those minds that have discerend these matters over many years of lesser thinking in hocking us in to such an unscrouplous and unaccountable tyranical landlord .
The promoters of EU rule waft around in limosines and cordial fine dining , I do not forget its role in stabilisaing post soviet europe , but it is unnacountable and unconcerend with good nationhood (which the UK can have a good claim until Labour began casting there spell of destroying democratic common good).

I also manged to catch Mr Bacons Bill which was a rare bit of thoughtfull work (glad he and others are bringing it home, the bacon and dairy products that is).

I presume we shall have to choose further if this is not accepted , I will await to see the outcome of the dalience with the very vitals of our country.

11 January 2011 at 17:44  
Anonymous Jonathan Stuart-Brown said...

Your Grace,
Forgive me for posting here but as it is rumoured William Hague is still Foreign Secretary and has something to do with The EU and this Bill which vaguely keeps some lukewarm powers in The UK for a short time, well I was stunned to see William has done something of note in the job to bless The UK and Israeli Film Industry !
A notable noble success he kept very quiet.

11 January 2011 at 19:54  
Blogger Dick the Prick said...

Chris Heaton Harris (Con, Daventry)just got bitch slapped by Bill Cash. It's a bit upsetting - he's gone to pieces!

11 January 2011 at 19:56  
Blogger Anabaptist said...

Mr Jonathan Stuart-Brown observes:
'Forgive me for posting here but as it is rumoured William Hague is still Foreign Secretary and has something to do with The EU...'

But the EU should not fall within the purview of the Foreign Secretary. The EU is the government of this country and is not a foreign power. It is the job of our 'government' to implement the EU's decisions.

In any case, before long, as Baroness Ashton's department finds its feet, we shall have no furhther need for a Foreign Office.

11 January 2011 at 20:29  
Anonymous Gordon said...

Apart from being an excellent beer brewed by the Badger Beer people its also printers slang for a colon followed by a hyphen thus:- which in the days of metal type was a single piece of type. When working with cold (as opposed to hot type) you build up each line of type in a printers 'stick' (a sort of wooden bit of angle iron). It's so easy to read the type the wrong way round (you need of course to build it in reverse) in which case you're said to have "Got the wrong end of the stick). Sorry can't help with cannine meal times

11 January 2011 at 21:46  
Blogger Dioclese said...

Heath and Hitler would have been proud - the Fourth Reich continues its inexorible march...

11 January 2011 at 22:36  
Anonymous non mouse said...

Well doggone, Your Grace - thank you for pointing the foreign intruders to damnation.

I love the firework display!

11 January 2011 at 23:06  
Anonymous len said...

Anyone trust Cameron with a referendum?

Our sovereignty has long gone, we are now part of the Revived Roman Empire(sorry the E U .)

11 January 2011 at 23:17  
Blogger defender said...

So, what is lawful rebellion?
Posted on September 20, 2010 by Admin

Magna charta cum statutis angliae (Great Chart...
Image via Wikipedia


Magna Carta Article 61 (Lawful Rebellion) You have Sovereignty, realize it, and use it.

Rebellion in itself has a number of different meanings and is in fact quite close to another word that seems to be on everyone’s lips; Revolution. Defined meaning of Rebellion;

Refusal to accept some authority or code or convention.
An act or show of defiance toward an authority or established government.
Defined meaning of Lawful;

Being within the law; allowed by law: lawful methods of dissent. (The lawful refusal to conform to the authority that is unjust)
Under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 (the founding document of our Constitution) we have a right to enter into lawful rebellion if we feel we are being governed unjustly. Contrary to common belief our Sovereign and her government are only there to govern us and not to rule us and this must be done within the constraint of our Common Law and the freedoms asserted to us by such Law, nothing can become law in this country if it – see article

12 January 2011 at 09:35  
Blogger oldmaid said...

defender @ 09:35 12 January

Well said and true.

However, this is most likely to occur when the social breakdown of our country has gone too far and those of the imported ideology demand a continuation and furtherance of their 'rights'

12 January 2011 at 11:13  
Blogger oldmaid said...

I understand, though not widely reported, it would appear Cameron and his cronies had to back down and make amendments to his 'european bill' last night because his lackeys (whips) couldn't manipulate those against further integration, to vote for this wee piece of disingenous treason

12 January 2011 at 11:17  
Anonymous Antipopulist said...

Politicians are only in it for themselves. That old addage again.

Or is that really the case? Could it not be that either do not understand or have no desire to comprehend the EU. It is much easier to believe silly headlines made up by rag papers about banana bans than the truth. Face it, pretty much the entire public gets their facts on the EU from baloney stories by rags trying to fill gaps on pages and sell copies. After all have curvy bananas been banned? NO What about curvy cucumbers? NO (If you ever wanted proof that the public are stupid euromyths are often recycled and they still belive them) Do we pay more to the EU then we receieve by are membership to the largest market in the world? NO Has the English Channel been renamed the anglo-french pond? No Has the EU ordered you to pressure cook dead pets? NO Has the EU banned bar maids from showing cleavage? NO
And some nice single currency scare tatics made by the Sun in the 90s: Does the euro cause male sterility? OF COURSE IT DOES NOT

And so it doesn't take long to figure out that pretty much the entire way the general public knows about the EU is through a constant barrage of lies. As a university student I have spent time organsing these myths - they are a masterwork of anti-EU propoganda because they usualy contain a strain of a meme in them that says that anyone defending the EU is a traitor/one of the elite/got his trotters in the trough.

Also the dammage these euromyths do is near insane. Just for example, take the EU president. There isnt one. There was reform of the presidency of the European Council - a post which hold no power. (The democratic mandate for a post that holds almost no pwoer but is merely a chair is actually quite strong. Van Rompuy was nominated voted on by QMV and then sent to the Parliament for approval). Yet this myth got loads of people in the UK in a fury as they rightly asked why they couldnt vote for a president of the entire union - the answer was of course that the post was a fictional creation of the media.

And so a lot of the comments on this blog about the EU being useless or somehow being a bunch of busy bodies is too founded upon a sentiment of misunderstanding. First in what it does and then it how it operates. Upon meeting the only 3 UKIP cardholders in my university in the bar, I asked them to name and explain the central institutions of the EU. They couldn't, nor could they name the competenicies, composition or relation. Now tell me if I wished to comment on the Westminster system and yet failed to know there was a Common or Lords or their relation or their composition - would you trust a word I said? Obviously Not. Then why trust a party made up of morons. The same with the tory right - they constantly confuse the Court of Human Rights as an EU institution - it is not - that is a mistake as bad confusing a district court with the supreme court in the US.

In case you havn't noticed - I have put forward no arguments for the EU. As this can only be done when you first admit that what you know about it is baloney - then you begin on research by proper sources. IE both sides.

18 January 2011 at 07:11  

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