Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Archbishop of Canterbury on the Royal Wedding


Blogger john lee said...

Yes, yes whatever - but did you SEE THAT EYEBROW??

It seems to me one can learn everything one needs to about Rowan Williams' theology by looking at his grooming. It's thin, colourless and dry, undisciplined, and twisted and contorted into a wildly unorthodox arrangement. It's basically all over the place, isn't it?

Keep up the good work!

27 April 2011 at 23:27  
Anonymous not a machine said...

Let us hope it is a joyus day , both for Prince William and Kate Middleton , the nation and the church.
I am sure the Archbishop of Canterbury will not let us down , and I think it is the Bishop of London who is giving the address.

nothing I can add

28 April 2011 at 00:38  
Blogger English Viking said...

I almost clicked the link, and then I saw that it was over 5 minutes long, and then I thought: tosser.

Why would I want to listen to 1 minute, let alone 5?

28 April 2011 at 02:01  
Blogger Manfarang said...

Kate Middleton was recently confirmed, pity she didn't return to the Unitarian roots of her ancestors.

28 April 2011 at 02:53  
Blogger English Viking said...


Better that than filthy islam, eh?

28 April 2011 at 03:26  
Blogger OldSouth said...

Everyone might wish to take a bit of a deep breath, and wish this couple well, for a long list of reasons.

One reason near the top of OS's list is: We're long overdue seeing a young couple in the public eye actually succeeding at marriage. The whole tragedy of Charles and Diana, falling apart in front of the cameras of the world, helped feed the cynicism about marriage that had already taken hold.

So, here's wishing them well. The rest of you snarky commentors can go crawl back into your pints of beer now, thank-yew-ver-much...

28 April 2011 at 04:31  
Blogger Bred in the bone said...

"A liftime and more" ;o)

28 April 2011 at 06:06  
Blogger Angus said...

Blessings on you, Rowan, and on the gracious couple.

28 April 2011 at 09:45  
Blogger Rebel Saint said...

I'll echo what English Viking said @ 02:01

If it takes the ABC 5 mins to say it then it means it's probably only got 5-10secs worth of material of interest. And none of it will be about Jesus.

28 April 2011 at 11:19  
Blogger killemallletgodsortemout said...

I didn't click on the link. The ABC is probably doing more damage to the CofE than any other 'cleric'. He usually spouts cockwaffle, and seems to live on a different planet.

28 April 2011 at 11:33  
Blogger Graham Davis said...

He said com-mit-ment 978 times!


“Witness in an active sense”

“What they believe they are responsible to”

“They are deeply unpretentious people”

“Invited to some intimate places” Oops!

“Sending a message of hopefulness”

“Live it out for the rest of us”

28 April 2011 at 16:49  
Anonymous len said...

You did better than me G D I couldn`t even be bother to listen.

The problem with Christianity is people like the A B OfC and the pope seem to 'suck the Life ' out of Christianity and give us religion instead!.

30 April 2011 at 08:49  

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