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Baroness Warsi becomes the first British Government minister to address the Organisation of the Islamic Conference/Cooperation

And they'll be a bit miffed that the Baroness got their name wrong. Or, at least, wasn't quite properly briefed by her staff that the bloc of mostly Muslim-majority states has a new name (and logo). At a meeting in Kazakhstan this week, foreign ministers of the 42 year-old 'Organisation of the Islamic Conference' (OIC) decided to change the name of their group to the 'Organisation of Islamic Cooperation' (OIC).

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev describes the OIC as 'the UN of the Islamic world'. It may have a new name and a new logo, but the agenda remains the same - 'Palestine' (ie the eradication of Israel) and 'religious defamation' (ie a global blasphemy law).

The old logo featured an aggressive red crescent with the rather assertive and alientating Arabic phrase 'Allahu Akhbar' (God [Allah] is greater). The new logo sports the more eco-friendly green crescent, with an innocuous representation of the Ka’aba – the cube-shaped structure in Mecca which Muslims believe to have been constructed by Abraham (and his favoured son Ishmael) - at the centre of a globe: ie, the holiest shrine in Islam is at the centre of the world. The subtle name change, from introspective 'conference' to accommodating 'cooperation' is something of a ruse - especially where 'Palestine' is concerned: the goal remains the 'liberation' of Jerusalem. It remains their objective to prohibit all criticism of Islamic teachings and authorities, effectively to roll out across the free world the blasphemy laws of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Baroness Warsi addressed the 38th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers. Her speech focused on building Britain’s relations with the Muslim world, strengthening partnerships in trade, development and global security to help solve some of the greatest challenges:

It is a great honour to be invited to speak at the OIC Foreign Minister’s Conference - the first time that a British Government Minister has ever had this privilege.

I am equally delighted to be here in Kazakhstan for the first time…

…a country as Chairman you told me when we met on Monday is home to the Samosa and Pilau Rice.

A fortnight ago I had the privilege to host His Excellency, Secretary-General Ihsanoglu and his team, on their first official visit to the UK.

We held a number of meetings which included the Prime Minister David Cameron, the Foreign Secretary William Hague…

…and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, amongst others in a wide ranging programme.

We in Britain recognise the importance of building on our relationships with the Muslim world.

And that is why we have appointed a new Special Representative to the OIC to be based in Jeddah.

Our participation at this conference demonstrates that commitment. So thank you once again for giving us this opportunity.

Today we share many global challenges: economic uncertainty; global security; climate change and the continuing need to help the poorest in the world.

In today’s ever changing world, we can either face these challenges together, work together in unity with greater effectiveness, or as people we will grow apart.

And sadly there are extremists who would prefer just that.

There are those that claim that the West is at war with Islam.

Or that Islam has no place in the West. They claim Islam and Democracy do not mix, and will never mix.

As a British Cabinet Minister, as a British Muslim…

…as the daughter of immigrant, whose father came to the UK from Pakistan, who taught his children the value of education, who built a successful businesss…

…as someone who crosses those so-called insurmountable divides…

I am proud to say that nothing could be further from the truth.

And when we look at our actions overseas…

It is the largely Muslim civilians in Benghazi…

…who are demonstrating such a strong desire to live free of oppression and brutality…

…that spurred the international community into acting in their support and defence.

It is the largely Muslim people of Kabul and Helmand…

…who have suffered generations of war and destruction, who aspire simply for a better future, rather than conflict and bloodshed…

…that drives the international community’s commitment for a stable Afghanistan.

And it is the young Muslim women in the Punjab, and their dreams for an opportunity to learn…

…which drives the international communities investment in the Pakistani education system.

Your excellencies my story, the story of my country, the story of our actions overseas…

… categorically sends a resounding “no” to those who talk about a “clash of civilisations”

We face global challenges which we can be meet…

… if we work together in partnership.

A partnership based on trust, mutual respect and honesty.

Arab spring
This year, will be remembered for the start of the Arab Spring.

For an awakening across the region.

For an answer to those who say the Middle East has no appetite for reform.

The seeds of democracy have been sown...

... and I recognise that of course it will take time before they flower.

Change is never easy. And real change will take time.

But one thing is certain. The type of change will differ in each country.

In each country it will take its own route;

it will find its own way; and it will be driven by the people in those countries.

No two democracies look the same.

In these uncertain times, the UK Government and the international community stands ready to work with the countries of the Middle East and North Africa in partnership…

…to build a more stable and prosperous future for the region.

Through our Arab Partnership, we will provide £110m to support political and economic reforms across the region.

Your excellencies, the security challenge we face in Afghanistan will require a long-term enduring Partnership.

This partnership will require the contribution of ordinary Afghans, the contribution of regional allies, and the contribution of the international community.

My guarantee to you is this. We will stay the course in Afghanistan.

And although by 2015 UK forces will no longer be in a combat role or in the numbers they are now in Afghanistan…

…but the UK remains committed to a strong, long term partnership with Afghanistan based on diplomacy, trade and development.

We will continue to stand by the Afghan people in their difficult journey to reconciliation.

Most importantly we must recognize this is a long-term commitment.

There are no short term fixes.

We, alongside our allies, will build a Long Term Partnership with Afghanistan, giving our lasting support long after 2015.

This brings me to a country I know well.

A country I've visited 4 times in the last 12 months – most recently with the UK Prime Minister David Cameron in April.

Pakistan which is an important ally in the uk.

I recognise ordinary Pakistanis simply want an education, jobs and security.

They want to live their free from terror and bloodshed.

The UK's unbreakable bond with Pakistan means we will stand with the nation during its difficult times.

That is why we have upgraded our relationship to an "enhanced partnership".

That is why we have made Pakistan our Largest development partner. That is why we pledge to increase bilateral trade to 2.5bn per year.

That is why we have such strong co-operation against terrorism.

Special time in history
Your Excellencies, this is a special time in history.

In the past we have been accused of only pursuing “transactional relationships”. But, today let recognise we believe in “lasting friendships”.

Let’s become strategic partners. Partners in trade. Partners in development. Partners in global security.

Let’s affirm our commitment to one another.

Your excellencies our destinies are intertwined. Our futures interlinked.

Travel, trade and new media have brought us closer together.

And I know when we work together, act together, we are on course to help solve some of the greatest challenges we face.

Let’s build a future for today and tomorrow. And build a world, better than the one we found.

So if there is a message I’d like you to take away today it is simply this.

In 2011, the UK didn’t come to this conference and simply say Assalamualaikum, she also said Nureedo An Natha aa Wana Ma aan.
Not one mention of Palestine. One wonders how the British Government will vote in September when the Palestinian delegation to the UN intends unilaterally to declare statehood. And His Grace can't help wondering why the Conservative Party (co-)Chairman isn't making passionate speeches like this to, err...local Conservative associations. They could do with hearing an honest assessment of the challenges they face; of the need for change; of the future of party democracy; of the need for 'partnership' and 'regional allies'. And to hear from someone who understands their 'difficult journey' and the 'need for reconciliation'. Perhaps the Conservative Party (co-)Chairman might 'affirm (her)commitment' to members, because 'our destinies are intertwined. Our futures interlinked'.


Anonymous Gordon Oates said...

"And His Grace can't help wondering why the Conservative Party (co-)Chairman isn't making passionate speeches like this to, err...local Conservative associations."

Clearly too busy being a de-facto foreign minister to her fellow muslims than bothering about the tory party.

1 July 2011 at 14:35  
Anonymous Dreadnaught said...

Nice one Your Grace :-)

1 July 2011 at 14:41  
Anonymous De_Civitas said...

Well she lost the battle against Theresa May's Hawks in the Prevent review so now she's been sent to mend the bridges the government have been sacrificing the alter of public opinion.

1 July 2011 at 15:30  
Blogger Span Ows said...

Agree with De_Civitas.

P.S. what's that last bit mean? Did she start singing along to some new summer tripe 'pop' tune a la Black Lace?

1 July 2011 at 16:17  
Blogger AncientBriton said...

>>Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev describes the OIC as 'the UN of the Islamic world'.<<

So much for integration!

1 July 2011 at 16:19  
Anonymous not a machine said...

"a partnership based on mutual trust and honesty"

I wish Baroness warsi all the best in bringing those values to pakistan , a country she knows well.

1 July 2011 at 16:41  
Anonymous Dreadnaught said...

Considering ther are around fifty members of the IOC, I find it rather surprising (or do I?) that the MSM very rarely if ever report on what this heavywieght Islamic gang get up to. While many in the West are still ignorant of Islamic teaching and history, they will always be behind the curve - and that's what modern Islamists are banking on.

Islamic puppet masters are playing the long game and Warsi as HMGs proxy representative at their meeting will only bolster their confidence and naked expansionist ambition on the world stage.

I agree that the name change is a subtle move to make the OIC appear more benign, as it has been manouvering for a seat at the UN for a long time using the parity argument with the illogocally contived Vatican State's position.

...'the Roman Catholic church exerts considerable power at UN meetings and conferences. As a Non-Member State Permanent Observer, the Holy See can take part in UN meetings and conferences, and is typically granted full status at these events, including a vote on any question that is put to a vote'...

Even Catholics are against the inclusion of The Vatican seat at the table.

As long as the Holy See continues to hold such a position of influence, the door will always be ajar and leaned on heavily by the slick Armani suited soldiers of Islam - so why don't they simply remove the jam from the picnic table - it would at least be a start.

1 July 2011 at 17:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dreadnaught- you are being biogted against catholics as usual.

1 July 2011 at 18:19  
Anonymous Man from the Ministry said...

Don't worry, Warsi is on our side- one of the best false flag operations ever undertaken by '6.

1 July 2011 at 18:20  
Anonymous Dreadnaught said...

Anon - 18.19

Not at all, just against special privileges for religion in politics; if that's your interpretation of bigotry then for you I must be - it's of no consequence to to either of us what you call me.

You use the term 'as usual' you presumably have been here before and afraid to use your familiar handle - scaredi-cat.

Not related to Dumb-Dumb by any chance are you?

1 July 2011 at 18:42  
Anonymous Dumb-Dumb said...

Dreadnaught- catholic racist!

1 July 2011 at 19:54  
Blogger Bred in the bone said...

Faith and Nation United, how admirable, they may have their own turmoil within but thats an Islamic affair not a matter for the Kuffar.

Kuffar turmoils are far worse than Islams because we have nothing concrete to agree on and unite under.

Hence the term Dar al Harb.

I am glad we have a British Muslim over there representing us, it makes you proud to be British, just wait until the Olympics what a spectacle that will be, hold on to your Hijabs it will blow you away.

1 July 2011 at 20:14  
Anonymous David Williams said...

Is Baroness Warsi paid for being co-chairman of the party as Andrew Feldman is?

1 July 2011 at 20:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read the Koran in the (chronological) order it was written and you'll see where the jihadis get their inspiration from - and their orders.

"You may have the watches but we have the time"



1 July 2011 at 22:00  
Blogger Bred in the bone said...

They may have the time but we are lacking the patience.

2 July 2011 at 01:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"seeds of democracy have been sown".

Or maybe one form of dictatorship is being supplanted by another ?

I venture to suggest that many people would like to live in a dictatorship -PROVIDED that the man at the helm enacted the policies we want.

Marcus Foxall

2 July 2011 at 04:57  
Blogger len said...

Baroness Warsi,
Speaks to the Muslim World and explains that a 'take over' is quite simple, no violence required just get the natives to co-operate with the help of Political Correctness . Cynical assessment , you bet!

Bit off thread , but the 'black stone' in the Kaba is almost certainly a meteorite , a sign from Allah?.
The' sign in the sky' witnessed by Constantine also was almost certainly a meteorite , the impact site has been found in Italy and dated.
The star that marked the birthplace of Jesus Christ was placed over a living being, the Saviour of Humanity, the meteorites burned and crashed into the Earth killing all in the vicinity.
Is God trying to tell us something?.

2 July 2011 at 08:29  
Anonymous Man from the Ministry said...

Len said "Speaks to the Muslim World and explains that a 'take over' is quite simple, no violence required just get the natives to co-operate with the help of Political Correctness . Cynical assessment , you bet!"

Don't worry Len, as said above, Warsi is the best Pakistani double agent we have.

2 July 2011 at 08:36  
Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

If they are all so enthusiastic about democracy,why do they wish to destroy ours and institute the brutality of sharia in its stead?If we are all such good friends,why do they systematically rape our daughters,import heroine,completely ignore our laws,and build thier own state within our country where we can not go without certainly being attacked,murdered or robbed?

2 July 2011 at 08:39  
Anonymous MrJ said...

len (08:29) "...Baroness Warsi, Speaks to the Muslim World..."

Henry IV pt 1, Act 3, scene 1, 52–58:

Glendower: I can call spirits from the vasty deep.

Hotspur: Why, so can I, or so can any man;
But will they come when you do call for them?

Glendower: Why, I can teach you, cousin, to command
The devil.

Hotspur: And I can teach thee, coz, to shame the devil—
By telling the truth. Tell truth and shame the devil.

2 July 2011 at 09:59  
Anonymous Homo Hamed said...

Why no mention of the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities that is endemic and institutionalised in the countries that make up the "Muslim World"?

These are not the activities of a minority of muslims but the actions of the majority - and their governments.

And yet we want to be their friends?

2 July 2011 at 10:10  
Anonymous Jack Flash said...

In Islam there has never been the free will and free choice that God gracefully allowed human beings in the beginning.
True He warned us of a judgement to come, but specified that HE alone would be the judge as only a perfect being with all knowledge would be capable of meeting out true justice in regard to our eternal condition.
He alone made a way possible for fallen humanity to find salvation, without contravening the laws that he had made.
In comparison, Islam sets itself as judge, jury and executioner of any who desire to excercise their right to choose the faith and the God they will serve.


2 July 2011 at 12:14  
Blogger Maturecheese said...

Where the Baroness states that she is an example of how Islam and democracy DO mix, she forgets that she is only able to participate in a democratic Government(debatable point) because we are NOT an Islamic state. In other words she is talking poppycock!

2 July 2011 at 12:37  
Blogger Johnny Rottenborough said...

Warsi’s rejection of a clash of civilizations and her talk of ‘trust, mutual respect and honesty’ sit curiously at odds with the words of a Muslim preacher: ‘Kafir is the worst word that can ever be written, a sign of infidelity, disbelief, filth, a sign of dirt.’

2 July 2011 at 13:58  
Blogger E.xtra S.ensory Blofeld + Tiddles said...

ENGLISHMAN said... 2 July 2011 08:39

"If they are all so enthusiastic about democracy,why do they wish to destroy ours and institute the brutality of sharia in its stead?If we are all such good friends,why do they systematically rape our daughters,import heroine,completely ignore our laws,and build thier own state within our country where we can not go without certainly being attacked,murdered or robbed?"

It's called the scorpion and the frog, dear boy. It is the nature of the thing!

E S Blofeld

2 July 2011 at 14:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Baroness” my backside.

I voted Tory for over thirty-five years but stopped when Cameron was elected leader. It was obvious that the Conservative Party had ceased to exist in all but name. We really don’t have a democracy. What we have is fascism dressed up in a way that gives the illusion of democracy.

Lib/Lab/Con policies are identical on membership of the EU, engaging in illegal wars and using mass immigration to disenfranchise and overrun the native British population. Sucking up to the likes of Warthog and the ‘religion of peace’ tells us all we need to know about the traitors that rule over us and their plans for our destiny. Recent statistics point to the undeniable fact – and it is fact -- that well before the end of this century our fate will be the same as the North America Indians. We will have been reduced to a tiny minority on our own ancestral islands. We have betrayed the blood, sweat and tears shed by countless generations to safeguard our culture and our Christian values, heritage and history. We should be utterly, utterly ashamed that we have not even the backbone to stand up and say enough is enough. Instead we continue to vote for our own national suicide by voting for the same Lib/Lab/Con party at each election.

2 July 2011 at 15:11  
Anonymous Oswin said...

I continue, unable to make up my mind about Baroness Warsi. I half admire her, whilst simultaneously partially repelled. Is she with us, or agin us - or, is she a phenomena all of her own; more 'hockey-sticks' than Islam?

Perhaps merely a somewhat naive gad-fly, not sure of her next meal?

2 July 2011 at 15:54  
Anonymous Hospitable Scots Bachelor said...

Just what we need to sort out the world's problems - a new logo!

2 July 2011 at 16:03  
Blogger Johnny Rottenborough said...

@ Oswin (15:54)—With Islam ordering Muslims to practise deception, provided it is for a noble cause, it’s very difficult for those of us outside the community to determine what Muslims really think.

Verses such as ‘Those who are forced to recant while their hearts remain loyal to the faith shall be absolved’ (Qur’an 16:106) and ‘Let believers not make friends with infidels in preference to the faithful … except in self-defence’ (Qur’an 3:28) give Warsi all the cover she needs to present a version of Islam acceptable to her Western audience while holding fast to the true faith in her heart.

2 July 2011 at 18:26  
Anonymous non mouse said...

Warsier and Warsier.

(Apology withheld:) )

2 July 2011 at 18:33  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Johnny - it as as you say: good or bad, pro or against, we can never be sure of any of them; they are condemned by the many exhortations of their own religious tracts.

A fact that our Security Services really ought to take well into account when attempting to recruit them. Yet another MONUMENTAL error!

2 July 2011 at 18:50  
Blogger theeaglehaslanded said...

Funny Britains bilateral trade with Pakistan stands at over £1m whilst with Israel it stands at over £2m. Why don't we have an "enhanced partnership" with Israel?

2 July 2011 at 18:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is quite a jokester when she referred to the pakistani cooperation on fighting islamic terrorisim. how come no one laughed?

2 July 2011 at 19:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UK already have enough problems with the growing moslems asian and non-moslems asian minority population and having Warsi or more islamic politicians in the UK is a bad idea as it not only cause UK to look more shabby but also the great likelihood of their negative islamic influence suppressing the freedom and retarding the advancement of Europe.

3 July 2011 at 03:48  
Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Ernst,i am not sure what point you are making,other than not trusting the dessert retards,but it seems that another front has been opened,with more "loyal british shareholders" of scottish water enthusiastically selling us and themselves out to the yellow threat,it seems that we are all for sale,our lives are within the gift of the buffoon from witney.

3 July 2011 at 08:51  
Blogger Maturecheese said...

Anon 15:11

Spot on!!

3 July 2011 at 11:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess by now, more and more people would have tired of warsi boasting about how her immigrant family value education and hard work. Who would not, if given a chance in a land of opportunity for grasping nonwhite immigrants?


3 July 2011 at 12:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The old logo looked more friendlier. The new logo looks like a Borg Cube attacking Planet Earth.

3 July 2011 at 13:27  
Anonymous Dreadnaught said...

His Grace goes Global!

- lets hope his influence extends to improving the quality of some of the posted comments at US Jihadwatch.

3 July 2011 at 17:28  
Blogger English Viking said...

Women should not be allowed in Government and muslims should not be allowed into GB, so, in the glorious monarchy I would institute (as King, obviously) in that once great nation, 'Baroness' Warsi wouldn't stand a cat in hell's chance.

How on Earth did we get to point where the daughter of an immigrant from a former (backward) colony can wield political power?

3 July 2011 at 21:26  
Anonymous MrJ said...

EV -- precedents: Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Queens consort too numerous to mention. Where did Queen Victoria come from? Would she be a "natural born Englishwoman"?

But Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, as baroness and functionary appointed by Mr Cameron, could be regarded as an anomaly in her own right, several times over (not necessarily for all the reasons mentioned at 21:26).

3 July 2011 at 22:05  
Blogger myfamilyisalways1st said...

Please read my blog. God please let someone see it.

3 July 2011 at 22:38  
Anonymous non mouse said...

Oh? This has suddenly turned into a Boys Own club? Nobody bats an eyelid when crass foreigners like the Millipedes, Hewn, and wot-ziz-name (Clegg) presume to lead us all to perdition ... because they're men?

Now I agree fully that nothing's worse than warsi: but come on you lot!! QEI was arguably our greatest monarch; and we didn't exactly decline in Victoria's reign.

Oh - and anyone who claims to come from Northern climes where women have no business might take a second look. Us Yorkshire lasses have a tradition of being quite strong, as I recall. Starting at least with Hilda (at Whitby)...

I reckon it's because somebody has to look after the farm while you lads are off wielding sharpened implements. You even might need a bit of help to get back on your feet after the fray. Unless, of course, you'd rather put yourselves at the mercy of 'pretend' women.

In which case---------- that's all she wrote.

3 July 2011 at 22:44  
Anonymous non mouse said...

Well... greatest except for Alfred, I think, really [QE1, that is].

3 July 2011 at 22:46  
Blogger English Viking said...

Mr J,

I don't remember Victoria being a dark sort, nor a moon-worshipper either.

3 July 2011 at 22:49  
Anonymous MrJ said...

Both Eleanor and Victoria were mentioned in contrast to EV's implied exclusion of women from positions of power in this island. Hilda is most certainly another.

Thankful to see EV's response is in the great tradition of his many previous comments.

Our Island Story includes many men and women from various parts of continental Europe or their descendants, and after calling in Dutch William, their descendants carried on with the getting and losing of colonies and other overseas territories.

Mr Cameron may see his use of Baroness Warsi as a bold innovation in the cause of his self-advancement. What she says and does in the name of HMG is his responsibility.

We have been warned "His Grace is presently subject to a take-over bid" which may be a hint that the one who appoints the prime minister may have authorised soundings in that direction as an attempt to salvage something from the wreckage that other PMs in her reign have been making in the conduct of this country's affairs.

3 July 2011 at 23:44  
Blogger I am Stan said...

Your Grace,

I`ve been reading your blog for sometime now, whats happened?, it seems to have gradually morphed from lively erudite debate to , well an introverted haven of bigotry and general hatefulness.

4 July 2011 at 10:37  
Blogger Owl said...

"We in Britain recognise the importance of building on our relationships with the Muslim world."

what a curious atatement.

Normally this sentence would start with "We, the british people...." but it doesn't. Who are the enigmatic "We"?

Is she refering to the Government itself or perhaps to the Muslim community within the UK?

She most certainly does not seem to refer to the british people. Maybe they are just not important enough to be mentioned.

She appears to consider herself a representative of the "We".

If not the british people then what?

4 July 2011 at 10:42  
Blogger I am Stan said...

Less and less Christian and Conservative, more and more Nationalism and jingoism.

Ah well we all develop in our own way, God bless and goodbye Your Grace.

4 July 2011 at 10:42  
Blogger Johnny Rottenborough said...

@ I am Stan (10:42)—Resisting the world’s most unpleasant religion may well require a resurgence of nationalism. A price well worth paying.

4 July 2011 at 11:03  
Anonymous Oswin said...

non mouse @ 22:44:

Let's hear it for the girls - yea!

There's nowt wrong with a stout-hearted lass. The British Empire would never have happened without them, or owt else for that matter.

4 July 2011 at 19:18  
Anonymous non mouse said...

Appreciated, Oswin :)

And Mr. J too -- yes, I do see.

4 July 2011 at 20:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If UK is not a moslem country and the majority are not moslem, why did Conservative send a moslem who are(as all moslems are known to be or tend to be) only interested to build relationship with the moslem world and not the non-moslem world?
I am not surprise that intolerance, bigotry and general hatefulness has been monopolised by moslems whenever they have the socalled political power or islamic relgious power. Warsi gender is irrelevant but the fact is she is just another moslem who does not speak for all the British who are non-moslems.


5 July 2011 at 00:36  
Blogger English Viking said...


You disappoint me.

Women in general should concentrate on being good wives/mothers. Muslim women in particular should attempt to concentrate on not being honour killed.

Not one single muslim woman made ANY significant advancements that built the Empire.

Not one.

Trawl away, you won't find one.

5 July 2011 at 01:00  
Blogger English Viking said...


You say it like I should be ashamed of my preference for my own people in my own country.

I'm not.

5 July 2011 at 01:02  
Anonymous Oswin said...

English Viking:

Who was talking of muslim women???

Not I!

Rather, I was supporting our home grown hardy womanhood; be they good wives, mothers, home-fire stokers or, companions in far outposts.

I'm surprised E.V that you opt for such a Norman outlook, when both our Celtic and Saxon women embraced the world beyond hearth and home. (which might go some way to explain their cooking!) :o)

5 July 2011 at 03:07  

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