Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Iron Lady - a teasing trailer

His Grace was feeling a little melancholy today, what with his phone being hacked and the general air of pessimism hanging around both church and state. But this glimpse of Meryl Streep as the Great Lady cheered him up no end. She certainly looks and sounds the part: it is an eerie reincarnation of one who is yet among us, though probably never to be seen in public again. We have to wait until January for The Iron Lady's release, when we will doubtless discover that the externals are as close as the film gets to capturing the reality.


Blogger Timothy Belmont said...

I must see it when it is released.

7 July 2011 at 15:11  
Anonymous non mouse said...

Your Grace is surely right about the externals. The more I see of Streep, the more I see an actress.

7 July 2011 at 15:14  
Blogger Windsor Tripehound said...

"The curse of the Oscars!"

If a film's backers think that it's in with a fighting chance of picking up an Academy Award in some category then it won't be released before January at the earliest.

Just about every film worth watching is released in January or February, with the rest of the year being filled with computer-animated dross.

7 July 2011 at 15:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blimey. She's got the voice spot on. Can't wait to see the bit where she proudly announces 'we have become a grandmother'.

7 July 2011 at 15:51  
Anonymous tony b said...

Will we see her having tea with Pinochet?

7 July 2011 at 16:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"His Grace was feeling a little melancholy today, what with his phone being hacked"

YG , you tease ! Sounds like the ennui of a supermodel overburdened with manly attentions !

I never could stand the films of Meryl Streep , ever since my missus conned me into seeing "Out of Africa". I kept waiting for something to happen,but it never did.
Still , at least I learnt the meaning of "chick-flick".

So , I will settle for memories of Maggie , rather than movies.
I helped one of hers get elected in '83 by a wafer-thin 103 votes.
I do not think history will judge her as kindly as The Greatest
(Winston Churchill), but it will of course have her head and shoulders above Ted Heath.

I liked her policies on Education(Grammar Schools - yay !) and Defence (They're the Falklands , not the Malvinas !)
But she could have "pushed the envelope"and been even firmer on Europe.
And I do wonder if her handling of the miners' strike was more about revenge,than economic imperative - though would she have become leader without Joe Gormley???

Anyway , enough - for I am rambling.
Which , as a middle-aged expatriot conservative ,with a bottle of disgustingly expensive Ardbeg single malt at hand , is my right.

Marcus Foxall

7 July 2011 at 16:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Surely a bottle of Dvin cognac would be better??

7 July 2011 at 16:47  
Blogger English Viking said...

My abiding memories of Thatcher will be the fake royal accent, the supreme arrogance and the destruction of manufacturing.

Let's not forget the signing of the Shengen Treaty and The Single European Act. For all her posturing today, she will never overcome the fact that she was largely responsible for the UK becoming dominated by a foreign (EU) government today.

An arch hypocrite with a callous disregard for anyone who didn't vote for her and most of those who did.

Typical politician, really. I'm not surprised she was 'successful'.

Didn't she manage to bribe her son out of a lengthy prison sentence in some 3rd world hell-hole he was attempting to take over with a bunch of mercenaries, too?

7 July 2011 at 17:08  
Blogger English Viking said...


Forgive the interruption, won't you?

Cognac tends to give a man a stinker of a headache (so I'm told!).

Stick with the water of life. The only good thing to have come out of Jockland.

7 July 2011 at 17:11  
Blogger DanJ0 said...

Apropos of nothing in particular, her childhood home now has an alternative therapies centre underneath it.

7 July 2011 at 17:40  
Blogger OldSouth said...

Yes, indeed! Cannot wait to see this.
Just in time for the US primary season, when we'll be reminded what real leaders are and do, as opposed to the unspeakably venal frauds in the White House, Executive Branch, and leadership of the Senate.

Expect a full-on frontal attack from The Left upon Thatcher and Streep leading up to the movie's release. The MSM, The Left in general and Obama in particular, have much to fear from this sort of movie. There is now an entire generation of voters who are not familiar with The Great Lady, and Obama and Company surely wish to keep Mrs. Thatcher stuffed securely down the Memory Hole.

Any word on who portrays Reagan?

7 July 2011 at 18:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rated 18 I hope. Looks the stuff of nightmares to me!

7 July 2011 at 18:15  
Anonymous MrJ said...

Young Mark T. was said to have had something to do with the Al-Yamamah arms deal, "the biggest weapons agreement ever struck between two countries", but maybe that was no more than a vile Guardian rumour.

7 July 2011 at 18:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

English Viking

"Stick with the water of life. The only good thing to have come out of Jockland."

True whiskey originated in Eire.

7 July 2011 at 19:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" ... (its origin) used by Saint Patrick and his fellow monks to refer to both the alcohol and the waters of baptism."

7 July 2011 at 19:31  
Blogger English Viking said...

Anon 19:26

True Micks originated in Jockland.

The ones left behind were just the dopey ones that cannot swim.

'Green wogs', my father used to call them.

7 July 2011 at 21:13  
Anonymous bluedog said...

Perfection, your Grace.

7 July 2011 at 21:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

English Viking

Your dad and you were a bit wrong on history of the Celts - at least the version I was given is different anyway.

The Picts were overcome by the bravehearts from Eire who brought christianity via Ninian to Scotland.

Still we agree whiskey - or whisky - is a fine bevvy!

7 July 2011 at 21:35  
Blogger English Viking said...


Let's not quibble,

I'll raise a glass to you.

Mick or Jock, the same thing, really.

Your very good health, Sir.

7 July 2011 at 22:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Slangeva" English Viking!

"Slainte" English Viking!

Who really gives a damn? It was all a long time ago and it's time to shake hands, forget past troubles and be friends.

Your Good Health, Sir!

8 July 2011 at 00:56  
Blogger Little Black Sambo said...

"But she could have "pushed the envelope"and been even firmer on Europe."
She could have been a jolly sight firmer on grammar schools too. As it was, she just let them continue to disappear. It was one of her worst sins of omission, and quite uncharacteristic really.

8 July 2011 at 12:43  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Little Black Sambo : absolutely!

Others: Cognac eventually ruins the palate. Don't go there!

8 July 2011 at 18:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Godd heavens - I expected my comments about MT to attract more comment than a casual remark about my favourite poison !

YG , is there any way you can do a blog on whiskey ? Or whisky ? And give it a right-wing slant ? If anybody can , YOU can !

Other contributions from Scotland include the vacuum flask , Alexander Fleming (penicillin),James Watt)steam engine development),Dunlop pneumatic tyres,John Logie Baird/TV and a swathe of successful football managers.
Truly a land which has punched above its weight.

PS Little Black Sambo - yes , on reflection , you are right.

Marcus Foxall

9 July 2011 at 00:01  

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