Friday, July 01, 2011

Wikio Top 20 Politics UK blogs July 2011

His Grace has now maintained his No11 position in the Wikio order for three consecutive months. That's not bad going considering the media machines and group dynamics behind the big boys.

1Liberal Conspiracy
2Left Foot Forward
4Guy Fawkes' blog
5Politics: Politics blog |
6Liberal Democrat Voice
7Political Scrapbook
8ConservativeHome's ToryDiary
9Labour Uncut
10ConservativeHome's YourPlatform
11Archbishop Cranmer
12Benedict Brogan
13Harry's Place
14Anna Raccoon
15Westminster Blog
16John Rentoul
17Next Left
18EU Referendum
19Caron's Musings
20Tim Worstall

Ranking made by Wikio

His Grace thanks his dedicated readers and communicants for their continuing support and for making this blog a place of (mostly) intelligent discussion and erudite argument upon matters religio-political. His Grace is presently subject to a take-over bid (or bids: one friendly and one semi-hostile) which may have profound implications for his future. He humbly seeks the prayers and intercessions of his readers (- atheists, humanists and agnostics excused).


Blogger James Bloodworth said...

How do you find the July rankings on Wikio so early? I can only find the June ones.


1 July 2011 at 12:44  
Blogger Archbishop Cranmer said...

The nice people at Wikio give His Grace a 'sneak preview' ;o)

1 July 2011 at 15:11  
Anonymous Ross Mantle said...

I'm a new reader, but I like this blog.

Keep up the good work.

1 July 2011 at 15:58  
Blogger Bred in the bone said...

Still only number 11

Can we not call for a recount?

1 July 2011 at 19:41  
Anonymous Anguished Soul said...

Keep up the good work, Your Grace.

1 July 2011 at 22:18  
Anonymous Sydneysider said...

Sounds as if Your Grace is intending to take extended holiday leave again and just when I have returned after a long absence to the fold..pity!
I mainly pray for myself . The next time I'm at it, I'll toss one in for you as well:)

1 July 2011 at 23:28  
Blogger Bred in the bone said...

I believe in the power of prayer YG, only in the sence they are like wishes.

If I tell, it will not come true.

2 July 2011 at 00:26  
Anonymous Petronius said...

A takeover bid - one semi-hostile? You're not being pressured to join the Ordinariate, are you? (only joking!)
Seriously, this blog is inextricably the work of its present author, and I would not want to see it under a different management, as it simply wouldn't be the same blog if Your Grace's proprietorship was in any way relegated, diminished, franchised or subcontracted.
I assume that YG means that he has been approached with a view to cease writing as an independent and anonymous blogger, and to instead write under the wing of a mainstream publication, or something like that.
If this is the case, then ask yourself, could you, indeed, would you have been allowed the freedom to defend and stand up for Ms Birbalsingh in the same way as you have done on these pages? Your impassioned writings in her defence (and also in defence of LIFE this week), totally uncompromising with the forces of darkness, have made me admire you a lot, YG. I would not want to see your articles being subject to the motives of editors and sub-editors, if this is what you are alluding to when you talk of takeover bids.
In your previous incarnation, you were also subjected to such takeover bids, to such an extent that you seemingly acquiesced, for a short time, and yet when it came to the crunch, you finally recanted and stood firm upon your deepest principles. I'm sure you will make full use of this previous experience before you come to such a decision this time.

2 July 2011 at 01:59  
Anonymous non mouse said...

You must be making them nervous, Your Grace. I expect that's why they're constantly on the attack, too; but...

Best wishes and prayers, YG and Communicants.

wv: bablen

2 July 2011 at 03:45  
Anonymous MrJ said...

The lead articles are usually directed, in ways too little found in print or other blogs, to exposing the weaknesses of policy-making due to shallow, unthinking, quick-jerk reaction, and are a challenge to obtuse apologia for stubborn insufficiencies. The comments often demonstrate how sorely these exposures are needed.

2 July 2011 at 06:34  
Anonymous Tony b said...

What do you mean takeover/ Explain

2 July 2011 at 07:09  
Blogger len said...

Your Grace, we need you at the helm steering this ship through the stormy seas ahead.
Praying for the success of the voyage.

2 July 2011 at 08:33  
Anonymous JayBee said...

His Grace the target of takeover bids is stunning and troubling news. Is he being tempted by Vatican gold and a red hat? or forcibly converted at the point of a scimitar by bearded zealots and their shrouded companions? Surely he is not about to become resident Zionist at the Speccie or a Beeboid apostate for religious affairs.

It is one thing to be the subject of a takeover and quite another to be subjected by one. Takeovers benign or hostile imply loss of editorial sovereignty. What shall it profit His Grace if he gain a wider audience and lose his true self?

2 July 2011 at 13:52  
Anonymous Tony b said...

How anyone can takeover a private citizens blog is a mystery to me, we need to know more!

2 July 2011 at 14:39  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Yes, Your Grace, please elucidate a tad further.

2 July 2011 at 18:55  
Blogger English Viking said...

Your Grace,


Was the (mostly) for me?

2 July 2011 at 21:29  
Anonymous IanCad said...

Very disturbing YG. Are some of the big boys trying to poach you? An editorial post, or a safe seat, perhaps?
You would be greatly missed.

3 July 2011 at 07:44  
Anonymous bluedog said...

Oh dear, let us pray that His Grace doesn't disappear behind Rupert's paywall courtesy of M/s Gledhill. On the otherhand, as His Grace has toppled Benedict Brogan, it's not too impossible to imagine that the Barclay Brothers are seeking revenge and the supremacy of Rome in one deft cut.

Your communicant hopes that His Grace has sought indenpendent advice of the highest quatity to guide him. No doubt the advisers have already told His Grace that when buying media 'content', Rupert calculates the value on the number of copies sold and the circulation of each edition.

In any event, it is to be hoped that this His Grace will find his Collection Plate overflowing with gold Bezants, and will receive embarrassment of riches sufficient to purchase any desired Indulgence.

3 July 2011 at 11:04  
Blogger len said...

Anyone who brings the light of the Gospel is sure to attract those who wish to extinguish the light(by whatever means)

3 July 2011 at 12:45  
Blogger Dodo the Dude said...

English Viking said...
"Your Grace,
Was the (mostly) for me?"

I suspect he might have had people like me in mind too.

I do hope your blog survives Mr Cranmer even though we have had our differences and continue to do so given our recent correspondence.

3 July 2011 at 14:31  
Blogger D. Singh said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4 July 2011 at 09:16  
Blogger D. Singh said...

Your Grace


May God continue to bless you and do not forget thy people.

4 July 2011 at 09:17  

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