Monday, August 08, 2011

"Get it real, black people! Get real!"

His Grace apologises for the language in this video, but this lady is immensely angered and profoundly upset to find herself sharing a skin colour with the mindless criminals, hooligans and thugs who are trashing her community. She is 'ashamed', she says, 'to be a Hackney person'. Doubtless she speaks for the vast majority. And we must be thankful that she is prepared to say it.


Blogger Span Ows said...

Part of the problem is the very fact that she (and not certain others) is "allowed" to say it.

9 August 2011 at 00:08  
Blogger Johnny Rottenborough said...

The reason she wants the black people to get real is that: ‘We’re fighting for a cause. Let’s fight for a f✘✘✘✘✘✘ cause’, and they cannot do so while their community is pillaging itself. But if they win their cause it will be at the expense of another community, and so on.

Meanwhile, in a display of multiculturalism’s enriching vibrancy, ‘A gang of vandals broke the windows of an Islamic bank in Whitechapel but were chased off by a rival gang of 100 Muslim youths who are standing guard outside the East London Mosque.’

9 August 2011 at 00:27  
Blogger AncientBriton said...

Hackneyed I know (no pun intended) but isn't this partly due to years of indiscipline among children leading to the 'everyone for themselves' attitude in adulthood?
In my youth we feared authority be it parents, teachers or police. Social deprivation with little or no hope of employment is appalling but to trash one's own community shows just how disconnected people have become even among their own groups.

9 August 2011 at 00:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was predictable years ago when corporal punishment was removed from teachers and parents were prevented from smacking their disobedient youngsters. I am sorry but this simply never happened years ago and I cannot believe the do gooders who caused this have any excuse whatsoever.
You do the crime you do the time applies not only to crooks but implies punishment for all wrong doing. Bring in zero tolerance it worked in the States. But on a practical level maybe the police should be recalled from their Summer hols ( where else are they?) and what about water cannon and tear gas or maybe that would make them wet and disorientated or God forbid think they were being disciplined

9 August 2011 at 00:49  
Blogger DanJ0 said...

Anon: "It was predictable years ago when corporal punishment was removed from teachers and parents were prevented from smacking their disobedient youngsters."

Parents can still smack their children, they just can't assault them.

It was in the mid 1980s that it was stopped in state schools and the late 1990s when it was outlawed in all schools.

"I am sorry but this simply never happened years ago and I cannot believe the do gooders who caused this have any excuse whatsoever."

What about the Brixton and Toxteth riots in the very early 1980s? That is, before the changes you mentioned. Those riots were very similar to what we're seeing now albeit for perhaps more legitimate reasons.

9 August 2011 at 01:47  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Anon : no water-cannon on mainland Britain, alas. A good dose of indelible purple dye would be useful; but they'd probably just claim they had ring-worm!

9 August 2011 at 01:53  
Anonymous Atlas shrugged said...

Anon (I am sorry but this simply never happened years ago and I cannot believe the do gooders who caused this have any excuse whatsoever.)

I am sorry but this simply DID happen years ago. Our history books are full of such incidents.

Looting was widespread during The Blitz, but there are countless other examples throughout our history, and that of most especially the industrial world.

Af course I have little doubt chopping the hands off of looters would cut down (pun intended) the incidents of such, is this really the road you wish to go down?

However the question is, why are such things still happening or even worse, when we apparently live in relatively affluent times?

Our society is well and truly screwed beyond redemption, hope, or prayer. The fact that some are now starting to grasp this reality is welcome, but approximately 50 years too late.

Young men in general, and young black men in particular have absolutely no hope whatsoever of gaining any kind of position in society worth having, save that of criminality.

Even the illegal drugs business, and pimping has shown a marked down turn in turn over. This due to ever more competition, inflation, and feminism, among other things.

Most young men have nothing to hold them into the system. Marriage is no longer even a hoped for option, legal, meaningful, or self improving employment even less so.

Our politicians of both the left and right have fiddled while Rome is burning over several generations, and we the ordinary honest law abiding citizens long since had our buckets of water confiscated.

I do not hold out any hope whatsoever, for the die is cast, the maps drawn out, our corporatist future well planned. Throwing money at the problem will only make matters worse, throwing them all in jail even more so.

Traditional family life was only ever the sound foundations upon which any kind of cohesive society could be founded. The seeds of its destruction, were sown within our great universities well before most of us were even born.

This is a dark cloud with out the prospect of a silver lining, as well as an ill wind that will only blow our corporatist establishment any good.

9 August 2011 at 01:53  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Atlass shrugged: bear up old chap, we will win through.

9 August 2011 at 01:58  
Blogger DanJ0 said...

I vaguely remember the 3 day week, national strikes, and electicity cuts in the 1970s. That's my yardstick for gloom in the UK ... although I recall it as an exciting time when I was a small kid.

9 August 2011 at 02:13  
Anonymous Atlas shrugged said...

Oswin said...
Atlass shrugged: bear up old chap, we will win through.

9 August 2011 01:58

My dear chap that is Atlas with one s, not two.

I may not sound as if I am baring up over well, however I am doing just fine, indeed better then ever.

You may also. However our individual fortunes are not the issue at hand. What is, is that of our society as a whole, which I am sure you will agree, is most surely buggered beyond hope.

We may win through, but our society will most clearly not do anything of the kind.

Although I do have a little hopefully useful advice to give, that I most sincerely hope may help our individual, therefore collective future prospects.

Society is made up of individuals. Therefore we all have our own part to play within the larger picture show.

There has only ever been one way, and that way is the conservative way, not therefore The Conservative Party one.

This comprises first, getting your own house in order, then that of your nearest and dearest, and when this is fully, or effectively accomplished, a small amount of energy could be used towards the betterment of the wider world.

Self sacrifice for something as abstract a concept as society or indeed the world as a whole, is the mark of a fool, or the mindlessly indoctrinated ideologue, most usually known as a socialist.

The longest journey starts with just one small step, albeit the hardest one of all to make.

9 August 2011 at 02:39  
Anonymous non mouse said...

Thus spake an erstwhile Resident of London, who may even have witnessed The Peasant's Revolt. Here he describes paintings in a Temple of Mars:

In the middle of the temple sat Misfortune,
With distress, and a sorry contenance.
Yet saw I Madness, laughing in his rage,
Armed Discontent, Outcry, and fierce Outrage;
The corpse in the Bush, with its throat cut;
A thousand slain, and not starved by the plague;
The tyrant with his prey, taken by force;
The town destroyed, there was no thing left.
Yet saw I. . .
The hunter strangled by wild bears;(2019)
The sow devour the child right in the cradle;
The cook scalded, for all his long ladle. . .
Nought was forgotten, about the evil influence of Mars.
The carter overidden by his cart --
Under the wheel, very low, he lay down.
There were also, among those influenced by Mars,
The barber, and the butcher, and the smith
That forges sharp swords on his stithy.

And above all, depicted in a tower,
Saw I Conquest, sitting in great honour,
With the sharp sword over his head
Hanging by a fine thread of twine. (KT2009-30)***

***Apologies once more, for the liberty of translation- Chaucer, G. "The Knight's Tale."

9 August 2011 at 06:36  
Anonymous non mouse said...

"countenance" ....sorry

9 August 2011 at 06:39  
Blogger The Minister for Public Enlightenment said...

Petrol bombs fly and Dave's holiday goes up in flames. Oh dear Oh dear. Time for a rethink maybe? A few new policies. How about "Tough on education Tough on the causes of education." When youve put the fires out Dave get to the root of the problem, Fabian Cultural Marxism and put that out too. Out of our schools and out of our country, whats left of it.

9 August 2011 at 07:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What will Boris do? Identify the few remaining areas of London in need of some more multiculturalism? I think we can see quite plainly now the benefits that this brings. A real statesman once said “It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.”

9 August 2011 at 09:10  
Anonymous MrJ said...

Looking for proposed root causes of the present discontents of Great Britain?

Failure of the Westminster/ Whitehall system to follow through with the Education Act,1944 in the postwar period and after?

and/or Major crises in international and colonial affairs in the same period?

and/or Exhaustion of the political class which had survived first and second world armed conflict, and repudiation of them by the '60s generation influenced by "leftist" savants of continental Europe?

and/or similar in previous period, say from Representation of the People Acts of 1860's?

One way or another, these have been due to the government and people of these islands, interacting with events and other nations, not always knowing or doing what ought to be done.

Whether or not any of it is deemed to have been wilful or premeditated, it is now pretty widely acknowledged that the present Cabinet and its predecessors have not been equal to the task.

9 August 2011 at 09:12  
Blogger I am Stan said...

Your Grace,

Why is she ashamed?, she`s not rioting or looting, some share the same skin color!, so what, some share the same skin color, sex and language as me, I`m not ashamed.

The ones who should be ashamed are the ones committing these evil acts.

9 August 2011 at 09:56  
Anonymous berserker-nkl said...

What a difference in media reporting compared to the 80's and 90's riots. In the videos of the Tottenham thuggery, I just saw black and asian youth doing their multicultural dance but the word 'black' is never spoken. Orwell saw it all. The debasement and disenfranchisement of language is the premier method of control.
The 'thin blue line' was quite broad actually but our bobbies kitted out beautifully in their protective gear kept backing away from youths who were only half heartedly throwing a few missiles.
Use your batons, stun guns and if necessary rubber bullets and tear gas.
Mindless violence is the latest cry. Or was it organised? After all Sir Paul Stephenson and John Yates resigned only three weeks ago.
So is the Met rudderless?

9 August 2011 at 10:34  
Blogger Graham Davis said...

At the heart of this problem is poor parenting. Children learn by the example set by their parents, not by explicit moral codes but by the subtle infusion of their parent’s values. Within a sizeable minority of working class households, both black and white, children have become feral. Their parents do not talk to them or listen to them preferring to let them get on with it and the results are obvious to see. Social deprivation, racism and other factors underlie these issues but they are not the cause, some of the looters last night were turning up in cars.

Young males have always been a problem if their energy is not channelled into something constructive and the young working class male spends much of his spare time on the streets in contrast to his middle class counterparts and so forming groups or sometimes gangs is a social inevitability. Being part of a group gives the individual confidence and a feeling of empowerment that they otherwise lack.

The descent from this group behaviour into thuggery and lawlessness only takes a small catalyst. Once the mob is fired up the individuals within it feel invincible and may well behave in a way that is out of character, witness the looting and arson of last night.

The solution is the establishment of male role models in every community. Men young and old, fathers or childless, paid or unpaid who can channel that adolescent energy into something constructive. The family also needs support, not specifically financial but in terms of learning parenting skills and for those with youngsters with no skills we need work programs of even compulsory national service, not military but social in order for them to understand and negotiate the complex web that is society.

Finally of course is education reform and a change in what is taught. Socialisation must come before even numeracy and literacy and no child should advance through the school years until attainment is achieved.

9 August 2011 at 10:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BBC interviewed a spokesman from the Black Police Officers Association last night. As this tax payer funded propaganda organisation boasts of its impartiality – sniggers all round – could we please hear what the spokesman from the White Police Officers Association has to say?

9 August 2011 at 10:59  
Anonymous LJHills said...

The state has broken its contract to protect our persons and property in exchange for which it has extorted taxes. (and the money hosed onto "deprived" communities obviously has had no effect and was a fraud)

9 August 2011 at 11:03  
Anonymous berserker-nkl said...

Much of Graham Davis's assessment is valid but when he mentions parenting does he not realise that these 'deprived' rioters often only have one parent and they may well be doing menial low paid night work and sleep during the day, so hardly ever see their offspring.

Black and Asian girls seem to do all right in our society although for the most part their jobs are at the bottom end of the aspirational ladder. So is it a cultural thing? Do these mothers indulge and spoil their male children? These males seem to have an inbuilt antipathy to learning.

Come to think of it though, don't Jewish mothers spoil their male children? But they do well enough.

9 August 2011 at 11:34  
Blogger Graham Davis said...


The single parent/absent father was implied by my comments about role models. This is a huge problem in West Indian communities. Spoiling is an interesting one but it depends what you mean. Being the apple of your parent's eye (typically the Jewish stereotype)does less damage than being ignored most of the time but then indulged with material goods to compensate

9 August 2011 at 12:30  
Anonymous Oswin said...

After many years of working with delinquent teenagers, I am reasonably conversant with most of the factors that contribute towards anti-social behaviours.

A loose summing-up amounts to this:

They do it because they can!

Once done, they rather like to do it again.

'Once done' the experience is more easily repeated, the possibilities expand even further.

We cannot solve, or ameliorate problems quickly enough to prevent problems arising; but we can, and should, ensure that bad behaviour is heavily discouraged by a fear that outweighs the urges of even the dullest brain.

One can only advance once 'control' at all levels, is assured. One cannot offer 'care' until control is established.

The myriad 'other' considerations are secondary to 'control'.

The answer is as much 'zoological' as it is psychological.

I believe the clear-sighted, pragmatic honesty of Katherine Birbalsingh is the way forward; that is, once we have regained control.

There can be no 'sacred cows' within our society. The rule of law MUST be immediate and decisive, before society can again 'police' itself.

'They do it because they can'

9 August 2011 at 14:49  
Blogger Graham Davis said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9 August 2011 at 15:45  
Blogger Graham Davis said...

Oswin said

There can be no 'sacred cows' within our society. The rule of law MUST be immediate and decisive, before society can again 'police' itself.

Agreed but how?

'They do it because they can

An interesting insight but demands further explanation, when you say zoological is that simply herd mentality or is it the thin veneer of civilisation that can be easily swept away by a disaffected individual? What keeps most of us “in check”?

9 August 2011 at 15:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The white youth who speak "da black gangsta rap" should get real.

9 August 2011 at 17:30  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Graham Davis:

My experience is obviously the merest microcosm of anything akin to an actual state/country.

However, that said, my experience taught me to clearly declare my expectations, supported by 'what would happen' should my expectations be ignored and, then backing it up by keeping to my word as to the consequences.

Basically a 'behavourist' approach.

We have strayed far, at ALL levels, from this stance; but that does not mean that we cannot ever return to a more commonsense approach.

How? We begin wherever we find ourself, at each and every level, in what ever capacity. But yes, and you don't need to say it, it requires strong political will.

I believe a National 'consensus' already exists, perhaps now more than ever before; but I hold little hope of Cameron and t'other surrounding 'piss-willies' having the determination to do owt worthwhile.

As to 'zoological' - yes to both your descriptions, and more; we too often forget that we are part of the animal kingdom. I've always advised students of psychology, and historians for that matter, to begin their studies by reading ''The Naked Ape' - it's as good a start as any, and rather better than most others.

To some extent our society has steadied itself by self-controlling measures, by consent, based upon whatever; but since society has fragmented, the imposition, must come from clear and defined external controls, brooking little deviation or defiance.

Only then will those more subtle
'social' controls again come to the fore.

As for the ''disaffected individual'' - I reckon these days we are all of us pretty much disaffected, in one way or another.

As Katherine Birbalsingh advocates, we begin by being honest, with the telling of painful truths.

9 August 2011 at 18:09  
Anonymous Oswin said...

Bred in the bone:

Oh that's a particular hatred of mine too, I loathe it beyond measure!

It's a fashion that can be destroyed by ridicule, but not by the humour of 'Little Britain' or of Katherine Tate, alas.

9 August 2011 at 18:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enoch Powell was right. All that's missing from this rioting scenerio by black savages in London and other British cities is Powell's prediction of "rivers of blood". That will come later to be sure. If that offends anyone, SUE ME!

9 August 2011 at 18:28  
Blogger Office of Inspector General said...

My sympathies to all decent hard working law abiding black people in the UK. You will be tarred by the brush, that's for sure - but do you know where your children are tonight ??

9 August 2011 at 18:55  
Blogger AncientBriton said...

Penn's Woods has drawn attention to Enoch Powell's 'rivers of blood' speech. What he actually said can be read here:
It makes interesting reading in hindsight.

9 August 2011 at 21:54  

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