Saturday, March 03, 2012

"...the deliberate obstinacy and recalcitrance of the Party Chairman"

As the news filters of the defection of Roger Helmer MEP from the Conservative Party to the United Kingdom Independence Party, the focus will be on the disjuncture between 'true Conserservatives' or 'Tories in exile' and the Cameroon project, with reasoned explanation from Mr Helmer, and riposte and denigration from his former colleagues.

But the most valuable questions the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister could ask today relate to the conduct of the Party co-Chairman in this matter, for Baroness Warsi has shown herself to be cantankerous, stroppy, duplicitous and disloyal to Party workers and those who have consistently voted for Mr Helmer to be elected. When an MEP or MP defects, citing the 'the deliberate obstinacy and recalcitrance of the Party Chairman' as a cause, one really must ask whether that chairman is up to the task of mediating, negotiating, reasoning or working behind the scenes diplomatically for the good of all.

It is not simply in the increasing disconnect between CCHQ and the Party's local associations that Sayeeda Warsi has failed, but in her determination to spout on about multiculturalism and Islam under a patronising veneer of Christianity. She appears to have little knowledge and less respect for the Party's history and structure, and appears to be quite ignorant of its philosophy and traditions.

If Baroness Warsi were to dedicate just one tenth of the effort she devotes to religious affairs to her job as Chairman of the Conservative Party, she might just arrest the inexorable decline in party membership.

His Grace won't re-rehearse the praise he has poured out on Sayeeda Warsi in the past: she is brave, articulate and forthright in her beliefs. She glides through the complexities of Pakistani politics, confronts ‘honour’ killings and forced marriage, exposes voter fraud and immerses herself in very relevant and pressing social issues which benefit more than her co-religionists: her eyes are not solely on the glorification of Allah and the wellbeing of the Ummah.

But she understands Pakistan's history more that Britain's, and is more attuned to the politics of the mosque than that of the Conservative Party. She often says she speaks 'as a proud British, Muslim, Conservative woman'. How many proud British, Christian, Conservative men is the Conservative Party embracing and promoting under her chairmanship? If you happen to believe that homosexuality is a sin and shouldn't be taught to primary school children, or you object to 'gay marriage' on sincere theological grounds, are we really to believe that such people would be selected as candidates and permitted to join the Approved List, of which Sayeeda Warsi is the present custodian?

His Grace is not frightened of these debates: politicians are, though they pretend ad nauseam to be having them. And as a result of this disjuncture, the level of political discourse in the Conservative Party is diminished. Contentious moral issues, no matter how worthy of scrutiny or debate, are swiftly closed down with threats of suspension, expulsion or dismissal. In this age of hyper-sensitivity to offending anyone on any matter, genuine debate is suppressed and liberties are thereby surrendered. Roger Helmer has paid the price not of his personal conviction, but of Sayeeda Warsi's intemperance and incompetence. The Party needs a chairman who can inspire and unify; not one who is divisive, obstinate and recalcitrant.


Blogger The Way of Dodo the Dude said...

"The Party needs a chairman who can inspire and unify; not one who is divisive, obstinate and recalcitrant."

The Inspector waits the call!

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.

3 March 2012 at 10:10  
Blogger bluedog said...

A remarkable development, Your Grace. Coming within 24 hours of Dave's most recent appearance in Brussels, it is not only Warsi who is in trouble. Dave must be hoping against hope that these defections are not infectious.

Maybe Dave will have to mature over night to the extent of admitting John Redwood MP to the Cabinet. Redwood writes so much sense and is so experienced that it is quite extraordinary that a talent of his calibre remains unused by the Executive. One can imagine that George Osborne would dread the thought of somebody who actually knows what he is talking about making contributions to the economic debate in Cabinet. And Redwood versus Cable? They would be selling tickets for that one. Ditto with Redwood versus the Wee Baldy Alex Salmond, himself an economist.

In any event, Dave must risk another hissy fit from Clegg by tacking to starboard. Indeed, Dave's options look grim, his backbench and UKIP are pulling him to the right and Clegg needs to go left to keep his own job.

If there is another hung Parliament in 2014 or 2015, perhaps Angela Merkel will fix things by ordering Rumpy to appoint Clegg as British Prime Minister.

3 March 2012 at 10:23  
Blogger Dreadnaught said...

I just can't stand this British Muslim, Pakistani-British dual nationality crapulence any longer. I am British full stop - if that's not a sufficient national identity for anyone then they should Leave!

3 March 2012 at 10:26  
Blogger Nowhere man said...

It's hardly surprising that she doesn't feel she has to demonstrate any skill or diplomacy in holding onto a job that was handed to her on a plate and which she knows would be very hard to sack her from - imagine the performance and downright treachery Cameron would experience if he sacked her.

I have said it before - I joined my local association to see what goes on. She visited recently and the association had to beg and bully people to go and see/listen to her.

Needless to say I passed on the opportunity to "spend an evening with" an unelected, Islamist, stirrer like her.

3 March 2012 at 10:55  
Blogger Atlas Shrugged said...

There exists two types of Conservative members.

One type are conservatives to a varying degree, the other are people who could just as easily have joined any other political party within which to further their own personal ambitions.

No prizes for guessing which type has long since predominated, and does so today more then ever before.

Party politics is a scam, and the quicker we all understand the implications of it being so, the better for us all.

It saves the energy pointlessly expelled by screaming at your TV during Question Time, and so helps the victim to concentrate on more usefully productive activities, like gardening or watching the grass grow.

Maybe, just maybe there was once a time when our oligarchical rulers gave a monkeys what the people actually wanted or thought. If such a time did indeed exist, it is surely clear that it has long since passed us all by.

The Conservative Party is not a conservative party, it is the place where the peoples perfectly understandable reactionary tendencies are successfully neutralized.

A similar process has been going on within our all other political party, no less The Labour, Liberal, UK Independence and Green parties.

All is subverted to a greater or lesser extent FROM THE TOP, who recruit their servants from our great universities. This once they have undergone a process of unwitting mind control, known as a University Education, but better known as a University Indoctrination.

It is an old technique, indeed older then the established religions which set them all up in the first place.

Society is like an ocean going oil tanker.

It can take a long time to make its move in any particular direction, but it still has a left and right turning rudder, an engine, and many other controls to help it do so.

In the end it almost always reaches its destination, however many much smaller vessels, are required to get out of its path.

3 March 2012 at 13:02  
Blogger Office of Inspector General said...

Your Grace. The Inspector has seen Roger Helmer speak many times, he’s a Freedom Association man. Now there’s an unusual politician, a man with principles who says exactly want YOU want to hear. It’s really not that difficult, just say what you think without fear of upsetting anybody. Partisan politics. If people like what you say, they’ll vote for you, if they don’t, well at least you’ve been honest with them. Politicians today feel they have to take EVERYBODY’S interests into account. They just haven’t read the rules.

Roger, an honourable man, didn’t leave the Conservatives. They left him. He makes the news as he’s well known. The thousands of ordinary Jane’s and Joe’s who have also left or will leave don’t.

Dodo. Thanks for your approval. The Inspector has no intention of standing for parliament. Can’t allow his soul to be tainted like that, and there is the possibility he might floor some of the rats he would encounter in the process. But he will accept a peerage. His style to be Baron Guinness of the Mouse and Wheel.

3 March 2012 at 14:09  
Blogger Mr Integrity said...

Your Grace,
The repost by Tim Montgomerie claims that only way to deal with the EU problem is by building up the sceptic supporters within the Conservative Party, joining UKIP like Roger Helmer.
How likely is that with the likes of Warsi in control of the A list of candidates. If purchance there were a move towards the right and the sceptics, and Europe thought there was a risk to our membership, I have no doubt that they would use the powers that we have given them and our Parliament would be desolved.
I have no hope in UKIP advancing their cause whilst they are seen as a one issue party.
As has been said by other commentators, the Conservative Party is no longer conservative in the traditional sense. Modernisers have taken over with concepts to appeal to the so called modern progressive society.
Warsi may be a clever politician but I'm not aware that she has been elected by anyone. Her appointments have been a sop to the multiculturalists.
Christians and tradition conservatives are not likely to see their camp protected or promoted until we have our own representation with Biblical Integrity.

3 March 2012 at 14:10  
Blogger Office of Inspector General said...

Brilliant Nowhere Man. The Inspector now has a wry smile, which should last all afternoon...

3 March 2012 at 14:14  
Blogger Office of Inspector General said...

Valid point Integrity. An easy remedy would be the ‘British Conservative and Independence Party’ or BCIP. Doing exactly what it says on the tin. Natural bedfellows, don’t you agree ? Perhaps Warsi would object to the ‘British’ part. Not multicultural enough, no doubt. Probably would like to slip ‘Islam’ in there somewhere...

3 March 2012 at 14:22  
Blogger Office of Inspector General said...

‘Brit-Pak Conservative Independence Party’. Happy now Sayeeda ?

3 March 2012 at 14:26  
Blogger The Way of Dodo the Dude said...

Inspector said ...
Dodo. Thanks for your approval. The Inspector has no intention of standing for parliament ... But he will accept a peerage."

Your country needs you and a Peerage is sufficient.

Your country needs you. Step forward:

Baron Guinness of the Mouse and Wheel - Chairman of the Conservative Party.

3 March 2012 at 15:20  
Blogger Oswin said...

For all her stated virtues, one way or another, the 'Warsi' phenomena was always going to end in tears; 'tis just a matter of time.

3 March 2012 at 15:21  
Blogger G. Tingey said...

Warsi was APPOINTED, not elected - just like the bishops, in fact .... errr, erm .....

SHe is also so deluded as to make repeated public, untrue statments (she MAY not be lying, because she is so deluded)
EG: "secular" = atheist.
Errr, no.

3 March 2012 at 20:29  
Blogger David Lindsay said...

Around the country, local factions of various Asian and other origins routinely defect from Labour or other things to the Conservatives on frankly communal grounds, and are always welcomed with open arms.

David Cameron’s vehicles toured Ealing Southall blasting out in Asian languages that Hindu, Muslim and Sikh festivals would be made public holidays under his party. His “Quality of Life Commission” (don’t laugh, it’s real) then proposed giving the power to decide these things to “local community leaders”.

What else will those figures be given the power to decide in return for filling in every postal voting form in their households in the Bullingdon Boys’ interest, and making sure that all their mates did likewise?

To the statelets thus created – little Caliphates, little Hindutvas, little Khalistans, and so on – people minded to live in such places will flock from the ends of the earth, entrenching the situation forever.

Rehman Chishti, now a rising star as MP for Gillingham and Rainham, was Francis Maude’s Labour opponent in 2005 while working for Benazir Bhutto, whom he assisted from 1991 until her assassination in 2007 in her leadership of a party the motto of which includes both “Islam is our Faith” and “Socialism is our Economy”; he was still doing that job when he defected to the Conservative Party in 2006 and became an aide to Maude as its Chairman.

And so on, and on, and on.

3 March 2012 at 21:42  
Blogger IanCad said...

It should be a point of honour for true Conservatives to be thrown out of the Party and not to resign in an unproductive fit of pique.
Mr. Integrity is so right. Change must come from within the Conservative Party. If not from the leadership then from the grass roots.
It's time for action!

BTW. Anyone else having trouble getting the "a" tag to work?

4 March 2012 at 07:26  
Blogger bluedog said...

Mr Iancad @ 07.25, this communicant suspects Dave is on the brink of facing another back-bench revolt. Same-sex marriage appears to be the catalyst. Perhaps there will be sufficient outrage to dump him, if not this time, very soon.

4 March 2012 at 10:01  
Blogger The Way of Dodo the Dude said...

The 'a' tag isn't working for some reason. Another glitch.

4 March 2012 at 12:33  
Blogger What me worry? said...

If the Conservatives want to operate as a sort of "rainbow coalition" of religious, sexual minorities or whatever, it will get the same electoral results as the Democrats did in the US during the '80's. The last election result more or less validates that point of view.

If it is serious about winning an outright majority next time, it needs to start turning itself into something like the GOP is now becoming i.e. the party of the white working class, where the majority of the votes are. This also leaves Labour with the perception as being the party for the parasites at both sides of the social spectrum.

"Election strategist" Osborne (don't laugh!) if he wants to win needs to stop thinking that gay marriage is the key priority of most voters at the moment and that Bernie Winters will still be leading Labour for the foreseeable future. He should also forget about own goals such as removing child benefit from households where one of the parents is a higher rate tax payer. Vote wise its just not worth it for £1 billion in savings

4 March 2012 at 13:35  
Blogger David Lindsay said...

The Republicans are now just a party of different minorities. This year's results will validate that point of view, too.

4 March 2012 at 16:05  
Blogger IanCad said...

Bluedog @ 10:01

If Only, If Only.
The longer I live here the more disheartened I become.
Total apathy compounded with a shameful incuriousity. Only a major crisis will arouse the sleepers.

4 March 2012 at 18:16  
Blogger Les said...

We have the three main parties which are all essentially left of centre with a handful of tories occasionally venturing onto their former, right-of-centre stamping ground.
Those of us who are centre right want a party to vote for.
For too long, UKIP has tried to unite the entire anti-EU vote under a single banner - which manifestly does not work.
The sensible route is to take the ground vacated by the tories.
This has the double advantage of gleaning many disaffected tory votes at the same time as being attractive to the Labour right who 'would never vote tory'.
A centre-right, non tory party? - The stuff of all political hope for the future!


9 March 2012 at 08:06  
Blogger Oswin said...

Les: as is advocated for Scotland too; not a bad idea.

11 March 2012 at 00:29  

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