Friday, September 28, 2012

The pain in Spain is mainly inhumane

His Grace warned some years ago of impending Eurogeddon and the birth pangs of the Euromark. He wrote:
In the throes of the present unbearable strains in the eurozone, the political will is unequivocal - the euro must survive. Never one to let a Euro-crisis go to waste, Germany's Chancellor Merkel has demanded some Teutonic fiscal discipline: the single currency is the very nexus of the European dream; it is the essence of sovereign unity - a United States of Europe. Former Belgian prime minister Jean-Luc Dehaene once said: ‘Monetary union is the motor of European integration'.

But someone put water in the tank: Greece has been prodigal; Spain is in a 'perverse spiral'; and Portugal will doubtless follow. 'Europe', it seems, is heading for meltdown.

This is God's judgement on the Babel currency. Either that, or the financial markets have discovered that the House of Europe has been constructed on a lie.
The euro was always a house built on sand: the cause of its collapse was embedded in its very foundations. As the EMU structure has cracked and crumbled, the contagion has gradually spread through Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Portugal. €100,000,000,000s have been and are being poured into urgent bank recapitalisation and eurozone rescue, with democracy suspended in Greece and Italy as government-by-Eurocrat was imposed. The peoples of these former nations are being taxed to the hilt while their services are pared to the bone. They are locked in a cycle of debt and deflation. Protests, riots and strikes have ensued, and arch-nationalist groups have arisen to confront their suzerain creditor powers.

The medicine is bitter, says Daniel Hannan MEP. But that isn’t the half of it. The people are hurting, weeping, screaming for relief. Starving children are being abandoned in the streets, their parents unable to nourish or nurture them. Workers in the prime of life are killing themselves, less fearful of the judgment of God than the terror of economic despair. Women are begging on the streets while their men are writhing in the shame of paralysis.

This isn't some third-world vision of misery and anguish: it is first-world Europe, today, now. There is unemployment, recession, inflation and increased poverty. There is hardship, depression, homelessness and repossession. The total number of suicides, heart attacks, divorces and mental breakdowns will never be known. What monumental inhumanity.

While Berlin is undoubtedly complicit, Brussels is brazenly callous. The ECB must have seen these traumas coming, yet they did nothing to avert catastrophe. The European Commission must have known all along that judgment day would come, yet they failed to watch and warn. Like the foolish virgins, their lamps dimmed and their hope was damned. They are the demonic architects of fiscal hell, but it is the people who burn.

The love of money is the root of all evil. But the lust for the euro is the most inhumane of tortures. There can be no freedom or democracy under the ‘single supervisory mechanism’, with its obscure fiscal language and obfuscatory political manoeuvring. It is a deal from hell; a chain from purgatory; the greatest lie of all lies.

While the politicians spout their rhetoric, the people lunge from crisis to crisis. Ireland is bled dry, Greece is long lost, and Spain is disintegrating – quite literally for the Basques and Catalans. The country is being destroyed by Europe’s political elite, and its people are desperate.

And desperate men do desperate things.


Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

This is all theatre for the masses,what is really going on is a corporate takeover,but before that can happen the plebs must be impoverished in every way possible,by strangulation of the money supply and unemployment,this is happening across the western world,and it is the administrations of all countries that are responsible,for nothing can happen without thier assent,if they did not want a recession there would not be one,if they did not want mass invasion aka immigration ,it simply would not happen,all of this posturing is simply to divert our attention from thier real goal which is dictatorial hegemony over every one of us,they have stripped our rights,clamped our mouths shut by state terrorism,subborned the police to act in thier interest against the people,and once thier "cashless society"becomes a reality they will have total control ,so ignore the puppets,they are two a penny,it is the obscenely wealthy that are calling the shots who are the real enemies of mankind,and they wish nothing but our enslavement and destruction.

28 September 2012 at 09:35  
Blogger no longer anonymous said...

Open Europe recently produced a report showing that the Baltic countries were able to undergo an internal devaluation with minimal hassle. Unless I'm mistaken those countries are poorer than Spain.

28 September 2012 at 09:39  
Blogger Roy said...

The leaders of the EU are concerned about the economic situation mainly because of the threat it poses to the Euro and their dreams of "ever closer union." However they realise that a crisis can also be an opportunity. They are not particularly worried about the plight of people in Spain, Greece etc.

The EU is much more benign than the old USSR but nevertheless its leaders, including Cameron and Clegg (insofar as anyone would describe them as "EU leaders") are a threat not only to our prosperity but also to democracy itself.

28 September 2012 at 09:44  
Blogger Mr Integrity said...

Your Grace,
As ever, a concise appraisal of the Euro, it's promoters and it's benefactors/sufferers.

A means to an end is always acceptable to the high minded who's objectives ride higher than those who suffer the consequences of their actions.

28 September 2012 at 10:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most commentators are exclaiming that for the Euro to survive there will have to be an acceptance of a Federal Europe with fiscal controls in the hands of unelected eurocrats. Jeremiahs have been wringing their hands and bombarded us with "told you so" ad nauseum. But for one minute give thought to this; is it not possible, even likely, that proponents of the Euro 20 years ago foresaw that the currency would collapse under its current terms of operation as a prelude to their long cherished wish for the aforesaid Federal Europe which would have to inevitably follow? Or is that just too Machiavellian an idea?

28 September 2012 at 11:38  
Blogger JosieK said...

The Euro project has quite a few flaws as you point out Archbishop. However you are too kind in some ways on what is happening. The economist Shaun Richards described what is happening in Spain very well here in his Notayesmanseconomics blog.

"I find myself returning to the central theme of Euro area austerity which is that austerity begets economic weakness which begets more austerity and more economic weakness and so on. So far there is no sign of any change in this in Greece which has gone the furthest down this path which gives us a disturbing and worrying road map for Spain’s future."

He thinks that Spain is in an economic depression now.

28 September 2012 at 11:55  
Blogger John Knox's lovechild said...

The usual nonsense.

No mainstream political party in Spain advocates the return of the peseta, and no body of public opinion wishes to forego the Euro.

Irresponsible borrowing and lending made this crisis in the USA, Britain, France, Spain and justabout everywhere else, not the euro.

Britain does not pay its way in the world, it is runnning a huge trade deficit and the pound will fall off the cliff before the next election.

Where will your Little England schadenfreude be then?

28 September 2012 at 12:42  
Blogger bluedog said...

Excellent comment, your Grace, and it appears that at least one communicant (@ 12.42) completely misunderstands the nature of the problem.

One can say with confidence that the proposed Spanish bailout is yet another transfer of wealth from the German taxpayer to the Euro periphery, yet every German politician denies the fact. These denials are possible because the ECB and the ESF are agencies that stand between the German taxpayer and the mendicants on the periphery. It therefore seems that no actual inter-governmental transfer is taking place, but it is. Quite how long the German taxpayer will allow him/herself to be decieved by this legerdemain remains to be seen. But the markets will be in no doubt: they will only lend to the ECB as long as they believe that the ECB is under-written by the German tax-base. Once there is any doubt in this regard, the ECB will crumble and the Euro will buckle in an apocalyptic fashion.

What we are seeing now is yet another reassuring announcement that the markets want to believe because the alternative is too awful to contemplate.

28 September 2012 at 13:11  
Blogger gentlemind said...

Spot the link between financial enslavement and genderless marriage. Both are mechanisms ripe for creating terror. All that is missing is a willing tyrant.

28 September 2012 at 13:28  
Blogger gentlemind said...

Spot the link between financial enslavement and genderless marriage. Both are mechanisms ripe for creating terror. All that is missing is a willing tyrant.

28 September 2012 at 13:28  
Blogger Di said...

Brazen, shameless treason is now taking place throughout Europe, and probably world-wide. Politians are conspiring to sacrifice the democracies of their peoples upon the altar of the NWO.

What fools they be, to think they can control the monster they are creating.

28 September 2012 at 13:39  
Blogger Manfarang said...

NWO? Is that China as number one?
The Chinese economy is heading for a hard landing.The Yuletide exports are slowing because of falling demand in the West.

28 September 2012 at 14:36  
Blogger tory boys never grow up said...

Of course, within a monetary union you require a strong regional policy to provide support and investment to the weaker economic areas. Pity Tories have been unable to see for many years (since around Harold Macmillan’s days) that this is also the case for the UK.

28 September 2012 at 15:28  
Blogger John Knox's lovechild said...

There is an underlying assumption in these comments that all German and Spanish politicians are acting in bad faith and that there respective electorates are stupid.

Pause and think. Is that really the case?

28 September 2012 at 15:57  
Blogger Hannah Kavanagh said...


Funny that is it never mentioned that the bailouts to Ireland, Spain etc, are all to do with the need to recapitalize those nation's banks, who got a flood of credit when the ECB held rates low for a decade.

The credit came from the ECB,primarily via French and German banks, so if Germany and France don't force bailouts onto these countries then there own banks will in effect be insolvent (note, the majority of European Banks did not go through the nationalisations and recapitalisations that US/UK had) .

The other problem has been the counter cyclical policies of Europe- trying to cut budgets in a fixed exchange rate and forcing banks to hold massive core capital has meant that banks have been slashing their balance sheets by about £1 trillion across the Eurozone- i.e. lending .

The recent forced haircuts on prviate bondholders of Greek debt has made the debt of the other Southern European countries look unattractive to say the least.

Also as much as the Germans scream about these bailouts, one man's surplus is another's deficit- see above- German exports to Southern Europe being paid for by borrowing from Northern banks. And of course let us not forget to flood of cash which went into the spanish housing bubble.

Germany has gotten away with this for a decade, but it is basically a balance of payments crisis, dressed up as a fiscal/currency one.

True Germany is apparently exporting more to China, but China is having her own financial problems and is not in a position to do Germany's or Europe's job for her (the ludicrous situation when Europe really thought that a third world country per capita was going to bailout the richest continent of earth per capita was nothing short of a joke).

Had there not been a single currency, there would have been solved by normal market measures( IMF terms, but with devaluation) had these countries not been locked into a currency peg with Germany.

The solutions are

1) Carry on as normal, allow Germany to bully all the countries in Europe, which fiscal pacts and risk revolution or war in Spain, with all the problems of Basque and Catalian nationalism.

2) Germany leaves the EZ and has the Mark again.

3) The Southern bloc leaves the EZ and each go back to their own countries. Germany and the rest will have to nationalise half of their banks, but at least it would be done in one foul swoop.

Either way thankfully we are out of the EZ and anyone with common sense would want to get us out of the EU too!

28 September 2012 at 16:01  
Blogger Anoneumouse said...

The European Union and its Institutions are committing Crimes against Humanity.

Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum,

"are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human beings."

And this is what the European Union is doing to Greece, Spain and Portugal.

No doubt their elected representatives will say "I was just following orders"

28 September 2012 at 16:03  
Blogger Office of Inspector General said...

Let the Germans have it all, and let’s get out now, what !

Make use of the English channel. It's what it's there for...

28 September 2012 at 16:43  
Blogger Office of Inspector General said...

...and let’s give the Irish Republic a chance to re-join the UK. They are even less European than the British when it comes to it...

28 September 2012 at 16:59  
Blogger Berserker said...

The French say: An elephant in a china shop. Well the elephant is reality and the China shop the bemused inhabitants of Euro democracy. For make no mistake about it Democracy is already badly injured especially with a nasty disease called galloping PC

What price the Euro folly causing the Euro Nations to decentralise or to break up altogether?

What price il Risorgimento in reverse with the industrial north breaking away from the mafia run and non tax paying south and bringing back the old Duchies and Republics?

Spain with its near 600 years of Nationhood could do the same. Why should one State bail out another?

The industrious Flemings in Belgium have for a long time wanted to break away from French speaking Walloon socialists. Regardless of the EU catastrophe, this will take place.

France, while almost matching the UK in many aspects of its economy is most uncompetitive and the Public Sector still bloated. Already Francois Hollande is changing his Socialists spots. He has to.

What has happened is simple. Europe was in deep trouble in the 80's and 90's so the great Lords of the EU said: Look our wage levels are far to high. People won't buy out expensive products so let's give them the money (credit) to buy our goods. Let the Greek's buy our BMW's, the Spanish our White Goods and so on.

Europe financed on credit.
Unions with their ridiculous wage and health and safety demands.
Over manning.
Teacher training establishments teaching Marxist propaganda (they always have so nothing new there)
Spineless short termist Governments.

Reduce annual leave entitlements to two weeks.
Ban all sick pay.
Bring back deposits on credit agreements.
Do away with the "Political Party". That way you also do away with whipping.
Stop treating minorities as special cases.
Do not pay any benefits to people who have never contributed to the system or have for only a very short time.
Make marriage an important commitment. Make granting a license dependent on the ability of the couple to fund children. They must both have proven work experience.

Draw up a new English State running southwards from a line drawn let us say diagonally from Norfolk to Cornwall.

28 September 2012 at 17:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...and let’s give the Irish Republic a chance to re-join the UK. They are even less European than the British when it comes to it..."


28 September 2012 at 17:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Grace,

As everyone has said on this thread, we are better off out the whole rotting fish of the EU.

On the plus side the Spanish Deputy PM,María Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría Antón, is quite an attractive lady, don't you think?

28 September 2012 at 17:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


28 September 2012 at 17:45  
Blogger Preacher said...

This is not an accident or misfortune. It has been orchestrated from the start.
He who holds the purse strings holds the power.
God has given us a last chance, we still have the pound. Surrender it & we are lost.

28 September 2012 at 18:24  
Blogger Span Ows said...

The translation's a bit off at the end but I like his accent!

28 September 2012 at 18:24  
Blogger non mouse said...

The country is being destroyed by Europe’s political elite, and its people are desperate. Ah well, Your Grace. That's what happens when the Marxist Professors of Deconstruction convince a generation (or more) of students that: "The time for theory is over; now, we turn to praxis."

And that's why I say Deconstruction is not just filthy, it's evil.

Oh... and I agree with OiG about the purpose of the English Channel :)

28 September 2012 at 21:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

non mouse your comment has a poetic flair some may disregard

The written word does not carry the same influence as the living word until it finds a chord

Twang away!

28 September 2012 at 23:06  
Blogger bluedog said...

Mr John Knox's lovechild @ 15.57 said, 'There is an underlying assumption in these comments that all German and Spanish politicians are acting in bad faith and that there respective electorates are stupid.'

Not necessarily. Just as the markets currently prefer self-delusion, so too do the German and Spanish political classes. It serves the purpose of these groups to continue to hope that something will turn up, rather than to confront the reality that the EU and the Euro are heading for economic disaster. The electorates are complicit in this self-delusion too. Fear of unemployment and impoverishment leads the respective electorates to suspend disbelief and hope that the political class that they, the electorates, have empowered will act effectively to protect them. In the final analysis however, nothing can protect the Europeans from the reality that they have over-committed their tax-receipts, over-borrowed to maintain their living standards, and now face a day of reckoning.

The prospect for Europe is a markedly lower standard of living in future and a significantly reduced ranking in terms of global power. This communicant says 'Europe' because the UK is different and will increasingly emerge, yet again, as being in a class of its own where Europe is concerned. By retaining Sterling the UK has avoided the self-destruction of the Euro system, and enjoys a high degree of economic sovereignty. The penny seems to have dropped on the political front and the political elite now seem determined to claw back lost political sovereignty from the EU.

These comments do not represent 'Little Englander schadenfreude' but an objective analysis of the current political and economic trends.

You may disagree.

28 September 2012 at 23:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to the time when religion will no longer be an issue on the island of Ireland, when the British government withdraws everyone of their soldiers from Ireland and her sons of the Catholic South will join will the Protestant Ulstermen of the North , in one union, Albion, to defend the coasts of Ireland, from any threat.

28 September 2012 at 23:39  
Blogger AnonymousInBelfast said...


" British government withdraws everyone of their soldiers from Ireland "

Er... they have. There are only standard peace-time barracks in Northern Ireland like there are everywhere else in the UK.

28 September 2012 at 23:44  
Blogger AnonymousInBelfast said...

By the by, the only way the UK could afford to bring the Republic back into the "fold" so to speak, is if it abolished the NHS. They have a partial system of insurance down South.

Works two ways - the Republic couldn't afford the welfare and medical care costs of integrating with the North - let alone maintaining the high level of public sector employment in NI.

28 September 2012 at 23:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, Mr Belfast,

So, your objections are practical.

Well, I am sure that these can be overcome, more so than the religious divisions.

As I've said before I am from Southern Anglican Unionist disposition. The Republic of Ireland is treated as nothing more than a vassal of Germany in the EU, so why not rejoin in the natural economic (most Irish exports go to the UK, plus we'd pick up the low business tax and really shaft the bullying Hun where it hurts!!) and political Union?

Abolish the NHS?

Why, do you think I am a cold heart Tory and not a Whig?!

28 September 2012 at 23:54  
Blogger The Way of Dodo the Dude said...

The bl**dy Germans - again!

Me thinks it is a Lutherian plot against the Catholic nations of Europe - Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain and Orthodox Greeks.

And to think some saw the EU as a Catholic conspiracy to take over the world in readiness for the anti-christ.

29 September 2012 at 00:13  
Blogger non mouse said...

BiTB @ 20:36 ... As I noted long years ago: "There is harsh discord here that sicklier cuts than petals from Fleurs du Mal into the soul." [pace Alfred, Lord Tennyson]

29 September 2012 at 02:41  
Blogger ukFred said...

Two major points come to mind on reading this entry and the comments.

Firstly, I would ask Bluedog if he has ever, anywhere found politicians who were not self-deluding. I think he would have more chance of finding a Yeti in the central African jungles than of such a politician. Self-delusion is the sine qua non of all politicians of every party and every time.

Secondly, we must ask if ever anyone or any combination of people has ever caused so much injury or damage to the ordinary people and small businesses in Europe. The Taxpayers Alliance paper 'The Price of Fish' has given us a fairly simple answer to what the eurocrats have done to destroy fish stocks in the Eastern North Atlantic, the North Sea and tghe Baltic. The tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade are causing misery in the Third World. and leading to innumerable deaths in the Mediterranean Sea as desperate people try to make their way into Europe illegally. To be honest, they have caused more damage than Stalin, Hitler, Franco, Bismark and Napoleon put together.

29 September 2012 at 14:49  
Blogger John Knox's lovechild said...


They are not self delusional.Political classes and electorates are aware of wht is at stake. That is why when led to the edge of the precipice by Marxist idealogues in Greece or right wing headbangers in the Netherlands the people reject both and their mutual prescription of euro exit.

The British media would dearly love the euro to fail. Up to the point where it impacts on the UK, of course.

I am quite happy to predict that in three or four years I can buy a pound for a euro.

29 September 2012 at 15:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think if things carry on as they are in three or four years time we will have thrown all our money away and have gone back to the ' bartering system'.

30 September 2012 at 21:44  
Blogger bluedog said...

Mr John Knox's lovechild @ 15.44/29/09 says, 'They are not self delusional.Political classes and electorates are aware of wht is at stake.'

But only up to a point:

It really is a case of holding on to nurse for fear of finding something worse.

2 October 2012 at 10:49  

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