Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cardinal Tegle sings Petula Clark

His Grace had been wondering whom to favour in the election to succeed Pope Benedict XVI as the successor of St Peter. This video has clinched it for him. Any cardinal whose grasp of systematic theology is matched by the ability to play a gig at the London Palladium is going to be perfect for this media age of of mass entertainment.

However, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle isn't a patch on Petula Clark in this wonderful gem of a musical, Goodbye Mr Chips, whence 'You and I' originates:


Blogger Mr Integrity said...

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12 March 2013 at 16:21  
Blogger Mr Integrity said...

Your Grace,
It's Petula Clark for Pope. (If music is to go by).

12 March 2013 at 16:25  
Blogger IanCad said...


A talented man indeed, and at 20/1 he's definitely in the running.
I still think Jose Gomez is a good long shot but Paddy Power only offered me 80/1 so I'll sit this one out.

12 March 2013 at 16:26  
Blogger E.xtra S.ensory Blofeld + Tiddles said...

Your Grace

Loved the " Cardinal Tegle does Petula Clark bit.ly/13Re0Qb
41 minutes ago " misTweet.

Nearly choked on me chili con carne...Thought, OMG, another humungous RC scandal!
Best laugh so far this week, even though it is still only Tuesday.


12 March 2013 at 16:44  
Blogger Angharad said...

Thank God and Your Grace,for humor.

12 March 2013 at 16:46  
Blogger Office of Inspector General said...

Personally, this man favours a pope with a nineteenth century mind-set, a time before the church poked it's nose into married Catholics bedrooms...

12 March 2013 at 18:17  
Blogger Sister Tiberia said...

I agree with Your Grace's pick 100% from everything I've ever read about Cardinal Tagle.

Actually would be very happy with Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna as well.

Ah well. The Spirit moves as the Spirit wills. :)

12 March 2013 at 18:22  
Blogger non mouse said...

Oh, Your Grace - that's funny!!

And wonderfully multi-culti: all those languages on the London stage (except for English English).
Ah well. We probably need a few coals in Newcastle these days.

Which one's the cardinal by the way?

12 March 2013 at 19:41  
Blogger Jack Sprat said...

I found this disgusting notice on the board at work, telling us there will be a Rally for Real Marriage at Trafalgar Square London on Sunday 24th March at 2pm.
Real Marriage meaning, yes you've guessed it, between a man and a woman yeeeugh.
How dare they? Whoever put it there obviously doesn't realize that it's against our Equality and Perversity policy. You can't just make any announcement without getting the approval of Stonewall.
Of course I tore it down and I hope nobody here dares to mention it to any one at all.

12 March 2013 at 21:09  
Blogger Cressida de Nova said...

My Goodness is this going to be the
recommended music repetoire at Mass if Cardinal Tagle becomes Pope. God spare us any more kindergarten banality including the" balloon mass " Schonborg. Has anyone seen Welby's version of "I Did It My Way" ?

12 March 2013 at 23:17  
Blogger tris said...

Well Pet has done just about everything else, so I suppose she could do Pope.

Unfortunately she is busy promoting her new album at the moment, but next time I speak to her (yep, I know her quite well; she taught me to speak French), I'll mention the job. Her husband is a Jew... will that cause any problem?

12 March 2013 at 23:20  
Blogger tris said...

Top of the Popes... one might say

12 March 2013 at 23:30  

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