Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Queen with three future kings


Blogger Uncle Brian said...

That was a nice idea, Your Grace. Thank you. I suppose that's the future Edward VIII on Queen Victoria's lap? If not, then it must be the father of the lady in blue in the other picture.

25 October 2013 at 00:38  
Blogger The Gray Monk said...

Nice, Your Grace. At a guess I would say the three in the picture with Queen Victoria are Edward VII, George V and either Edward VIII or his brother George VI.

25 October 2013 at 08:07  
Blogger Hannah said...

I think the men in the frock coats look better and more regal.

25 October 2013 at 15:43  
Blogger Office of Inspector General said...

One would like Prince George to ascend to the thrown, but it’s hardly likely as things stand, is it ?

The UK is very much in the situation the ancient Britons found themselves after the Roman invasion. In so much as our continental rulers are allowing the remnants of our monarchy to continue - just for now though. It’s because we are a client kingdom now. There will eventually be an EU directive informing the population of this windy outpost off Europe that we are subjects of the last ever monarch. It won’t happen during QEII, but more than likely some time during KCIII. They know that his son is likely to be a more popular figure, so they have to do it while Charles is on the throne.

All hail the President of the EU, what !

(…and let’s hope his forces don’t capture the elusive Very Young Pretender…)

25 October 2013 at 17:32  
Blogger Office of Inspector General said...

bloody spell checker...

25 October 2013 at 17:33  
Blogger non mouse said...

As I remarked on the previous strand, Your Grace --- that little lad's going to need all the help he can get.

God Bless and Help him ... and the Kingdom that has been usurped.

25 October 2013 at 19:11  
Blogger non mouse said...

btw .. do we still have the real Crown Jewels? I noticed the other day that HM removed them from the care of Garrards (in 2007)- apparently in the spirit that inspires all: 'of change.'

Anyone interest will find that Garrards, prior to that, had come under the care of various foreigners - a Bruneian, a Chinaman, and finally some American.

er.. well, one can't help but hope ....

Apparently the firm still hold some appeal for the Prince of Wales.

25 October 2013 at 19:43  
Blogger non mouse said...

Sorry ... 'holds'...

25 October 2013 at 21:15  

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