Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reno erat Rudolphus - nasum rubrum habebat


Blogger Martin said...

I don't see many children singing that.

14 December 2013 at 08:33  
Blogger Martin said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

14 December 2013 at 08:41  
Blogger eddie said...

We learned this at school along with Quantum est canem in fenestra and Oh divina Clementina

14 December 2013 at 08:58  
Blogger non mouse said...

Thank you, Your Grace~ this is fascinating. And we never used it in any of our Latin carol services at school... !!!

I guess the RCs kept it secret; and so did the commercial interests who might have plagiarised the original ??

14 December 2013 at 09:27  
Blogger non mouse said...

Ah -- thank you Eddie. Good to know it wasn't such a secret after all! I'm glad the original's becoming better known.

14 December 2013 at 09:29  
Blogger David Hussell said...

Thank you Your Grace,

Truly beautiful. I enjoyed that and shall listen again.

Western civilization has much to thank the monasteries for, though sadly I suspect that the overwhelming majority of the populations are totally unaware of this debt.

14 December 2013 at 10:52  
Blogger seanrobsville said...

Sic transit Gloria mundi =
My girlfriend was copiously unwell in my van earlier in the week.

14 December 2013 at 11:33  
Blogger Darter Noster said...

We did our own version of that for an exercise at school - I think we called him Rudolphus Rubrinasus :o)

Seanrobsville - lol :oD

14 December 2013 at 12:10  
Blogger James said...

Are you Peter Ould in disguise?

14 December 2013 at 12:24  
Blogger Darter Noster said...


Er, is that addressed to me?

No, I'm not is the answer.

14 December 2013 at 14:00  
Blogger Darter Noster said...


Oh, THAT Peter Ould.

Sorry, momentary confusion there :oD

14 December 2013 at 14:03  
Blogger Happy Jack said...

Happy Jack enjoyed this song. Very relaxing. And what a privilege for one little reindeer to light up the way for others.

"Rudolphe, delectus es?
Cum naso rubro claro."

14 December 2013 at 17:29  
Blogger Uncle Brian said...

Your Grace

Pons Londinii cadit infra
Cadit infra
Cadit infra
Pons Londinii cadit infra
Mea pulchra domina.

Or how about this one:

Ego capiam viam superam
Et tu capies viam inferam
Et ego ero in Caledonia ante te.

14 December 2013 at 23:02  
Blogger non mouse said...

Oh,indeed, Mr. Hussell @ 10:52:Western civilization has much to thank the monasteries for, though sadly I suspect that the overwhelming majority of the populations are totally unaware of this debt.

Trouble is - if they don't study paleography and manuscripts, and being to understand criteria by which the MSS have been validated, dated, documented and cited - they'll also never know when they're being had! (Especially now that so many children play computer games).

Incidentally, it's lovely to look at MSS and see how much modern cartoonists owe to the same mediaeval monks ... but did you notice that Rudolph in the picture accompanying the score? I had no idea Disney & Co. had borrowed quite so much!!!!!! :))

14 December 2013 at 23:19  
Blogger non mouse said...

Sorry --"begin" to understand --

14 December 2013 at 23:25  
Blogger Cressida de Nova said...

Salutate Christian Kindness Club!

( Sigh) the ever present dilemma

Quid gere ad ludi gladiatorii?

15 December 2013 at 01:59  
Blogger Darter Noster said...

De quo, Cressida, loqueris?

15 December 2013 at 02:29  
Blogger Cressida de Nova said...

DN I could say

tu es stultior quam asinus

by I am resisting all provocations
for the season of Advent. I am forcing myself to say
"God bless you and may you mend your wicked ways!"

15 December 2013 at 03:06  
Blogger Darter Noster said...

Odi et amo, Cressida. quare id faciam, fortasse requiris?
nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.

It's true Cressida. Go away and look that one up :o)

15 December 2013 at 03:23  
Blogger Cressida de Nova said...

Don't need to look it up.Studied five years of Latin, admittedly most of it spent daydreaming looking out of the window.

I am back here on probation, the condition being I don't make you boys cry anymore.Thus, my visitations will be fleeting.

15 December 2013 at 04:47  
Blogger Happy Jack said...

Cressida de Nova, Happy Jack says hello to you. Jack had to use Google translate for all that Latin going on and remembers a line from a 10cc song: "Quiesce non clamabunt magna pueri."


15 December 2013 at 21:50  

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